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5. Discontinued and Missing Records
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lf a record has been discontinued give the reason, state whether the
information is shown under another record, and give dates for which it is l
missing. defer to Missing Dates under item 2: we used as an example the _» Y
dates 1800-1846, 1895-1901, 1912-current. In this case, you would show in ‘ j
item 5, "l847-1892 and 1902-1911 are missing," and give reason, if possible; I _ I
e.g., "destroyed by courthouse fire," "destroyed by flood," or whatever _p_§
the reason may bc. j.`.:
6. Contents i
‘ The proper description of the contents of the record is one of the most Y
difficult but essential parts of the survey. See that the description is ·¤; Q
full and clear. The description of the record should be taken from the cur- djs 5
rent or latest entries in the series. _. ._,‘ .
” Item 5 of each form.should give three distinct kinds of information as i,z Q
listed below: `i;i7
l. What is the record; (deeds, docket, minutes, reports, cash book, ,»f,
ings). lf the official has drawn a line through any of the headings and has jéffj
substituted other headings, give the exact headings that are in use. If the fg”»}
official does not use all of the headings in making the record, you will show injij
in your description only the headings that are in use. `fiibl
The description should clearly show whether the series consists of the Minfd
original documents, or whether it is only a recording of the original docu- ggéfi
ment. lhe two series are never combined in one form; e.g., deeds found in *§§§JQ
file boxes are original documents, and deed books contain only the recordings ,§§Q{§
of the original documents; therefore, the two cannot be combined on the same ;§€Vf
l2-l5 H.R. form. ;;§§f
ln describing a correspondence file, be careful to indicate the char- ,?%%·
acter of the correspondence, and vhether the file is a general file includ- ’QfQ i
ing all correspondence in the office or a special file including correspon- §§QgW
dence relating only to one or more particular topics. féfij
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