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A L U M N U S  
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bl TEA;-V   ,» ,._, A A I ```` M"
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gk "I .  . :` . V ' V P ` ._ a  ·' c-? . ‘
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if   k  g f  V ·~.y# p w V.  $5;,* I         O {Q;  
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        .    »V ,  F °’“V=‘§Z~ ·    ' #V {     =s% J  ·¥fV?£.   ’     ¤ B a nn! :v‘ %?*” as s 3:};%  
Vgelffw,   · wx" ,,·»·@§:~ ·;¥‘;;a=  ’ E J x; (A,1 ,J ·   ang?-2·
 * ·¢;i,¥aV**w:§f%:¤##‘V?·xt· _ V  =@%§g;;;, ” -    KL//.=   ’ *?¢%¤v#?¤·¤;~‘ ¤—V'E.&£
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`;-"3,&.·’;. J.c&S.·V,,>: .·;» \ ~ *V N V  ·¤ 1. ‘¢ = ·= ,__`.,_·4    .5. * ,·v. *·‘-=·1_  V 77* yy. _‘: ,,"· _ _,   
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‘ ;‘·»·m=$<§·;    V ’ V < —4¤;;;{:$p·‘1*·y¤:·;·Vu. — ,%~ V  ·:·i¤;—‘V-, ·`4 V
i‘ V¤V‘L“%*`*E’F-1r§;2`..*i1%¤?. Ji ‘=» eV   V*·=—    
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k2§;_€;t;i‘ir»:?;¤:»*,¤*V   ; -  . , V. , Q; V ·   •  isw
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_'   »T_ZJ'$" Q' {"T{  ly  _   \_  , . . , ¤‘ __,·§?¥f'
` ». V,V» ‘V‘V* f¢·%x21:§`$é:?:1-¤{Q\<;% ;;;;,.;%;;;.:;;;;; , ,, rk $  

 V\K)l\l’l BE  
I E L EV I S E D .
And it won’t be played in Rupp Arena or Freedom Hall.
This year, the state’s hottest Intercollegiate battle takes place in the General Assembly.
And there’s much more than a basketball game at stake.
What’s on the line are the dreams of every Kentuckian who believes our colleges and
universities are an essential part of our state.
Some of our leaders say we can’t afford to spend any more on higher education.
` . We say we can’t afford not to, if we want good jobs for our children and
a higher standard of living for all of us.
. I If you agree, we need to hear from you. I I
Because the clock is running out. And to us, this is no game. ·
Kentucky Advocates for Higher Education
To join the thousands of Kentuckians who have already lent their
support, complete the coupon below and mail to: Kentucky Advocates for
Higher Education, RO. Box 391, Ashland, KY 41105.
i "```"`"`"“""`'""`'`'``"'“'''“''"```````"`"`` ` I
I I  
I To the Kentucky Advocates for Higher Education: Please tell the Governor, the General Assembly and the _ I ,
I _ Council on Higher Education that I, like thousands ofother I  
l l)€l'€V€‘ llml K€“lUCl_ I
I I Tom V\/hite         DOUBL T I I
I ART Dttzecrtotsi I A W I _I II‘RiiggI_II_ I I  
I   Elaine Weber ·   —”     U ;T=I;;g;. l I
I I Designs     IT RI I I     I
I §   A gg; I . ~   I ·
I I ISN 0732-6297   .     O  _     I
I J The Kentucky Alumnugig     `   ERE ¤· RER    I   4  `RIEIEIRI  
I published quarterly by the     rn j~,.t   ` R     I 5-   I 3
University ol Kentucky Alumni       T • ‘  [ `· ii."   · » ·I .‘iY 
I Association, 400 Rose Street,   ;j·¤t,,· .   { l
Lexington, KY 40506-Ol T9, lor     ‘  ·   Rt,yI_€ _
I its dues-paying members.   _` "       
I Opinions expressed in The VI     ~  li i h
Kentucky Alumnus ore not   ~~—r_ .=—;;   ,   gygy-, 'LI RE, r
at h th   , “`r ,_ I  §,;_Q;g  $1; X  
I r;;$$;i;:,t.t:;s.$.t,;..I I   I » . I    .._   mn -  
th UK AI tA i it .
PoitmostePlnFrbrv~7;P<;ir?g?1P1d ¤_S ` `
I address correction requested.   . ‘·'   it I   ' ` ‘_*`I~`¥ V   ·
I Send to The Kentucky Alumnus,     "I " I   ··   4 ;I_ I · I E E
UK Alumni Association, "" {LI I =•I .I_,. * I
I Lexington, KY 40506, * TI I I Vj`g°"tRR! V`? I ?
I 1   “ " 1 ~   - t 1
......1 Top to bottom, row one; Baugh, Robey, Toth, Gilb; row two; Westerlield, Pogue, Wendelsdorl; row three; Gcrlbraith,
Gilb, Rosa, Brown; row tour; Spurrier, Harris, Gregory, Hairston; row five; Worren, Boxter, Slaughter; and row six;
Turner, l\/leszaros, Riley, Baumgartner. Not pictured, Blythe and Miller.

  o `WVV    
OAK Honors UK Fellows of l987
_     It New UK Fellows honored at the annual
,, rm  ;“ "`      Development black-tie dinner num- ‘
_    W"     `‘». 1   bered 174. There are now more than I
»»_ » *  5 1,600 Fellows who have contributed or
 fi: V  to   "       pledged $34 million to the University
{o ; ; {       STHCC the pI`OgI`3.ITl began    
  ,x J ;,  ·  Ygit  _   This year’s honorees are Richard W.
 _A; ma I     Adams, Madisonville; Ann Aldridge,
      i Len Aldridge, Marla Aldridge, Mon-
` V  V   ica Aldridge, Roger Aldridge, Kirtley
A _1   B. Amos, Raleigh R. Archer, all of
  Lexington; William H., jr. and
  ` Corinna C. Balden, Danville; Dale Bal-
Joseph Boyd FOUGSTC; POQUG dwin, Robert E. Ballard, Theodore B,
Bates, Larry K. Baumgardner, all of
joseph A. Boyd, retired chairman and Boyd was elected president of Harris Lexington; Richard A. and Martha B.
chief executive oflicer of the Harris Corp. in 1972. In 1978 he became Bean, Louisville.
Corporation and a graduate ofthe Uni- chairman and chief executive officer. Ken and Susan Beard, Oak Brook, »
versity, was honored as an Outstand- He retired from the position of CEO in Indiana; Hallie Day Blackburn, Dry  
ing Alumnus of Kentucky by the Ken- March 1986 and recently retired from Ridge; Herman A. Blair, Lexington;  
tucky Advocates for Higher Education. the chairman’s position. _ Philip W. and Susan B. Block, Atlanta, `
The ()AK (Outstanding Alumnus of Harris Corp., based in Melbourne, Georgia; William B. Blount, Lexing-
Kentucky) Award recognizes alumni Fla., is a high-technology producer of ton; Leland W. Brannan, Ft. Myers,
from Kentucky’s various institutions of communication and information pro- Florida; Edward T. Breathitt, Lexing-
higher education for a distinguished cessing equipment with more than ton;Bruce E. Burnett, Lexington; Law- i
career and continuing attachment to 24,000 employees in the U.S. and rence K. Butcher, Pineville; janet G. T
their alma matcr. The awards, to be abroad, Company sales for 1987 topped Carter, Lexington; james B. Cash,
presented biennually, included six hon- $$2 billion. Lexington; Kenneth M. and Mary Sue
orees this inaugural year. Another UK alumnus, Forrest Coleman, Lexington.
Boyd, a native of Oscar, Ky., near Pogue, was honored in the name of Leslie Combs ll; Lexington;John B_ ·
Paducah, is also a member ofthe UK Murray State University, his under- and Wanda M_ Conrad; Lexington;
llall of Distinguished Alumni and a graduate alma mater. Byuee I-{_ Crant; Lexington; M_ Doug-
UK Fellow. He was the director of the George C. las Cunningham; Lexington; Margrito .
He graduated from UK in 1950 with l\/larshall Research Foundation as well M_ Davis; Lexington; Suvas and ‘
hachclor`s and master”s degrees in as director of the Marshall Library in Nirinala Desai; Lexington; James E_
electrical engineering, then earned Zl LeXington,V21.fOrm8I1yyC21TS. and Rebecca L, Dockter, Alpharetta,
doctorate and subsequently taught elec- Formerly 21 Depalrtlrléllt ofthe Army Georgia; Audrey Dorton, Lexington; ,
trical engineering at thc University of historian who holds master degrees in Hgward E_ Dorton; Lexington; Ron [
l\/lichigan until entering the electronics international relations and diplomatic and Colleen Duel]; Lexington; Lois  
ili(lllS(l`y il]   lIlSI(JI`y, Pogue I`€C€lV€Cl [TIC BYOYIZC Star Duggy; Cgntrgvillg; Maryland; R0b€y[
and the French Croix de Guerre for Michael Duncan; Jn; Inoz; Dt Y_ i
frontline interviewing in the European Dunn, Murray; Nettie ]_)_ Duval]; An-
Theater of Operations during World enorago
W¥1V11· Billie F. Eads, Lexington; Paul A. t
Fmm 1974 {O 1984 hc Served as d1' Faulkner, Louisville; Larry R. and i
rector of the Dwight D. Eisenhower ln-
stitute for Historical Research.
He has recently had published the
fourth and final volume of the author-
ized biography of George C. Marshall.
Y UK i

    l »‘V·   ~V“.   ,V¢=   ·‘/‘ l   'V;‘     V’,’¢     ·»‘‘     ··.=·»   ;-e        —‘ ¤
te   shall, _]r., St. Louis, Missouri; William Owemmy         QE";   ~}' ` 
d i R. Martin, Midway; Linda B. Mauk, Robert E. Showalter, Lexington; . , »   l%”h°`Y*’° { r
;_ i Lexington; Helen Mayes, Lexington; Dana Siegel, Cincinnati, Ohio; Richard B 3   J _ j
,7 R. Burl McCoy, Lexington; james F. D. Siegel, Cincinnati, Ohio; Karen S.   _' i
1; i McDonald, Barrington, Illinois; James Skeens, Lexington; Robert A. Slone, ;ii¤*eS5¤*é¤**¤ Tuskg W°'k'"g °" bUSl°lJ°h"
n W. McDowell, _]r., Pewee Valley; Mi- Lexington; Walter T. Smith, _]r., Lex- ermcm Oopel
[_ chael McGraw, Louisville. ington; William A. and jane F. Smith, A bust ot Kentueky*s legendary States-
rt Lin and Betty McLellan, Goshen; Union; Robert H., Sr. and Ann B. rnant former U_g_ Scnator John Sher- 3
’_ Lucinda Caywood Miller, Winchester; Spedding, Lexington; Carol B. Stelling, man Cooper, was unveiled in the rotun- _
t- { Mary K. Miller, Frankfort; Ralph E. Lexington; Carroll D. and Libby F. da of the State Capitol. Guests at the V
Mills, Frankfort; john and _]o Mink, Stevens, New Haven, Connecticut; Di- unveiling ineiuded Senators Edward
__ Lexington; Andrew M. Moore, Sr., ane V. Stuckert, Louisville;]. W. Suth- Kennedy and Miteh MeConneii_ _
d ’ Lexington; James A. Moore, Front erland, Prestonsburg. The seuloture was ereated by John t
  Royal, Virginia; Margaret   Moore, Susan Starks Talbott, Lexington; Tuska, a UK art oroi"essor_ Tuska was `
  Lexington; Elmer E. and Lucy Mor- Septtimous Taylor, Owensboro; Rick awarded the eoniniission in 1983 by the _
‘ gan, Louisville; julia Caldwell Morris, L. and Patricia Todd Thomas, Lexing- John Sherman Cooper Cornrnernorative  
i Nashville, Tennessee; David and Phyl- Fund, headed by Lexington lawyer
hs Nash. Lcxlhgmhi Charles G· Nlch` Larry Forgy and U.S. Representative
ols, Pikeville; Danny C. Noland, Harold RogersiR-Sornerset_
‘ UK 3

 Journol Entries George Woshington ot UK Aeromediccil Service
Freshmen in the UK Honors Program The UK Aeromedical Service (emer-
are embarking on a four-year intellec— gency helicopter transport) broke the li
tual journey and, with the help and . l _,  . national record for the number of ser-
encouragement of faculty and adminis- te      vice missions in the first 30 days of ser-
trators, will record the journey in a per-   t ;”‘`     vice with 77 service missions. Eighty-
sonaljournal.  A    ¥ seven patients were transported from
Ray Betts, director of the Honors   referring facilities, including one trans-
Program, said 81 freshmen and 35 ad- port from the scene of an accident. The
visers have agreed to participate in the I; previous record was 76 service mis-
project. He said journal advisers sions, held by Air Evac in Tulsa, Okla.
(among them some of the top adminis-
trators on campus) will serve as moni-
tors for students. The University of Kentucky Art Muse- Training Consortium
At the end of each year, students who um unveiled a major addition to its per-
have continued theirjournal entries and manent collection as the climax of the A consortium Of heelth edueetien
are in accord with their advisers will re- University of Kentucky College of Fine centers including UK Ohio Stete Une
ceive one college credit. At the end of Arts Benefit Performance. Gilbert Stu- versity Mehetty Medical Ceueee
the four years, a book will be compiled art’s celebrated portrait of George Untvetett Of Miehi en end Cineinnet;  
of excerpts from thejournals. Washington is one of the most famous Board Of iiieelth hi teeetved e federal *
lHiag€S_in_ America' Reproductions Of grant of $1,652,,398 for three years to
- thls Pa‘¥“‘“g appear. On the U'S' One- develop and administer training pro-
H6|€n Hayes   dollar bill and hang in countless school etnme fer neetith eeee neefeeeienele en
  Classrooms across thc Country dealing with AIDS treatment and pre-
Helen l’l3Ye$ helped the UK Cellege Ol Gllbert Smart_(1?55_1828) was one vention. The consortium to be called
Fine Arts launch its first fund drive. Pl Our YOu“g_“aUO“ S rhhst tfllcmcd are the East Centra] Region kIDS Educ?
Renowned as the first lady Of the ists. As leading portrait painter of his tien end Teetnine Center fee Heenh
American llleelle and Wlmlel Of {WO day- he painted. the Hrst President On Professionals is one of four regional
Academy Awards, Hayes was thc sum ““’“."°“S .°°F"‘S‘°“S· The }“°S‘ f‘?“‘°“S centers in thi; U s funded is the Bti-
artist at a gala benefit performance for Oli llls depleelells Ola Washlngten lstflle regu of Resource; Dcvelopmezt Health
the C0ll€ge ih lhe Celleell Hall Ol llle SO-Called Atlicncunf Portralt _ Resources and Services Administration.
Sihgimry Cehtcr lol ¤h<> Am “"‘m°"l eftcf mc 1.*bmY ‘“ B°?“’“ Where In addition td other Cniidbdtdtivc cr-
"I ¤r>i>r¤¢i¤t¤ the stm i><¢¤‘f¤¤¤hh¤¢ me °"g‘“”J V°“‘°“ Of the l"°*“F€ l°“.g forts eden member dt the consortium
thc Uhivhrshv <>f Kchwcky is hhvihs l‘““g· SO l’l°”°“l was Sm" “’“h lh" win iid responsible ini creatin indtcn-
lleleiii Ms l`laYeS Said; iirllllls Ulllvep lmag€’ ijxccutcd In 179% that he based als and programs for specific hgalth care
sity, like other universities around the all ¤f h¤S §¤hS¢q¤¤¤t hhhgcs of Wash- gmupe UK through the Medical Cert
¢<>¤¤¤v»iSh¤¤Pihs¤h€¤t€faliV¢-" ‘“g‘°“ °“"· , , , . {Cf and itticdiitgc of Allied Health
eeizixzjceuemeseleiletllslgeis cégigefttlzg Professions, wiil create programs for i
k dentists, physician assistants and clini-
nown to have made of the Atheneum .
ortrait. Lon in the collection of a cal pastoral cOunSclOrS`.UK Wm. else
lalew Orleans gfamily, it was donated to ilsciljgfn th;;°eAH%? tragleiiig ueimuies i
the Art Museum by Mary V. Fisher of in te gms einigz tits at tl mn tram-  
Lexington. g P g S C S a c` F
Not only is the painting a dignified
and stirring image of our first Presi-
dent, but it is also an historical docu-
ment of some importance. Miss Fisher’s
gift, made in this the bicentennial year
our nation’s Constitution, is particu-
larly welcome and should be a source of
pride to all Kentuckians.

 `“`_" "` ` ` i ` ' `   .·~»»—·¤·>· ·z··   * · ‘ ' ‘ ’ — — — ., ,. ,A.,  
  c   S S P L I T  ,>T     if
I  ;     I
  • •
i vlfgll COUCII ’ 30
g Labor af Love
* l
  I H
T- I ESAYSTHATIFHE’D BEEN ABLETO GO FISHING OR HUNTING, emphasized that the push behind the civil
T- { or play golf or travel, he probably wouldn’t ey, and the time of each race since the begin- defense program had been because of Virgil
Y- have spent the hours it took to research and ning of the Derby in l875. Couch.
m I write what began as the first history of the Couch's knowledge and interestin the Ken- He has also been the subject of feature
,S_ ; Kentucky Alumni Club of Washington, D.C. tucky Club began in l935 when he was asked articles in national publications such as Business
he Virgil Couch '30 was appointed UK club his- by the Federal Government to take leave from Week, Life, Fortune, The Wall Streetjournal, and
is_ torian at the beginning of l986, and he took his industrial iob as agent for the Texas Com- Look, as well as international publications in
that appointment seriously. The results of his pany in Lexington, for a 60 day assignment to France, Germany and Canada.
' ·, writing efforts are a 550 page history of the assistasa consultantand adviseron personnel The first recipient of the UK Alumni Service
l University of Kentucky, the University of Ken- managementand labor relations. At thattime Award in l96I, Couch was inducted into the
j tucky National Alumni Association, the Ken- there were only a few professionally qualified University of Kentucky National Alumni Associ-
Q tucky State Society and the Kentucky Alumni personnel managers and labor relations execu- ation’s Hall of Distinguished Alumni in I970.
—   Club ofWashington, D.C. and much aboutthe tives in industry and even fewer in government. Because of the many hours he spent re-
m j state itself. Couch intended to stayforthose 60 days and searching and writing, Couch said he could
ii-   Couch is legally blind now and because of then return to industry — he stayed for almost easily understand why former club historians
-e’ I poor health is confined to a bed or an easy 40 years. had not tackled the iob earlier. There are 30
ati I chain requiring the aid ofhis wife andafull-time In l948 he was appointed directorof person- chapters in the book which Couch plans to
.a1 home care nurse for personal needs. Writing nel of the economic cooperation administration update each yearto maintain a continuous his-
to and researching the book proved to be good (Marshall Plan), where he served as adviserto tory of both the Kentucky Alumni Club and the
.0_ social therapy forhim — he talked to over 600 over I5 countries in personnel management Kentucky State Society. The updates will be
on _ people by long distance telephone, including systems. During that time he was also the U.S. sentto everyone who has purchased the book.
_€_ _ former governors and senators, most of whom representative to NATO. The Federal Personnel He chose to have the book covered in lightblue
Ed Q he knows personally. Council, made up of top directors of personnel with a heavy plastic ring binder so it can be ,
y L When he finished writing about the alumni in the federal government praised him forestab- opened to lie flat on a table or desk for easy j
  , club, he decided there should be something lishing benchmarksin personnel management reading. ‘
about the history of the U K National Alumni from l935 to I 95I , saying that he had laid the The directorof research atthe Library of Con-
lal Association based in Lexington. The volume groundwork for Improving management of hu- gress has requested a copy ofthe history since
u` · elaborates on a brief history of the association man resources and had promoted merit prin- itolgo Contains the Only record ofthe estobligh-
th written by Thomas D. Clark, former UK history ciples of employment throughout the world. ment and operation of the National Confer- :
“· professor. That accomplished he says it Heioined the Federal Civil Defense Adminis- ence ofState Societies, which is made upofthe
if` became clear to him that there should be a tration in l95l where he was responsible for 50 store societies in Washington, D_C_
m history ofthe origin of the I3 UK varsity sports developing training programs and for estab- The book is available by mail. Send $25to ·
Vi- as well. lishing the "UniversityforSurvival,"the national the UK Alumni Club, 429 3rd Street, NW, l
F6 The more he wrote the clearer it became to civil defense training center Though the school Washington, D.C. 20002, attention Bob Rush- L
n· him that there was a need for a history of the was designed to teach methods of survival ing —orfrom the Kentucky State Society l23l2 ?
th I University of Kentucky, followed by a brief during wartime, italso proved useful in learning Starlight lane, Bowie, Md. 207I5, attention `
or history of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and to deal with the devastation oftomados, floods, William Park.
ii- a history of the Kentucky State Society. Couch’s explosions and other disasters. The school’s
so own experiences in learning the history of UK graduates included representatives of federal Kuyjohnson »86 ,S ¤$$,$,¤n,€d,,O,OtAtUmn, public,}
es firsthand from his studentdays in l926, and as and state agencies, mayors, and other people tion; i
ri- an alumnus since l‘?30, are alsoincluded inthe with positions essential to the civil defense E
_ book. efforts in communities all overthe United States. `
  Readers have been surprised to find bio- They were taught howto organize and operate
l graphical sketches of the fifty Kentucky Cherry programs in their home communities. ;
Blossom Princesses and their parents, the his- Because of his prominence in, and identifica-
tory ofChurchill Downs andthe Kentucky Der- tion with, the civil defense effort, Couch was `
bywith names ofeach Derby winnen the lock- featured on the cover of TIME Magazine in an ,
October I96l issue. At that time he was the ¥
, only career employee in the federal service to i
have been so honored. The TIME article
UK 5

S II ’ dBId ’ G'Ib
,6 U 35 UH U y 36 I .
In Thrs Together  
I HEY ARE A GOOD MATCH AND HAVE BEEN FOR 57 YEARS. He tciughtodvcinced moth courses. According l
Both ore educotors; both ore othletes. She olso hos outhored severol books ond or- to Bill Hurt, the principol ot Henry Cloy, "He  
Stello Spicer Oilb ’35 ond Elmer "Boldy" ticles on the ori ot cheerleoding. The Gilb Fi/e wos considered to be one otthe mostoutstond— l
Gilb '29, '36 were morried in l930 when she ofGomes hos been tronsloted into Sponish ot ing moth teochers in the progr¤m." The Henry
wos o teocher ot the UK loborotory school in the request ot the Mexicon Ministry ot Educo- Cloy gymnosium/studentcenteris nomed in his
the College olEducotion, ond hewos ossistont tion_ honor. ‘
tootboll cooch cindtreshmon bosketboll cooch According to "everybody" Stello tought AnotherGilb honoris Stellc1's induction into
ot UK. He wosolso one ot Adolph Rupp's chiet "obout holt the kids in Lexington to swim," the Kentucky Athletic Holl ot Fome. She is the
scouts. including, she soys, "Johnny Brown/’ the onlywomoninthe Hollond soys, "Thisisoreo|
ln l933 Bclldy WGS nomed heod bOSl<€ilDOll tormor govornor ot Kentucky Boldy osgistocl hor breokthrough ll'i€ lC€ TOFWOFFIGD Oncl lid like to
cooch ot the old Picodome High School, but much otthetime with swimming lessons, which see it continue. l’m thrilled."
it wos with Henry Cloy High School thot he in retrospect, hos given herthe most pleosure When osked it she ond Boldy ore competi-
mode his mork ond shored ci 37 yeor portner- in her coreer. "l like to remember when those tive ot home she onswered, "Oh no. We’re so
ship. He begon his stint os ossistont tootboll littletoces would look up ot me in surprise ond compotible. We do o lot ot things together,
cooch in l93¢l ond stoyed with the Blue Devils soy ’| didn’t drownl’ " swimming, golt, ond we love to reod."
until heretiredin l970. He ended his coreeros Boldy'sloveistootboll, buthe’sohigh school Theirdoughten Helen Vonce Gilb Jomes ’56
heod cooch torthe Blue Devils bosketboll teom cooching legend in both tootbcill ond bosket- is corrying on tomily trodition in Ft. Louderdole,
in l962, following on impressive 20-3 bcill. He is the second recipient ot the onnuol Flo., where she teciches heolth ond workswith
compoign. A.B. "Hcippy" ChondlerAword giventoo Ken- cheerleoders. Her mother regrets thcit when
Stello wos corvingoniche otherown during tuckion instrumentol in the success ot high _ Helen wcisin school during the ’50stherewere
those yeors. Sheisthetounderolthe Kentucky schooltootbcill. When heretiredtromteoching no othleticscholcirshipstoryoung women, but
Associotion of Pep Orgonizotion Sponsors, or he osked to keep his position cis ossistont toot- glories in the toctthot "times hove chonged ond
KAPOS. She formed KAPOS in l954 becouse boll cooch olong with being the school’s golt cire chonging."
she is "o prude. I got tired ol seeing girls otstcite instructor.
tournoments running oround with no choper— Stello sciys Bcildy got the tirst Outstonding By Koy johnson [go, Ossfsfcnf oorno, or UK Olumnf
ones" Now KAPOS sets stondords lorcheer— Teoching Aword ever given in Foyette County. publicorions.
leoders ond conducts yeorly competitions.
KAPOS still usesthe hondbook Stello wrote ond _ KENTUCKY , _ K DNTUCKX  U?  .. .. ..   
hos kept the some high stondords she set.  Hon I  r
Since l964 o tolol ol 43 scholorships hove LM _` AI, J V   K _ if   T  
been oworded by KAPOS to cheerleoders in ·<»‘· EA g   *“"·""°        In
· · - ¢ -  .·     HALL OF FAME ‘*···‘ V V         t  . 
her nome, ond she is porticulctrly pleosed thcit , ~— {   ·.   v_¥;j*_:.j_:.*__.$_=·¤~1_.,:._:_:_m__,,;,,;,,x_,,_:?:,:> _   _      egg .  2 `
over $32,000 hos been given to deserving ··   J     _      
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