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The ECentucky Kb

Merry Christmas
Happy Orange I Jowl




10 19

Dickey Appointed
Dean Of Education
To Succeed Taylor

College Week

A College Standards Week, to be
sponsored by the Activities Commit-rc- e
of the Student Union Board, will
begin on campus with a formal tea
Sunday, Jan. 8.
The five day program is designed
primarily to orientate freshmen students to college life, although the
ommittee hopes to reach upper-- .
lassmen, too.
The program will end with an
coffee and musicale
Thursday evening.
iduals." he said, "we nccessaril
During the week forums will be
compared them with a member o! conducted on dating, good groomour own faculty now serving at ing, manners, table service, and use
acting dean of the College of Educaof cosmetics.
tion. In each case a number of u
Mr. Robert Dctchemendy, head of
came to the conclusion that D: the personal appearance department
superior to any of thosr U Stephens College, will be on
Dickey is
under consideration."
ampus to conduct several of the
He has served as acting dean o' forums. He will also be available
College since Dr. Taylor's death Tor private consultations with stuthe
Prior to that he had been assistan dents on Friday.
to Dean Taylor for approximate)
Highlighting the week will be a
cne year.
style show to be given on Wednes-la- y
Received I'K Degree In '42
afternoon. Students will model
lothcs showing proper outfits lor
Dr. Dickey attended the Lexington public schools and was grad- college functions.
uated from Heniy Clay High Schoo
In 1935. After receiving his bacheUv
of arts degree from Transylvani.
College in 1939, he entered the UK
Graduate School and in 1942 wa.
awarded the degree of master oi

By Bill Mansfield
Four students, who filed independently, Preben Haaeensen. George
Fischer, Lianne McKaig, and Ed
Stroube. '.von four of ten scats in
Thursday's SO A election. They were
the only independent candidates entered a'.thouah thrte stvdeius received write-i- n votes.
Haagensen, upperclass Engineering, defeated Constitutionalist Tommy Clore.
and Fischer, lower
class Engineering, won over Dave
McKaig. loerclas.--woman- .
Brown. U9-7Arts and Sciences, received
L"!6 votes to 189 for Betty
and 34 tor Dot Neal, while Stroube
got 162 votes in the Agriculture College to deleat George Vossltr, 6
votes and Ike Rouse, 3 votes.
Other results in the Arts and
Sciences Coiieje wer Carl Faith,
upperciasman, 353 over Jim Nichol.
a write-i- n
candidate, 29. Linda
239, deSmith, upperclasswoman,
feated Betty Ball, 157, and Joe Lee.
lowerclassman, 250, won over Robert
Wilson. 108.
In the College of Commerce, William Darter, 45, edged Bosworth
Todd, 41, in the closest race in the
.iprrv .T,,nrs dr tm.v- - thp r,,'lp"p f
candi- Law seat over two write-i- n
dates John Subiett, 9, and Wuliam












Coeds To Hear
Three Alums About Army

member of the Women's Army
Corps will be at the University several days during the week of Jan.
9 to explain the commission's program for women in the regular
Army, Col. George C. Mackenzie,
Former U. S. Senator A. B. Chan- head oi the Department of Military
dler. Versailles, Mrs. T. Jere Beam, Science, has announced.
Louisville .and Hcrndon Evans. Pinc-villreceived the highest number of
votes for alumni member of the
University Board of Trustees.
Governor Earle C. Clements will
appoint the new member from the
Acting classes under the direction
names submitted. The new member of Wallace M. Briggs, Guignol diwill succeed T. H. Cutler, Frankfort, rector, are giving two short scenes
whose term expires Dec. 31.
from "Claudia" by Rose Franken
Balloting was conducted by mail today at 1 p.m. in the laboratory
among approximately
17.000 gradtheater of the Fine Arts Building.
uates and former University stuThe acting classes have already
staged scenes from "Anna Christie,"
"No Time For Comedy," "Male Animal," Glass Menagerie." and "Born
Yesterday." Three more plays will
WKKY Offers Crants
be staged before the end of the
To Studio Musicians
A limited number of grants-in-ai- d
are being offered by WBKY,
Candidates Must
the UK radio station, to students
The reading knowledge examplaying in the studio
interested in
ination in romance languages for
archestra. according to Prof. Elmer G. Sulzer. head of the Deadvanced degrees will be given
partment of Radio Arts.
Jan. 7 in room 301 of Miller Hall.
Candidates must sign up in room
Any interested students may
301, stating major lield of recontact Prof. Sulzer or Doug
search, the language, and the hour
Brown at the radio station before
next semester. No grant will be they expect to take the test, beawarded after registration.
fore Jan. 4.


Dr. Martin E. Weeks, agronomist
in the UK agricultural experiment
station, has been appointed head
of the Decpartment of Agronomy to
succeed Prof. Edmund J. Kinney,
who will be given - change of
status upon reaching the
age of 70 on Dec. 26.
A native of South Dakota, Dr.
Weeks joined the UK staff in 1937
after receiving his bachelor of science degree in 1934. He holds the
Ph.D. degree from the University of
Wisconsin. His appointment becomes effective Jan. 1.


Campus Theater Presents
Lieht Comedy Today

"Die Fledermaus." a light comedy
based on the opcratta of Johann
Strauss, will be shown in Memorial Hall today at 3 p.m., 7 p.m.,
and 9 p.m. Admission is 30 cents.


For Board

Yulelide's No Happy Season,
Sad Reporter Has A Reason

Students To Present
'Claudia' Scenes


Modern Poetry Discussed

In the major public appearance of
his current visit to Lexington, Robert
Frost, noted poet and teacher, delivered a lecture-recitat Memorial
Hall Tuesday night.
The revered, congenial poet,
winner of the Pulitzer prize,
discussed contemporary poetry and
recited a number of his own works.
Frost recently visited the Library of
Congress where he made sound recordings of a number of his poems
to be placed on file for posterity.
In view of his current widespread
popularity, Americans of the present
generation may find it difficult to
believe that Frost once moved to
England because American publishers were unreeeptive to his work.
i.ince the publication of his lir.st



volume in 1913, however, honors
have come steadily to the former
New England school teacher.
The poet's latest book "Collected
Poems. 1949," was selected this fall
by the Limited Editions Club from
all "publications of the past five
years "as the book most likely to at- tain the stature of a classic."
poems by
Frost -- include "New Hampshire,"
1931; A Further Range," 1937; and
"A Witness Tree," 1943.
Frost has also been awarded 18 honorary degrees.
The npiearance of Frost on the
campus was sponsored by the UK
English department.


Poet-teach- er


Christmas is a time for good cheer code on the window. Soon a crowd
and a big bottle of scotch? No, a' began to gather and I had hopes of
bottle of linament. I write this in ficedom until I realized why they
the interest of humanity from my were gathering. They didn't want
me but the merchandise
that I
land of counterpane in the infirmary, that those fortunate souls who stood between. Bitter hatred grew
read this will proceed with extreme in their hearts as they discovered
caution as they attempt to go into the fiendish trick a male had pulled
the vast voids of hell know n as on them in order to get in front of
"Shopping District" during the next them.

This message is for male eyes
alone, to enlighten them on the
manners of warfare the fairer sex
employ to let men know that Christ- mas shopping is not for the weak of
heart. My story is one of many and
it all started when I decided to pur-

chase a small package of ribbon,
having done my Christmas shopping
last July to avoid the rush.
Nice Morning
It was a clear, brisk, morning and
the sun was peeking from behind a
few scattered clouds as I entered
the arena. The area was predominantly female. I decided to leave at
once, but it was too late. I had already been sucked into the massive
wave of bony hips and sharp pointed
After an hour or so of milling'
around in front of store windows I
knew that my destination was not
my own, and that I would have to
move with the crowd. I reluctantly
enjoyed several good movies that
afternoon and afterward was highly
elated to discover that the women's
militia that I was traveling with had
decided to enter a department store.
But, as the crowd before me thinned
out I saw before me a revolving
door spinning like a whirling dervish. I knew that if I lid not aban-- : '
don my search then, my cause would
be lost. Too late! I was doomed! To
what I didn't know, until this human meat grinder stopped and the
store lights were dimmed. I was
trapped in this glass show case for
the night, but at least I was unmolested,
The Second Day
As the sun rose on the morning of
the second day, I noticed, in the;
next compartment, another poor
soul. We passed the early morning
hours nlavin!! charades and discus-- .
sing the atomic by tappin;; morse

The merry go round began again.
but relief came when a little old
lady hooked her umbrella handle
around my neck and pulled me into
the mob inside. I worked my way to
the blood stained counters, brushing
bits of flesh off that I had picked
up along the way. Suddenly I tripped and slid under a counter. There
I found the remains of an old friend
missing since last Christmas.
recognized him by a gold eye tooth
and a corroded boy scout ring. From
where I was sitting I could see down
the steps to the basement. There
were a sea of faces resembling the
lost souls of Hades. I could see that
some had been there for days.
Elevator Escapade
I crawled out from my foxhole and
rejoined my battalion, which by that
time was headed toward the elevators. Just as I approached one it
closed on my no.,e and as I waited
for it to return I began to feel that
the black hole of Calcutta would
have been more inviting. I was correct because, when it arrived. I was
squeezed between the lan blades in
the ceiling and remained there for
several hundred trips.
I managed to disengage myself by '
sinking my teeth into a young child's
throat and being pulled out on the
floor of the toy department. Soon,'
I found, to my amazement that I
was the only one on that floor
everyone else was on me. Steam
shovels gouged at my ears, the toy
airplanes i:oo;r.eu at me and I realized what Gulliver had to lace with
the Lilliputians. This last encounter proved to be my undoing and
soon inter 1 blacked out. I can remember nothing that took place between then and a short while ago
when I awakened here.
My ribbon? Ah yes, I have that.
About seventy feet of it
to toe, all while.



no hr,vp



T.. ...

.... I..


As. 'K.!;,r.(,ii,







The closing date for the "Miss
Christmas Seal" contest has been
extended to Jan. 15 from the previous deadline of Dec .16. the
Council has announced.
The action was taken because of
the delay of distribution of the Tuberculosis seals to the students.
Pan-hellen- ic

Bobby Beam, Alpha Gamma Delta,
now leads the candidates by two
votes. Eleanor Gash, Alpha Delta
Phi; Ann Guthrie, Kappa Kappa
Gamma; and Nancy Brewer, Kappa
Alpha Theta are tied for second
Other candidates for "Miss Christmas Seal" in order of balloting, are
Helen Hcltsley. Delta Delta Delta;
Barbara Harris. Chi Omega; Martha Garnett, Alpha Xi Delta; Virginia Myers, Delta Zeta; Joan Graham, Kappa Delta; Sara Davidson,
Zeta Tau Alpha; and Gloria Travis,
Tau Alpha Pi.
The winner of the contest will receive a loving cup engraved "Miss
It will be
awarded at one of the University's
social functions in January by Dr.
W. Brooks Hamilton, president of
the Lexington Fayette County Tuberculosis Association.

Engineer Lecture











New Building
Is Dedicated

Seal-1949- ".

Gifts To University
Accepted Iy Board
Gifts to the University Library,
the Agricultural Experiment
Station, and a scholarship fund were
accepted Tuesday by the Board of
Winston Coleman. Lexington historian, presented 115 volumes of
history to the library and Dixie
Stock Farms gave an Aberdeen-Angu- s
steer calf to the experiment
station. A gift of S 1235.46 was received from the Ashland Oil and
Refining Company Scholarship
Several appointments, resignations and other staff changes were
also approved by the Trustees Tuesday.
were Linville J.
Bush, assistant in dairying. College
of Agriculture
and Home Economics; and Cayle Smith, assistant
director. Little Commons.
Resignations, all in the College
of Agriculture and Home Economics,
included C. H. Wiggin, forester.
Robinson Substation: Dan Isriy.
senior assistant county agent. Mays-villMrs. Sidney H. Lane, home
demonstration a g e n t. Maysville:
Jack T. Spencer, associate agronomist. Experiment
Station; Leila
Nichols, home demonstration agent.
Mercer County: Judith Rowland,
home demonstration agent. Hancock County; George H. Campbell,
assistant county agent. Russellville:
and Marion Bartlett. home demonstration agent, Bourbon County..

Engineers Needed

."k to r.make payrr.rnt.;
the A'hletic




By Bernie N'oland


At Frost

Nine senior ROTC students at the
University have been named "Distinguished Military Graduates" and
are eligible for regular Army commissions upon their graduation. Col.
G. T. Mackenzie, head of the Department of Military Science and
Tactics, announced this week.
The students, chosen for their outstanding qualifications as officer
candidates and high scholastic standings in military science, are William Cariton, John Feehan, Morris Hodges, John Kuiper, Henry
Rawlings, Donald Laffoon, Walter
Roy, Arvil Short, and Darrell Seasor.


for the construction cf a


Deadline Extended To Vole
For 'Miss Christmas Seal'
RQTC Honors
Nine Cadets



TAKE OFF THEM WHISKERS SANTA WE KNOW YOU! Mickey Regan masquerades as St Nick
at a Christmas party given by Delta Tau Delta fraternity this week for second and third graders at Lincoln
School. Bud Lezius and Jerry Inman (the tali ones in suits), members of DTD, look on.

Dr. Weeks To Head
Agronomy School


Trustees Okav
Building Plan

Snuth for the Oran?e Bowl
After several davs of
decision was definitely mrcle T;ies-- I
dav. and band members wlio l ad
collected pbont $230 in eor.'r:b'iri'ir. ;
began the job of returning ti.e
Previously, the AihleMc Eoard h.id
reported that it was unable t'
finance the trip.

an the
accepted by the UK Board of Trus- - in
ba. e bid stadium and fieldhouse. wo'iM need
tees alter receiving a
of St22.165 from a Lexington con- - the money received fiom tr.;; bof.
game for that purpose.
SC.A Voted To ll-This price submitted by Hargett
The fieldhouse ii not br,:igi:rr in
Company, Lexint. ton.
will' cover construjtion of a thret revenue as expected, and U:er is
btnldm? to be lo- doubt as to when it w.li he of u. e
cated just north of McVey Hall and for basketball names, he aid.
Student Government A.- - .ot iat ion.
facing pence Hall. It will be 142
feet by 72 feet. Half tlie cost will be at a meeting attended bv nienux is
paid from protits of the Kernel and t several other campus ornan
the remainder u to be financed tion.i. voted to appropriate $l.i)',0
through the ale of revenue bonds. toward the band trip, subject to ti.e
When completed the structure will approval cf the administration.
Approval was refused.
house the Department of Journal-- 1
ism. the Kentucky Kernel pruning and the members of tae band wi.o
had turned to the public f' r tr.ivtl-m- g
plant, offices of aii student
expenses gave up the plmi and
and the central ofiice of the
Legan remailing donations.
Kentucky Press Association.
The offices of the Athletic DeThe Kernel newsroom, departmental offices, editing laboratory, K.P.A. partment were still rereivn.g oilers
office. tvDinit rjom. and a radio and checks as late as V.'edne .uav
journalism laboratory, complete with aiternoon.
studio and control room, will be! Reports in downtown papers sail
housed on the ground floor. On the the University of Miami had oUcr.'d
Parham, 10.
Emma' Lou Patrick, 63, won the second floor will be classrooms, quarters for the band rr.rmber.,.
laboratories, dark- - should they be aole to make tlif
Colleze of Education seat by defeat- rooms, and additional office space. trip.
ing Bob Gregory, 45.
Professors Refuse f'omment
Offices of the Kentuckian, the stu- Several sources declined to
dent yearbook, will be on the top
lloor along with typography and ad- - ment upon the situation. B.n!- Open Letter
vertising laboratories. Tne Kernel leader Frank Prindl refused to in. i
To The Student Kody
printing plant and business oltice anv statement, and Dr. Eawin S:'M.
are to be located on the ground floor. head of the Music Department. r A total of $1748.70 was contriquested that he not be quoted on
buted in the recent World Student
Service Fund drive on campus. Of
The band made one trip during the
this. $1130.57 was collected during
football season the Xuvier
the half of the Tennessee game.
game at Cincinnati.
I'd like to thank the many orL. E. Young, president
of the
Reports said that a railroad had
who helped collect
American Institute of Mining anr. offered to match anv funds the b .n i
money during the game, the camEngineers. cleHveree members could collect, but
paign leaders, and all of you who
it v. i ;
an illustrated lecture on the latest later learned that the railroad h.el
gave so generously to WSSF.
developments in machinery for the only 0fered t0 ..,,e:p.
Charlotte Garr.
tu.ics-- j
WSSF Chairman
luuuiu ui luui
Estimates of th amouiit
u.iv in Anderson Mail.
sary for the trip varied from 5...0J
to $15,000. With only the $150 having teen collected, and with the
SGA appropriation withdrawn, the
band members decided they could
not reach even the $5,000 goal they
had set.
If quarters were furnished th' tn.
it was reported, band member
would pay for meals and other
expenses, leaving the trail. portation ccst the only major one.

Reading Room
Is Dedicated

Though his work toward a doctorThruston Morton
ate degree was interrupted by twt of Representativewas the principal
years' army service, he speaker at the formal dedication of
and one-ha- lf
completed the academic require- the Browsing Room of the Margaret
ments in 1947 and was awarded the I. King Library, Wednesday.
doctor of education degree at the
The room is named the Thruston
University's 1947 summer commenceBrowsing Room in honor oi the late
Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston, forPositions Listed
mer Louisville geologist and hisDr. Dickey has taught In both the torian.
Mr. Thruston. after his graduation
Payette County and Lexington city
school systems, and has served as in- from Yale University's
metalstructor, assistant professor and as- Scientific School, became aGeologisociate professor of education at the lurgist with the Kentucky
Last July he was ap- cal Survey. In 1887 .as a member of
Land Comthe
pointed chairman of the UK Di- pany, Kentucky Union Gap.
Va., he
Big Stone
vision of School Services, succeeding aided at
Allen, the noted
James Lane
Dr. Charles Ft. Spain who re- author,
gathering historical main
terial for several of Lane's famous
Dr. Dickey Is a member of the stories. ' - - - --Kentucky Education Association, NaSoon afterwards, Mr. Thruston
tional Education Association, Amer- moved back to Louisville, where he
ican Association of School Adminisdevoted much of his time to histrators. Association for Supervision torical research. In 1892 he became
of Curriculum Development, Nationa member of the Filson Club, and
al Association of Secondary School served as president of it from his
Principals, Phi Delta Kappa, and election in 1923 until his death on
Kappa Delta Pi professional educa- Dec. 30. 1946.
tion societies, American Association
In 1942 the University awarded
of University Professors, and Kappa Thruston an honorary doctor of laws
Alpha social fraternity. He is also degree at its commencement exerstate chairman of the Secondary cises in honor of his contributions
Commission of the Southern As- to the Commonwealth.
sociation of Colleges and Secondary

Contributed Money

Independent Candidates
lake rour hGA seats





Band Will Not Attend
Orange Bowl Affair

SUB Plans

Di . rank G. Dickey.
urting dean of the UK College o'
Education, has been appointed deen
of the College to become one of tlir
youngest college deans in the United
His appointment by the UK Board
of Trustees becomes effective Jan. 1
and will fill the vacancy created b
the death of Dr. William S. Taylor.
In announcing the appointment
President H. L. Donovan said tha
36 educators from all parts of th
U.S. had been considered for the
post. "In considering other indiv-

( old
High 37






Highways Office

The bridge office of the Kentucky
Department of Highways has started
a branch otfue at the University o:
Kentucky and during the Christmas holidays will employ 60 Civil
Engineering students for work or
preparation of highway plans.
Thirty of the (10 students will
employed on the campus.

President H. L. Donovan and University
officiated at cornerstone-laying
cere monies Tuesday at
1:30 p.m. for the University's M- Service Building on S. Limestone
Dr. Donovan spoke briefly to University operations and mamter. ur e
workers, members of ti.e l:br.;ry
staff, and oilier University employees, describing the various campus buildings w h'ch have hoiked the
H-Yfe-V"service dopartmer.t.
Its f ourth Project
He added that the Sen r e Kiul.i-in- g
is the fourth major building project at the University since the cio-of the war. He pointed out in addition that the new building Ls be.u-- ;
constructed at l.o cost to the st.:te.
but wiil be financed through the sa.e
of revenue bonds.
Shops and of sices of the Diw.ioti
of Maintenance and Operations will
occupy the basement and nr t and
second floors of the new ouildmg.
TV ARRIVES AT I K lambda Chi Alpha was awarded a teleThe third flor has been aligned ti.e
vision set this week as first prize in a I'liilip .Morris and o. Ltd.. conUnnersity library and will be iced
test held on campus during the football season. Alpha Sigma Phi won
for storing valuable though infre. II. I'pdike, representasecond prize and Phi Sigma Kappa third.
quently Used material. Excess geoltive of the tobacco compinv. shows Howard Loc'te. I.CA president, how
ogy materials also w,U be stored ill
it works as J. ('. Powell, PSK president (standing left) and Bill
the building.
Box Sealed In Stone
Bauman, ASPhi president, look on.
A copper box to be sealed m the
cornerstone contains copies of the
University catalog, campus Mew book,
maps of the campus, a map oi l
for the building, the president's biennial
a booklet on tne develfur 1947-4opment of the University. i.e'Asi'..ir
By Jay Arcy
clippings, and photographs.
The bunding is expected to be
The Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity ,n,.Rlly.rs turned in the highest
presented with a television set era..e ot w
at the end of the ready for occupancy by next July.
.ii me cii.ipiei nouse nieso
iuui . , . , awarded the prizes.
by Phillip Morris and Company
William Updike, of Richmond. Va..
Ltd., tobacco manufacturers.
st.alct t
The eitt was the first place award and Curtis Koyee. Unner.-i'of the
were local representatives
in the Phillip Morris annual nationThe Margaret I K.'.u I ibr v
al scorecastiiig contest. The scond company.
Will observe the following
place award, a console modi radio,
Organizations Praised
the hoiidavs. accom.iig :
was won bv Alpha S:;:ma Phi fraAt the presentation ceremonies lawrence S. Thompson. Qirec'.or C'l
ternity and the third place award, a
table model radio, was won by Phi Tuesday Light. U;aiike praised the libraries. -Pee. IS Closed,
ca:..; i.s
i.'atioiis lor the line
Sigma Kappa fraternity.
am. to 5 pm.
shown in their
Named llumr it iimi rs
Di'.. 23 ::.3J a in. to 12
lion m ti.e cautcst.
The eo.:u ;. v.hi.li ran t!inu;h part u
"he :i."e gr.ts tin' Lan.hua Cliis I1.C. 'i -- X'llll a ir. ; 5 p :n.
the entrvi. m th.' i.n'!..U si.is.m.
. lor the
had two
tat.ts the h- or oi ha i.ig tile :.r-- t tele- - I
.ui .. in.
ivi. ji
et oi the Greek uigaiii.:a-th- e
I hree ga::.-.-In ilia 'or colleges wore
announced e.i. ii vcek and tile in- t
.'.,n. 3 "r- - une regular
ing c g:te-- : li.is leell
dividual ontest.int who gue: sed the
In r.iakm the announce. r.er.t
Morris company
.orrect s,a.re: o:i (iu back c. a I'hil-li- held by tlie Phil
year on the eainptlses Thompson al.-- si.red th.-.- uepart-menta- l
Mori is ii aiv.te wrapper v. on lor 'n-r.il
libraries will also be c, .1
weekly a'.varhs ci ei".an t.'S. The ol ma 'or n ".I, a
and mil'. ei'Mt .es
l.iu.ied hour-.three c:.m Ui oi :,aiu.:ations whose tliri.r.'Jiout the country.
tru.-tee- s




Lambda Chi W ins TV Set
In Philip Morris Contest


av-w- as

Library Announces
Holiday Schedule







li.n.-Th- e








The Kentucky Kernel

Just How Big?



are fo he
Ml $ipiei nrfcl'S airf column
r.f the
the ;pinur
lfrmeb;p, and d't vut rfvessariif reflect
of The K'rnrt

The Oratip' Howl lias a reputation as one of the most colorful
and festive of all the New Year's sjv'etacles. F.laliorato floats,
including a masterpiece mm llialea'i wliicli was fnllv described
in FA Ashfords column tin's week, take part in the big parade.
The Orange Bow l queen is chosen after extensive eliminations;
teams and fans pour into Miami and are entertained rovallv.
Thousands of hand members from high schools and colleges take
part in the show.
There is little wonder that UK l)andmemlers wanted to carry
the Blue and White into the Orange Howl stadium; to fill the
space which was report edlv reserved for them, along with 2100
others. There is little wonder, also, that practically everv student
on campus, regardless of his opinion of the hand's performances
this year, wanted to see the hand there or hear it over the radio.

i at t,iCPost
All of Mri:n 3.



420 h09ON Av.




N. Y.

Far! Conn. Kent Koll'nes'vorth
Spor's Editors
Bob Cox
i;Tbert Allen M'ore. Gene Phillips
N'p'.l EI lir
News E'litor
News Desk
Sports Editor Eob F.'.in
lorn Diskin
Harold Fleepor . .Business Manager Pen Williams and Ralph Shell
Photoi raphers
Socify Erli'nr EWtoMiv
Jr.bie Aii'Jprson
Circulation Msr.
Ilrad Feature Writer Jrx.n Hi-- us
Jo" Lre
VVilfrr-Lott . .Advert isir Manager Je.,:i Ai!,:o:i. Dot Neal. Henry Ma- loitv. Simp on Torr.pkmes. Bob G.
Assistant J.runa-.'r- f;
loan Cook
Porter, V. J. B.myh-- f
F.ii:l. Ph.!





James F.ddleman. Eerty
Copy Do k
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Erase Duniap. Bill Benjamin



Rosemary Hi'.Hni and Bill Mansfield
Assistant News Editors

When the band was turned down, then given permission, then
voted an appropriation, and finally gave up efforts to raise the
monev needed when permission was again refused them, the
question naturally arose among students as to whether the Uni-


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Bill Si.To-iAnderson, and Ka'heryn Whitmer

and a
Any person who does not he taken into
ren;!-red- .
Tt:f Judiciary
a permit and feels that h?
Cotr.irr.'.tfe meets every week oi
LP.ti'lecI to one may appear
at 4:00 p.m. in Room 20
tefore the Jtidiciarv dr..- Buil(!.ns.
r.f the Administration
and his application v. ill


versity as a whole was big time or not.


The people of Lexington and other friends of the band and
cheerleaders who donated money for the trip are to be heartily
thanked. After the continuous solicitations and drives to which
they have leen subjected, their generosity was of the first calibre.
The regrettable part of the situation, however, was the manner in which the band was handled. Only the Athletic Hoard
made a definite statement and maintained its stand. Others
could not or would not take such a stand. Thus, the band mem-lxr- s
were left bewildered, wondering exactly what their posi-

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be given to the physical handicapped
stiictents. facuuy. .smu a.u iu.u- -

New Parking Regulations

It takes students, too. for a greater state university.


Book Review
Last week the Kernel received a letter of monstrous propor
tions; of such length, in fact, that according to our estimates, it
would fill more than half of this page if printed in the letters
To those of us w ho were determined to read it through, it presented one of the t studies of the techniques of propaganda
in actual use that we had seen.
Purporting to lie a revelation of the writer's personal attitudes,
it intimated that thev were also the views of the Student Government Association committee to which it referred quite freely.
As late as Wednesday night, we considered printing the letter,
but then decided that a copy would lx retained in the Kernel
offices and lxinnd, if necessary, for easier handling.
Realizing that the Kernel is responsible for misstatements
printed in it, and fully aware that many such existed in the letter,
we have declined its publication. It will remain, however, the
free property of any students who wish to read it
The letter ended with a brilliant stroke (both copies the first
was unsigned and another draft tvned m lieu of a trip to the sub- ft
basement to affiv a signature) which the writer doubtless con- sidered too hot for us to handle. We quote.
"In closing, it is perhaps in order to call attention to the fact
that the organization's powers include that of approval of the
appointment of the editor of the Kentucky Kernel. Is a recall

I don't


SGA Announcement Lists

(The following statement was submitted to the Kernel.)
The Judiciary Committee of the
tion was.
Student Government Association, at
their meeting on December 8, 194'J,
Regardless of all these developments, manv of us will watch announced the following new regor listen to the game with much less relish than we had hoped. ulations regarding traffic violations
will become effective on JanSome of us will remember that Male High School sent its band which 10, 1950.
game. We
to Miami for four davs this fall for a regular-seaso- n
When a student or a member of
a ticket
may wonder how we can have a greater University in the face of the Faculty or Staff receives Campus,
for a traffic violation on the
of our student pep organizations.
such treatment
the ticket will cost $1.00 if they
brine: the ticket to the Secretary

to the Editor
Christmas Cheer
Editor. The Kernel:
Realizing that this portion of the
paae is read more widely than the
editorial columns, and wondering if
our message wouldn't be of more effect here in the letters, we want to
take this opportunity to extend
greetings to each of our
May your Christmas be as merry
and your New Year as happy as the
perfect ones you remember upon approaching every holiday season.
The entire Kernel staff.

in order?

of the Student Government A
tion within one week from the date
the ticket was given to them. Af"i
one week, if they da not apffpr with
the ticket, they will be chars; ed S2M
for the ticket. If six or more ticr.ets
are accumulated for a person and
he makes no appearance to pay his
fine or give an explanation, the
sixth ticket and every ticket thereafter will be $5.00 each.
Also, any person who has received
a ticket from the beginning of this
semester and has not paid his fine
will be charged only S1.03 per iir-- t
if he brines it to the Secretary C
the Student Government
tefore January 10. 1950. or they also
will be charged $2.00 for each