Yates, G. W. W.: statement about character of Quantrill's associates at Lawrence, 105.

Yates, William: a Kansas pioneer; captain of a Free-State Co., 105.

Yenowine, Dr. Thomas: letter about Terrill and his men, 477.

Young,    --: escape of, 368.

Young,   Captan -: sixteen

Missourians surrendered to, 478.

Young, Joe: guerrilla at Aubry; printer at Kansas City, 226.

Young, Sally: actions of at Lawrence Massacre, 338; mentioned in political poem, 339.

Younger, Cole: rescued Todd from Lowe house, 251; remained in Missouri, 275; company of attached to Quantrill, 282; ferocious band of at Lawrence, 317; did bloody work at Lawrence, 385; portrait of, 432; advised Gregg to not go to Quantrill's camp, 445.

Younger, Jim: portrait of, 178; went to Kentucky with Quantrill, 457.

Zimmerman, John : killed in Lawrence Massacre, 387.