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SEVERAL NOVEMBER RACES National Gay/Lesbian Crisis Line

INVOLVE GAY ISSUES (30°) 2474.283

With the elections coming up in Teenage Gay/Lesblan Support
November, the GLSO News looks at races of (800) 247'TEEN
interest to Bluegrass gays and lesbians. State Thurs. - Sun. 7pm-Midnight
representative Leslie Trapp—who was iffy and . .
unhelpful on gay issues in the last regular protection—yet he has done nothing to ensure
legislative session—faces someone even worse, that we receive whatever limited protection he
Ernest Fletcher, who has issued some frankly anti- WOU'd mete out, if any. See page 4-
gay statements. Elsewhere around Lexington, the Baesler‘s Republican opponent is
questionable Stan Cave is running unopposed. Matthew Wills, bUt there is now a write-in

But the main events are the races in the campaign for Lexingtonian Keith Elston. Elston
Kentucky Senate and the US. House of views his chances of winning as minimal, but has
Representatives. agreed to stand for office as a way of allowing gay

Kentucky state Sen. Tim “Sodomy" phttpet and lesbian (and other) voters a visible protest
faces former Lexington Urban County Council vote. Since Elston believes that neither the
member Don Todd. phttpot has led the effort to Democratic nor the Republican candidate is likely
contradict the wisdom of the state Supreme Court, to work for the interests of the sexual-orientation
through his bills that would have provided for a minority, a write-in campaign Wi” allow the votes 0f
state constitutional amendment to recriminalize the dissatisfied to be counted and aggregated '“ a
sodomy. Under the guise of self-proclaimed way that will be apparent to whoever WlnS. Elston
“caring and compassion,” he has attacked and has encouraged his followers, “if you’re gomg to
smeared the homosexual population through his waste yourvote, waste 't for me.”
tirades in which he spins dubious statistics into
lurid character assassination. For instance, he
claims on the Senate floor that only “one percent The deadline for registering to vote
of the gay men in the United States live to be 65. is OCTOBER 10. If you have moved
There is three times more alcohol and drugs . .

. . . . and need to change your registration,

among the gay population. SUICIde lS exponen- - , _
tially higher." And the caring, compassionate or If you aren t rBSIStered’ 9° to the
solution is to make us criminals? See page 6. county clerk’s office on Main Street.

US. Rep. Scotty Baesler has shown an Or call the Lea ue of Women Voters
unwillingness to listen to our concerns. He 9 - -
opposes the Employment Non-Discrimination Act at 255756?” Stop reading ””5" GO
because he thinks it provides too much register DOW- 60- D0 it-

Dear GLSO,
PUbllShed Monthly by the l have a couple of concerns I’d like to
Lexington Gay/ Lesbian Services Organization share. One is the lack of a bisexual group. There
PO. Box “47] was on: fortatiput sip: lintorgths t7wfp yzaatrts backci but
. iizze ou. SSI ise in e eer,an my
Lexmgton, KY 40575 partner, Christopher, still gets calls from that
Editor: listing nearly every month. Chris is very active
, with me in the Pagan community, so we simply
Brian Throckmorton don’t have the time and energy to revive the
Layout Editor: group. Besides that, I’m not even bisexual! But I
Elizabeth A. Gilliam still keep hearing from lots of men and women
who are, and there’s no doubt in my mind but that
Glso Annual Dues and Newsletter: $15 if someone would have him/herself listed as the
Dues and Newsletter for Couples: $20 be??? group COlnltaC; In the tSiLSfO Newiiretter
, an 0 er regiona es igay pu ica ions, WI in a
NeWSlener Only. $10 few months a thriving group could be built up,
Views or opinions expressed in the GLSO News are those of WhiCha With a bit 0f care and attention: COUId grow
the authors and don’t necessarily represent those of the into a permanent, thriving asset to our community.
GLSO Board of Directors. Submissions are welcome. All PLEASE, SOMEONE, STEP FORWARD. lt'S
submissions become the property of GLSO and must indicate definite|y worth another try_ Many loca| bisexuaIS
full name and address of the author. The staff reserves the need support and understanding. They get flak
right to edit submissions and ads to meet publishing'reguire- from both gays and straights. Many straights
mems’ as we“ as f“? “.gm ‘0 rejw any Smelse'ons' blame them for introducing AIDS into the hetero-
Placement of advertismg in GLSO News denotes neither a . . .
person’s sexual orientation nor a business’ customer preference. sexual commumty' _AS for the gay/IeSblan .SIde Of
things, I keep seeing personal ads reading “no
NEWS NOTES bi’s,” and on a more personal note, my partner has
The 1st Perennja| Wimmin’s Fall Equinox been called “breeder fag” down at The Bar. Talk
Gathering will be held at Spiraland near Lake about bigotry! Definitely, much work needs to be
Cumberland on Sept. 23-25. For more info,cal| done to help bisexual men and women feel that
606-348—7913 or send a self-addressed, stamped they are t”Jill a part Of our lesbigay community.
envelope tozHC 72, Box 94-A, Monticello, KY (that’s what the“bi” stands for, y’all.)
42533 On the religious front (by the way, I’m the Pat
, , . . . listed as the contact for the Pagan Forum), I’d like
Lex'ngten Mens Chorus begins '35 fifth season to see some ecumenical sharing of spiritual
:23th r9€erA1flalettgeril$jsrejzir SgyieSAJvreetie’ journeys in_ next year’s Pride Week We tried it
4:00 PM. Semiformal attire requested. Tickets (annactSh igageieflzgzfiefslpotfvfhgrialg:afi;t$g
($15) are available from Shelby (23,1'0090) or Church was a crucial part of our spiritual/sexual
Kenneth (at the Bar). The Men 8, Chorus awakening, and others who came to accept and
rehearses on Thursday at‘720C)’— the only affirm their own homo/bisexuality while remaining
reqUIrement '3 enthu3iasm. JO'” US! committed Christians. Still, I’m willing to do my
Look for a new gay topics show on Lexington part, and I think it would be worth it. Anyone
public-access channel 6, starting as early as interested in helping please let me know. .
Sept. 5. It will probably be on at 11:00 PM. —Patrick L. Buck, 268-1640
GLSO News Page 2

 INTRODUCTION TO “CELEBRATING THE step for me along this path was the Celebrating the
,, Body Erotic (CBE) workshop. I would like to let
BODY EROTIC PLANNED men in the Central Kentucky area know more about
BY CRAIG CLERE Celebrating the Body Erotic and, eventually, form a
local group of Body Electric School alumni. In other
Many men long for a deeper connection cities these groups continue to meet monthly for
with their bodies. Most of our education has taken sharing with one another These workshops are not
us out of our bodies, away from the simple for the masses, but for the select few who are
pleasures of touching and being touched. Social seeking another path and exploration between
conditioning and western religion have taught us to themselves and other gay men.
abstain from pleasure and to disconnect from our i anticipate meeting in early October to
bodies rather than celebrate our birthright to feel answer questions and share my experiences with
pleasure. the Body Electric School. Please call me, Craig, at
The Celebrating the Body Erotic workshop 269-8215 for any questions, directions, date, time,
teaches men how to feel at home in their erotic etc.
bodies. Through sacred sex rituals and conscious
breathwork, men are guided into feeling states that FROM THE EDITOR
awaken their deepest centers of pleasure. Erotic As editor of the GLSO News, my circus
initiation rituals, based on Taoist, Tantric, and Sufi skills have been improving. speetfteanw have
traditions, allow men to experience their erotic been learning how to walk atightrope.
energy as playful, sacred, energizing, and transfor- First, there is the issue of how gay we want
mative. Men learn to explore the potential benefits the world to be. Some wish for everyone to get
of a full-body orgasm without ejaculation. Other pierced, wear triangles and be visibly queer.
Opportunities are present for exploring the spiritual Others appreciate the privacy that once was forced
dimensions 0t erotic energy, greater upon us and now is hard to find. How gay is gay
self—acceptance as an erotic being, and ways to enough? How much is too much?
become more conscious in erotic relations with Another issue is the use of space within
others. this publication. l have been trying to make the
i completed the celebrating the Body content as local as possible. My feeling is that this
Erotic (CBE) workshop in early April in organ should provide information and perspective
Washington, DC- At that time Changes occurred in that we are unlikely to find in magazines intended
the way my body, mind, and spirit connected With for a New York market or a national market.
one another. I decided to seek additional training And while I respect the use of these pages
and attended the week-long intensive workshop, as an announcement center for the different orga-
the Dear Love of Comrades Intensive, in Northern nizations around town, I also cling to the idea of
California in late June Sponsored by the Body the News as more of a magazine and less of a
Electric School Of Oakland, CA- bulletin board. In trying to balance space use, jour-
The week was life-transforming for me, nalistic pretensions, and varying content, I have to
unlike anything i had experienced previously. i make some decisions about what to put in and
connected With twenty-eight men in special and what to leave out. This has resulted most
unique ways. i Spent a week 0t sharing With these regrettably in the severe diminution of an article by
men and exploring our connection to each other as Steve Ross about the Lexington Men's Chorus, in
gay brothers. I’ve kept Up that connection With the July issue. My apologies to Steve. i can’t
many Of my “sacred brothers" and have made life- afford to lose writers! Everybody bear with me and
' long friendships. help shape the News into what you need it to be.
That leads me to this introduction. The first ——Brian Throckmorton
GLSO News Page 3

 H . “The ‘Gay Jobs Bill’ has come under fire
from a number of groups, including many religious
g LESblan At bodies, who fear the measure would force them to
B hire individuals who have lifestyles that they
(B “As indicated, l have a number of strong
-a reservations about the intent of the bill. I especially
= worry about the impact that it will have on religious
' —I schools, churches and other ministries.
. . . . “As a result, I will not support this measure
Linda West Is taking some time off, but she . . . .
is allowing to reprint a letter she recently received: SigiggLéevfieygoJ 3n tltji $1.0: rn 3:: :{nicrjdrgaitneif
“Dear Ms West: please feel free to contact me right away.
“Thank you for contacting me in reference nigggié esl er
to your concerns about the so-called ‘Gay Civil “Member of Congress
Rights’ Bill. Your views are important to me and I
appreciate the fact that you have contacted me "508 Cannon Building
about this particular issue. l have made note of “Washington DC 20515
your concerns and I will keep them in mind as “202—225-4766
Congress continues to debate this controversial
issue. “444 E. Main, Suite 103
“The measure seeks to add the category of ”Lexmgtoni KY 40507
‘sexual orientation’ to the list of minority groups "505-253-1124”
protected under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. l am
opposed to ‘The Employment Non-Discrimination [Editor’s note: when this letter was run through
Act’ (HR. 4636 & 8.2238) and I am opposed to the the spell-checker, a pair of words came out as
attempts to include sexual behavior under the “SDOHY Beastlier.” JUSt thought You W0U|d
heading of special legal behavior. W3!“ to know.]
“As written, The Employment Non-
Discrimination Act would prohibit discrimination on FOR YOUR INFORMATION...
account of sexual orientation. The bill, also known This year Rep Scotty Baesler is running
in some circles as the ‘Gay Jobs Bill’, [sic] makes it against Matthew Wills if you like Baesler ou can
unlawful to discriminate against a person because rest easy as he is certain to win Wills has not
of his or her sexual orientation in terms of opportu- shown himself to be pro-gay but there are those
nities in employment, education’ credit, housing, who feel that if one must choose between two evils
the sale or use Of goods and services, With respect vote for the non-incumbent so at least he’ll be a
to any public facility, or in any federal assisted . . '
program or activity. freshman With comparatively less power to work
“The bill seeks to exploit the legacy of the his mischief. . . . .
civil rights movement by re-defining the term to . . The“? '5 also the strongpos3ibility Of a
now include sexual orientation and sexual write-in candidate, voting for this third person would
behavior. i want to be clear about my position on register a protest. . . ,
this matter: I am opposed to attempts to re—define . The followmg Ianaly3is 9f Baeslers letter to
the term, and consequently, I am opposed to this Linda West was compiled by Ke.'th D” Elston, ACLU
measure as it is written. of Kentucky Public Education Director and recently
announced write-in candidate for Congress.
GLSO News Page 4

 Scotty says: "I am opposed to the Scotty continues: “...with respect to any
attempts to include sexual behavior under the public facility...”
heading of special legal behavior.” The truth: EN DA does not address discrim-
The truth: ENDA is not about sexual ination in the use of public facilities. ENDA only
behavior. To require employers to put up with addresses employmentdiscrimination.
sexual behavior in the workplace would be wrong. Scotty continues: or in any federally
ENDA only prohibits employers from using assistedprogram oractivity."
orientation—gay, lesbian, bisexual, or hetero- The truth: Again, ENDA does not address
sexual—as the basis for adverse or different discrimination in federally assisted programs or
treatment in employment or employment opportuni— activities. ENDA addresses only employment
ties. The underlying principle behind ENDA is that discrimination.
people who work hard and perform well should not Scotty: “I especially worry about the impact
be kept from leading productive and responsible that [ENDA] will have on religious schools,
lives—paying taxes, covering their mortgages, and churches, and other ministries."
contributing to the economic life of the nation. The truth: Not to worry. Section 7 of
Scotty says: “[ENDA] makes it unlawful to ENDA specifically exempts religious organizations,
discriminate against a person because of his or her including educational institutions substantially
sexual orientation in terms of opportunities in owned, managed, controlled, or supported by
employment...” religious organizations and education institutions
The truth: This much is true. ENDA would whose curriculum is directed to the teaching of
include discrimination in hiring, firing, promotions, religious doctrine. The bill only covers a religious
compensation, and other employment decisions. organization‘s for-profit activities subject to taxation
Regrettably, job discrimination against lesbian and under the Internal Revenue Code. ENDA also
gay people is widespread, and there is no federal exempts small businesses with fewer than 15
I anti-discrimination law that covers them. ENDA employees. Additionally, ENDA specifically
; takes a modest step toward securing equal exempts the Armed Forces and does not repeal or
1 treatment for millions of Americans who continue to modify any other law that gives special preferences
experience discrimination in the workplace. to veterans. Some other things that ENDA won‘t
Scotty continues: “...education..." allow: disparate impact claims, quotas, and prefer-
The truth: ENDA does not address ential treatment based on sexual orientation, or
educational opportunities. ENDA only addresses benefits for same-sex partners of employees.
3 employment discrimination. Scotty: “[ENDA] seeks to exploit the
i Scotty continues: credit...” recognized leaders of the legacy civil rights
't The truth: ENDA does not address credit movementby re-defining the term to now include
3 discrimination. ENDA only addresses employment sexual orientation and sexual behavior."
;. discrimination. The truth: In fact, most recognized leaders
at Scotty continues: ”...houslng...” of the civil rights movement, including Coretta
k Thetruth: ENDA does not address housing Scott King and Leadership Conference on Civil
discrimination. ENDA only addresses employment Rights Executive Director Ralph G. Neas, have
a discrimination. strongly supported ENDA. The National Board of
d Scotty continues: “...the sale or use of the Leadership Conference met this past June to
goods and services, designate ENDA a top legislative priority under-
0 The truth: ENDA does not address scoring the growing bipartisan consensus in this
J discrimination in the sale/use of goods and country that prohibiting discrimination against gays
Y services. ENDA only addresses employment and lesbians isafundamental civil rights issue.
_ _____________________________
GLSO News Page 5


During its June 4 annual convention in These are the precincts that constitute
Lexington, the Kentucky Republican Party the 12th Kentucky state senatorial district, the
adopted a resolution calling for the recriminaliza— site of the Philpot-Todd election:
tion of consensual oral/anal sex between Alexandria, Alsap, Andover Village,
members of the same sex even in the privacy of Armory, Ascot, Barkley, Bayswater, Beaumont,
the bedroom. Beaver Creek, Belleau Wood, Blueberry Hills,

Ironically, considering the above, the GOP Bradford Colony, Brigadoon, Brookhaven,
also issued a resolution calling for “limited Buckhorn, Camelot, Castlegate, Cave Hill,
government and limited taxation with more Century Hills, Chinoe, Clays Mill, Clemens
personal freedom and more personal responsi- Heights, Copperfield, Cove Lake, Cumberland;
bility by individuals..." Deerfield, Devondale, Dogwood, East

Resolution Vlll reads: “Whereas, the AIDS Hills, Fairhaven, Fairway, Gainesway,
and other sexually transmitted diseases are Glendover, Groves Point, Harrods Hill,
serious threats to public health and whereas, a Hartland, Hidden Springs, Highplain, Hill-n-
violation of physical and moral union of the Dale, Hopemont Jerrico, Keithshire, Kenesaw
opposite sexes leads to physical, mental and Village, Kirklevington, Lansdowne, Laredo,
social dysfunction, disease, and death, ....Be It Leawood;

Resolved, that the Republican Party of Kentucky Malabu, Meadow Creek, Merrick,
supports letting Kentucky voters decide the issue Montavesta, Monticello, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Tabor,
by placing a constitutional amendment [notez thus Niagara, Oaks, Open Gates, Palmetto,
making Kentucky the only state in the Union with Palomar, Park Hills, Pasadena, Pickway,
such an amendment and in direct violation of the Pimlico, Plantation, Pleasant Grove, Redding
right to privacy afforded in the Kentucky Road, Rio Dosa, River Park, Robinwood;

Constitution] to reinstate the ban on homosexual Shadeland, Shillito, Southeastern Hills,
sodomy [defined as oral or anal sex] on the ballot Southview, Squire Oak, Stone, Stone Creek,
before the voters.” Stonewall, South Point, Summerhill, Taborlake,

(Thanks to The Letter for listing this Tanbark, Tatesbrook, Tates Creek, Tudor, Twin
resolution.) Oaks, Walden Creek, Wem, Woodspoint,

Whispering Hills, Wyndham Hills, Zandale.
Treat them With the respect they
GLSO News Page 6

 F' 11y b y
1113 , a p armac
h d 1' v
t at e 1 613.
. , .
(And we ll do It for FREE!)
‘ Free same day delivery K We can arrange direct billing
' in Metro Lexington O to your insurance company—-
this means reduced out-of-
& Total confidentiality pocket expense
Personal one-on-one ‘ F_re_e confidential mail/UPS
’ medication counseling ’ delivery(overnight seW'CG
available for minimal charge) ‘
R 15 m'mtJte prescription ‘ Complete line of prescription
’ guaran ee ' and OTC products — unusual
. . . orders our specialty, at no
We partiCIpate in KADAP,
& KPC and Medicaid ema COSt
Shoppe®l % '3” 9:33:32...
U x 1 EMain St D
What A Pharmacy Was Meaano BeB l E 1- Richmond Rd 1
i g "(571 inn:
5 515%- A ! I
630 E. Main Street-Lexington, Ky. 40508 Fax: (606) 254-7405 3’ “I : l
(606) 233-3110 1-800-213-0901 '-
_ __—_____—____
GLSO News Page 7

 \ \\ 1 994 ‘0‘...
I .‘.b.. ..
I Se tember talent“:
' ‘12.... 1”...
. » 0....0 0.31
Countdown to the Nov. Electlons! fags?
1 2 3
7:30pm UK Lambda 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian 9:00am Frontrunners
8:00pm HIV/AIDS AA 102008."! HIV/AIDS
S LG . Sppt.Grp.
pp rp 10:00am Stonewall
4 5 ,. . . 6 7 8 9 10
6:00pm MCC- 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian 6:00pm Frontrunners- 7:30pm UK Lambda 7:00pm Dignity 9:00am Frontrunners
Greenleaf Motel Al—Anon Woodland Park 8:00pm HIV/AIDS 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian 10:00am HIV/AIDS
7:00pm Gay/Lesbian 8:45pm Rainbow 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian Sppt.Grp. AA Sppt.Grp.
AA Bowling-Southland AA
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
6:03pm G/L , 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian 6:00pm Frontrunners- 7:30pm UK Lambda 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian GLSO News Deadline
Be“ “0““ " ‘ . Al-Anon Woodland Park 7:30pm P-FLAG AA 91008!“ Frontrunners
. Volunteers for . _ 1000 HIV / AIDS
“001“” mm“ “Club U _ - 8:45pm Rambow 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian 8:00pm HIV/AIDS - am
. _ Todd Cheapsrde
6‘00”” MCC 63mm Mme] Bowlin -Southland AA S t G Sppt'Grp‘
7100““ Gay/1‘5““ H. g pp ' rp. 10:00am Men’s Network
1 8 1 9 20 21 22 23 24
7:30pm Gay/Lesbian 6:00pm Frontrunners- 7:30pm UK Lambda 61m last” 9:00am Frontrunners
6:00pm MCC-Greenleaf Motel TW‘CM'MC 1'“ Al—Anon Woodland Park 8:00pm HIV/AIDS 7:23;: 6,312,531, M 10300“ HIV/AIDS
7:00pm Gay/lesbian AA . 7=30vm harness Meeting 8:45pm Rainbow 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian Sppt.Grp. Slept-orp-
' ' t ' Bowling-Southiand AA 8:00pm COLTS Mtg. Wimmin’s Fall Equinox Gathering-Lake Cu...
25 26 27 28 29 30
6:03pm G/L 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian 6:00pm Frontrunners— 7:30pm UK Lambda 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian
6:00pm Mccoreeniear Motel Volunteers for Al—Anon Woodland Park 8:00pm HIV/AIDS AA
7100““ Gay/11°55“ AA Todd ~Cheapside 8:45pm Rainbow 8:00pm Gay/ Lesbian Sppt.Grp.
Wimmin‘s Fall Eq... HQ ' ' , , Bowlmg-Southland AA
August October
1 2 3 4 5 6 1
78910111213 23423138
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 1g 13 1; 19 go 21 £3
2‘ 22 23 24 25 25 27 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
28 29 30 31 30 31
Have You Registered to Vote for November? 8/ 19/ 1994

An upcoming book, Looking Queer.
Body Image & Identity in the Lesbian,
Bisexual, & Gay Community(ies), will explore \ . ‘ .. ~ .
the ways in which our communities both .. '/"’meil
challenge and perpetuate society’s beauty ." l “3’, j .' .
standards. . ~ - “‘ - '
Some questions that will be explored ~
What does it mean to “look gay” or R E s T A u R A N T
look “like a dyke?" How are our standards 557 5. Limestone
different from the mainstream culture’s? Lexington, KY
When are we just parodying the media 253_0014
image? When is the media parodying us?
What place does the S&M look have in this .
debate? What about the fear of fat in both Tortofse & Hare lunCh
men’s and women’s communities? Are SPECIali 100/0 Off M'F
“lipstick lesbians” just perpetuating the 1 1-11:30a.m., 1:30~2p.m.
exploitation of women? What is going on in
the gay men’s community? Why are so many .
gay men developing eating disorders? Why Ren9wned weekend brunCh'
are so many fat activists lesbian or bisexual servmg blueberry bUCkWheat
women? How do we feel about the way we pancakes, eggs benedict
look? .
Suggested word length for articles arnOId’ Spanish omelettes’
and nonfiction narratives is 700 to 2500 and mUCh more
words. Longer submissions and research
papers should be queried first. Some poetry Wednesday is International
will be considered. Reprints of previously Night
printed material will be considered. All
manuscripts should be typed double-spaced
and include a self-addressed stamped Breads and desserts baked
envelope for return of manuscript and reply. daily in our kitchen
The editors would prefer that contributors be
self-identified as lesbian, gay or bisexual. . .
Submissions and/or queries should be Free EVenIng Parklng-
sent to: Dawn Atkins, PO. Box 861, Iowa City,
IA 52244—0861. The deadline is January 1,
GLSO News Page 10

 SUCCESS BY THRr-ge! GLAAD to host Roger Hedgecock’s talk show

GAY & LESBIAN ALLIANCE AGAINST 29$ it” resfinze to a GENES!” cofintgiinghhis

igo ry. e gecoc ’s omop o la as

DEFAMATION included statements such as “Willie Sutton

GLAAD has been involved with three used to say that he robbed banks because

. . . . that’s where the money was; it’s easy to see

on-gomg campaigns which have all achieved . .-

victory within the same week! They were why gays want so mum to be”? the "II“.téry

etting the Olympics out of Cobb removing and be the Boy Scout leaders, My definition

9Rush Limbaugh as a spokesperson for the 0f homosexuality '5 a peTSO” who has dropped

Florida Citrus Commission and countering the all moral barriers...to stick their penis into the

bigoted talk show host/ex-mayor of San back end of the butt end of another male...And

Diego, Roger Hedgecock. It is now time to what IS the next step? If you rengomg to go for
write those thank you letters! klds’ ansvfitlhegwgnhd (1088? f l .

The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic b . . led h as. eeg success u. In
Games (ACOG) should be thanked for doing 0 taming a ay 0” t e a” a” '” 9°”V'”°'”g
the right thing by pulling the Olympics from advteIrtisers to dropfiHedglez’oAcghe BM“ beVSatck
Cobb County. Encourage them to continue to ErISDCe) agaadgim : :ran Hoffriénow. enelrjl
recognize the diversity of all participants manager 5'05") liI/lJurphy CanyonI Fglld San
including gays and lesbians. Write Shirley Diego CAI92123' phone 619-278—1130 ’
Franklin, ACOG, PO. Box 1996, Atlanta GA ’ ' '
30301-1996; 04-224-1908; fax 404-224-5176.

You may also write Jon-Ivan Weaver and Pat

Hussain, co-chairs of Olympics Out of Cobb at

PO. Box 77341 Atlanta, GA 30357—1341;

404-798—7822. Currently the organization has F“—

about a $5,000 debt and your thank-you might f “fi—T
also include a check of gratitude. H pQgQgSUS TI'OVQI lnc' ,;

The Florida Citrus Commission has it A’M'mean'g’jj'fif"
decided not to renew its contract with Rush 1‘ M5””H’€§P& “WWW“ I
Limbaugh. Write the Florida Citrus I. 51., I.: 3 3E ; 5233 :5 , a :_ 5...... \
Commission to let them know that you will =“ii-“Tfif.13:i'7§:§3 -:: M: "7'? 5.21.5; ._, -3: .
being purchasing Florida citrus products now. i (800) 228—4337 (606) 268-4337 i.'
(Citrus commissioners said the decision had Ii: Rkhmojfgfiagf'jgf’n";§,§”§; 40502 3'
nothing to do with protests from the agopQNATiMijfigjgiuggjfigL.
lesbian/gay community.) Comments should go ‘iijT—___m"m _ ' 'I
to the Florida Citrus Commission, P. O. Box
148, Lakeland, FL 33802-0148; 813-499-2500,
fax 813-499-2374.

KSDO Radio in San Diego has asked

This old chestnut has been making

the rounds, including an incarnation as part LauraCP. Ewing“; MSW
of Kate Clinton’s act: , , "”9“ ”C” '0’ ‘9’

An employee for USAir, who Ccrflflcd Clzcmlca] Dependency Counselor
happened to have the last name of Gay, got 4136 West Second Street
on a plane recently using one of his Lexington. KY 40507
company’s “Free Flight” programs. However, ,
when Mr. Gay tried to take his seat, he found (6(96/ 25449 1 1 2
it being occupied by a paying passenger. So, _ _-_ 7
not to make a fuss, he simply chose another

Unknown to Mr. Gay, another USAir
flight at the airport experienced mechanical R
problems. The passengers of this other flight 1b eport
were being rerouted to various airplanes. A v
few were put on Mr. Gay’s flight and anyone Hate crlmes:
who was holding a “free” ticket was being
“bumped.” ff d |

Airline o icials, arme with a ist of v
these “freebee” ticket holders boarded the unlted States
plane to remove the free ticket holders. Of v
course, our Mr. Gay was not sitting in his f
assigned seat as you may remember. Dept' o JUStlce

So when the Ticket Agent approached
the seat where Mr. Gay was supposed to be
sitting, she asked a startled customer “Are (800) 457-I'IA1‘E
you Gay?” The man, shyly nodded that he
was, at which point she demanded: “Then you
have to get off the plane.”

Our Mr. Gay, overhearing what the
Ticket Agent had said, tried to clear up the P ° F
situation: “You’ve got the wrong man. l’m FOOIOU’ up!
Gay!” This caused an angry third passenger Ru BPOOd POE Grooming
to yell ‘Hell, I’m gay too! They can’t kick us
8” off!” . Experienced

Confusion reigned as more an more
passengers began yelling that USAir had no
right to remove gays from their flights. _

As far as I know, they are still on the .. 277 9365
tarmac fighting it out.
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 Where can you advertise
your business or services _ .
to hundreds of homosexual Have you been discrim-
Kentuckians each month? InOIed again‘:‘:"f in the
In the GLSO News! COmmonwthuh 0f
Kentuck due 0 our
Call Mary at 266—5904 9 . .9
sexual orientation?
Bee’s Bytes will
Bee's Bytes return in full 276-5383
W — force in October.
Igi‘fciififii‘lié‘éoifi; TRA‘N'NG Dressage
Acreage for Trail Riding
3263 Cleveland Rd. North Jennifer Crossen
Lexington, Ky. 40516 Instructor-Trainer
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 o g .
Y) {De were the best parr
0" of sunflowers in the third
grade play.
(313w rally, we became
best Friends.
2,- \ 1;”3f_‘r,". ‘ I
W‘ " 8‘
V w ‘ -, .ggwfik‘ -_ {J ' :2 y
1.1. \‘é ’ ~32; v? £91 ‘y/‘N
$1,: " Wet - » V' .;;:?,v:j:,.5_3§:j.
2% )5 ,. {M
(There's probably ‘ tr"
one person who has been _ If" 3 "EV
through it all with you—good and ‘ > " ‘ ' ' '
bad. We have a way to thank them for both.
{928352-139 . .
“.133 33-33;: Impenaf Plaza Shopping Center
gfifiié 393 WaHer Ave. - Lexington, KY 40504
“ju- (606) 233—7486
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 After a break A: In writing a good bit...not in speech.

“D H 0 last month, some Queer probably is better verbally.

0 0 responses have A: if nothing else, it’s better than
g $fi‘p trickled in: “gaysbian.”
Q: If there were Q: He’s “on the team.” She’s “one of
m 2 . ,, ,
56%? ,9 a pill that would us. Theyre In my
‘74, 0% make you fraternity.” What other shorthand is out there?
77117000“ straight, would A: “She’s family.” “Beep...beep....beep
you take it? [gaydar].’
A: No...l can only A: “Goes to the same church,” “sits in
imagine the side effects and my apartment is the same pew.”
tacky enough already.
0: What’s the best thing about being

0: What do you think of the name gay/Iesbian/bisexual?

“Fairness Alliance”? Is it A: People think you are more
(through its non-gay terminology) just another fashionable and hip even when you dress like
closet? a redneck.

A: “I have mixed feeling about Fairness’
name. Depends on what you perceive their Questions for next month: To what
stated purpose is—public relations for queers lesbigay celebrity would you like to feed the pill
or a platform for promoting legislative reform. i that would make them straight (i.e., get their
think it is advantageous for the name to have a obnoxious self out of OUR camp)?
connection with the F