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The Kentucky Kernel

Cloudy And Windy
Rain Most Of Day,
Cooler In PM

Pep Rally,
Parade Tonight At 7





Number 6

'Dogpatch Dance'
Is Saturday Night

Dixiecats To Meet
Yankeecats Here
Truman To Romp

Y Sponsors Play;
Proceeds To Go
To WSSF Fund

Student Leaders

Over Dewey Field

Arc Recognized
At ODK Banquet

By Tom Diskin
Kernel Sports Lditor
Kentucky's Dixiecats, who have
never been beaten b an Intersection al opponent while under Coach
Omicron Delta Kappa, national
Paul Bryant, will meet Villanova
College of Philadelphia, one of the men's leadership honorary society,
East's top elevens, Saturday after- held its annual recognition banquet
Thursday, in the SUB. The banquet
noon at 2 o'clock on Stoll Field.
Since the 1946 season, the Bryant-me- n honored outstanding student leaders
have won 18 games and lost at UK who are potential members of
nine. All nine defeats were by Southvice
Dr. Leo M. Chamberlain,
eastern Confere.ice foes.
The Villanova Wildcats have a spoke on of the University, who
the ideals of ODK and its
season's mark of four wins and two
setbacks; Kentucky has a 3 rec- place on the UK campus, was the
principle speaker.
Coach Paul Bryant stated that the
Other speakers were Ed Barnes
Pennsylvanians have "a tremen
dously large team." His scouts have ,aw student ana iormer president or
reported that the Main Liners are the organization, who gave the
better than in 1947 and are tory of ODK; Dr. B. B. Mclnteer,
national scope of ODK and plans
deep In practically all positions.
On the other hand. VC s head national scope ofODK and plans
mentor. Jordan Olivar is of the 1 or the convention to be held In
opinion that UK "is without doubt Atlanta, in April; A. D. Kirwan,
the toughest opponent Villanova has oean of men. who spoke on ODK as
democratic ideal; and Elvis J.
played since Army."
Stahr, dean of the Law Colege, who
Villanova has had a good season ing in scholarship and leadership,
thus far. In their opener at Phila- and spoke on the meaning of ODK
delphia last September, the North- membership to the graduate.
erners whipped Texas A&M.
Dean White Gives Invocation
The next week, the powerful Army
Dean M. M. White, of the Arts
Cadets took VC. 28-the inIn the following games, the and Sciences College, save presided.
of vocation, John Anggelis
Pennsylvanians took Miami
lost to Boston Col- Ned Breathitt served as chairman
and then last Friday of the banquet committee.
Junior, senior, and graduate men
trounced a massive Detroit Uni
students who have the general re- versity crew. 27-Trie starting team of Villanova is quirments of a 2 standing and lead
figured to average 208 pounds in the ership activities may submit appliline and 185 pounds for the four cations for membership to Dean
Kirwan's office untill the final
deadline, Nov. 12.
Pasquariello Dangerous
Ralph Pasquariello is one of the
best fullbacks in the East. He is
also used at times at left halfback.
Pasquariello is a 6 1".
junior from Everett, Mass. He had
V terrific day against the Texas
Aggies in the VC opener as he
The annual Fall Festival of the
plowed across the chalk marks for College of Agriculture will be held
touchdowns. The big boy has at the Livestock Pavilion on the
both speed and size to make a fine nights of Nov. 19 and 20, it was
announced this week. The event Is
Another leading back for the vis- under the sponsorship of Block
and Bridle, animal husbandry
itors Is Bob Polidor, a
halfback, who is one of the fast- group.
Prior to the Festival, a ktng and
est men on the team. He was voted
as "Most Valuable Player" on the queen will be chosen at a convocaxquad last season. Made one of the tion of the Agriculture College, on
longest runs tn football history Nov. 16. They will be crowned on
against Miami U. (Fia.) in 1946 the final night of the Festival.
when he raced 109 yards for a TD.
Features of the Festival include
exhibits of livestock, judging and
Doherty At Quarterback
Bill Doherty is expected to start j other contests. A tf ophy will be
i quarterback over Andy Gordon, awarded to uie outstanding will
is outstanding at passing manship exhibit, and ribbons
and on defense. Gordon, who like be given for separate class awards.
Prof. Forrest D. Johnson will
Doherty is a senior and another
passer. He completed 11 in 29 nibit 14 prize steers on Friday night.
tries in 1947. and 28 aerials in 55 The steers will be entries in the
International Livestock Exposition
throws in 1946.
Joe Rogers, a junior halfback, is in Chicago. The student judging
tricky runner. He averaged 55 team will show its skill before going
yards per run last season and 5.9 to the international show.
Herdsman H. J. Barber will exin 1946. Al Schmid is another halfhibit sheep projects which will be
back slated for much duty tomorrow. He excels at punting. Dominic shewn at the Chicago show.
Departmental exhibits will be
sophomore has
Frlnti, an
been showing up well in recent held in the Crabgrass room of the
games. He has much speed and Pavilion.
Jersey while in high
Kentucky Ready.
The Kentucky team is now in
pretty fair physical condition. Norm
Klein has been slowed down somewhat with a slight leg injury, The annual
Conbut most of the other players will test sponsored by the House Presibe ready to go come Saturday.
dent's Council will be conducted
Shorty Jsmerson is almost cer- Sunday at all residence units and
George sorority houses.
tain to start at left halfback.
Blanda will handle the signal-calliTwo trophies will be awarded one
duties. At fullback, Lee Tru- to the best room in residence units
man or Clayton Webb will start. and one to the best room in sororiDick Martin, who will serve as
with Center Harry Ulinski
Each residence unit and sorority
for the game, or Jim Howe will be house will select the three most atat right half when the opening tractive rooms of that unit. These
whistle blows.
rooms will be judged by the judges,
Ulinski will be at center: Bob who will select the final winners.
Gain and Doc Farrcll are expected
Rooms will be judged on the basis
to be the tackles; and Dick Holway of appropriateness, taste, originality,
tnd Ray Porter or Pat James will and attractiveness.
open in the guard positions for
Judges for the contest will be Miss
Helen Wilmore. Mrs. Durward Thur-maOnly Four Bark
Miss Thelma Thompson, Mrs.
Only four players who started Elmer Gilb, Miss Margaret B. Cruise,
Lakes and Miss Mackie Rasdall.
against Villanova in the Great
Bowl game are back this season.
Charlie Bentley. a reserve end.

k f)




jM WIS Jfy fM

















'f fn


his-mu- ch

34-1- 4.


Candidates for Kentuckian Beauty Queen are from left to right: back? row: Gloria Bilancio, Harriet "Sitty Russell. Nancy Brewer, Anna
Faye Hooks, Marianna Parker, Marianna Poer, Jeanette Blair, Micki Cur Us Betty Hammock. Betty Hensley. Barbara Bonham; middle row,
Eloise Kirk, Rita Klein, Patsy Allen, Priscilla McVey, Frances White, Jane Wrssels, Jane Barnett, Elizabeth LaRue, Betty Lyon, Christine
Cook. Nancy Gallen, Bertha Ann Lutes, Mary Ann McQuaid, and Forgy Kirkpatric. Not pictured are Cora Frances Saffell, Jo Ann Marsh, Nell
Martin, Ann Guthrie, and Ann Simpkins.

19-1- 0,

20-1- 3,


Plans Are Made
For Fall Festival

snow-Doher- ty


ex-fi- ne



All-Ne- w

Contest Winners
To Get Trophies



Tickets On Sale
For SuKy Train

started at the right terminal last
December against VC. Other start
ers were Blanda, Howe, end Bill

In the 4 victory over the Main
Liners, Boiler scored twice; Howej
once: and Blanda kicked three
placements and one field goal for
all the UK scoring.
Pasquariello scored once for the
Eastern eleven in that game. Gordon passed to End John Sheahan

Kyian Beauty Queen Contest Will Be Held
In Public Event Monday, At Memorial Hall

Senior Honorary Advocates
Establishment Of Honor System
By Ben Reeves
The prospects of an honor system
being established at the University
were hightened last week when
Lamp and Cross, senior men's honorary, announced its support of the
Lamp and Cross began a study of
the honor system about a year and
a half ago. Since that time, the org
anization has investigated honor
systems In other colleges and uni
versities, and has given attention to
psychological reports of the system's
Delegates Present Findings
In addition, the senior honorary
has sent representatives to meetings
of every active organization on the
campus to present its findings. To
date, about 35 campus organizations
have announced support of an honor
system at the University, and four
have announced
proval. Only one campus organization has rejected the plan
John Anggelis, chairman of the
Lamp and Cross :ionor committee,
said the organization's plans had
been laid before President Donovan,
Vice President Chamberlain, and the
deans of all colleges of the university, all of them have approved.
Faculty Approval Assured
Although the honor system at thn
University would be established with
full faculty approval and cooperation, Anggelis said, it was clearly
understood that at no stage would
any effort be made to place re
strictions on any instructor regarding
the manner in which he conducts
his examinations.
Anggelis said the impetus for the
establishment of an honor system
has come directly from the student
body. "It should continnue to be
(Continued on Page Three)




Set For Tonight
SuKy will sponsor a parade and
pep rally tonight in prepartion for
game tothe Kentucky-Villanov- a
The parade, led by a fire truck
and the "Best Band in Dixie", will
form at the Alumni Gym at 7 pm.
The parade will move down Limestone Street to Main Street to the
Phoenix Hotel site of the pep rally.
The parade will return to Alumni
Gym after the rally.
Frank Maturo, SuKy pep rally
chairman, has announced that any
campus organization may enter decorated cars in the parade.
Fep placards will be furnished to
those in the parade.

Industrial Expert
Speaks At Convo


Oak Ridge Biologist






Sale Of Tickets

Drive Rule


Union-Buildin- g

Tickets for '"Pygmalion" will go on
sale at the box office of the Guignol
Theatre on Wednesday.
The box office will be open from
2 to 5 pm through Saturday, Nov.
13; and beginning Nov. 15 through
the run of the show, it will be open
from 12 to 9 pm. Tickets for townspeople or faculty members will be



The Student Government Association reguests that students
and townspeople respect the traffic rule in regard to driving the
right way on the circle drive that
passes the Administration Building.
The circle is a
fining from the Student

Memorial Honors
General Pershing



Bettie Tuttle, box office manager,
said it was important for students
to bring some form of identification
for every student ticket they wish
to purchase.
Tickets may be reserved by calling
5412, but those tickets ordered by
phone must either be picked up or
a check sent to coven the amount
by 6 pm on the night of the performance for which they were ordered,
or they will be placed on general

Rifles will hold memo-

rial ceremonies in honor of the
late Gen. John J. Pershing at 4:30
pjn. on he parade ground in front
of the Administration Building.
Gen. Pershiiie. commender of the
American Expeditionary Forces in
World War I and founder of Persh
ing Rifles, died last July 24, in
Washington, at the age of 87.
Dean Elvis J. Stahr of the College of Law will be the principal
speaker at the event. Dean Stahr,
who was a first lieutenant in Pershing Rifles while a student at the
University, held the rank of lieutenant colonel in the army. He will
be introduced by President H. L.
The ceremonies will also include a
drill exhibit, a retreat, sunset gun.
and the playing of the national

Sunday Musicale
Features Cellist
Gordon' J. Kinney, assistant professor in the music department, will
present a three-pa- rt
program of
classical and
arranged for the cello at 4 o'clock
afternoon in Memorial
Hall, marking the second in a series
of Sunday musicales.
A highlight of the recital is expected to be Mr. Kinney's presentation of his own sonata for cello
and piano.
"Adagio in G major"
and "Concerto in A
minor", Saint-Saen- s.
will be offered
in part one of the program.
Part two will include "Vocalise",
Rachmaninoff; "Piece in the form
of an Habanera", Ravel; "Masques",
from "Romeo and Juliet", Prokofiev; and "Dragon Fly", Palmgren.
Mr. Kinney's "Sonato for Piano
and Cello" will be featured in the
third part, marking its first Lexington performance.
A native of Rochester, N. Y., Professor Kinney received degrees from
the Eastman School of Music and
the University of South Dakota.
Compositions written by Mr. Kinney include concert pieces, symphonic poems, sonata for piano and
cello, and a thesis Diece, "String
Quartet No. 2 in G", which was
chosen for performance at the National Composer's Clinic.
A member of the UK faculty
since Sept. 1, Mr. Kinney teaches
theoretical subjects, instructs in
cello and string bass, and assists
with the orchestra.
instructor of
music, will accompany Mr. Kinney.

to the Administration


semi-classic- al


Change Is Attempt
To Revive Tradition
By Yo Coulter
The Kentuckian Beauty Queen
Contest will be held at Memorial
Hall at 7:30 pm Monday, instead of
the Student Union Building as previously announced.
The change in plans was made by
the Kyian staff in an effort to recampus tradition of
vive a pre-wselecting the queen and her atten-den- ts
at Memorial Hall before the
public. There will be no admission
charge, and the contest will be open
to the public. Nancy Bird Kyian
business manger announced.
Candidates To Report At 7 pm
The candidates are requested to be
in the basement dressing rooms by
7:00 pm. Judges will be announced
and introduced at the contest.
Beauty and poise of candidates will
be the primary consideration.
Ray Turley will act as master of
ceremonies at the contest. Ed Barnes
has been appointed chairman of the
contest, and is assisted by Ray
Turley, Roy Wallace, Ned Breathitt,
and Virgil Pryor.
Music will be by Thomas Deen at
the organ.
35 Candidates Matching Charms
Thirty-fiv- e
girls from the eleven
sororities, five residence halls and
independent groups will match
charms for the title of Miss Kentuc-ia- n
Beauty Queen of 1949. The
queen and her six attendents will be
featured in the 1949 Kyian.

Engineers To Present
Burleeque On Radio
The "Heat Tump FoUies". a mock
radio show with a faculty-studecast, will be sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Thursday in Memorial Hall at 11 am.
The follies program will consist of
pantomine aats, quartets, instru- mental numbers and comedy sket
ches. Imitation of the Ink Spots, the
Andrews Sisters, and other radio
stars will be Teatured.
No admission will be charged.


Tickets for the SuKy special train
to Knoxville for the Tennessee same
Nov. 20, went on sale Tuesday at
the Student Union building. The
tickets, which cost $16, include train
fare and admission to the game in
The train is scheduled to leave
.i a i
T, ... v.
- Lexington at 6 am Nov. 20. and
lanova touchdowns came in the fi
Knoxville at 11 pm CST)
nal quarter.
following the game. It will return to
will be a slight favor- Kentucky
Uxington at 4;45 am. Nov. 2i.
George T. Fonda, international
it in the game tomorrow.
Tne Uckets are on
5 pm daily. industrial authority, will speak to a
tiCket booth from 9 am
special commerece - social studies
convocation in Memorial Hall at
Cotologs Are Ready
11 am today.
For Distribution
The lecture will be open to the
general public and to students and
The annual University General
faculty. Only classes in social studies
Catalog has recently been comDr. Richard Kimball, a member and commerece will be dismissed tor
pleted and may be obtained at
of the biology staff of the Oak the convocation. Dr. Leo M.
the office of the registrar.
Ridge Institute for Nuclear Studies,
vice president of the Uni
The catalog, which contains
experimentation versity, announced.
complete information on college reviewed
concerning the effects of radiation
Mr. Fonda will discuss the topic,
curricula, has been newly adapted on organisms
at a meeting of the "Inside Post-WGermany", based
to the semester system.
biological science faculty and stu- - on a recent investigation of economic
dents Monday night.
conditions in Germany.


Students Should Note

Guignol Begins






By Nell Blair

The perennial

The Barter Theater will present
Shakespeare's "Hamlet" in the Henry Clay High School auditorium
Nov. 12. at 8:15 p.m.. under the sponsorship of the University YM and
Proceeds will be given to
the World Student Service Fund.
Tickets are on sale at the YM
and YWCA offices, the Campus
Bookstore. Graves-Co- x,
and Wilspecial stuliams Drug Store, at
dent and faculty price of $1.01.
Breen And Logan In Cast
Bertha Florence Ward and Mike
in- charge
of arrangements, announced today
that Robert Breen and Jacueline
Logan will head the cast. Breen
Dlayed the title role in the "G. I.
Hamlet" in 1943 and has toured
15.000 miles in the role of the Dane.
He was engaged by John Barrymore
in 1937 to direct the Hollywood Bowl
revival of the play.
Miss Logan, who will star as Gertrude, played Mary Magdalene in
Cecil B. DeMille's "King of Kings."
Leo Chalzel. who appeared
Broadway last year in "The Ice
man Cometh." has been cast as
UlVlllUS, ttUU I 1CU1 11V, , , ai W
Gerry Jedd Plays Ophelia
Ophelia will be portrayed by Gerry Jedd, Horatio by Ray Boyle, and
Laertes, by James Andrews.
by Nat Karson of
Nat Karson of Broadway and Hollywood. Barter's "Hamlet" is an entirely new theatrical presentation
of the great Shakespearian tragedy.


McCann Elected
To SGA Office
The Student Government Association elected Marshall McCann.
vice president
of the assembly Monday night.
This election was necessary to fill
the post vacated by Jameson Jones.
McCann will retain the office until
the general election is held in the
Joining forces with the Veterans
Club and other campus organiza- tions. SGA passed a resolution in
graduation ex- favor of a mid-yeercise. This exercise for approxi imately 365 students who will be eli
gible for graduation will cost between $550 and $600 for decorations,
lighting and heat, and a speaker.
If the proposal does gain the approval of University authorities, it
will be the first known mid-yegraduation in a school of this kind.
The following newly elected assemblymen were sworn in SGA at
the meeting: Walter Patrick. A&S
lowerclassman; Lowell Denton. Agriculture upperclassman; Rosemary
Dummit. graduate school
lower-classma- n,




and Fred

Law College




'Tomorrow' Sponsors
Short Story Contest

will end tomorrow night at 12:30 after a colorful
display of Dogpatch talent today
and tomorrow.
The main campus events of the
week, the Daisy Mae-Li- 'l
Abner race
and the
will begin at 3 o'clock this afternoon
on the intramural field.
Television pictures of these "Kentucky Dogpatchers" will be taken by
a New York network. Bill McCann.
president af Keys, has announced.
Annual Dance Tomorrow
The climax of the week will be vhc
Sadie Hawkins Dance tomorrow
night from 8:30-1- 2 in the SUB ballroom with music by Bob Bleidt.
Votes for the Dogpatch costume
will be cast at the door.
Tickets for the dance are on sale
in the SUB. residence halls, and sororities at $1.50. stag or drag.
Sixteen Gals Race Today
The girls who have been breaking
track records all week are the Daisy
Mae candidates who will be in the
race this afternoon, and who are entrants in the costume contest to- turnip-chompi-

ta Zeta; Jane Bashum. Kappa Delta;
Eleanor Murphy. Alpha Delta Pi;
Alma Lee Wilson. Alpha Xi Delta;
McCarty. Chi Omega; Rarriet
Russell, Kappa Alpha Theta; Ho- berta Clarick. Tau Alpha Phi;
Jones; Delta Delta Delta; Jane
Sturm, Zeta Tau Alpha; Fat Campth

bell. Boyd Hall; Eva Mae oteele. Alpha Gamma Delta; Mary Carver,
Jewell Hall; Mary Lou Long, Patterson Hall; Sally Wilder. Kappa
Kappa Gamma; Shirley Sutton,
Lydia Brown House: Mary Ann
Williams. Stray Greeks; and Betty
Wheeler, Sayre.
Li'l Abners Run For Freedom
The Li'l Abners who will race for
their honorable freedom this afternoon and who will also enter the costume contest are Alex Herndon,
Kappa Alpha: Morris Johnson. Triangle; Bill Brown, Delta Tau Delta;
"Sox" Benson, Pi Kappa Alpha ;
Bill Brown. Pni Delta Theta; Boo
Norris, Kappa Sigma; Fred Schiiefer.
Sigma Nu; Bob McDaniels. Fhi Kappa Tau; Don Spears, Sigma Phi
J. T. Ca vender. Phi Sigma
Kappa; John Sutak, Lambda Chi
Alpha; Turner Burns, Alpha GammaRho; Dave Chapman, Delta Chi
Ken Meredith. Alpha Sigma Phi;
Robert Fraiman. Zeta Beta Tau:
Russ Ford. Alpha Tau Omega: Bill
Bokks, Sigma Chi: Harry Miller.
Stray Greeks; and Frank Bassett,
Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
Chompin' Candidates Listed
Candidates for the
championship are Crawford An
derson. Phi Delta Theta; Joe Taylor.
Kappa Alpha; Harvey Allen. Kappa
Sigma; Ja$c Beatty. Delta Tau
Delta; George Tye. Phi Kappa Tau:
Buddy Hill, Sigma Alpha Epsilon;
Clyde Spears, Sigma Thi Epsilon;
Robert Grobes, Phi Sigma Kappa;
William Oardner. Delta Chi; Bud
Hecker, Lambda Chi Alpha: Pa'.tl
Foster. Sigma Nu: Mark Whalen. Alpha Sigma Phi; Bud Bogardus. Triangle; Kenny Caldwell. Pi Kappa
Alpha: Johhny riines. Sigma Chi;
Buddy Wilkie. Alpha Tau Omega; O.
C. Hall. Stray Greeks: and Roy
Turner. Alpha Gamma Rho.
Deadline Before Dawn
At exactly 12:31 tomorrow night all
girls are authorized by Keys, men a
Sadie Hawkins Week, to put their
or any other Sadie
Hawkins' socially refined
ping weapon in her trunk under x
'49 date,
The untrapped men may ;.afcly
put away their camouflage and 'eav-- ;
their dens to start attending classes
and to accept their superior .status
for the next 360 days, approximately.



A short story contest, sponsored
by the magazine Tomorrow, is being
held this fall for all college stu- dents in the United States. A first
prize of $500 and a second prize of
will be offered.
There is no limit on the number
of entries by a single contestant.
Each manuscript should not exceed
5000 words. The writer's name, col- leze mailing address, and "College
Contest" must be in both manu- script and envelope. All entries must
be accompanied by a stamped self- -;
addressed envelope, and mailed
11 East 44th Street. New York. N.
Y. Closing date for the contest is,
Dec. 31. 1948.


YM Drive Ends

Next Wednesday

Dinner Meeting


co-ci- al,

No I ly Men At UK
There may be one obstacle confronting the success of the contest.
It is a widely circulated rumor that
there are no ugly men enrolled at
"The absence of male ugliness on
the campus mav result in wierd neu- rotic behavior." is the opinion of Dr.
Dracula le Boo, noted reseacher in
the field of Ugly Man contest who
is employed by the the local service
fraternity. Possible eager applicants
may resort to sticking bones through
their noses or revert to some other
equally morhid method.
Another important question concerning the contest is how will it
affect the faculty and the coeds? It
has been reported, that shrewd professors are secretly writing workshop
manuels on the art of developing
your potenial gruesome features.
Coeds are threating mass suicide.
The upshot of the whole contest
may lead to a reversal of the present
ratio on the campus as
coeds are planning to protest the
inclusion of the ugly man candidates
in the eligible men for dating.






CamDUS Sinq FormS

Reacv por Mailinq

Just Who Is UK's Ugliest Guy?
Step Right Up; Don't Be Shy

By Wilford Lott
may be an asset to be ugly!
A contest to determine the ugliest
man on the campus will be sponsored
by Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity beginning December 7 and
ending at noon December 11.
Each fraternity and 'men's resiFRANK MATURO
dence unit is invited to submit one
candidate for election. Photographs
of the nominees will be displayed in
the Student Union Building for the
admiration of the student body.
Vote Fee To Aid Projects
The annual YMCA membership
Ballot boxes will be placed near
drive will end Wednesday, accord- the photographs and each vote will
ing to Frank Maturo, membership cost one cent. The proceeds from
the contest wil be used to finance
Application blanks for interested service projects sponsored by the
men may be obtained from Bart N. fraternity.
Peak, YMCA executive secretary, at
Last year the service group aided
his office in the Student Union a local orphanage, painted a church,
and distributed Thanksgiving baskIn order to become a member, a ets. Joe Hall, president of the fratBy WSSF
man must attend three Tuesday ernity, stated that similar plans are
The World Student Service Fund night meetings of the Y, two of under way for this year.
The winner, the ugliest man on
has scheduled a dinner meeting for them being consecutive.
Nov. 9, at 5:30 p.m. In the ballroom
Members are eligible for service the UK campus by unpopular vote,
will be awarded a prize during the
on regular committees, such as
of the Student Union, Shelby
temporary chairman,
publicity, worship, program, intermission of the Christmas dance,
December 11, at the Student Union.
and discussion groups.

To Climax Season
Of Bachelor Chasin'




Application forms for the
Sing, sponsored annualy by
Phi Beta. Phi Mu Alpha. Mortar
Board, and Omicron Delta Kappa,
will be mailed out this week.
William McKenney. chairman of
Sing committee. .aid
all applications must be postmarked
on or before Dec. 1. The Sing is
scheduled for March,
In case of any duplication of num- -i
bers to be performed, the application
bearing the earliest postmark will
be given the first choice.
Any organization not conncctei
that wants to participate in the Sim..
should contact William McKenney
in the Music Annex on S. Limestone

Entrance fees have been raise J
for this contest because of uvsu!- ficient funds last year.
The dates for the
Sing are as follows: March 21; men s
groups; March 22. women's groups;
and March 23. finals.

Community Chest
Booth In SUB
A booth will Ur set up in



Union Building today
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to receive
lha l' ' ' '"
rnunity chest,
Rosemary Dummit is chairman
0( the campus Community Chest
Drive, which is being sponsored
by SGA.


* Desi uopy MVdiiauitf

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The Kentucky Kernel

oolumnt ar to
tlonet mrtulet
Rubye Graham
xmt'deret the opinion of the writer!
themgrlm. and do not neceiiarilm reflect Herbert A. Moore

Society Editor


the opinion of The Kernel.

Allen Terhune
Business Manager
1 hb
I'1L!?HF1 WllMT
Frank Cassidy
F.i.ifred at tun Post office at Lexington. .
Ker.i'irkT. at aacdtid class matter under Donald K. Clark, Charles Breckel,
the Act or March J. 1RTS.
and Joan Cook
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Rusty Russell
National Editorial Association
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CtlUf Pmilitkert KtreunlmHv
YCHtK. N. V.
Reporters: Jobie Anderson, Beverly
totTM Los ajmslm
3a MaacMC
Bell, Nell Blair, Jim Cash, Temple
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UK. students want a decent Thanksgiving vatation, like those'

Friday, November 5, 1949

Letters To The Editor




Wanted: Thanksgiving Vacation

enjoyed at most other



Straw Vote Pans Out

As the autumn goes into November, college students all over
the country begin lucking forward to the Thanksgiving holidays.
The Kernel is one of the few publications, newspapers, or lipL'K. students just look forward to the Thanksgiving holiday.
sheets, that didn't have to reset heads and rewrite advante sioiics'
The reasoning
to be that rushing along on the quarter
this week.
system vc didn't have time for such a break, but the University
Ignoring such mundane matters as elections, t lie stad just reis on the semester sst m now.
laxed and paid off bets.
It would be hard to find many schools in the nation on the
semester system that do not get from Wednesday afternoon to Monday morning for Thanksgiving vatation. Even on the quarter system, such neighboring universities as Ohio State and Tennessee,
The Lexington Exchanqe Club
for instance; have no classes Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.
All UK. students who don't live in or near Lexington eat
Thanksgiving dinner in the dorms or cafeterias instead of enjoying a brief visit home and dinner with their families.
Just to make sure the University's charges don't leave before
they are supposed to and that they're back bright and early Friday
by the
morning for class, the University adds a semester Jiour and a quality point to graduation requirements of anybody who dares cut
Civic Drama Guild
c lass before or after a holiday.
Of New York
Something could be done about this. Friday nd Saturday
dasses after Thanksgiving could lie dismissed. Arrangements could

Editor, the Kernel:
In all fairness to Coach Paul Bryant and in all appreciation for the
wonderful brand of fighting, winning football which he has produced
at UK since he took over the reins
in 1946. I sincerely hope that he
has learned something from the
case of Don Phelps.
I think, and I'm sure several

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members of Bryant's "46 and '4'
teams will agree with me, that Coac:
Bryant used the wrong kind of psy
chology in dealin? with Phelps.
I hone Coach liryant read Larr;
Boeck's column on the matter ii
last Friday's Courier-Journtook that reading to heart.
iiiould ask him
Coach Bryant
self these questions and then apply them to the case of the boj
who led the nation in kick-opunt returns in 1946 with an average of 45 yards.
Can a coach use Ihe same
on Page Three)


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