xt747d2q688r https://nyx.uky.edu/dips/xt747d2q688r/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19860711 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, July 11, 1986, no. 482 text The Green Bean, July 11, 1986, no. 482 1986 2014 true xt747d2q688r section xt747d2q688r UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES NEWSLETTER
No. 482 July ll, LQRB
July ll Jehu Qulmoy Adams, l767 ~ lB4B¤ oixtu
Preei.d,em; of the U    .
July   Hgnfy D&*,_7'j_d Th(_)f€(3,Ui       •
American philosopher and author.
July 14 Baetille Day. Celebrates the fall oi
the Bastille during the early days of
the French Revolution in 1789.
July 15 National Ice Cream Day
July 16 Roald Amuodeen, 1872 W l928? N cvegiam ».V- i·\
explorer amd disooverer of the South
July 25 LSD Picnic
July 20 Firet mam on the Noon in 196%,
July 21 Ernest Hemingway, l399 ~ lQéL Amerloeu
Next Green Bean: Friday, July 25, 1986,
Deadline for inclusion: Friday, July 18, 1956,
Production Staff; Editor, Kerry Kresse; Typist, Carol Rlmta;
Printer; Cecil Madison,

Beginning with the next issue of the GB, we will starr a new
series that will continue for some time. This addition to the
regular parts of the GB will feature different units within the
Library system. Next issue I will enclose a better description.
I just wanted to remind unit heads that your descriptions are due
July ll (TODAY!) If you don‘t get them in soon, I'll get
mean .......
I would also like to put in a brief ALA report. The
convention ran from June 27 - July 3, with most things going on
between June 28 - July l. The "hot" item was the new CD—ROM
technology. For those of you unfamiliar with it, CD-ROM is
Compact—Disc Read-Only Memory. A compact disc is a laser disc,
"read-only" means it can only be read (like microfiche) and you
can't write on it (like a floppy disc). New acronyms and jargon
were everywhere, and products like Infotrac were demonstrated.
Toni Powell got in act with the National Agriculture Library's
compact disc program (Pork Industry Handbook) and R. R. Bowker
demonstrated a prototype Books-in-Print on compact disc.
Tech services types were debating standards and public
services types were wrestling with fee—based reference services,
among the hundreds of meetings and presentations offered during
the conference.
The champagne reception at New York Public Library was also
very nice. Guess what ~ their air conditioning system isn't
perfect, either!
K. K.
Jennifer Chandler ............. Acquisitions
Joan Gatewood ................. Circulation
As of July l, l986, Tari Keller is the Systems Librarian.
Her job is to help incorporate all types of computer hardware,
software and applications to the library system.
Networking in Kentucky, the newsletter of the Kentucky
Library Network, recently published its Spring l986 issue. It
featured a report of the first KLN Board of Directors Meeting, of
which Gail Kennedy and Omer Hamlin are members. Other news
included a progress report on the development of the union
- database. On April l6, l986, KLN announced the proposal of the
database to vendors for methods and prices of creating such a
file. The four most important requirements are: l) Creation and
Maintenance of MARC records from Kentucky libraries; 2)
production of a COM (computer output microform) catalog, with

updates; 3) provisions for producing tapes of a subset of the
database (e.g. the holdings of a particular library); 4)
management reports, such as error and statistical report;. For
more information, or a copy of the newsletter, please call the
Director‘s Office or Kentucky Library Network, Box 537,
Frankfort, KY 40602-0537.
The family of Frank Stanger, Special Collections, are most
appreciative of the many kind expressions of sympathy by members
of the Library administration and staff, upon the occasion of the
death in April of Frank's father.
Bill Jamesu Bill, head of UK‘s Law Library, is running for
Treasurer of the Southeastern Chapter, American Association of
Law Libraries for the 1986/l987 year. Bill is very active in
AALL, serving on a variety of committees within the organization,
including the program committee. This past year Bill served as a
site evaluator for the accredition of the City University of New
York Law School at Queen's College. Closer to home, Bill
participates in the UK Freshman Summer Program coordinated by
Minority Affairs, and the UK RISE Program, offering l2 high
school students an inside view of the College of Law.
Toni Powell. Toni, head of the Agriculture Library, is
chair of the Newsletter Committee of the ACRL Science &
Technology Section. The newsletter is called the STS Signal.
The premier issue of the newsletter features news, executive
committee meetings and division group summaries.
Kerry Kresse. Kerry, head of the Chemistry/Physics Library
& newsletter editor, prepared an invited paper for the l986
annual meeting of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society in
Cincinnati on Thursday, June 26. The paper entitled "Obtaining
the Elusive Journal Article," was on document delivery for
***Want to be famous?? Send your latest accomplishments to the
Green Bean. Let people know you've been busy.
Their latest offering -- "Training for New Managars"~~looks
great. Specially designed for those in their present supervisory
roles for two years or less, the workshop promises to help new
supervisors: _
~ Learn more effective time management
~ Learn to accomplish work through others
— Develop skills in motivating people
— Learn to give and receive feedback in an
objective, non-threatening manner

Featured speakers include Dr. Larry Crouch, University Placement
Service; Dr. Jack Blanton, Vice Chancellor for Administration;
and Major William A. Stull, Adjutant, Army ROTCJ The conference
is Thursday, July 31, 1986. Cost is $50.00. For more info call
Nell Westbrook, Director, at 257-1528. To register call Susan
Carr at 257-3290.
The recent rearrangement of the third floor in King North
has caused some phone numbers to change. Please take note:
Gail Kennedy 257-8392 Catalog Support Unit 257-3831
Jean Robinson 257-1060 Copy Cataloging 257-3831
Teresa Burgett 257-3831 Monographs Cataloging 257-8391
Emilie Smith 257-1101 Online Cataloging 257-3831
Mary Welch 257-8388 Online Conversion 257-3831
Acquisitions 257-8395 SC350 Conversion 257-8388
Bindery 257-8391 Serials Cataloging 257-8391
CSR 257-8388 Serials Control 257-8388
It is in this section that we hope to publish the annual
reports of the various faculty committees, as well as a few
others. We'll publish a few at a time. The first one is the
Gallery Series Committee Report.
1985/1986 Gallery Series Committee Report
The Gallery Series Committee is charged with developing and
carrying out the Library‘s Friday noon lecture and recital
programs known as the Gallery Series.
The Committee seeks out and invites presenters to
participate in the series, arranges for any special needs (A/V
equipment, etc.) for the presentations, and publicizes each
Gallery Series program. These responsibilities are divided among
the committee members and coordinated by the Committee chairman.
This year's committee was comprised of Karl Boewe, Evelyn
Evans, Joyce Gilmore, Meg Shaw, and chaired by Paula Pope.
Twenty-five Gallery Series programs were presented from
October 4 through May 2. The program topics ranged from musical
presentations and music theory to theater, history, political
science, art, civil rights, photography and journalism. .
Attendance at the programs varied from capacity crowds for the
Fall Semester music programs to a sparse half dozen for the
Spring Semester Haydn series. The series was promoted through a
mailing to the Lexington Campus Faculty, Press Releases by U. K.
Information Services, the publishing of weekly flyers throughout
the campus, announcements in the Lexington Herald Arts Calendar,

the Green Bean, and the Communi—K calendar.
Library Space Planning By Ruth A. Fraley & Carol Lee Anderson.
1985. Z679.5S .F73 1985. Contents: Goals and objectives;
Measuring the collection and colletion-housing; Alternatives for
a collection-space dilemma; Facilities: Assessing the building,
furniture and equipment; Budgeting: The financial
considerations; Publicity: Communicating change; The last
planning steps; Library operations during the move; Moving and
Notes for Serials Cataloging. Compiled by Nancy G. Thomas &
Rosanna G. Thomas. 1986. Z695.7 .T46 1986. Contents:
Numbering pecularities; Supplements; Additional physical forms
available; Photoreproduction; Language; Issuing bodies;
Cumulative index note/finding aids; Linking entry complexity.
The Politics of an Emerging Profession: The American Library
Association, 1876 — 1917. By Wayne A. wiegand, 1986. Z673 .A52
.W53 1986. Contents: An auspicious beginning: The Philadelphia
conference of 1876; Rallying around "The Best Reading":
Formative stages; 1876 - 1886; Pushing for "The Least Cost":
Dewey's resurgence, 1886 - 1893; A struggle to identify "The
Largest Number": The pressures of growing factionalism, 1893 -
1901; Forging a professional identity, 1901-1909; Consolidating
professional gains, 1909-1917.
Public Access to Online Catalogs. 2d ed. By Joseph R. Matthews.
1985. REF Z699 .M37 1985. Contents: The online catalog in
perspective; Choices for online public access catalog design;
Components of online catalogs; The online catalog in operation;
The effects of online catalogs; Planning and implementation; The
future of the online catalog; Online catalog profiles. (includes
a description of LS2000.)
Redesign of Catalogs and Indexes for Improved Online Supjggg
Access: Selected Papers of Pauline A. Cochrane. by Pauline
Atherton Cochrane. 1985. Z695 .C647 1985. Contengs: Where are
we going in the redesign of catalogs & indexes?; What do we know
about users & catalogs?; what can we do to improve subject
access?; Will classification have a use online?; What can be
learned from subject access research?

Reference—Music Librarian. The University of Alabama. Salary:
$20,000-22,000. Deadline: September 15, 1986.
Library Systems Analyst. The Stanford University Libraries.
Salary: $26,000-33,100. Deadline: July 15, 1986.
· Cancer Information Specialist/Reference Librarian. The
University of California Los Angeles Library. Salary: $22,872~
27,948. Deadline: September 2, 1986.
Librarian, University Elementary School Library. The University
of California Los Angeles Library. Salary: $22,872 - $40,248.
Deadline: August 15, 1986.
Reference Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian. University
of Delaware. Salary: Dependent upon experience and
qualifications. Deadline: September 1, 1986.
Manuscripts Librarian. University of Delaware. Salary:
Dependent upon qualifications. Deadline: August 15, 1986.
Coordinator of Copy Cataloging. University of Delaware. Salary:
Dependent upon qualifications. Deadline: August 1, 1986.
‘ Head of Acquisitions. Purdue University. Salary: $23,000 and
up. Deadline: October 1, 1986.
Foreign Literature Bibliographer & Reference Librarian. Purdue
University. Salary: $18,000. Deadline: October 1, 1986.
Assistant or Associate Professor, Library Science Program. wayne
State University. Salary: $26,000 minimum. Deadline: August
25, 1986.

Public Services Coordinator. wayne State University. Salary:
A $22,000 minimum. Deadline: July 30, 1986. _
Assistant Serials Librarian. Dartmouth College. Salary: $18,500
minimum. Deadline: July 31, 1986.
Assistant Curator, western History Collections. University of
Oklahoma. Salary: Commensurate with experience. Deadline: July
31, 1986.
Serials Cataloging Supervisor. University of Oregon. Salary:
$20,000 - $22,000. Deadline: July 15, 1986.
H Acquisitions Librarian/Serials. Pennsylvania State University.
Salary: $23,000 minimum. Deadline: August 15, 1986.
Reference Librarian. Pennsylvania State University, Altoona
Campus. Salary: Dependent upon qualifications. Deadline: July
15, 1986.
Interlibrary Loan Coordinator. University of Tennessee at
Knoxville. Salary: Instructor: $19,000 minimum; Assistant
Professor; $23,000 minimum. Deadline: September 15, 1986.
Assistant Director for Collection and Bibliographic Services.
Texas A & M University. Salary: $43,000 minimum. Deadline:
August 15, 1986.
Head of Information Services. University of Houston. Salary:
$28,000. Deadline: September 15, 1986.
Coordinator of Access Services. `University of Houston. Salary:
low to mid $20’s. Deadline: 'September 30, 1986.

 -7- I
Collection Development Coordinator & Reference Libraria, Science
& Engineering Library. Washington State University. Salary:
Commensurate with qualifications. Deadline: October 15, 1986.
Library Technician IX, Grade 13, Circulation Department. M. I.
King Library, University of Kentucky.