MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 11, 1903 - page 87

      The Committee of the Experiment Station begs leave
to report as follows.

      We find the Station in a prosperous and growing
condition. The division of animal husbandry has been organized,
and Mr. David W. May of the Agricultural Department at
Washington, has been appointed to the position of superin-
tendent his duties will begin Jan. 1, 1902.

      According to the instructions of the Board of Trustees
at its June meeting, his salary has been fixed at $1500.00
per year. Director Scovell informs the Committee, that Mr.
May comes highly recommended and of the many applicants,
he was deemed the most desirable. It will be necessary
to fit up rooms for this division, and Director Scovell has
already been authorized by the Board of Control to prepare
and furnish him a room in the Station Building for an office.
The Station is very much crowded for room at the Station
Building. The Library is entirely inadequate, and the
Station is now working under great disadvantage in this
respect. Some action should be taken, either to carry out
the order of the board of last June, - - giving the Station
the whole of the Station Building upon the payment of
$9000.00, or if the College is not prepared to give
quarters to Prof' Kastle at present elsewhere0

      The College should bwy the Stations interest in the
Building, which has been fixed at $3,000.00. In which
event the Station could put up a building for its
accommodations. Prof. Kastle would have adequate
room then in the Station Building for years to
coma O

      We find the arrangement whereby Prof 0 Mathews gives
a portion of his time to the College, and a portion to
the Station unsatisfactory.

      The Station pays Prof. Mathews $800.00 and he is
supposed to give two fifths of his time to the Station, but
under the arrangement of the College classes, it is impossible
for him to do this.