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Biological Functions of Nucleic Acids”
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2:2: MARCH 26,1976
g E r63 23 :34 Department of Chemistry
2 University of Kentucky
' Lexington, Kentucky 40506

 Second Annual Symposium on I plan to attend the Symposium on Chemistry
Program and Molecular Biology on March 26.
8:30 Coffee — CP room 137 Number in Party
supported by the ______.______
ANNA 5_ NAFF ENDOWMENT FUND 9:00 Welcome and Introduction
“STRUCTU RES, SYNTHESIS AND BIOLOGICAL 9:15 INTRODUCTION £621,812 ttfieastimogfmrefilefifigson the evemng
FUNCTIONS OF NUCLEIC ACIDS” — Dr- H- 6- Khorana — ’ '
THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY The discovery of nucleic acids and nude Number m Party _—‘———
invites you to attend the second in an annual otide coenzymes. The biological impor-
series of symposia on Chemistry and Molecular tance 0f nucleic acids. Biochemical prog-
Biology. We ask that you tear off and return to I855 in nucleic acid bIOSYhtheSIS and in
us the attached reply form if you can attend. protein biosynthesis. The problem 0f the
You are'also invited to join the speakers at a genetic code. . , *
reception tentatively scheduled for the evening » ,. '
before the Symposium, March 25, at the 9130 ASPECTS OF THE GENETIC CODE
Alumni House_ AND TRANSFER RNA , .
. For additional information contact Dr. John T Dr. 13-55” _ , ' ‘
M. Patterson at the Chemistry Department; * " " ' ‘ NAME
phone, (606)-258-2223. Mechanism of protein biosynthesis and ___________—____
early research on the genetic cede. The ADDRESS___________________
use of chemIcally syntheSIzed olIgonucle-
otides in its elucidation. General charac- ____________.______.___.
Speakers teristics of the code. Codons’ used in vivo.
Professor H. Gobind Khorana Codon-anticodon interaction.‘ Function
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Alfred and structure Of transfer. RNA;‘AmIno- _ _____.—___._____._
P. Sloan Professor of Biology and Chemistry, acyl-tRNA synthetases and the liemgn"
Nobel Laureate in Medicine in 1968. tIon problem ' B'Osynfh3553 -
Professor Dieter Still 10:30 Discussion and Coffee: Break
Yale Dniversity, Associate Professor of Molec- 10:45 POLYNUCLEOTIDESYNTl—lESlS
ular BIOPhYSICS- _ Dr. H. G. Khorana M - ' please detach and p
* * * * return by March 19,
Methodology for the chemical synthesis 1976
March 26, 1976 of polynucleotides. Polynucleotide
9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon synthesis and the genetic code. Total
Room 139, Chemistry-Physics Building synthesis of a transfer RNA gene.
Rose Street ‘
University of Kentucky 12:15' Discussion '
Lexington, Kentucky 40506 , .
Park at Commonwealth Stadium, Cooper Drive. . - ‘ L ' .
Shuttle buses run to main campus. I