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Two Anthropology Professors New Arts & Sciences Dean UK Urges
i Win International Grants siavaa L. nach, associate   Students to
  Lisa Cliggett, a UK assistant professor of provost for acadcnilc pm- yi, Q? . Stay Put
h 1 . d 0 grams and dean of interna- - i
Iainttiroppsogy, recgive da iwo—yeart$i2 0,00g t tional programs at the   UK has Cancelled ali
3 uma meme Gun a Km gran O COD uc University of Iowa, is the _ "’   programs and travel to
new dean of the UK Col-   China and other Asian
‘     I   lege of Arts and Sciences. ‘ countries due to a
i Y   , 'ta' g. i_   He replaces Howard devastating respiratory
i _ _ 5* . *"  a·   lf J :;   Grotch, who will return to teaching and illness, severe acute
      l ·. , _        e-5-—-·---· research in the department of physics. respiratory syndrome,
• VV D  ·V V_`gi V  ‘ *}~.__ _     At Iowa, Hoch was responsible for the commonly known as
~   ¤   {3; - a   »     multi-year review of all college deans SARS. In addition, UK
C a {_ ' J. V           ’      V there and overseeing the institutional ac- has asked international
Q LQ  " i ‘  . . -   if        creditation process. As dean of interna- students to postpone
E   V i _         I i tional programs, he monitored many visits home.The decision
i   . · ° " “ it  l A   . ` i research centers and programs including was made after UK
E 'Y T   A   __ \ ~   i3`   . -· the African Studies Program, Caribbean! Provost Mike Nietzel
·§‘   T"} r / .  A``` if I `   It  Atlantic/Diaspora Studies, Center for consulted With James
'T l`¤  ·— e l F A ‘ Asian and Pacific Studies, and the Center Holsinger, Chancellor of
1 d h h . Z b. C t i for Human Rights. He has written two the Chandler Medical
[film cmg? C Sfilgf Siscaic ull gm; m’ t cp I`? books and many articles related to Rus- Center in late April.
at riiaaiillrailiiaiitirlil.§a‘Eiii22§§.f“   h“‘°tya“d  Oecono mondi-
i ning in January 2004. The park land is inhabited mms`
i by Zambian migrant farmers who had to leave W___i_
their previous farmland because of land use Art stI.IdEI'ItS   g
pilgxges that occurred with the building of a Earn Awards         .
h Students in Arturo     _     i aa,     ......»  
Paul B. Trawick, also a UK Sandoval’s Senior   ‘ `$,I W ‘i  { i I if TT
V V I assistant professor of Seminar class in the   W IP _  ”
C rr anthropology, received a College of Fine Arts i    , i_   1
E r $75,000 grant from the John Department of Art   W Q? {ri `
  . ··v— D. and Catherine T participated in an art     .....   · l I Ki
E ‘ “ _ “ MacArthur Foundation to exhibit as part of the   —·;..g;jjf_ ‘j;fjji`ji;"   ,,,
Q . 35, study irrigation systems in festivities related to "A ‘   .3.;;;. V . '  
gg _   Spain. The research will be Tribute to Excellence," ` " ' E
5. ” . carried out in Valencia, a recognition event for lg
Murcia and Alicante for one employees of L—3 if
ggaiibegigpiingélg Ig? EIC 31%) lis thcéiuigcg Of 3 gOmn?m1Cag0HS’JOlnt Leftto right, UK professor Arturo Sandoval; students
O pu ls c Y fm Oh mvcrsl Y S pcm Kms mug Amanda Schambon, Danielle l—lai|es, and Gretchen Vives;
about the history of irrigation systems in Peru, from the Blue Grass and Dave Merriam. Vice president Di L_3 Communications,
titled "The Struggle for Water in Peru: Comedy Army Depot in Avon. Jgint gpgpamns Gr-OUp_
and Tragedy in the Andean Commons. ” Guests voted on the
art entries and three students were presented awards.
Gretchen Vives received first lace for "Reflections," Amanda Schambon
. P . .
took second place with "Image No. l," and third place went to Danielle
Hailes. All pieces were digital art works.
  URL: vmw.ca.uky.edu/PR/News
Compiled from UK Web sites, UK Public Relations news
reports, and Kentucky/l/umn! magazine staff reporting.