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Down and out

Break funk


His last

Saul plays
with heart


When the semester
started. Spring Break



seemed like it was
years away. It came
and, unfortunately,
left. Students have
nothing to look
forward to now.
Summer is on the way
but that means going
home and working
with only an occasional
spot of fun.

You‘re back at school and
after this first week,
homework starts to
seem less important.
The surplus of sleep
you stored up over
break is running thin
and going to class at 8
am. is like trying to
pull teeth with a rusty
pair of pliers.

Can you escape the funk
that has you in its

i say you can! You ask

The trick is to be creative.

I offer the following
possible solutions.

Go to a party where you
don't know anyone and
use an alias (a person
can only endure being
known by the nine
digits in their Social
Security number for so

Eat something exotic.
Don't allow yourself to
fall into the school-
food funk, or perhaps
buy the upgraded TV
dinner that comes with
the extra side and

Make it a point to drive
everywhere this
weekend. This serves a
two-fold purpose.
First, it eliminates the
stress caused by
walking miles to class
every day, and second,
it helps to remove you
from the stale college

Relive part of your Spring
Break. Buy a CD that
contains nothing but
sounds of the ocean.
and buy a really bright
light bulb for your
lamp. Rub some suntan
lotion on your nose.
play the CD and put
the light right by your
face. Note: 600-watt
halogen bulbs are not
toys! Handle them with
the intention of not
getting a tan!

And finally...

WASTE TIME! Don’t waste
it all, but waste
enough to make you
feel a little lazy.
Instead of starting
early on that big
paper, try practicing
your golf swing in the
dorm room.

Have fun this weekend
and try to get it out of
your system, but be
careful. I don‘t want to
find out that there has
been a strange string
of serious light bulb
burning incidents. With
a little creativity, a bit
of stupidity and a fair
amount of laziness, we
can make it through
this ever-traumatic
post-break depression.

aired M


“guns-3r. r“ r'r-
sue. fit“;- ‘-

{c‘x’i titer“

4.6 2.5

One minute it is sun-
ny. The other minute it is
raining and snowing. Boy
I'm confused.



VOL. 8106 ISSUE “I22


News tips!

mate reopens build

The issue: University Senate Council turns to Wethinqton and Todd
for support to begin construction of research center on University Drive


This side. not that side

The University Senate
Council has reopened the de
bate of where to build the Bio
medical" Biological Sciences Re-
search Building at UK.

William H. Fortune. the
chair of the council. has sent
letters on the behalf of the
whole council to request that
UK l’resideiit (‘harles Wt‘lhlllg'
ton and PT‘f’Sitii‘niri‘it't‘i Lee T.
Todd support building the


structure in the University Dri
ye area.

The council opposes build
ing the BBSRB on the Virginia
Avenue site the site that
was recommended by a con»
suiting company. AM. Kitiney

In the letter addressed to
Todd. the research faculty said
they prefer the BBSRB to he
constructed on the University
Drive site and felt their voices
Were not heard when the issue

was debated in September.

“As expressed in scores of
e mails and calls. the research
faculty strongly favors the Uni
versity Drive site." Fortune
wrote in the letter.

"They want the facilities to
be clustered together. in part
because of shared facilities and
in part because they believe
that research is sparked by a
‘critical mass‘ of folks Working
in close proximity to one anoth
er running into each other in

Game over

Madness ends
early: Cats are
the casualties

in Trojan war

By lion Cox

» The "City of Brother-

ly Love" was flooded by
more than 400 mem-
bers of the media who
were anticipating a
Kentucky-Duke re-
match of the infamous
1992 game.

But the Cats didn‘t
live up to their part to
see that game happen.
losing yesterday to No.
6 seed University of
Southern California 80
76 at the First Union

Both coaches said
the media attention did
have something to do
with the outcome of the


“I thank you guys
(the media) for helping
us. so you guys deserve
half of this victory,"
USC head coach Henry
Bibby said. with his
tongue firmly planted
in his cheek.

UK coach Tubby
Smith also felt the me
dia's attention affected
his youthful team.

“When you have
a young team like we
have, it's hard to
keep their focus." he
said. “I think that did
have something to do
with it.“

But Smith said the
loss had more to do
with the Cats lack of de
fensive intensity.

“We didn’t play
with the same passion


Pacing defeat

UK head coach Tubby Smith sits alone after his team was forced out of the NCAA
noment mm" night with a devastating four-point loss to the USC Trojans.

Mimi more EDITOR


tlie halls. eating together and
sharing ideas."

The consulting company
said last fall that the University
liriye site is not suitable for the
construction of the BllSRli

When UK faculty met with
the contractors on Sept II to
discuss the building site.
(‘ieorge Nielsen of the consult
ing team said "that the team
felt the University Drive site
suffers during construction be
cause of the demolition neces
sary to the Kelley Building
and the Animal Pathology

Also. in both letters to the
outgoing and incoming presi



ing site debate

dents. Fortune addressed a
copy of a letter that was sent to
the council. signed by lo l'K
(‘ollege of Medicine department
chairs supporting the HHSRH
on the l'niversitv lirive site

“They ldepartmeiit chairsl
maintain that siting the build
mg across Limestone will re
quire duplication of facilities
available on l'niversitv l)i'l\'l‘.
w itli resulting loss of research
space," Fortune wrote

The council said if the Hit
SRB is built on the Virginia Ay
eiiiie site. research faculty
would not have informal inter
changes if they were divided by


the Arboretum

Magic: hands


Art studio junior Jamie Givens welds her sculpture Thursday. preparing
for her first college exhibit this weekend at “Sculpture in the Arboretum."

Art and nature: Work of two UK students
among state talent displayed this weekend

By Sara Zaehringer
Stir} were? 7

Praying mantises anrl )elly jars will line the walks and bills
at the [K Arboretum this weekend.

Friends of the Arboretum is sponsoring the fifth annual
"Sculpture in the Arboretum" Saturday and Sunday

Nine artists. including two [IK students. from across the
state will be exhibiting their sculptures
in different places throughout the park.

The sculptures. some of which are for
sale. all vary in size and shape and are
made out of everything from stone and
metal to stained glass and car bumpers.
.lamie Givens. an art studio junior.
has been working on her sculpture of a
gigantic praying mantis for the past ‘2
l 2 months. The 6-foot tall insect made

“Sculpture in the
Arboretum" will be
from to am to 6
pm. Saturday and
from to am to 4
pm Sunday at the
UK Arboretum.

out of car bumpers is titled “Startled”
because. in (iiven's opinion. that is the

way it looks,

“With metal sculptures you have to find your pieces."
(iiyens said. “i had to dig through iunkyards. which was a lot

of fun."

Jason Kelty. who is getting his master‘s degree in fine arts
at UK. will also have an instillation on display at the park.

His piece titled “.lell-U .lar" is made up from the gelatin
castings of jelly jars. Kelty said his piece is called an instillae





Players nervous, excited about Pitino’s style

Butterflies: U of L's coach promises hard work

By John Foster

(‘hange is in the air at the FM
versity of Louisville with the
hiring of Coach Rick Pitino the
(‘ardinals are looking expectantly
toward the future.

As Athletic Director Tom .Iu
rich said during Wednesday's
news conference. “The last six
months have been hell. Now we
have a glimpse of heaven."

Pitino continued the heavenly
metaphors when he said. "Now it's
time to take the (‘ardinals back to
Pri lvideiice "

Yet they are being cautious iii
their optimism.

After this year‘s I219 record.
Pitino and his players admit there
is a long way to go

Pitino stated his first line of
business is going to be to "turn
around the players currently

.Iuiiior guard Reese Gaines
said he and the rest of his team
are going to have to do a lot of
conditioning to prepare for Piti-
no‘s tip-tempo style of play. much
more conditioning than required
under former I' of L coach Denny
(‘runi He also dispelled rumors
that he is considering going pro
with expectations of a breakout
year next season.

“The players think they know
what's in store for them. No they
don‘t." Pitino said.

His next priority will be to hit
the recruiting trail hard.

Pitino inher-
its a program Slm~
ilar to the FR pro
gram that had a
13—19 record the
year before he
came. In his third
season he took the
Wildcats to the fi
nal four
1' of I. players
are hoping for the same sort of
tum around. Junior forward Hajj
Turner predicted that Pitino will
take I' of I. "back to the top ‘25
every year."

Freshman guard Bryant
Northern echoed the uncertainty
expressed by many of the players
saying he is “so nervous." He
said that he is going to have to
work much harder in order to
earn playing time over the top-
notch recrutts he expects Pitino
to bring in.

That's not to say he isn't

“How many guys get to play
for not one. but two championship
coaches in their lifetime. I get but-
tertTies just thinking about it." he



Call: 257-1915 or write:



 1 1mm "48952.3. iéoi Ii “Mimi f


The Low-down

make no


are here.


are here
sweet -
and they
you out
of the

Way ’3
Jerry Seinfeld.
46. extolling the
joys of being a

new father
Thursday on "The
Late Show with


U.S. orders Russian diplomats to leave

\\'.~\SIIIN(}'I‘()N The United States is oust-
ing .»1 Russian diploitiats in retaliation for the
planting of a suspected spy at the FBI a move
expected to draw a tltrl'ttl'rttit respotise frotii
Moscow. l' S. officials said. The action is the
largest diplomat e\piilsion since the (old War
and further clouds dealitigs between the relative
iy new aditiiiiistratioiis of I’resident Btisli and
Russian I’resident Vladimir I’utiii. a former KGB
ofIiciaI .-\ senior l' S otticial. speakitig on coiidi
tioti of anonymity. said six Russians were or
dered e\pelled immediately because I'.S lll\'t‘s[ir
gators believe they were "iiitellig.zeiit'e handlers"
directly ittiplicated iii the case ofthe icciised spy.
former It‘Bl agent Robert Ilansseii

Gunfire erupts in California high school

LIL t‘:\.l().\'. l alif 'l‘wo people were shot
and seven others were injured 'I'hiirsda\ as gun
fire ertipted at a high school less than three
weeks after two students were killed .it a nearby
school :\Il I‘o' year old suspect was one of the two
with gunshot wounds. police t‘apt Itill .\lct‘liire
said. The other yictiiii was belie\ed to he :1 iii
year old. but no details were released The other
victims were students and .idiilts ininied by bro
k'eii glass and by falling. .\Icl‘ltire said lllt‘ tiiitl
day shooting at liratitte Ilills ll!‘_'.lt School
sparked a confusing scene. with officers scram
bling across the campus as many of the Bride stii
dents tied to a nearby park What happened was
ti't iniiiietliately clear .\lct‘liire said .i school po
lice officer confronted the gunman near the ad
ministration building School district spokesman
.lim I~Isterbrooks said an I'll (‘ajon police officer
was making a presentation to students when the
shooting occurred. The gunman was wounded iii
an exchange ofgtititire with a policeman. he said.
but he did not know if it was the officer making
the presentation. .:\n lifk'i‘fll‘rlilll believed to be
the shooter was taken to surgery for a bullet
wound to the face. saitl Eileen (‘oi-nisli. a spokes
woman for Sharp Memorial Hospital The liospi
tal also received a lli;\t‘.il'sliltl student \\ itli a sit
pertictal wound to the chest. she said.

Senate supports campaign finance bill
\\'.\Slll.\'li'l‘lif\l 'l‘he bipartisan Setiate
coalition behind campaign finance legislation is
holding than into a fourth day ofrlebate. biit the
toughest tests are yet to come iii the struggle
oyei' a bill to curb the influence of money in poIi
"This :s a poison pill that has tiotliiiig to do
w itli union members rights but everything with
defeating campaign finance reform." Sen.
('harles Schtimer. I) N Y _ said Wednesday as the
Senate killed .i proposal for new barriers in the
way of political itt'll\ it\ In iiiiioiis and corpora
tioiis The vote was on .11. and came after critics
said that despite an illijit‘i‘ll'ltlli‘l‘ of evenhanded»
ness. the lil‘lilt‘ilt'l‘i etleet would be to require or
gain/ed labor to obtain permission Iioiii its iiieiii
hers before using their dues for political activity


Fifty years ago
author Jack
Kerouac sat at
a typewriter
and pounded
out in 20 days,
on one long
scroll. "0n the
Road," a book
that became
the Beat Gen-
eration's an-
them and
Kerouac as an
icon for gener-
ations of read-
ers. Auction
house Chris-
tie's on ‘rhurs-
day said that
on May 22 it
would be auc-
tioning the
IZO-ioot long
scroll with an
estimated value
of $1 million to
$1.5 million.






A series of three
Eminem dolls
will hit stores in
July. One is a
low-key version
of the rapper as
Marshall Math-
ers - his real
name - dressed
in a puffy white
jacket. A second
doll depicts
Mathers as his
alter ego, "Slim
Shady," wearing
a hockey mask
and carrying a
chain saw. De-
tails ot the third
doll were still in
the works.


Albanian rebels retreat

’l‘l‘Z’I‘OVU. Macedonia Ethnic Albanian
rebels retreated Without a fight Thursday as
heavily armed police launched a push to clear
the hills above Tetovo of insurgents. a Macedon-
ian police official said. Shortly after the govern-
ment offensive began. the bootn of artillery or
mortars could be heard. shattering more than 24
hours of calm around 'I‘etovo. Macedonia's sec»
ond largest city. Still. there were reports of vio-
lence elsewhere. l’olice reported one officer was
Wounded by a rocketpropelled grenade just out
side Skopje the second attack oii a policeman
in or near the capital iii 3i hours. The police
iiiovetl into the hills itist a feW hours after Mace

donia‘s president ignored the iiisiirgents‘ oIfer of

a ceasefire antl vowed instead to “neutralize and
eliminate” them.

Seattle losing a 'family member’
Sl~I.-\'I"I’Ll€ Before there were lattes and
microchips. protests and grunge rock. there was
Boeing. For 85 years. the aerospace giant has
been more than a part of life iii Seattle. It became
synonymous with the city. even as other high
tech companies invaded the skyline atitl sub
llt'lts. So Wednesday 's news that Boeing. which
has Tit-loo workers in the region. plans to move
its corporate headquarters frotn the city that fit-
eIetI its growth astonished residents I’hiI (‘ondit.
Boeing chairman atitl chief executive. said the
company hopes to save money and establish
headquarters tiiore centrally located to its opera
tioiis. spread ove ' in states. The company’s Iiiige
iet manufacturing plants and office complexes
will remain iii the Seattle area bttt more than
Iialf the Limo employees working at the head
quarters will be transferred or may be laid off.

California overcharged by $5.5 billion
SACRAAIICN’I't). (‘alif I‘llectricity whole-
salers overcharged (‘alifornia . 3.3 billioti over the
past it) months. according to a report by managers
of the state's power grid. The five companies.
among other things. frequently offered electricity
at prices dottble what it cost them to produce. con-
cludes the (‘alifortiia Independent Sy stem ()pera
tor sttitly. which was ptiblisiied 'I‘hursday iii the
Los Angeles Times. The Times said the ISU
planned to tile the study with federal regulators
'I‘hursday arid are detiiaiitliiig that the money be
paid back. The companies denied the allegations.
adding they expect the l“t‘(lt‘l‘zil Energy Regulatory
(‘onimission will determine prices \verejiistitied.

Loretta Lynn recovering from pneumonia

NASHVILLE. 'l'eiin. (‘otiiitry siiigei' Loretr
ta Lynti is being treated for piieitiiiotiia and will
miss scheduled appearances at a tribute to singer
.lohnny Russell on 'I’liiirsrlay and on the (irand
()Ie ()pry radio show Saturday. Lynn. lift. was ad»
itiitted 'I‘iiesday to a hospital near her home in
Hurricane Mills. "She is in good conrlitioii. btit
the doctors are watching her closely." said her
spokeswoman Schat/i IIageman. Lynii performed
last week on the "Live by Request" show on the
AXLE cable network. IIer hits include “(‘oal .\Iinr
er's‘ Daughter” and "The Pill." Hurricane Mills is
about 3b miles west of Nashville.

Compiled from wire reports.


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Good Gets Better and Better

Regular lionor
llt \ s \ i




Continued from page I

that you need to play at this levh
91 in order to win." Smith said.

The Trojans took advan-
tage of the (‘ats‘ early defensive
Woes by breaking otit to a 25-8
lead iii the first seven minutes.
stretching their lead to 21 with
Ilizltl left before halftime.

’I‘he ’I‘rojans. who never
trailed in the game. were able
to sustain their first half lead
with their starting five. The
Trojan starters accounted for T8
oftlieir final 80 points. led by ju~
nior forward David Blutheti
thal. who finished with a game
high 27.

The (‘ats found themselves
down ill at the half. till. But
they catiie out of the break with
the intensity Smith wanted
front the start.

The (‘ats went inside to
freshman .Jason Parker. who
finished With 13 rebounds atid a


Continued from page i

tioti. not a sculpture. because
it is made of several compo
tients and not just one piece.

He said he hopes people see
a connection with nature when
they look at his artwork.

“I'm trying to express the
dichotomy of tnan living from
nature and changing nature by
doing that." Kelty said.

This is Kelly's first show
itig at “Sculpture iii the Ar-
boretum." although he did
have a series of instillations
made of hay displayed at the
.»\rboretum last fall.

Kelly set tip his piece along
with most of the other artists
this morning. Due to the
gelatin cotiiponetit. he had to


career high 22 points.

After hitting 2-of-ll in the
first half. the (Tats hit six treys
in the latter half. all coming
front junior Keith Bogans. who
lead the team with 23 points,
anti senior Saul Smith. who fin-
ished his career with 17 points.

The (‘ats cut the lapoint
halftime deficit to one. 61-60.
with 8:05 left to play. But
Bhithenthal answered for the
Trojans. hitting two big three-
pointers to holti their lead.

"We were right there, we
were back lit the game." Bo~
gans said. "but he (Biiithenthal)
made sortie big shots."

The (‘ats were able to ctit
the lead to one again at 75-74
with 32 seconds left. bitt were
forced to fotil. Anti it was
Bluthenthal again who was
there for the Trojans. scoring
the games final five points from
the line.

“It was either going to me
or Brandon Granville," he said.
"I knew I would make them."

do a lot of last minute work.
which ttiatle for a busy week.
Kelty said.

Givens. who heartl about
the sculpture display through
Kelty. is excited because this
will be her first time displaying
a piece of art in college. She
said she doesn‘t know what to
expect but hopes that people
will come out anti see her and
the other artists‘ work.

Marcia Farris. the Arbore-
tum director. is looking for-
ward to the show as well.

Farris said 500 to 600 peo-
ple visited the exhibit last
year. and although the exhib-
it will take place rain or
shine. site hopes the weather
will cooperate.

“We love it." Farris said.
"it's a good time to get out in
‘arly spring and see, daffodils
blooming anti a good place for
artists to display their Work."

The Kernel incorrectly identified Louise Stone in Thurs-
day‘s paper. Stone is the director of Experiential Education.
She is this year's recipient ofthe Sarah Bennett Holmes award.
The award recognizes a remarkable woman at UK Who pro-
tiiotes the growth and well being ofother women.

To report (in error call The Kentucky Kernel at 257—1915.

- riority Registration

( 'heclt out our new Imurv:
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\.t ‘t/ ‘/t \a; ‘11 I,”

ummer and Fall 2001




The rumour. '.(‘.'P.'lflfi'

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porlenq lot


‘Momiit Student At'ivities Board 8pm Iexuiqton Opera House

'Ult Opera Theatre 8pm quletgry (tr MH

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runways. tttitirioii

‘il Mimi “lm in 1! Alarm Mm it-

1qu Vigil igtmi. 'orvur «we w 'r ’1iw firm
It. 0mm” tit

Mr Um t '» in: ‘W W»
lmn mg ‘, 10m Wort-w“ M-

l’ostmark deadline is on or before \iigust I. Zillil






Bygiiicolo Foster




. When ()sunnike was grow
mg up. she never dreamed site

Would beeonie a Yoruba
’l‘h is is mainly because

she was raised in a
eostal environment.

“I grew up iii a Pentecostal
baekground and l hated it." ()s-
unnike said.

()sunnike said site had to
look within herself to find out
who she was as a spiritual beiitg
and as a Mark woman and how
the two were one and the same.

“I looked within and diseov-
ered that (lod looked like me."
()s‘lllililkt' said.

(loing through history. Us



unnike is not alone iii her be
liefs. Historically. titatty black
women have relied heavtly on
spiritual reflections.

“I believe that black women
are the foundation of the ehureh
aitd the religious movement in
this eountry and that they have
always been a eonstant pres
enee in the church." said Davita
(iilit'WiXXi. a journalism senior.

'l‘his presence was reeogr
nixed by lYK's Afriean Ameri
ean Studies and Researeh Pro
gram iit its Seventh Annual
Blaek Women's (‘onierenee
The theme of the eonferenee
was “Remembering ()ur Spirit:
The Role of Religion iii the $111"
vival of lilaek Women."

The majority of events dur
iitg the eonferenee were lee

tures and addresses that fea-
tured a variety of prominent
speakers who stressed the im-
poriani'e of religion in blaek
women‘s lives.

“I fH-l that blaek women are
very spiritual people." said
l’aulette Jones. a roininuniea—
iioiis senior.

'l‘he eonferenee was pro
seiited over the course of two
days aitd included many (H'ilVl‘
ties and events

Renita .l. Weenis. an or
dained elder in the African
Methodist ilitisi'tiiiiil (‘htirelt
spoke about Mark women‘s eon
ii'ibiitions to religion and the
strong presence they have held
iii the ehureh.

Site also spoke of how the
llible has served as boili a

almigion helped blacks endure

means of liberation and oppres-
sion for women in the church.

“in my l'illll'i‘il. women
were being denied ordination
by the tttale priests.” Weems

There was also a tribute
given to l)oris Wilkinson, a UK
soeiology professor. entitled
“Sometimes l Feel lake a Moth-
erless (‘hild Blaek Women.
Faith. & Survival,"

Wilkinson also spoke
about the intportanee oi reli
gioii in tire lives of black

“The emphasis oti religion
iii the .sur\ ival of blaek woiiteii
was timely and needed."
Wilkinson said "Religion has
enabled people oi .»\i'riean de
seem to endure worldwide "

Phi Beta Sigma sleeps out for the homeless

Sigma Week: UK fraternity plans an entire
week devoted to helping those in need

tiy Scott Sloan


The week after Spring Break has been a lot more than just
easing baek into elasses for one fraternity on eantpiis.

Sigma Week 3on1. organized by Phi Beta Sigma. has in
eluded a series ofevents intended to raise awareness of issues

around lVK's campus.

The fraternity will have the ”Sigma Sleepout for the
Homeless" from :4 pm. to i am. Friday at llaggiii field. The
fraternity is asking for as many l'K students as possible.
(lreek and nonilreek. to attend and bring donations of ('iiiih

ing and canned goods.

After the event. the organization will take the donations
to ()od‘s l’antry and the Hope ('eniet‘. aerording to Jesse l)a_\'.

a member of the fraternity.

The group will sleep outside until i am. The event is part
of the fraternity's national program to help raise awareness



>'l r1,-



0 arts and humanities
0 biomedical sciences
- business

0 education

0 engineering




“‘W‘NE.“ D“ O F.
$‘\i\\.\. “60“

TEX"; 1" \ifiERE ‘: .
\ih‘itiiii} \fm. hm ‘

Mi 311m 3

The University of Louisville offers master's.
specialist and doctoral degrees in

Thinking about
graduate school?

0 music

0 natural sciences
0 nursing

0 social sciences
social work





And we can help you finance your degree through
scholarships. fellowships and assistantships.

for the homeless in the l'nited States. l)a_v said,

The group has organized an event oti Saturday to benefit
Lexington children. The "Field liay (‘ookout il)a' Kids" front
noon to .3 pm, at llaggin iield will bring together ehildren
from around Lesittgtoii to enjoy an afternoon oi at tivitiis

Day said.

The fraternity invited ehildt'en from three Lesingion roin

initniiy eenters

(iatneswav. liast Finland Wet-sap

to the

event. liav said the event tvpirallv averages around so kids
and loo students l'l\' students are in\ ited to attend the ew-ni
'l‘he fraternity ltas bought hamburgers and hot dogs to

L'i‘lll :it the i‘ttokout,

Field day aeiivtiies for the i‘itildi'en will llit‘illtit' a Jiiryard
dash. three legged raee. wheelbarrow istt'e. eralt walks and a

game of kirkball.

"it gives lthe ehildren] an opportunity to get away ironi
sehool and from their parents and to have some fun.” liav


Following the field day and eookoiit will be a play at oniit
ltni. iii the (‘enter 'l‘heatre iii the Strident i‘enter

The production. “A Tribute to Black 'l‘heatre."
Todd M. Hall. a fortner member of the iraternitx.

directed it'.
Is a ('ollabo

ration of several different plays. liay said





§ 3”... ss. Axe-9

Dave Newton, a
political science
and history so-
nior, volunteered
Thursday to chain
himself to a chair
from to a.m.-2
pan. outside Pat-
terson Office
Tower. The
was sponsored by
Amnesty Interna-
tional and Its to-
m was to got
for the FAST pro-
gram, which turns
coil phones,
pagers and com-
puters into tools
that help stop hu-
man torture. For
more information
on tho FAST pro-
uan, visit the
no site at

mm | mm




minim i nummncnzszooi i a





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another . ‘l\ in ”llllrllh 'illl;‘llisli|;\., tr illist'l, ...

‘sillkit'lli Illlthsls .lllii . .Ilk’tl

|Hlllllilll .iit 'tilni‘ pr: twang

pitnliit ts teslaiiiiiitl and hotel itt.iii.iet‘itteiti not ill tie. Hi i.
[thisillllt assistants III Lt-opetatiitg i'i. ..

r'i t.. ililr

\IH HM. H)Rl\l|ki\llllsll Iti\is
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iiJsl’H liltstn (tilltt HHHR

i -l ltiiil‘_t lillttlll‘tJlltIl‘ _ ':!i.l tit lx‘r pert i‘ Jttt
‘ :‘iaxnltieltel ill't'llldlt re.- \I'ae, ‘

t' talsiiottt dat . pit week

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.-.| ilriiig will. i .‘t..i'rl ‘il;\«i‘-: 'll lili :‘ ' lit i i i


tl‘,i|‘,"l\ii‘giLtJ‘rtt 1;" r-li‘tii
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Nit‘iliittt {in l‘ i’l
llltil‘ltl. e or
lieliit: 'i_' '. 'iii.._'itl 3'

pp. t' err »


i la. [kt \iti'lst-i ' ‘,':i "w

i]_").’\ 'itomo .

'i‘lr‘ t\l .‘j‘i






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From Texas to Cincinnati
‘Whorehouse' is a success

After aii these at.



Ann-Margaret shows that she still has the talent that made her a star on the big screen as well as the