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     At a meeting of the Executive Committee of State Univer-
sity held at the President's office on October 10, 1913, there
were present C. B. Nichols, T. L. Sdelen, C. B. Terrell and.
Rywel Davies.

     Dr. Kastle, Dean of the Agricualtur-al College. came before
the Committee and stated that it was necessary to increase the
salary, of Professor Ralph Kenney in order to hold him, as he
had been offered quite an advance by the M1icigarz Agricultural
College and ht he tI  a very efficient man and all most indes-
pensable, doing his work well, upon Dean Kastle's recommendation
his salary was increased to $1300. The University paying only
a part of the salary as it now stands the University share,--of
the increase will be $108.33 per year.

     Upon the recommendation of Prof. Anderson the salary of
J. S. Horine and salary of A. T. Wlihoit were increased $100.00
additional for this year and they are placed. in the rosifion
of Assistant Professors.

     Upon motion made, seconded and una-imnuly carried the
President of the University, Business Agent and Auditor are
made a committee to formulate and classify a list of all the
Professors 6f the University, and recommend some plan by the
next meeting for the reclassification of such classes.

     Professor A nderson then eresented a recommendation for
the fixing of the titles of the instructorls positions of var-
ious persons connected with the College of Mechanical and
Electrical Engineering and recommended that it be passed unon.
Upon motion made, secondied and unanimously carried it was adopt-
ed and positions of the named persons as recommeftiied are as

P. Paul Anderson, Dean and Director, and Professor of Mechanical
L. K. Prankel, Professor of Machine Design
W. E. Preeman, Professor of 1lectrical hngineering
L. B. Nollau, Professor of Drawing
Joseph Dicker. Superintendent off Shops
J. J. 'lurtis, Assistant Professor of Testing of Materials
John Dicker, Instructor in Wood Shop
Hisses Lowry, Instructor in Preehand Drnwing
Perry Cassidy, Assistant Professor of Steam Engineering
J. R. Duncan, Instructor In Electrical Engineering
Gordon Thurman. A saistant in Experimental Laboratory

     Porfessor Howe presented a petition requestingg that an
anpronriation of $1000.00 be made for the nurpose of building
a Road, Laboratory. This matter was referre& to the next meeting
of this committee.

     Uron motion the meeting was then adjourned.

                                        C. B. Nichol%
                                        W. F. Lafferty
                                        Secret n ry