xt741n7xm582 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt741n7xm582/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky (Fayette County) University of Kentucky 1952 yearbooks ukyrbk1952 English The Kentucky Kernel Press, Lexington, Kentucky Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection The 1952 Kentuckian text The 1952 Kentuckian 1952 2012 true xt741n7xm582 section xt741n7xm582   University Archives Margaret I. King Library - North University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky 40506    Coliseum . . . mighty structure of brick and steel,
ected in memory of Kentucky's war dead, and dedicated to the state as a whole. Yet, the Coliseum stances for the newest and brightest hopes for Kentucky, as the University takes its place among the better\state institutions of America, li tands for physical strength . . . music, lecture, and ing place for the University ig place for all of Kentucky. The Coliseum typifies I', of K. in 19"t2.  Ii has been beset by lo/id criticism from without and within, but sl&nds firm  ready to serve its childrg*f"s children. Memorial Coliseum was built
last, and like the University, will weather a storm of adverse comment to serve tomorrow.
Un ivers ity^^^Ken tucky Lexington, W^micky
part 2 . . . Campus  . . then you started off to class University of Kentucky football team members sport Texas hats at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.
A big part of the year '51-52
Doug Moseley and Babe Parilli, co-captains, admire the Cotton Bowl trophy.    The 1951-52 Central Kentucky Community Concert Series presented such outstanding artists as Helen Traubel, Oscar Levant, Solomon, the Robert Shaw Chorale, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra,   the   Cincinnati Symphony
Solomon concert pianist, signs an autograph after his concert at the Coliseum. Series . . .
Robert Shaw directs his famed chorale in one of their numbers presented in this year's concert series.
Orchestra, and a Rodgers and Hammer-stein night. This was the second year for the concert series held in the Memorial Coliseum. Students were admitted on presentation of ID cards.
Oscar Levant proved both his wit and talent at the piano in his concert during the spring semester.
 * -

Homecoming . . . 30,000 alumni, students, and friends watched the University of Kentucky Wildcats trounce the University of Miami despite rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. The final score was 32-0. Miss Jean Hard-wick, Alpha Gamma Delta, was crowned Homecoming Queen. Fra-  Dave Berc and Evelyn Dummit in "Tartuffe" were the confused lovers in this French play by Molierc. Costumes and settings were magnificent.
The Guignol Theater presented "Dover Road,' "Tartuffe," "The Glass Menagerie," and "State of the Union" this year. They also did "Oedipus Rex" as an experiment in arena staging. The latter was directed by Ernest Rhodes, technical adviser for Guignol. Other plays were directed by Wallace Briggs and Mrs. Lolo Robinson. The Guignol Theater was started twenty-four years ago and has presented 181 productions. Beginning with only meager equipment, they now have one of the finest equipped university theaters in the United States.
Here's Elwood P. Dowd, alias Wally Briggs, and portrait of a friend. "Harvey" was presented at the Guignol during the spring of '51. In the scene behind the scenes, one could always find Wallace Briggs, producing director, and Mrs. Lolo Robinson, associate director. Both were unsparing in their time and effort, and to them goes the credit for the many successful Guignol Theater productions of the past years.   UK had a new Journalism school . . .
The Enoch Grehan Journalism Building was formally dedicated at a ceremony and dinner held in the Student Union Building Nov. 2, 1951.
Much of the credit for this building goes to "Uncle Enoch' Grehan, first head of the Department of Journalism at the University of Kentucky. Through his efforts the department was established and a small linotype machine purchased for the use of the Kernel. Now 38 years later, the modern classroom and printing plant is no longer a dream. The Georgian brick-and-concrete structure of three stories houses the School of Journalism and the Kernel Press.
Construction of the building was begun in early spring of 1950 and the cornerstone was laid Sept. 19. Sealed in the cornerstone are
copies of the Lexington Herald, the Lexington Leader, the 1950 Kentuckian and the Kentucky Kernel.
Offices of the Kentucky Kernel, the Kentuckian, and the Kentucky Press Associatioi are located in the Journalism Building. There is also a lounge named in honor of "Miss Margie" McLaughlin, retiring member of the journalism staff.
Speakers at the dedication ceremony wen Don Whitehead, 1951 Pulitzer Prize winnei and former Kernel sports writer, and Senate) Thomas Underwood who acted as toastmastei Ex-Governor Keen Johnson introduced the speaker. Approximately 300 newspapermei. throughout the state attended the dedicatio; banquet. and dedicated it Homecoming
Top-Don Whitehead, 1951 Pulitzer Prize winner and former member of the Kentucky Kernel staff, was principal speaker.
Left  Senator Thomas Underwood acted as toastmaster at the dedication banquet.
 a fine new
School of Journalism students and workers in student publications have learned that they can always turn to these three for help with their printing problems. Left to right they are: Miss Stella Mae Ison, Bookkeeper-Secretary; W. D. Grote, Manager and Assistant Director of Student Publications, and Edward L. Swift, Jr., Foreman.
Kernel Managing Editor Tom Wilborn, second from right, confers with four plant staffmen: Bob Sparks, Mike Scanlon, Edward L. Swift, Jr., and Owen Montgomery.
 printing plant
The printing plant on the ground floor of the Journalism Building costing $200,000, consists of seven presses of various sizes. The multi-press is used to print envelopes only. It can print 6,000 envelopes an hour. Other presses are the ATF Giant, Kelly C, Kelly 2, and the Mielile 41. Their jobs are varied and numerous. There are four linotype machines now in operation in the Kernel press room. The first of these machines was acquired in 1924, by Professor Enoch Grehan, who signed a personal note to obtain it. In 1938 another linotype was bought after the Kernel was moved to the sub-floor of McVey Hall. The last two of the four linotypes were purchased in 1951 when the printing plant was removed from McVey Hall to its present site.
The largest and newest press is the Miehle 41 which can print 32-page sections of 6x9 inch pages, 3,000 an hour.
In this plant there is a monotype machine for easting borders and strip material for advertisements. Besides the Ludlow type and linotype, the Kernel printing plant has a large supply of hand set type.
In addition, the Kernel has a perforater, a cutting machine for trimming page edges, a jogger for straightening stacks of printed material, and a stitching machine.
For maintaining and operating this up-to-date printing plant the University has 16 full time employees. Bruce F. Denbo, Supervisor and Director of University Press; Don Grote, Manager and Assistant Director of Student Publications; Edward L. Swift, Jr., Foreman; Miss Stella Mae Ison, Bookkeeper-Secretary; Karl E. Davis, Robert Haney, Robert Rhodus, A. J. McFadden, Stanley McMurray, Owen Montgomery, Mike Seanlon, Charles Rogerson, Robert Sparks, Bernice Walker, Printing Department.
John Hudson. Boli Hhoadus and Robert Haney watch one of the high speed presses as it turns out a campus publication.
Charles Rogerson and Karl Davis give a final reading to a page from one of the giant Kernel presses.  The Grill is the drug-store, soda-fountain part of the SUB cafeteria. Here cokes, coffee, milk shakes and sandwiches are combined with the latest popular music and the campus gossip. The food is good and the companionship is even better. "Grillology" was a regularly scheduled class for all UK students.
time for 'grill hour' . . B
 Suky and the card section . . .
The card section sponsored by Suky provided entertainment for visitors during the half-time of all football games. In its second year, the card section often had to surmount many difficulties, from uncooperative students to rainy or cold weather, but it still proved to be an outstanding success. This year combining with the Marching 100, they demonstrated that UK pep and originality still do exist 1 The Marching 100, our University Band, added color and excitement to both football and basketball games this past season. The Marching 100 is composed of one hundred or more members during the football season. During the basketball games, it is a smaller group known as the Varsity Band. This same group functions as an ROTC Band in the spring playing for military reviews and parades.
During the last year, the Marching Band appeared before 369,000 spectators. Included in their activities were trips to Knoxville, New Orleans, La., Gainesville, Fla., and Dallas, Texas.
Warren W. Lutz is director of the Band. Drum major and sponsor were Max Smith and Barbara Baldwin. Don and Donna Wilson were the featured twirlers.
Band officers for the past year were Bill Steiden, president; Ted Tillman, vice-president; Bud Asch, secretary; and Jack Dutton, manager.
Band arrangements were by Mary Lutz, Jim Eversole, Fred llines, Dave Livingston, Cecil Karrick, and Robert Griffith. and then came the time .
... to graduate and face the future which was now a reality to us. Most of the boys were leaving for the Armed Services and the girls were trying to decide between marriage, a career or both. On the surface
the future seemed dim, but most of us looked forward with hope to a better and peaceful world.
This year for the second time the Baccalaureate service and Commencement were held in the Memorial Coliseum. At these we heard Dr. Duke McCall and Gen. Lucius Clay tell us that the future of the world lay with the educated man today.
The academic procession consisting of the faculty of all the colleges led the approximately one thousand graduating seniors plus candidates for higher degrees to the services at Memorial Coliseum.  for SENIORS . . .  
the time had come
. . . lo leave fond memories such as the good times with friends, the beach parties and dances, the football games, and the bull sessions . . . and to leave the not so fond memories like the rush of registration, the long lines for anything, the hours spent in the library and the (ramming for exams and comprehensives . . . but to the seniors it was all a part of college life . . .
  1. IRVIN J. ABRAHAM, Commerce   .   .   . Lexington Zeta Beta Tau; Men's Glee Club; Mixed Chorus; Troupers ATWELL M. ADAIR, Engineering   .... Paris
ASME, secretary; AIME, vice-president
CHARLES C. ADAMS, Law.....Hyden
Sigma Chi; Lamp and Cross; Phi Delta Phi; Miller Law Ciuh; Student Bar Association
PEGGY ANN ADAMS, A.& S......Jenkins
Radio Studio; Guignol; 240 Committee; YWCA WINFORD R. ADDISON, Engineering   . Heidelberg MARVIN A. ALBERT,
Engineering   .   .   .   Waterbury, Conn.
WILLIAM  II. ALCOKE, Engineering   . Versailles ASCE
5. HUBERT EUGENE BALL, Ag.& Home Ee   . Louisa Farm House
JOHN T. BALLANTINE, Law    .   .   . Louisville
Delta Tau Delta; Lamp and Cross; ODK
OPAL RAY BALLOU, A.& S.   .   .   . Harrodsburg BSU
VERNON B. BANKS, Ag.& Home Ee . Whitesburg HENRY BARBER, A.& S. . . Mechanicsville, N. Y. HUGH BARBER, JR., Commerce   .   . Russellville
Sigma Nu; Kentuckian Stall
Engineering   .   .   . Covington
Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu
Lexington Orchestra;
Phi   Beta,   treasurer;   Westminster Fellowship; Mixed Chorus; Cwens; YWCA; Student Union Committee; Cosmopolitan Club; Pitkin Club
Ag.& Home Ee   .   .   . Hebbardsville
Alpha Sigma Phi, treasurer, social chairman, pledge master;
Ag.& Home Ee   .   .   . Flemingsburg Block and Bridle
DORIS ANNIS, Ag.& Home Ec   .   .   . Logansport
Home Economics Club; 4-H Club; BSU; Phi Upsilon Omicron
GENE ARKLE, A.& S.......Lexington
Guignol; WBKY
DONALD L. ARMSTRONG, A.& S.   .   . Henderson
Beta Theta Pi, archivist; Kentuckian editor and sports editor; Kernel Sports Staff; Henry Watterson Press Club; Mixed Chorus; Board oF Student Publications; Intramural Sports; Westminster Fellowship
. LEE E. ARMSTRONG, Commerce   .   . Lexington
Commerce Employment Association
JAMES ARNOLD, Commerce.....Walton
Commerce Employment Association RANDALL C. ARNOLD, Engineering . Morgantown Eta Kappa Nu, vice-president; Tau Beta Pi, corresponding secretary; Phi Eta Sigma; IRE; AIEE
JAMES W. ATKINS, JR., Ag.& Home Ee   . Liggett
Sigma Nu
FRANK W. ATKINSON, Engineering . Hopkinsville EUGENE AUEN, Commerce.....Paducah
Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society FREDERICK B. AUGSBURG, Education . Lexington Kappa Alpha
4. JAMES D. AUSENBAUGH, A.& S. . Dawson Springs
OTIS KENT BACK, A.& S.....Hodgenville
Ag.& Home Ec   .   .   . Glasgow
JAMES ROBERT BAILEY, Engineering . Lexington Triangle
ELMER LEE BAKER, A.& S......Corbin
Alpha Tau Omega
EVELYN LOUISE BAKER, Commerce . Lexington Alpha Delta Pi, social chairman; Suky; SGA; YWCA Cabinet; BSU; College Chamber of Commerce; Commerce Employment Association
GUY W. BAKER, Engineering.....Hazard
.J. E. BARLOW, Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Mu Alpha
Engineering .
FRANCES BARNETT, Education   . .
Chi Omega; Interdorm Council, president; president; YWCA Cabinet; Patterson Hall, editor "Dorm Daze'"; FTA
FRANK E. BARNETT, Engineering .
Phi Kappa Tau; Arnold Air Society
KINNE BARNETT, Engineering   . .
Triangle; AIEE; Radio Amateurs Club; Band
JOHN P. BARROW, JR., Commerce .
Phi Delta Theta HELEN S. BATTE, Education   . . Delta Zeta; FTA; WAA
Maybeury, W. Va.
II irrodsburg Freshman Y, vice-president;
. Irvington . Lexington Lexington Cynthiana
7. DON R. BATTEN, Engineering   .... Pikeville
Alpha Tau Omega; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; ASCE; 240 Committee
DOROTHY BAYLIES, A.& S.   .   Washington, D. C. Chi Omega; Mixed Chorus
Ag.& Home Ec Lebanon Junction
GRANVILLE BEGLEY, Education   .... Busy FTA
Commerce   .   .   . Georgetown Pi Kappa Alpha; Commerce Employment Association BILLY K. BENSON, Ag.& Home Ee  .   Morning View GEORGE DAVID BERE, A.& S. . Jeffersonvilie, Ind.
Sigma Nu; Alpha Phi Omega; Suky, president; Phalanx; Tau Sigma; Kentuckian Business Manager; Guignol; Cheerleader
A.& S.   .   .   .   Mt. Vernon, N. Y.
Kappa Delta; Mixed Chorus; WBKY; YWCA
Sigma Pi Sigma, president; Pi Mu Epsilon. vice-president; Physics Club; Choristers; Men's Glee Club; Mixed Chorus
II. WESLEY BIRD, JR., A.& S.   .   .   St. Davids, Pa.
Phi Sigma Kappa MARY JO BISHOP, A.& S......Lexington
Kappa Alpha Theta, corresponding secretary; Mortar Board, secretary; Troupers; Phi Sigma Iota, president; Wesley Foundation
HAROLD ROY BLACK, Engineering . . London Sigma Phi Epsilon; ASCE; Wesley Foundation; Arnold Air Society
BETTY BLAKE, Commerce.....Carlisle
Kappa Alpha Theta; YWCA; Kentuckian; Student Union Committee
ROBERT M. BLAKE, A.& S.......Paris
Pryor Pre-Med
31 I'illllA
l.ZEB BLANKENSHIP, Education   .... Praise Phi Sigma Kappa
ROBERT BLEVINS, Ag.&HomeEc   . .
Agronomy Club, Alpha Zeta
JULIA BLOOD, A.&S.......Louisville
Kappa Alpha Theta; Koffee Klub; YWCA; History Club
EDMUND BRUCE BLYTHE, A.& S.   .   . Louisville
Sigma Nu; Golf
Ag.& Home Ec   .   .   .   Washington, D. C.
Beta Sigma Rho
JAMES E. BOGGESS, Commerce   .   .   . Grayson
Phi Kappa Tau
BERNARD BOGGS, Ag.& Home Ec   .   .   . Roxana
. OVA ELLIS BOGGS, Ag.& Home Ec   .   . Blevins Farm House
WILLIAM BOLES, Commerce . . . Lexington Phi Kappa Tau; Pitkin Club; College Chamber of Commerce; IFC
SARA LYNN BOONE, Education . . . Stanford Alpha Delta Pi, treasurer; FTA; Outing Club; YWCA
JOHN BORING, Engineering .... Lexington Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Physics Club; ASME
SUMNER E. BORTMAN, A.&S. . . . Lexington Tau Kappa Epsilon; Philosophy Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Outing Club; German Club
JAMES BOSWELL, A.& S.   .   Richfield Park, N. J.
Commerce Employment Association
LESLIE BOTELER, A.& S.   .   East Greenwich, R. I.
Chi Omega, pledge mistress; SGA, secretary; YWCA Cabinet, secretary; Interfaith Council; Kernel; Kentuckian; Swimming Club; Intcrdorm Council, president; Mixed Chorus; Pitkin Club
HERBERT BROWN, Ag.& Home Ec   .   South Irvine
Alpha Gamma Rho; Block and Bridle, treasurer; Poultry Club, president; Agricultural Council, president; 4-H Club
Commerce   .   .   . Madisonville
Sigma Nu
ELIZABETH R.  BRYANT, A.&S.   .   . Louisville
Kappa Alpha Theta, vice-president; Student Union Board; Mortar Board; Cwens; WAA Council; Pitkin Club; YWCA; American Chemical Society; House Presidents Council
Ag.&HomeEc   .   .   .   White Mills Farm House; Hardin County Club
Engineering   .   .   . Louisville
LEWIS H. BURFORD, Ag.&HomeEc   . Owenton Farm House
6. GEORGE T. BURKE, Commerce   .   .   . Danville Delta Tau Delta CLARABELL BURKHART, A.&S.    .   . Newport
Zeta Tau Alpha, treasurer; Student Union Committee; WAA; League of Women Voters
G. TURNER BURNS, Ag.& Home Ec   . Owensboro
Alpha Gamma Rho, president; Interfraternity Council; Horticulture Club; 4-H Club
Commerce   .   .   .   Indianapolis, Ind. Commerce Employment Association
DIAZ CALLAHAN, JR., Engineering . Lexington ROBERT W. CALVERT, Engineering   . Lexington
ASCE; Phalanx; Keys
EMILY L. CAMPBELL, A.&S.   .   .   . Frankfori
Chi Omega; Kernel, society editor
Block and Bridle
Chi Omega; League of Women Voters; Koffee Klub
JEAN C. BOUCHY, Engineering   . .
Tan Kappa Epsilon
Ag.& Home Ec . NANCY BRADFORD, A.&S.   .   . -
Kappa Kappa Gamma, vice-president, rush trainer; Cwens; League of Women Voters
Livestock Judging Team; Block and Bridle
Winchester Canterbury Club;
Lexington chairman, pledge
. Louisville Beech Creek
Ag.& Home Ec   .   .   . Owensboro Kappa Alpha Theta; Home Ec. Club; Koffee Klub
EUGENE BRASHEAR, Engineering    .   . Hazard
Alpha Tau Omega; Engineering Student Council; A1ME, president; Kentucky Mining Institute, secretary-treasurer
JOHN W. BREEDING, A.&S.    .   .   . Rineyville
BSU; German Club; FTA EDNA BREIT, Education   .   .   Lewisburg, W. Va.
FTA; Mixed Chorus; Pitkin Club EUGENE WILLIAMS BREWER,
Ag.& Home Ec   .   .   .   New Castle HOWARD G. BREWER, JR.,
Commerce   .   .   .   Rockville Center, N. Y.
Sigma Phi Epsilon SALLIE ANNE BROADUS, A.&S.   .   . Louisville
Zeta Tau Alpha; Newman Club; Phi Sigma lota
5. JOE BROOKS, Commerce    .... Catlettsburg
Lambda Chi Alpha, social chairman; Commerce Employment Association; fotramurals
A.& S. Elizabethton, Tem
Phi Mu Alpha; Delta Chi; Band; Glee Club
GENE CANNON, Commerce.....Ashland
Lambda Chi Alpha, rush chairman; Intramurals; Commcn Employment Association
Engineering   .   .   . Middlesboi
BERTIE JOE CAPSHAW, Engineering   . Gamaliel
Tau Beta Pi, president; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold A Society
KEITH R. CARDEY, Law   ....   Potosi, Wis.
Phi Delta Phi
JAMES W. CARPENTER, Ag.&Home Ec   . Florent
Alpha Zeta
LORETTA CARROLL, A.& S.....Lexingtc i
Newman Club, vice-president
8. ANN G. CARSON, A.& S.......Padua
Kappa Alpha Theta, rush chairman; Student Union Boa' president; Mortar Board; YWCA Cabinet
MILDRED CARTER, Education   . , FTA; German Club; Mixed Chorus
MARIE G. CASLICK, Education .
Alpha Xi Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; FTA IVAN S. CASON, Commerce   .   . .
Commerce Employment Association; BSU; of Commerce
Delta Tau Delta
Education   .   .   . Salyersvi;< ROBERT C. CAYCE, Commerce   .   . Hopkinsvilli
Sigma Nu, president; IFC, president; YMCA; WSSF; Ci stitutionalist   Party,   treasurer;   College   Chamber  of Co merce;    SGA;   Pledge   Interfraternity   Council,   presidi t Kernel; Outing Club
.   .   . Pari
. Burlingti College Chaml
32  Seniors 1. WILLIAM D. CHAMBERS, JK.
Ag.& Home Ec
Alpha Gamma Rho; Horticulture Club, secretary; 4-H Club; Student Union Committee
Commerce   ...   1 lopkinsville
Delta Delta Delta, secretary; Koffee Klub MARY JO CHASE, Commerce   .... Lexington
Kappa Alpha Theta; College Chamber of Commerce
Engineering   .   .   .   New Castle, Pa.
Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; AIME; KM I
PAUL M. CHUNG, Engineering   .   .   Seoul, Korea
Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi ANNE  CLARK,  Engineering   .... Richmond The Kentucky Engineer; ASCE
DON CLAYTON, A.& S.......Louisville
Sigma Phi Epsilon; Guignol
. JAMES CLAYTON, Education   .... Princeton Sigma Nu; Men's Glee Club; Outing Club GEORGE CLEVELAND, Commerce   . Nicholasville
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Commerce Employment Association EUGENE CLINE, Engineering    .... Emma THOMAS HORNSBY CLORE,
Engineering . . . Eminence Kappa Alpha; Lamp and Cross; Phi Eta Sigma; Keys; Lances; Scabbard & Blade; Arnold Air Societv; Sigma Pi Sigma; ODK; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Engineering   .   .   .   Maybeury, W. Va. Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; ASME
JOHN GODWIN COCKE, Commerce   . Wickliffe
Alpha Tan Omega
. SUSAN COFER, Ag.&HomeEc   .   Springfield, 111. Home Economics Club BETTY JEAN COFFEY, Commerce   . Jamestown Alpha Gamma Delta, treasurer; Commerce Employment Association; YWCA; 240 Committee
Engineering   .   .   . Nicholasville Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Mu Epsilon
DORA COLEMAN, A.&S......Lexington
Kappa Alpha Theta; YWCA; WAA
JANE CLAIRE COLLIER, A.& S.    .    Ferriday, La.
CARL L. COMBS, Law......Lexington
Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association, president
EDITH CONES, Education.....Danville
Zeta Tau Alpha, vice-president
Ag.& Home Ec   .   .   .   St. Petersburg, Fla.
Zeta Tau Alpha, house president; YWCA; Home Economics Club; Young Democrats; Wesley Foundation
JOHN R. COOK, Engineering   .... Lexington
KATHARINE COOK, Education . . Pittsburg, Pa. Delta Zeta. treasurer and vice-president; House Presidents Council; YWCA; WAA; FTA; Cosmopolitan Club; League of Women Voters
Engineering   .   .   .   Portsmouth, Ohio Alpha Sigma Phi
FRED COPLIN, Law.......Ashland
Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Alpha Delta; Lamp and Cross; Interfraternity Council; YMCA; Harlan Law Club
DORMAN E. CORDELL, A.& S.   .   .   Whitley City
Kernel news editor; Watterson Press Club, secretary; Phalanx; BSU; Men's Glee Club; Intramural Sports.
. Greenville
5. JAMES D. CORNETTE, Law   .... Greenville
Kentucky Law Journal; Phi Delta Phi
ARNOLD COSBY, JR., Education   .   . Henderson
Sigma Phi Epsilon
BRUCE COTTON, Ag.& Home Ee . . Dry Ridge Alpha Gamma Rho; Lamp and Cross; Suky; Phalanx; Student Union Board; 4-H Club; Block & Bridle
YOLANDE COULTER, A.& S.   .   .   E. St. Louis, 111.
Alpha Xi Delta, secretary; League of Women Voters; English Club; Kernel; Kentuckian
Commerce   .   .   .   Ilartsville, S. C.
CLARK COX, Engineering......Harlan
ASCE; Tau Beta Pi FRED COX, Commerce......Lexington
. Jonancy Lexington
MARION COX, Ag.& Home Ec   .   .   . Madisonville
Alpha Gamma Rho; 4-H Club; Pryor Pre-Med; YMCA; American Pharmaceutical Association
MARY EVELYN COX, Education . . . Ashland FTA; Dutch Lunch Club; Wesley Foundation; College Chamber of Commerce; YWCA
SUSAN COX, Education......Lexington
CHARLES E. COYLE, Commerce   .   . Richmond
Beta Gamma Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Accounting Club; Commerce Employment Association, president; Alpha Phi Omega, treasurer; Delta Sigma Pi, scribe; Phi Eta Sigma; Lamp and Cross
JACK A. CRAFTON, JR., Ag.& Home Ec . Henderson
Alpha Gamma Rho
1 lenderson I [enderson . Ghent
7. JOE E. CRAFTON, Ag.& Home Ec .
Alpha Gamma Rho MARY R. CRAFTON, Education   . .
Kappa Alpha Theta; FTA ALICE INDA CRAIG, Ag.&HomeEc
Home Economics Club JAMES W. CRARY, A.& S......Lexington
American Chemical Society; Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma CARYL CRAYNE, A.&S.   .   .   .   Columbus, Ohio
YWCA; Psychology Club; Wesley Foundation
MARTHA SUE CREAL, A.& S.   .   .   . Frankfort
Alpha Gamma Delta; League of Women Voters; YWCA; Pi Mu Epsilon; Alma Magna Mater
GEORGE ROBERT CREEDLE, Law . Oak Park, 111. Delta Tau Delta, vice-president; Phi Mu Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa, president; Phi Delta Phi; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debating Team; Student Union Board; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Troupers; Choristers
. ROBERT B. CREGOR, A.& S.....Anchorage
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Outing Club; Rifle team; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard & Blade
WILLIAM  CREWS,  A.&S......Ashland
Phi Sigma Kappa
JAMES E. CROSBY, A.& S.......Hardin
JOAN CROUSE, A.&S.   .   .   .   New York, N. Y.
Kappa Alpha Theta; Student Union Committee; Panhellenic
WAYNE CROW, Commerce   .   .   .   Beaver Dam
Phi Kappa Tau
MAE NELL CRUM, Ag.& Home Ec   .   . Pikeville
Home Economics Club; YWCA; Outing Club
THOMAS S. CRUTCHER, A.&S.   .   .   . Lexington
Ag.& Home Ec   .   .   . Princeton Alpha Gamma Delta; Home Ec. Club; YWCA
JOSEPH T. CURRENCE, Law   .   .   . Russellville
Phi Alpha Delta; Student Bar Association; Reed Law Club JOHN  WILBUR CURRY, Engineering   . Ashland
WBKY; Amateur Radio Club U. K. CUSTRED, Engineering   .   Crossville, Tenn.
Phi Sigma Kappa JAY RICHARD DANIEL, A.&S.   .   .   . Lexington
Pi Kappa Alpha
KEN   DARNELL,  Commerce   .... Princeton
Sigma Phi Epsilon; YMCA Cabinet; Disciples Student Fellowship, president; Cosmopolitan Club; Arnold Air Society
Commerce   .   .   .   Olean, N. Y. Sigma Nu; SGA; Ass't Trainer, Athletic Team; WBKY
Commerce   .   .   . Harrodsburg ROBERT II. DAVENPORT, III, Law  . Madisonville
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
BEVERLY JEANNE DAVIS, A.& S. . Nicholasville FRED C. DAVIS, Ag.& Home Ec   .   . Madisonville
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Lances; Lamp & Cross; SGA; IFC; Alpha Zeta; Arnold Air Society; Block & Bridle
JAMES MORRIS DAVIS.Commerce   . Prestonsburg
Commerce Employment Association, auditor; Accounting Club, vice-president
JOYCE DAVIS, A.&S.......Henderson
Phi Beta, corresponding secretarv; Mortar Board, vice-president; Canterbury Club; Mixed Chorus; Women's Glee Club; Madrigal Singers; YWCA; Alpha Lambda Delta; Cwens; Choristers
RALPH N. DAVIS, Commerce   .... Lexington
.   . Lexington
Portland, Tenn, .   Chicago, 111,
Ag.& Home Ec   .   . . DONALD J. DONOHUE, JR., A.& S.
Pi Kappa Alpha
NANCY DOOLITTLE, Education   .   .   . Ashland
Kappa Delta; WAA; Phi Sigma Iota; FTA; Kentuckian Staff
ROBERT H. DOUMAS, Commerce  .  Gaylord, Mich.
Delta Chi
MARJORIE JEAN DOVER, Education . Louisville FRANK K. DOWNING, Ag.& Home Ec   . Lexington
Alpha Gamma Rho
Engineering   .   .   . Bardstown Kappa Alpha; Newman Club; ASCE; Kentucky Engineer
WILLIAM R. DOWNS, Ag.&HomeEc   . Buechel
Farm House; Dairy Club; Dairy Cattle Judging Team
Engineering   .   .   .   Drayton Plains, Mich.
Delta Chi; ASCE; Intramural Sports
GENE B. DRAKE, Engineering .... Somerset Kentucky Engineer; Engineering Student Council; ASCE
Engineering   .   .   .   Park Hills
CLINE COOPER DUFF, Commerce . Covington Pi Kappa Alpha; Phalanx; YMCA Cabinet; Pitkin Club; Suky; Band; Orchestra; Glee Club; Commerce Employment Association
JAMES E. DUFFY, Ag.& Home Ee   .   Evanston, 111.
Alpha Gamma Rho; Troupers, vice-president; 4-H Club; Outing Club
Engineering   .   .   .   North Middletown Band; YMCA; ASME WILLIAM HAROLD DAVIS,
Ag.& Home Ec   .   .   . Pierce
Farm House; Block & Bridle, secretarv; Dairy Club, vice-president; Pershing Rifles; Lances; Pre-Veterinary Club; YMCA; 4-H Club; Westminster Fellowship; Dairy Judging Team; Lamp and Cross C. MARTIN DAWAHARE, Commerce . Whitesburg Accounting Club; Commerce Employment Association
CHARLES H. DAY, Engineering .... Paris PHYLLIS DEAN, A.& S.......Lexington
Phi Beta, president; Canterbury Club; YWCA; Glee Club; Choristers
WILLIAM MITCHELL DEEP, Law   .   . Lebanon
Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association, president; Law Journal, business manager; Lances
Commerce   .   .   .   Jellico, Tenn. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
4. BETTY JEAN DICKINSON, Education   . Louisville
Canterbury Club; FTA
JAMES OLIVER DINGUS, Education . . Martin CHARLES H. DISHMAN, A.& S.   .   .   . Louisville
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pershing Rifles; Arnold Air Society
JOE B. DIXON, Ag.& Home Ec   .   .   .   . Fulton
Farm House; Dairy Club; Wesley Foundation
CHARLES A. DODSON, Commerce   .   . Louisville
Delta Chi; Commerce Employment Association
Ag.& Home Ec   .   .   . Louisville Alpha Sigma Phi; Horticulture Club
JOHN A. DOLAN, Commerce   .   Fall River, Mass.
Alpha Delta Sigma; Commerce Employment Association; Newman Club
7. SARA A. DUGAN, Ag.& Home Ec   .   . Louisvilk
Zeta Tau Alpha, secretary; Home Ec. Club; Disciples Student Fellowship, Journal editor; Interfaith Council; chairman, Re-ligious Emphasis Week; YWCA; Phi Upsilon Omicron
MARY DUKE, Education   .   .   .   Nashville, Tenn.!
Delta Delta Delta
BILL JADY DUKES, A.&S.....Lexington
Alpha Tau Omega
JOHN WOOD DUNCAN, Ag.& Home Ec   . Kuttawa
Alpha Zeta; Block and Bridle; Dairy Club
1ACK WILLARD DUNN, Engineering   . Eddyvdk
Tau Beta Pi; ASCE
MARTHA DURHAM, A.&S.    .   .   . Greensbim
Kappa Alpha Theta; League of Women Voters; Studenl Union Board; WAA council member; Pitkin Club; YWCA. Alpha Lambda Delta, vice-president; Cwens
Ag.& Home Ec . . . Smithh'dd Farm House; Dairy Club; Block & Bridle; Pershing Rifles. Scabbard & Blade
8. EDWARD S. EARLE, A.&S.....Lexingtor
MARIAN EBERSON, A.&S.   .   .   Memphis, Tenn
Kappa Alpha Theta; Mixed Chorus
GROVER EDDINGS, Ag.&HomeEc   . Russelhilk
JAMES H. EDWARDS, Ag.&HomeEc   . Padwal
Alpha Gamma Rho; 4-H Club EUGENE V. ELDER, JR.,
A.& S.   .   .   .   Washington, D. C
Alpha Tau Omega; Phalanx; Pershing Rifles
BENJAMIN J. ELKIN, Commerce   .   . Lexingtoi
Delta Tau Delta; Commerce Employment Association; Sca!> bard & Blade; Distinguished Military Student
Ag.& Home Ec   .   .       Gravel Switd
Home Economics Club
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	1^ ^^^^	mam
	r A P '9	& - 0 At
v	|ft   ^   O   O O	
	r> d D O c>	r:"L CiW*
3m	i ^    V At. *	1 MP* ^
Seniors 1. MARY ELSEE, A.& S.........Irvine
Bacteriology Society
THOMAS C. ELSWICK, Commerce   .   . Pikeville
Alpha Tau Omega
TED JOHN ENGLEHARD, Education   . Bellevue
Education . . . Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta; FTA; WAA; Young Republicans Club; League of Women Voters
WILLIAM A. ERWIN, A.&S.....Ashland
Ag.& Home Ec   .   .   .   Rahway, N. J.
Suky; Newman Club
HUGH C. EVANS, Law.......Corbin
Phi Delta Phi; Kentucky Law Journal
5. JACK N. FOWLER, Ag.& Home Ec  .  Campbell, Ala.
DOUGLAS FOX, Engineering   .   .   . Madisonville ASCE
RICHARD S. FRANK, Commerce   .   .   . Louisville Zeta Beta Tau
KENNETH FRANKS, Ag.& Home Ec   .   . Owenton
4-H Club; Troupers
JOEL FRISCH, A.&S.......Lexington
Beta Sigma Rho
DAVID FRYMIRE, Ag.&HomeEc   . Brandenburg Alpha Gamma Rho
Ag.& Home Ec . . . Crestwood Farm House; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Zeta; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard & Blade; Dairy Club
2. JAMES R. EVANS, Engineering   .   . Flemingsburg Triangle; Scabbard & Blade; Arnold Air Society; AIEE
JOE LISTON EVANS, Ag.&HomeEc . Lebanon ANNA RUTH FAIRCHILD, Education   . Lexington
FTA; Orchestra; Glee Club; Choristers; Phi Beta
DONALD FAIRCHILD, Engineering   .   . Ashland Triangle; ASME
JAMES W. FEHR, Engineering   .   .   . Louisville ASCE
GILBERT L. FELTEL, Engineering   .   . Covington Triangl