Troxel, Harrison: went to school

to Quantrill, 87. Trueblood, Mrs. Charles L.: letter

of, 142.

True Republican and Sentinel: quoted, 56, 209; referred to, 342; quoted, 373, 407, 412.

Truth: quoted, 34.

Tucker, William: wounded at Searancy farm, 257.

Tullis, Washington: murdered at Aubry, 225.

Turk, -: killed in Lawrence

Massacre; buried in trench, 387.

Tuscarora Lake: a settlement made by Quantrill and companions in McCamish Township, Johnson Co., 72.

Uncle Henry, (col.) : buried in trench, 387.

Union men: those of Missouri outrageously treated, robbed, murdered, by brother Missourians, 214.

Union women: awful treatment of those of Southern Missouri by the Southern Confederacy, 216.

Updegraff, Augustus: went to school to Quantrill, 87.

Updegraff, David: went to school to Quantrill, 87.

Updegraff, Drusilla: went to school to Quantrill, 87.

Updegraff, Mark: went to school to Quantrill, 87.

Updegraff, Martha: went to school to Quantrill, 87.

Updegraff, Mary: went to school to Quantrill, 87.

Van Ness, Alice: liberated through efforts of Cyrus Leland, Jr., 302; story of; portrait of, 304; married Templeton; mother

of Fay Templeton, the actress, 306.

Vaughan, Joe: one of the first of Quantrill's band, 221.

Vaughan, John C.: delivered address at Lawrence, 103.

Venable, E. M.: went to Kentucky with Quantrill, 457; surrendered there, 479.

Vince, Jay: an associate of Quantrill at Lawrence, 105; in Quantrill's thieving raid into Missouri, 123.

Wachsman, Captain Albert: where stationed, 312.

Wagstaff, Judge W. E.: wrote letter to Judge Woodson about Thompson Quantrill, 31.

Wakarusa War: causes of, 287.

Wakefield, James: Quantrill took refuge in barn of; map of farm of, 472; talking to Glasscock when attack was made by Terrill, 473; property of forfeit, 474; letter of set out, 475.

Walker, Andrew J.: son of Morgan Walker; letter of to W. W. Scott; father's house described; Quantrill talked first to, 155; informed neighbors of raid; arranged to kill the Kansans, 156; fired on Jayhawkers, 158; statement of concerning raid, 159; statement of quoted from Kansas City Journal, 160; the killing of Ball and Lipsey, 176; saved Quantrill from being killed by his father, 177; went with Quantrill to Independence; saved him from mob there, 178; account of mobbing, 180; sister of became Quantrill's mistress, 197; raised first body of guerrillas; in Stone and Thompson affair,    200;    wounded two