xt741n7xmv0d https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt741n7xmv0d/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19781020 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, October 20, 1978, no. 248 text The Green Bean, October 20, 1978, no. 248 1978 2014 true xt741n7xmv0d section xt741n7xmv0d g ` C9/P)//3;
10/20/78 N0. 2M8  
, _ 20 October - Library Faculty Meeting, 8:30 am, Gallery, King North i
_ 20 October — Seminar in Graphic Design — Lecture on "Giovanni Mardersteig E
‘ and Jan Tschichold" by Hans Schmoller, 2:00 pm, Gallery, g
` King North.
20 October — The Gallery Series - Schubertfest — Songs for Voice and I
Piano and Music for Piano (4 hands) - Arthur Graham, tenor, I
Patricia Montgomery and Lucien Stark, pianos — Noon in the I
Gallery, King North. ° {
A »
· 25-26 October - Seminar in Graphic Design: Workshops in designing letter L
forms and wood engraving by Leo Wyatt, 9:30 am, Gallery, 5 ‘
King North. I l
27 October — Seminar in Graphic Design: Forms and Letter Forms by Leo 7 I
Wyatt, 2:00 pm, Gallery, King North. ;
‘ Q
27 October - Library Science Faculty Forum Series - Dr. Philip Dare,_ i
Library-Use Instruction: The State of the Art, 2:00-5:00 pm,  
214 Student Center. L
27 October - The Gallery Series - Schubertfest - Music for Flute & Piano i
and Music for Piano Solo — Gordon Cole, flute, Lucien Stark, 1
piano — Noon in the Gallery, King North.
Current Displays: Gallery - Department of Special Collections -
g selections from the Papers of Earle C. Clements (through October 31).
Contributors to this issue: Pat Boyle, John Bryant, Faith Harders, Sara
Leech, Peggy Lewis, Pat Lloyd (Guest Editor), Linda Newman, and Bob Turner.

Closing of the Catalog Task Force · `
For general information I would like to share with you part of a
memo to Paul Willis. "I have asked five Technical Services staff
members to serve as a closing of the catalog task force. The charge
to this group is: to assess the cataloging implications for this
Library in view of AACR II, LC closing the catalog, and alternative
catalogs. This will create a working resource group to keep us
fully informed of developments and interpret these developments for
total library planning. ·
It is our goal to produce a document which will assist in the
eventual closing of the catalog and will assess the cataloging
implications of an alternative to our present card format. The A
resource group is very representative:. Emilie V. Smith, Head of
Cataloging; Evelyn Evans, Head of Serials Cataloging; Mary Welch,
Chairperson of the Serials Conversion and Check-in Planning Group;
Gerry Webb, Non—book Cataloger; and Gail Kennedy, LC Classification
Coordinator, and head of the reclassification project. _
Later this fall the group will attend a three-day institute which
will address the issue stated in the beginning of this memo. Three of
the members will make a side trip after the meeting to the University
of Louisiana to observe a major serials conversion project." · A
There is an article in the latest American Libraries that succinctly ‘
addresses the issues this Library and others will face. James
Thompson, "Ten Ways to Profit from a Long Engagement," American
Libraries, Oct. l978, pp. 538-42. _
t — John Bryant ·
United Way A
{ The latest total for the Library United Way effort is $2,028. We need
200 more dollars to equal last year's very impressive figures and of
Icourse more to top that.
. A i — John Bryant
Supervisor Evaluation Task Force I
The Supervisor Evaluation Task Force is studying forms previously used,
prior to recommending changes in them. Members of the committee are
Nancy Baker, Bill Bull, Elizabeth Howard, Jim Shaeffer, Gary
Stottlemyer, Faith Harders (ex officio), and Sara Leech, Chairperson.
Conference on Networks I
If anyone is interested in participating in a car pool to the Pitts-
burgh conference on Networks November 6-8, please see Faith Harders.

 - 5 -
Memo from the ACTS Executive Committee
At the present time, the ACTS Executive Committee has two vacancies
due to the resignations of Bill Bull, Chairperson, and Eva Cooper,
member-at—large. The nominating committee has been asked to meet
once again and propose some nominees to fill these positions. Ballots
will be sent out as soon as possible. For now, Joan Gatewood is
Acting Chairperson. When the vacancies have been filled there will be
a full ACTS Executive Committee meeting to determine the new chair-
person and representative to attend the Faculty and Administrative
Council meetings. A general ACTS meeting will be called in the near
I ARL Spec Kit #47
The Reference Department has received a new SPEC Kit, #47, from the
Systems and Procedure Exchange Center of the ARL. It is entitled
VAutomated Cata1oging," and can be requested at the Reference Desk.
Personnel Changes
Mary Davis has assumed the position of Art Librarian on a temporary
basis effective October 18. Gail Kennedy will return to Acquisitions .
and a beginning level professional will be hired on a temporary
(Nov. 1978-June 1980) basis to assist her while she continues her
responsibilities with the Reclass Unit. Anyone in the library inter-
ested in being considered for the assistant position should see Faith
Harders or Paul Willis by October 27.
Serials Cataloger, University of California, San Diego. Available:
January 1, 1979. Salary: $12,924-$16,548. Deadline: Nov. 15, 1978.
Director, Temple University Library. Available: July 1, 1979.
Salary: $36,000 minimum. Deadline: November 1, 1978.
Science Reference Librarian, Washington University, St. Louis.
—Available: immediately. Salary: $12,000 minimum. Deadline:
November 20, 1978.
Associate Director for Public Services, University of Wisconsin-
Madison Libraries. Salary: $30,000 minimum. Deadline: Dec. 8, 1978.
Reference Librarian/History Bibliographer, University of Kansas.
Available: October 18, 1978. Salary: $11,000-$13,500. Deadline:
December l, 1978.
Head Science—Engineering Librarian, University of Arizona. Salary:
p $l7,000—$l9,000. Deadline: December 15, 1978.
Acquisitions Librarian, University of Arizona. Salary: $11,400.
Deadline: November 15, 1978. _
Dean of the School of Library Science, University of Wisconsin-
Milwaukee. Deadline: December 15, 1978.
For further information about these positions, see Faith Harders in the
Director's Office.