james C. Claypool ’65 ’68 AS is the co-editor of The Encyclope- jam1a McMahan ’86 CIS has written her second novel, ”The
dia of Northern Kentucky a comprehensive reference volume specif- Ocean Insit{e,” about the bonds between a husband and wife, par-
ically tailored to highlight Northern Kentucky’s economic, industrial ents and children and the strength of the family. The 310-page
V and social culture. The encyclopedia celebrates story tells about Emmett and Lauren and their largely idyllic
  the p)eople, places and events of the border re- lifestyle that gets a wakeup call when a
;_ THE EN   l gions rich heritage. The area is a gateway m crisis is at hand. While focusing their at-
      many respects because of its position along the tention on their nine-year-old daughter, J A N NA M
j   Ohio River, as well as near the Mason-Dixon their older daughter drifts further away C   A H A N
j line. Consisting of 11 counties, Northern from them toward a reckless path that ;'   
lj Kentucky exhibits a unique mix of northern could eventually tear the family apart. :2    
j   industry, southern tradition and German in- The novel explores what it means to , *  
  fluence resulting from the influx of immi- hope, love and Hght for what matters   4) _
  grants who settled there in the 1800s. The most, even in the face of overwhelm-    __ T  H i
  MQW, region also serves as one point ofthe ing odds.   " "'  ’ M 5** _· itil
‘ ¤·***·"”"°“`AT`°l`°`l‘°“lll “Golden Triangle” along with the cities of McMahan currently lives in
T Lexington and Louisville, and it is home to a num- South Carolina with her husband
ber of companies and organizations essential to the state’s economy and daughter. Her Hrst novel, the O
and commerce, including the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky Inter- (Calling H0nie,” received praise Cean inside
national Airport, Ashland Oil and Fidelity Investments. for both style and substance. I·Ier
The book dehnes a region of more than as 0,000 citizens and in- short Hction has received
cludes over 2,100 entries written by more than 300 authors who awards, including the Imagina-
chronicle the historical, geographical, social, cultural, religious, polit- tive Writing Award from the Kentucky Women
ical and economic history ofthe area. The volume also contains 170 Writers Conference, the South Carolina Fiction Project and the
images and 13 maps. Piccolo Spoleto Fiction Open.
The University Press of Kentucky Kensington Publishing Corp.
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jamie Bewley Byrd ’04 EN and her sis- john Killinger ’54 ’57 AS, author of more T.], Sullivan ’89 CIS is the author of
ter, Kelly Drew Bewley ’09 CIS, are the than 60 books, has written “The L% Death, (B00n,” a witty, suspense-Hlled story about
co-owners of The Cheer Leader Magazine, ant{Resiirreeti0n q’Harry P0tter”which a newspaper reporter’s forlorn attempt to
a magazine created by experienced cheer- points out the consistent way in which author buy her Hrst home in the suburbs of Los
leaders to share their knowledge with other j. K. Rowling follows the story of Christ in Angeles, Calif, and the downward spiral
cheerleaders. the Gospels with Harry as a Christ-Hgure. that forces her to reconsider the American
The Chew Lmdwjwdgdzmg Leslie Ann Lyons ’91 CIS has written
“"VW‘thC°hCCrlCadCrmagaZiHCfom “Triie Blue: The Die/cy Ly0ns F00thallLegaey One Red Bcctlc Press
u ” _ ’ _ at the University qfkentiie/ey,” about her fa- WWWOHCICdbCCtlCPrCSS‘COm
Arlcy Rudy Dunmgan JI" 69 DE is ther’s and brother’s football careers at UK. _ _
the author of (B00ne Springs,” a novel set in jack justin Turner ’69 AS has written
Eastern Kentucky about a sheriff and a Set Shot Press imd published fW0 novels about his H€1fiV€
businessman who join forces in a deal with wwwsetshotpress.com K€Hfu€l<`y m0uHfHiHS» (Thf Sh€V%]MMVd€V
the Devil, illegal drug traflicking, the coal Cases,” a mystery, and "The Foxes and The
industry, murder and two love stories. jim Stone ’76 EN has written (lS`pent{]0y- H0unds,” HH epic SFOFY Of-l0V€ imd b€ff€1Y€1l·
Argus I¤t¢r¤¤¤¤¤¤l E¤¤¢fP¤S¢S   Chest? HillHbli;l]?“l§
WWW‘amaZOH‘COm life, including how to budget, live within your WWWC csmut 1 Pu is mgcom
means and be mindful about spending.
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