—_, fi   ·· »». ,  T1 in     — { I  A»» A·    ..A       A. _      ‘°         Y ` lp? °  
""" - —»-· I " `- A`   KAIA I I I   I I i f I I H n ( I I   ` ’
- 9 — A  
9. Writing 3 2
I The nature of recording should be shown in item 9. Show whether the 2r°' Q
records are handwritten on plain paper, handwritten on printed forms, hand- rf_,§
A written under printed heads, typed on plain paper, typed on printed forms, u * ;
typed under printed heads, and so on. Each change in the character of ;’"iL
writing should be given, e.g., 1890-1900, handwritten on plain paper; 1901- .·1.>i
1916, handwritten on printed form; l917—current, typed on printed forms. 7*1 {
There may be some records that were handwritten and typed for the same dates, :1 ag
` and in this case you can’t show the dates of the changes; therefore, you _Q _
_ will show in item 9, "handwritten and typed intermittent1y." Spf Q
IO. Size 1ep,g
Show the size and approximate number of pages of volumes, for example, *1EQ i
a volume consists of 200 sheets and both sides of the sheets are used, this j;§Q,;
would mean 400 pages; if only one side of the sheet is used, the number of {ff ’·‘,» {
pages would be 200 the same as the number of sheets. If only a few pages Q}$ f
of a volume are used, show as; "EOO pages (10 used)L Show the approximate QEQQE
number of documents contained in each file box or file drawer. (Refer to digg {
item 10 of the H. R. form for method of describing sizes). yftil
ll. Location by Dates and Quantities igiéii
Show the location of the records in each storage place (Refer to item ?jT# {
ll of the 12-13 HR form). ?§¥Q,}
12. 0the;_1nformation §§@,1
lf the condition of the record is other than "good", so state in this ?%@?Q
item; also show relation to other records, information concerning prior, ;§§jQ4
·` subsequent, or similar records in this item (Refer to item 12 of the 12-15 ~f;F {
HR form). jifff
This space may also be used for the continuation of any other items on ·€ig§;i
the form that require additional space to enter all of the necessary in- igjggg
formation. For example, if there is not enough space in the item 8 in which j§é§;"
to give full details of indexing, you may continue under item 12, with the Iggy;}
full information. This additional information would follow the phrase: §§§§{
"Item 8, Indexing, Centinued;" g§g$»
  '· ·
"Also Contained" gr Supplementary Records Qgpjpi
After you have prepared a form for the deed series, it will be neces- _%§§gE
sary to examine the contents of each volume very closely in order to de- €§§§§’
termine what records, in addition to deeds, are contained in the volumes §§§€.
making up the deed series. A supplementary form must be prepared for each »§§§€§
different type of additional record found in the series. You may probably %§§;gi
find deeds of gift, deeds of release, mortgages, leases, agreements and 2g§§§(
V many other types pf records in the deed volume. Every other record series ggii] ·_`,
must be treated in this same manner. For form identification number of all &§§%fQ
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`   i` "”""""”e·‘· ~- `   ;i`  ``2`     ' ,#