389 Waller Ave. 859-253-3233 Mon-Sat 10 - 3
New Pride Center? exercises and share our work. No experi-
Our three year lease for the pride ence necessary, regular attendance not
Center space is almost half over, so it is required. 3"“9 a pen and some paper
time to begin to look ahead and plan for the and lo'" ”5-
future. We could use a bigger space with at _ _
least two large meeting rooms. Many of us Family MOVIES
dream of owning our own building. Several
agizlfierglghrggfigt office space 'fth'S dream Lesbian Movie Night On Friday, May
' _ , 10th at 7 pm we will be showing What’s
wagging; ggrj‘nfi't‘t‘gfigzdedfl‘yec‘jbsg Cooking, a multi-family, multi—cultural look
. . . . ' at Thanksgiving. We are introduced to a
It: Zizggetzfisfifizzggfiig'dciaf’haes gilt: Jewish family with a lesbian daughter and
' h rt , H' ' f 'l 'th h”-
Membership on this committee is open to all | aenrdgar‘ingehuzb 8:15: 32cc rig: 2:: e r Sign;
and t“? permuted); itrti1VItelorganizationstgat Vietnamese family struggling with
wan 0 tet' pa 0 e panning 0 sen a Americanized children, and an African
reprifizncilhfnittee recently has posted a American Family where tensions arise
b tw f l f th d h'
security policy for the center. All individuals WEED 3:2; 1:26::::;d Sushi; 055$:
2:313)? :1? 323$: CW;9L:c;aLS; $12323”: and Juliana Margulies do a great job as
. ' . the lesbian couple. The film also stars
:lhealiaw; egzzugegsu?nadcgngofisstobgzipt: Mercedes Ruehl, Alfre Woodard and Joan
‘ h .
develop a working relationship with the C en
police department. You may see a police M . N' -“ b M
car in the parking lot from time to time. This QtEnatstheglgtigeUtCthere 'lo'rllenrlngjijeawill S:
:nlgjgzwnegjfglfllrdrfiguefi for them to keep Wonder Boy. An unfinished novel, a
. ' . . stolen car, a murdered pet, an unstable
plarlfnllrfgj arepggesrzsteggfltziltng lgartryOf m; student, a failing marriage and a pregnant
' lover are among the crises piling up like a log-jam is
. _ this often hilarious story of bright promise
Discussmn Grout) gone awry. Grady Tripp (Michael Douglas)
The GLSO Discussion Group continues is a college professor and award winning
to be a popular opportunity to meet and talk novelist whose latest book is seven years
with a variety of GLBT folks. Every comma" 0” page 7
Wednesday at 7 pm, you are invited to . _. , _ fl . ,
share good conversation and laughter. For ,j'g'5):};Se'fifl’1All‘ Articlesié'News, and
information, contact Ginger during the day 5i:3‘537l5l‘é~'5TlDllfikfififldflécfiohs, to”
at the Pride Center (859-253-3233). ‘ i ‘ ‘1; ‘1 ' ‘
Writing Practice (wtth“newstetter” 3,5153 subject)
On the second and fourth Saturdays of DEADLINES ‘
each month, Davina has organized a writing , ‘9 4-7 r ' “ f »' .
practice group. In April that will be the 13th ‘_jA:fllcl§:'andAdsPa?e' .May1520
and the 27th. We experiment with writing “ ,S we nowi‘are‘commg' 3y
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