xt73r20rs639 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt73r20rs639/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19790323 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, March 23, 1979, no. 267 text The Green Bean, March 23, 1979, no. 267 1979 2014 true xt73r20rs639 section xt73r20rs639   * wry ’}-
3/23/79 NO. 267
_ March 28 and 30 Emergency Medical Workshop, Staff Lounge,
King North
April 6 Information for the Community. Symposium III
by the College of Library Science
See Within
Exhibits: Kentucky River Surveys and Kentucky Floods — Then and Now,
King North Lobby
Einstein's Centennial, Engineering Library
Henrik Ibsen, King South Lobby
Contributors: Colleen Holmes, Paul Willis, Rebekah Harleston (Editor),
Faith Harders, Barbara Galik, Judy Sackett, Pat Lloyd

Fire Alarms ¤
The fire alarm systems in King North and South are scheduled to
be checked between 7 and 8 a.m., April 3, May 2, and June 5. You
do not have to exit the buildings during these times. _
Emergency Medical Workshop - Reminder
The Staff Development Committee is sponsoring an Emergency
Medical Workshop on Wednesday, March 28, 9:30-ll:30 and Friday,
March 30, 2:00-4:00 in the 3d floor, North, Staff Lounge. Marcia
Green will present the program, which will tell you what to do
until the ambulance arrives. If you have any questions, please
call Barbara Galik at 7-1631.
Susan Csaky is the author of How to Use Government Documents for
Legal Research. This is a written descriptive museum—tour type
program upon which an audio cassette is based. A brief story of
government printing introduces the body of the work. A chosen
topic is searched through relevant sources, with explanations.
This is an invited part of a multi-media Audio Research in the Law
series sponsored at the University of Florida.
Current Issues Symposium
Information for the Community, Current Issues Symposium Series of
the College of Library Science, is scheduled for Friday, April 6.
Dr. Sineath is inviting the faculty to attend free of charge.
Please call 258-8877 April 1 for reservations. The Symposium will
q examine the processes involved in bridging the gap between
i informational needs and resources in contemporary society while
I exploring the potential for cooperation among information pro-
Community Analysis
Mr. Dave Genaway sends note of a meeting whose focus will be the
assessment of the particular needs of a university community.
This Community Analysis technique has not been previously con-
ducted in an academic library setting. The program, to be held
4:00 p.m. Friday, March 30 at the Lexington Hyatt-Regency, is a
part of the KLA/ALS. For further information, see Mr. Willis.
U Energy Development in Kentucky
Of concern to us primarily as "people" and certainly as those
working in the field of information communication is the subject.
of a Social Science Technology Colloquium. "Energy Development in
Kentucky: Its Impact Upon Community Life and Higher Education"
is the topic of a colloquium scheduled for March 28, 7:30-9:30,
Commerce Building, Auditorium.

 VL----.--------- ,.,.  .... W . l
March 26-27: Underground Architecture, A Day with Malcolm Wells.
The revived interest of an ancient way will be at
Shakertown. For further information, contact IMMR
or KRF.
April 23-25: Pompeiian Festival. Berea. For information,
contact Kenneth W. Tyler, Department of Foreign
Languages, Berea College, Berea, Kentucky 40404.
April 2b—2€: Kentucky Foreign Language Conference. For information,
see Jane E. Phillips, Department of Classics, U.K.
Awards for outstanding achievement in research or creative art
will be given to four members of the UK faculty. The University
of Kentucky Research Foundation solicits your nominations, before
4:00 p.m. March 28, 1979. For further information, call 8-5766.
On January 18, l939, an article appeared in the Lexington Herald
(p.l4) announcing the purchase of three microfilm readers by
the University of Kentucky Library, and describing their function.
‘ A photograph on page l shows Miss Margaret I. King, university
librarian, and her assistant, Mary Ada Sullivan, examining the
new equipment.
LT-III, IMMR Library. If interested contact Teresa Wiley,
252-5535, ext. 283.
Head librarian and bibliographer, Biology Library. Stanford
University. Salary $16,000-$19,000. Application deadline:
April 20.
Technical Services Librarian. Northwest Missouri State
University. Salary $13,500-$l6,500. Application deadline:
May 2l.

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