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L fiAG§18i$ '3,- -~ “ - :7 x V ,
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mega; THE M m
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Theodore Meacham, Vice F Lp. L 74. 713‘? ”17 ‘I '” n7; ,,VL“‘£ £3 "szlf-‘rl :1 :1 “I ”In.” , : "'1'
9 . . ,, K ., ., . . u 1 2:“ 91:92:; fill; ,L ,L. . . L i .. 9. 1'1? 3;, 9 , ,4 ‘
* . ~ . ) ~ ,, g" 4 I... L. :9: ”f Li
3 - :1” -.2 A: . 7’:’ “’l L, .. ." “‘1 ’ y‘ 91:31:, . 1. >1
.3‘ 2” ‘1 _ . 5" _ . . . I 11;? I. : ‘ ' t
L, " . - . ‘ ‘ 4 ' ‘ I f‘ ‘ ”LL: .y I, '1? 2, ,3 ff .' ."
(I) i . . t , I! I . r - 3 . .91,va ‘ ,L {3: 2:11;“) .‘ .Eghvillélii'. x“ ‘2' ~,.'
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 fi¥vf饓—~'v5‘i€‘-:':-.-.~‘Hrt'lnfi’r‘r-“‘3“,‘V"«t'l‘r"?’:3"???"'5xit:fi:-,%’:«“?»‘tvi~ n» aft-«..:~rr.9,.~;=aux-n;r;v=:;_«,:.‘.‘§?;.;"/av'FeG‘Sis—iwfra1‘; .5"".."":5»23>>‘ -"?-. -. 3 , “ :. 1 .t— ; » . . . . " . , .1 . .. ' ,- ., . .
§W%Cw%!wbct'wa.. .. a = . = . *2 - .. : x
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' February 26 is the day that I want to promote from location to location... just throw in a few C; r‘ _ . , V "
j the most this year. It is “Tell a Fairy Tale Day.” leaps now and then just to make people giggle . , § .5. . '“w‘ ‘5' * i
9; 2;; .. '13,”:5.’ .1 ‘8 ' .’
' That just gets me so excitedlamhoping that on (or at the very least, wonder just what the , 7 . , . _,v;~.‘ , «3;; i
, the 26th, everyone reading this will share their hell you are up to). If they aren’t able to put it as' ‘ , v1 .1. ) " ' -
favorite fairy tale on Facebook with everyone. together, then... well... bless their hearts! ' L _ '. ."' gf "1 _ f," .. ‘ ' gig
* .1 ‘ ‘ A. .. , we
Or better yet, how about showing us all how . . "i" _ . ' '3' "“ . ” '
creative you can be and write a new fairy tale? Until next month... If you spread love all ' " 4 j ‘ .. p Wait
' I just love a good fairy tale (you decide for around like you spread butter on a biscuit, we .. . ' é , w ,1 - 33‘} ‘
. a :- nf, ‘
' yourself what I mean by that). would all get greasy with happiness. _ . 3 4 _ W
. Then, on February 28, just for us queers, it b" ‘ r ..
is “Floral Design Day.” That just gets my blood Send comments or suggestions to - : "\. 39 ,
. t is
pumping. (BTW... I am always happy to accept HelenaHandbasketKY®gmail.com :‘ ' '
any flowers you all want to send to me.) The . .'
28th is also “Public Sleeping Day," so let’s all t
sleep together that day in public... ya’ll want to? v E
Lastly, this year is Leap Year, which only .
comes every four years (sad, but true). So, :13
whenever you are in a public place and walking w”
M d JD ' 1
Licensed Clinical Socral Worker
Carmella Yates , PhD
Licensed Psychologist
fijlifi‘ Daniels, Yates, r3: A339 mates
1,." \l.‘
- - - if? i!“ trim 'i at 3..., ,-.. a. , f' 1 p n
danielsyatesassoc@gmail.com {ti‘ It}! Berti-110 “ a? f'LiL-‘C fii “Cw
_ ’3 .. ‘ '
859 523 6466
1025 Dove Run Road; Su1te 210
Lex1ngton, month, we had a nice, relaxmg night at positions Will be able ,‘ ”has '1 x"
a t". 32:47 , /'
< Crossings Lexington with our “Chili Cook to make themselves j j . (
Off.” With the help of Emperor XXXI known and begin campaigning. V
Daryl Lyons and donations of prizes from I encourage everyone to please keep
Crossings Lexington, we had several informed and support our
folks enter pots of chili candidates who have made the and pageantry and we will get to witness
to be voted upon decision to step up and lead our last year’s winner, Miss Eve St. Mychals,
by the customers. . organization into the future. as she steps down.

Also during, Coming up on February 10, If you or anyone you know would
January, the Imperial . 2016, the Imperial Court like to come out to compete and be given
Prince Royale XXXIV, will host the next pageant the opportunity to represent Miss Gay
Scottie Clark, and the in our series, “Miss Gay Valentine — Valentine and AVOL at the finale, please
Imperial Princess Royale XXXIV, Benefiting AVOL.” As I have mentioned contact myself at kenneth.rains4@gmail.
Uma Jewels, hosted“A Whole New World: before, each of the five pageants that the com, or Emperor XXXIII, Tim “Papaw”
A Disney Themed Show.” I would like to Imperial Court hosts this year have been Logsdon. As always, please keep current
thank both Scottie and Uma for their love designated to benefit each of our five on events and dates by checking our
and support throughout reign XXXIV and main charities. Each of the winners of website or by following us on Facebook.
for being amazing individuals who are each of these pageants will be given the 0
always there when needed, and for hosting opportunity to compete in the finale in


by Tuesdog G Meadows i§/
‘7 Mywfifé‘iffl t"? '3” 7 1 .f . ‘ f1 ‘7, 57".“ " . " "5' " ’ f-’ '77 "5-3,‘:?II?S:I'-1x " 371:7"??? 'Ti' ? >7f‘-:f.~‘f=3‘2.?i'.??':’3-3.3: 73
Valentine’s Day 2016 - I Love You ii; i
“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” The End, The Beatles L i
I feel very lucky that in my life I have Later in life, I was able to tell my dad that but...” can be devastating, especially after
experienced a lot of love. I realize that I loved him, even though he still couldn’t you have confessed your love to someone.
there are a good number of people that do say it. I am very lucky that I took after It’s still worth the risk to tell someone
not feel this way. Starting from the time my mom in that regard. “I love you” no matter the outcome. In
that I was very young, my mom told me I’ve known many others that seem the Lumineers’ song Stubborn Love, the
that she loved me. Later, my wife told me to struggle with “I love you.” I am not lyrics state, “It’s better to feel pain than
most every morning and every night that sure whether they were taught not to use nothing at all,” which I believe to be true.
she loved me, and I told her that I loved the phrase or if, through a lifetime of The song goes on to say, “The opposite of
her. My siblings tell me often that they disappointment, they just stopped saying love is indifference,” which tells me that
love me, as do a lot of my friends. it. I am sure that some people think it gets if someone doesn’t know whether you
To me, it has always been important overused, or perhaps think that someone love them or not, they may think that you
to tell those around me that I love them. I like me says it way too much, and doesn’t are indifferent to them. You don’t have to
know a number of people who think that really mean it. hate someone to make them feel unloved.
the phrase “I love you” should " f As an older transgender woman
. . “7 (rm/15" {01% xzea/ /(H’e fat .r/u'flr'fle. 2.1
only be used sparrngly or just e who recently lost my spouse, I am
on special occasions such as Valentine’s Saying “I love you” does take a leap not sure ifI will ever have another love
Day. I don’t believe this, and think that of faith many times. Telling friends, interest, or even care to have another love
you should tell people that you love them mentors, and other important non—family interest. With that said, I still want love
every chance that you are able. members that you love them may mean in my life: my family, my friends, people
My dad was a very good dad and that you find out that the feeling is not that I volunteer with, people that I may
seemed to be a decent husband for my mutual. It is still important to tell them. bond with for even just a short time, and
mom. Dad never uttered the phrase “I love Who you love is more important than who other important people in my life. I want
you” to any of his six kids or my mom (as loves you and you should say it out loud. and need love to survive.
far as I know). One day, I asked him why Sometimes these people may be more Please tell someone who is important
he never said it. My dad told me that, by important in your life than those who are to you today that you love them, because
him providing a place for us to live and related to you by blood. it can never be said or heard too much.
food on the table, he showedthat he loved When it comes to a love interest, Don’t wait until it’s too late. You may
us. He was terribly uncomfortable even hearing the phrase, “...but I love you,” is write me at tmeadows828@gmail.com or
talking about the subject. On the other beautiful and makes your heart soar. This follow me on Twitter at Tuesday Meadows
hand, my mom said “I love you” quite means they love you no matter what. Then @Trishgigi. Now Tuesday is gone with
often, and I would say it to her very often. again, hearing the phrase, “...I love you, the wind. 0 ‘

Home #

bu Carol Toulor-Shim, MSW 17' Leigh, I l
As I write this, people all over the nation believe me? Don’t see the connection? Please allow was to the March on Washington. Some have even
are gearing up to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, me to introduce you to some folks who are Black said without Bayard, there would not have been a
In, for his life, his work, and his legacy. For a day, and LGBTQ at the same time and have changed the march at all. But history doesn’t talk about that. Our
the vast majority of us will reflect upon all he has world while doing it families don’t talk about that. Our churches don’t
done for us and recommit to continue the fight to Alvin Ailey, Jr., Choreographer; John Amaechi, talk about that. I wonder why?
end racism. Then on Tuesday, we will go back to NBA Player; James Baldwin, Author; Josephine 2015wasayearunlike anyotherl’veexperienced
normal. Let’s be honest, by 6 pm. on Monday, we’ll Baker, International Singer/Dancer; Lee Daniels, in my time on this earth As my father always says,
be back to business as usual. By the time you read Film andTelevisionDirector;AngelaDavis,Activist; “We’re living in perilous times.” Truer words have
this, we will be in the midst of Black History Month Ruth Elis, Activist; E. Lynn Hams, Author; Langston never been spoken. Living an authentic life is hard
celebrations and revelry. But what you won’t hear Hughes, Poet; Marsha P. Johnson, Activist; Miss as a trans or queer person of color. Then add layers
about is the disconnection expected between being Major, Activist; Amandla Stenberg, Activist/Actress; upon layers of other oppressed identities, like being
Black and being LGBTQ. This is what it often feels Keith Boykin, Political Commentator, Bayard afemale identifying person in amisogynistic society,
like for many Black queer and trans people of color Rustin, Activist. These are our people too, the Black or someone who is disabled in an able-bodied world,
(QTPOC). We can be Black in some spaces and communityAND the LGBTQ community. or someone labeled as “illegal” by people whose
whatever letter or letters we are elsewhere. We are Now let’s talk about Bayard Rustin foraminute, ancestors were also “illegal.” Oppression is 24/7
ofien expected to live dual lives with very , 365. All day, every day. As we move
little intersection between the two. Don’t 9 ~53, from celebrating MLK into celebrating
believe me? When I look at the minimal . if ‘9 Black history, during the shortest month
response from the greater Black community _2 ii" of the year mind you (No shade. I’m
about the terrorism Black trans women are 4, '7 \_ _., " .‘ lying. ALL OF THE PALM TREE-
experiencing at ever-growing rates, I see ., .. «(ad "I: : 5: , SIZED SHADE), let’s remember those
it. Where are the rallies and protests and .. %,:y1w“ 3:1 :H'f” , who live in duality at the intersection
sermons about those lives mattering just as a? ;;°”" : '1' VA 1‘ l of Black and LGBTQ identities. Audre
muchasany other Black life? People seemto . ‘. 3:3.- ‘pr’fl 4‘ \ / ’qq i Lorde said it best, “There is no single
forgetthatthe #BlackLivesMatter movement “at ‘5?“ it": issue-struggle because we do not live
was born from queer women of color. Or maybe they in honor Of Dr. King’s legacy. Bayard and Martin’s single—issue lives.”
don’t even know that histories are connected, but that’s not common Follow me on Twitter @cthsim71

It’s important that we understand that Black knowledge. History doesn’t teach us about the gay
history is interconnected with LGBTQ history, Black man who was a close confidant and advisor o
wh eth e r people want to recognize that or not. Don’t to Dr. King. It doesn’t mention how integral Bayard


 VA L E N T I N E . s D AY W ‘
‘— - ' g g “ "
' I k4
SIP/m “7P fill/6 to Mam/06, even 06 W (,6! 7" f"
by Chef Ronodo WesleRileg /
—_ r
I f there’s one thing that kills me, it’s when spendalittle extratime doing something not store Thread each bacon strip onto a wooden skewer. Place
people go all out for Valentine’s Day, forgetting bought, something written, something not grabbed on a rack in a large baking pan. Bake at 400° for 20—25
about the other 364 days that should be filled with in the store on the way home from work at the minutes or until crisp Cool completely. In a microwave,
love and gentleness, compassion and kindness. last minute. Why not write a letter? The written melt candy coating; stir until smooth. Combine chocolate
I was that way, then life unfolded and I started word in letter form is so rare these days, yet so chips and shortening; melt in a microwave and stir until
loving myself and treating myself like my inner special, and can be so kind and heartfelt, and not smooth. With pastry brushes, coat bacon on both sides with
queen (even now my wife and friends say I’m store bought. On all the other 364 days a year, I melted coatings. Top each ship as desired. Place on waxed
a total princess despite my more masculine try to make apoint to show my love and devotion paper-lined baking sheets. Refrigerate until firm. Store in
looks). I embrace that princess too! Eating well, and kindness and commitment... it keeps it fresh, the refrigerator
manicures (does not always mean acrylic nails) or alive, fiery. The same can go for giving back to fit -.
Pedicures, a monthly massage, a beautiful splurge the community. Helping the homeless, the local ' ‘ f"
on dinner, taking myself to a concert and meeting animal shelter, taking old coats and blankets to a i i
new friends to party with for even a night. These shelter, or donating to your local drug and alcohol .. ' _ , ‘ 7 "i";
are just a few of the things I would indulge in, rehabilitation or non—profit. It all matters. It all '
because in essence, I was my own sweetheart, and helps. . '
who shouldI treat better than myself? In the meantime, I’m a chef. That means I _, .. , ‘ _. ‘i
Alter the running and bitching and moaning have a couple of great recipes to share that are AMORE \l ”\R‘I'l‘xl
about being single, I was blessed with an amazing simple and quick and “aphrodisiac” in taste, giving ' 3 “'— lit/:1” ”7 i 1/ ‘
- ' rrv‘ i- w r . New
woman. I mustered the courage to commit to a new meaning to “Netfiix and chill” on February _ 5:; Till/i375; ‘ “I I 1 ‘
lifelong marriage. We had a whirlwind romance 14. Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. Just love one — S/r/rrx/r of [.t'mr that I
and then realized we liked each other, not only another. -.\‘/2/r1,~/2 n/ 7’. r’" ‘ i
loved each other. We are friends, companions, \lix all met ice and shake “ell.
through thick and thin. That’s rare... to find your CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON Sen c in a martini glass \\ itlt ‘
person. And so it began... Trying to make sure _ [2 fhiCk'Slicedbaco" Strip S (”bow 1” gum) a slice ot‘utttcrmclon. ,
- 12 wooden skewers (12 inches) . _ ‘ .. »
it stays fresh and the romance stays fired Enter _ 6 01mm white canal" coming chopped — i a t . .
Valentine’s Day. This is just another day taken - 1 cup semirweerchocolare chips _ :2
hostage by marketing moguls. No worries, ' 1 ’ables’m" Shmenmg ‘ i l I i: ’ ,.
Valentine stuif hits the shelves right after New ‘ Optional mppmgs" Chap/73d dried apple Chips’ {1;}, #53
Year, no ditferent than Christmas decorations at “prim” and Cmmmzed ginger’ finely Chopped pecans b ~"' ~ .. L
Halloween... and Halloween on the 4th of July. andpimcmm' toasted coconut [COS/m salf' brown ”gm;
So, rather than succumb to all of that nonsense, I awmapapper and wm'fly ground blue/(pepper o
LinQ a

 reviewed bg Tiffong Duncon
: .
But Im 0 Cheerleader, screenplay by Brian Wayne Peterson
his 1999 romantic satire explores the themes 6 homosexuality to rediscovering their gender identity,
of gender identity and sexuality. Starring Natasha mm, M" fur-'7‘?" ”_ ' viewers are able to explore the very serious
“any: uwnu cnhfilés "" mutating"
LYOnne asaseventeen-year—old cheerleader named 3‘4"} '3?er ; i: - ' "" ‘ ' issues of socially constructed gender '
‘n x” «.33 ,. . .
Megan, the film follows a group of young people a “it?“ "an, ' norms and heteronormativity l
.5 w i ,. 7 ‘gjifunnv movie!" I
undergoing a 5—step conversion therapy C" a 'Q' 3 E1 K. through a comedic
r II I II \.I 3 3 4. g, a \ .I
program at Camp True Directions. Megan t ‘ t f l g ' 33; lens. Ultimately, this
is suspected of being a lesbian by her a ”are” ~ :33“ .). I movie is about the steps
;‘ G 33%: .
conservative parents, and shipped . ”firm“ ' \3 all humans go through as we
off to this camp in the hopes - nu“ lfiflf/ ; lfi: struggle to find our true selves.
that wearing pink and doing 31“” J‘s fit?“ ,7 This film can be found in the AV
female work will help her become \ V collection under AV—FEAT BUT.
a “real” woman. As the campers work \ I y l
«I. ‘ -
through each of the steps, from admitting their v
a a ~ - -
s ' gal? . ’ l
91?: i // 1‘7; .2
3::— I/ "
. ~ l
:f? V :37iffi-‘f'
:: , .
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859-277-7III ' Fagettegallerqcom Mon ' Sat: IOa to 6p ' Sun bq appointment
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 2 o I 6 FA I R N E s 5 Lo B B Y t
I i it :35: “m""iflu
n :17‘ ' ~ fr: 1.
— '1’ A
L..."2‘ 'E
bu Josh Mers, Chairman of Lexington Fairness & “m”
i 131:1. \ m
l Wm historians look back on 2015, Fairness, and the Kentucky Commission on support protections for the LGBTQ community.
t Iamfairly certain that it willbenotedasabanner Human Rights) has for several years had the
year for the advancement of LGBTQ rights and strategy of adding fairness ordinances at the The Details:
equality in general. Sure, there were some hiccups local level. The most recent addition was for our Kentucky State Capitol Frankfort, KY
along the way, but it truly was a momentous neighbors inMidway just this past year. February 17
year. So let’s pause for a minute and take one last The other part of that strategy has been to 8:30 am: Lobby Training in Capital Annex
collective reflection on what we accomplished work on the state level to bring fairness to all Room131
last year. Kentuckians. While it’s safe to say that it has 9—11 am: Meeting with Legislators
Now that we’ve done that, it’s time to been a very slow and arduous process, it is also 1 :30 pm. : Rally in the Capitol Rotunda
recognize that it is now 2016 and we still have a safe to say that progress has been made. Each 2
long way to go for full equality. Importantly, you year, this strategy has seen the statewide fairness Prepare by calling 1-800-372-7181 to '5'
need to remember that in Kentucky, around 75% ordinance advance through additional sponsors, schedule a meeting with your State Senator and I:
of residents live in an area that does not recognize attention, and even receiving a committee hearing Representative. U)
fairnessasavalue.Thatmeansthatoutside ofeight inFrankfort during the 2014 legislative session. Let’s be honest, friends. The challenge is
cities in our Commonwealth, you can be fired Key to the success of this strategy has been to large but we can accomplish protecting our entire
from your job, evicted from your home, or denied “invade” Frankfort each year for a Fairness Lobby community with the passage of this law.
service at a restaurant for no other reason than and Rally Day. This is where Fairness needs the We look forward to seeing each of you there.
you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. The most help from our community.
Statewide Fairness Coalition (Fairness Campaign On February 17 this year, we will once again 0
of Louisville, ACLU of Kentucky, Lexington trek to our State Capital to ask legislators to
r ,
' 7 " ,, «Mb
FEB 17 2016 " .
y *1
afim twin
1’ ‘K ., 1;?
. EXIN TON. FAIRNESS ’3. . . . . . E;
II II , .-l y
~ it. i a a COALITION 'FRA NK'FEDRT KY ---i
, I ‘ > . . r L:

 M E E T T H E Paul Brown, Secretary
: Paul is a Spanish teacher at Henry Clay High
' .1 School, where he sponsors the Gay—Straight Alliance.
P c s o B 0A R D He is passionate about education. A long—time LGBT
i . advocate, Paul began his activism with Lexington
o F lD I R E c To Rs Fairness, of which he was Chair from 2006—2008,
‘ I" when they became an independent organization. At
' Christopher R. Bauer, President the PCSO, Paul served as the 2012 and 2013 Pride
Christopher moved to Lexington from Miami, Chair, and is the 2016 Pride Logistics Co-Chair. He has given training to

Florida, in August 2013 with his husband, fellow different classes on LGBTQ issues, and has won two community service “-

PCSO Board MemberRoberto L. Abreu. Christopher awards from the Imperial Court of Kentucky. Paul joined the PCSO ’ ‘1

has degrees in Political Science and Sociology and Board in October 2011, and has served as the Board Secretary and Board

received his Juris Doctorate from the University of President. Paul was elected interim PCSO Board Secretary in December

Miami School of Law. He is currently employed as 2015.

a corporate attorney. In Florida, Christopher was a‘ arfiépgcifdfig jacob Boyd, Treasurer
facilitator for a fc‘ounty-wide LGBT youth group (“True Expressions”), *3”? Jacob is a lifelong resident of Kentucky, born and
and lobbied at :the state capitol for school anti-bullying laws. While " g raised in Franklin. After graduating high school,
in law school, hlef headed up the LGBT student group, OUTLaw, in its d Jacob moved to Lexington to attend UK, where he
efforts to put amend to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and worked with the ACLU '/‘ - “"3 earned his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and
to campaign against Florida’s anti-same-sex marriage amendment. :1 . is currently working on getting his MBA. While
Christopher served as the 2014 and 2015 Pride Logistics Chair and joined _.. attending UK, Jacob worked for American Eagle,
the PCSO Board in June 2014. Since then, he has served as the LinQ ‘- ”:7, originally in the mall, and then at Hamburg. After

E Editor-in-Chief' and was elected PCSO Board President in December completing his degree, Jacob was hired by Ashland, Inc., in their tax
2014. . department, which is where he has worked for the last three and a half
Theodore Meacham, years. He has two dachshunds that are spoiled rotten. Jacob served as
. Vice-President I 2013,2014, and 2015 Pride Treasurer, and continues that position
'31:. ‘ , Theodore Ivan Meacham would like to thank for 2016. Jacob joined the PCSO Board December 2013 and was just
. l _ you for reading LinQ! Theo currently serves as the re-elected for another two-year termas PCSO Treasurer.
H N 2016 Pride Logistics Co-Chair, and is the director of Roberto L. Abreu, At-Large

: Company Q, Lexington’s OWN Queer Youth Theatre Roberto moved to Lexington from Miami, Florida, W

‘ A A Ensemble. Additionally, he serves as Governance " in August 2013"'with his husband, PCSO Board .. X.
‘ ‘ Officer for the Pride Youth Theater Alliance. By day, . ' . _ President Christopher R. Bauer, to pursue a Ph.D.
Theo can be found in a corporate setting, and by night he likes to change I, in Counseling Psychology at UK. Roberta’s clinical
the world. Theo is married to a cool lady named Ann. Together, theyhave ""1; experiences include working with children and
two dogs and three cats. He is super trans and super queer. His favorite I! adolescents on the Autism Spectrum at Pediatric
color is brown, and he has mad love for garlic stuffed olives. Theo joined ’1. I - Psychology Associates, LGBT teenagers and young
the PCSO Boarézlx in August 2014, and was elected PCSO Board Vice- adults, college students at the UK Counseling Center, low-income families
President in December 2014. and immigrants at Family Counseling Services, and incarcerated men
; ' and women with severe mental illness at the Federal Bureau of Prisons
‘ Continued On Next Page

LinQ' .,

 and Kentucky Department of Corrections. Roberto is a member of the Tuesday Meadows, At-Large
Psychosocial Iéesearch Initiative on Sexual Minorities (PRISM) research Tuesday is a lifelong resident of Kentucky and a
team at UK. His research interests include sexual minority youth, with graduate of Lafayette High School and UK. She
an emphasis on Latina/o LGBT youth and parental and community is a writer and an advocate for the transgender
acceptance. Roberto served as the 2014 Pride Volunteers Chair, and 2015 community. She is also a parent to daughter Amy,
Pride Vice-ChEaII. Roberto joined the PCSO Board in june 2014. and a grandparent to granddaughters Alex and
j I” ' Kira Goldade, At-Large V Rosie. She was recently widowed. Tuesday is a
j a ”w Kira is a mother of two amazing teenage children. retired Kroger store manager and an avid runner,
. ; ,