MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 11, 1901 - page 88

Dr. True, Director of the Experiment Station under  the
department of Agriculture, whose duty is to inspect the
different Stations, and see how the Hatch Fund is being ex-
pended, ask that some adjustment be made in this regard.

      Director Scovell suggests oae of the following

      Ist.  That Prof. Mathews gives his entire time to the
Station, and receive his entire pay from the Station.

      2nd.  That he give his entire time to the College, in
which ease the Station employ some one else on Horticulturist.

      3rd.  That Prof. Mathews teach Horticulture in the
College, giving class room instructions in the winter term,
and field instructions in the fall, and spring terms, and
give the remainder of his time to the Station.

      The Station to pay $1,700.00 of his salary and the
College $200.00.

      4th0 Any similar arrangement based upon any of the
above propositions0

      Of these three propositions we would recommend the
consideration of the third, and we would recommend that an
assistant in Botany in the College be employed by the
Executive Committee at a salary of $900.00 per year.

      The house of the Director of the Experiment Station is
in very bad repair, he entertains many men representatives
of the U. S. Government, representatives of Foreign Nations
sent here by the department of Agriculture, and many other
men of prominence. The Station has ample funds so we
recommend that a committee consisting of M. A. Scovell,
D. F. Frazee, George B. Kinkead, be appointed to put the
house of the Director in proper condition. The expensed
to be paid out of the funds of the Station.

                                    D. C. Frazee