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Book Quarterly Court". (Refer to item l, of the H.R. form). g A
Should the same series of records have more than one volume, it will be )
necessary to give the exact title, labeling, and beginning and ending dates Ll Q
of each volume in the record series. Begin with the oldest volume and list , j
them in chronological order until every volume in the series is listed. I e*
_ Let us assume that you have a number of volumes containing administra- v_ 'I;
tors' bonds and that there are eight volumes dating from 1882 to current in is j
` this "record series." Refer to sample number 1 given below and you will 1
notice that for each volume we ask that you give three distinct types of 4 ‘g
r information: (ll the exact title found on the spine of the volume or outside »NeZ
of container; (2) the labeling; and (5) the dates covered by each separate ,,e j
volume. When you have more volumes than will go in Item 1 of the HR form, -2 3
it will be necessary for you to give this information on a separate piece .
or pieces of paper, and attach same to the HR form. The title, labeling, and j€~ Q
dates of each volume should be given as shown in the example below. 2, ”
U ` ‘ Sample No. l "jjft
Title Eabeling Dates fel;
· "Aam·1~S. Bonds" 1 7/ze/issz-io/2s/1894  
` "Adm'rs. Bonds" 2 ll/19 1894-12/50/1905 L`f;l
"Administrators Bonds" 3 2/7 1906-9/2Q/1912 ?g;}
"Adm'rs. & Executors Bonds" 4 10/ld/1912-2/2 1914 —~.g p6'; _2,;
"Adm'rs. Bonds" 5 5/7/1914-8/Q 1921 -*g ’
` "Adm'rs. Bonds" 6 8/20/1921-5 8/1955 ;_~y
"Administrators s¤m1S*· 7 s/1 5/1953-6/2/1959 Zklgpl g
"Administrators Bonds" 8 6/26/1959-Current yl? ;
` Please note also that inasmuch as volume 8 in the record series given agi;
` in Sample No. l is the current volume of the series and bears the title ji ,.‘i T
"Administrators Bonds," the title to be given in Item 1 of the HR form g,lA
will be "Administrators· Bonds." Lgjg,
How refer to Sample No. 2 given below, covering a difficult series of égbfl
deed records. Please note that many of the dates are overlapping and that ;fQ;J
the labeling does not follow any logical order; you can consequently see that ’€2;
it is impossible to be guided in all cases by just the labeling, and that it Fnggi
‘ will be necessary for you to use the dates in order to obtain the proper se- `{QQ3
quence of the volumes in such a series. After you have thoroughly studied géijl
Sample No. 2, we believe that you will readily see the necessity of giving Yi{$l}
the title, tho labeling, and the dates for each volume or file box in a .Qjf,l
record series. ;§$7Y
` Refer to volume number 21 in Sample No. 2 and you will note that this ,15%;;
volume, the current volume in the series, bears the title "Deeds". This ?§@·
title would therefore be the title given in Item l of the HR form for this ~;fj
record series. ajigr
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