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(b) Indirect index using grantee's name as the key word.
Grantee from Grantor Page    
· * J
Brown, Stephen “ Lillard, R. H. 250   I e il
Black, J. B. " McKay_,__O. C. 24% ·_  ‘·A  
Burk, Everett “ McKay, 0. C. 266 ig   2
The following description would describe the cross indexing as given ri Ag“.» .  
e above; "Alphabetical individual cross index: direct by first letter of sur-    
name of grantor, showing name of grantee and page number where recorded;      
and indirect by first letter of surname of grantee, showing name of grantor   _ E
and page number where recorded.“   ..d.e v_ {
Several record series have separate general. index books covering the    
whole record series or several volumes in the series. This is true of the   ·§
I deeds, mortgages, etc. The separate general index constitutes a record   Q
series itself and is described on a separate HR form the same as any other   *1
record series.    
  1 1
The following is a sample copy of separate general index to deeds,  
using the grantor's name as the key word;  
"Grantor General Index To Deeds"  
Grantor Grantee A Book Page Description  
Harden, Catherine Connally, Mary 40 400 Lots, l2, 15,   _G,_  
Barbour, Frances Newman, M. 55 520 25 ft. lst. St.   ;
Barker, Alex M. Coleman, M. 42 2l0 Right of way    
Bangs, A. C. Cary, M. S. 52 505 Quit claim  
Archer, Thos. Sanders, G. N. 57 570 L25 acres  
The description of the sample index given above would be as fellows  
and would be on a separate HR form from the one covering the deed record  
itself: "General index to deeds, alphabetically direct by first letter of  
surname of grantor, showing name of grantee, book and page number where  
recorded; and description of instrument." (This information should be given  
in item G of the H.R. form covering the index record). In item 7 of the  
form prepared for deed indexes, you would show that the records are "ar—  
ranged alphabetically by first letter of surname of grantor." As these  
records are index records and are indexes within themselves, you would  
leave item 8, “indexing", blank. The description of a separate general  
cross index to deeds would be the same as that given for the individual  
cross index but would be written on a separate master form.   ..,G I Q
Since there are many metho ds by which the records may be indexed, much    
study on the field worker's part is necessary. It will be necessary to give  
the manner of indexing as well as all information shown in the index, such  
as book and page numbers, where recorded, etc.  
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