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Gay people across the nation will celebrate the fifth
national coming out day October 11. Supporters of the event
say that there are several reasons for the national
observance. First of all, the day 15 intended to emphaSIZe '
the personal,'soc1al,.and political importance that come
With any ind1v1dual coming out.

The day also provides '
encouragement to those who are
considering coming out, and NATIONAL AIDS ACTIVIST
reminds those who are out of theig
opportunity to encoura e an
support those who are taking the BELINDA MASON DIES
step. The Day also suggest that
there are usually ways those who Belenda Mason, a woman from the
are out can come out even more. mountains of Kentucky, who was a

Finally, having a nationally prominent national spokeswoman on
observed coming out day serves as ehalf of those suffering from
a reminder to the larger society AIDS, died September 9, in
CONTINUED ON PAGE 11 Vanderbilt University Medical

Center in Nashville, Tenn.

. Ms. Mason was the only member
of the National Commission on AIDS
who suffered from AIDS, and led
several national organizations

. concerned with AIDS. She was past
president of the National
Association of People WIth AIDS.
Ms. Mason, contracted HIV, the
virus that communicates AIDS, from
. me ou a blood transfusion given to her
, after complications accompanying
the birth of her second child. She
and her husband sued the hospital
and won an out of court
W erev ‘ r She was quite critical of the
Bush administration's AIDS policy.
Even after she was appointed to
the National Commission on AIDS,
Ms. Mason noted her appointment
' reflected a bias of the Bush
1' e administration .
, y 0 I 0 AIDS activists had demanded for
some time that a person living
- with AIDS serve on the panel. Ms.
Mason suggests that she was chosen

 A word from the editor
W Closets Are For Clothes
6 S By Chuck Smitg
- - Coming out is t e most
Pubhshed monthly by the Lenngtnn politically significant action a
Gay/Lesbian Services Orginiznfion, gay man. Ctr lesbian can ,takbe-thln
, our soc1e eing ga is o a
13.0.1301 11471.1enngt0n.KY40575 threat andy’a political issue. By
—_——_ leaving the closet, one refuses
Chuck Smithedltor to conform to the gender and
, sexual arran ements that define
Cf“! Clare. president. GLSO Board and reinfogce the dominant
atriarchal heterosexual norms.
- P . . . .
Hailinglee. Folding and stuffing: bee. Coming out is political precisely
Laurie Mark Steve. and lilly. because it defies and critiCizes
' ‘ the majority standards.
———_*_ out “fig”? piicftfiés°§o£§1°°§§§
The Esmerelda's parlour column political influence. Analysis of
with news and viewpoints of opinion surveys shows that the
' 'ans in the factor that correlates most
interest to lesbi . . ,
Bluegrass is produced by strongly Wit? a persoan P9511211???
Esmerelda Collective. accep ance 0 gay PeOP e 1.5 a
they know a gay man or lesbian who
—— is_ open about their sexuality.
Views or opinions expressed in GLSO News {Pb-1's means 1-5 that the. StrongeSt
are those of the authors and don't lnqlcator that someone 15 Pr°babJ-y
necessarily represent those of the GLSO geing to accept gay people 15
Board of Directors. Submissions are that the{ know someone who 18 out
welcome. All submissions become the 0f the C oset- Thl's Seems to do
property of GLSO and must indicate full more to form pos1tive attitudes
name and address of the author. The about_ gays _than a person's age,
‘ staff reserves the right to edit religion! lncome. level! gendelfi
submissions and ads to meet publishing leve 0f education! or ethnic
requirements, as well as the right to background. . . . .
reject any submission. Placement of “Coming out 13 an lnleldual
advertising in the GLSO News does not dEClSlOn; one needs to be ready'to
denote a person's sexual orientation nor take the step and Choose the tlme
abusiness’s customer preference. . to throw open the closet door.
But the gay community must play a
role too. We must created a
supportive environment for people
to come out into. As more and
GLSO ENCOURAGES COMING OUT more people come out there is
wider acceptance of gay people
GLSO sponsors a support group but there are still those who
for those gay men and lesbians who discriminate against cgays. We
are preparing to or beginning to must help stan up an speak out
publicly acknowledge their sexual against such prejudice.
orientation. The group provides If you are out of the closet,
an opportunity to meet with others be supportive of those who are
who are coming out and to learn preparing to or have recently come
about area resources for gay out. If you are still in the
people. For information call Mary: closet, we are here to support you
266-5900. when you're ready to come out.
2 - GLSO/October

 V' ' t
Testing of Healthcare Providers Isn't Answer to Danger of Transmitting HIV

By Ron Jerrell learn more about this disease and
HIV testing of healthcare its transmission and if their
providers has been a huge topic healthcare provider is not
of discussion and often paranoia practicing universal precautions
the last few months. I don't -- demand it. Users of the
even want to discuss the Florida healthcare system must some
dentist case. responsibility for their own
The real issue behind all the safety.
discussion is whether there is a [Ron Jerrell died of AIDS
chance of transmission of HIV related complications August 10.
from a healthcare worker to a He had been the executive
patient. The answer is "Yes." director of the Kentuckiana
But, only if the healthcare People With AIDS Coalition since
provider is carelessly ignoring it was founded in 1989.]
universal precautions while ---------------
performing invasive procedures or
is not making sterilization of Caution Suggested in Analysis of
equipment a top priority in the Study Linklng Sexual Orientation
prOVision of care. With Variation in Brain Structure
Testing of healthcare providers
is not the answer to this In response to a study
problem. We know that testing can released today by Science
produce false results including magazine suggesting male sexual
alse positives and false orientation could e related to
negatives. The level of brain structure, Lambda Legal
discrimination against people Defense and Education Fund
with HIV is still very high, it welcomed honest scientific
is just covered up by other inquiry on issues regarding
excuses for dismissal now. In a sexual orientation but cautioned
"perfect" world, where against conclusions about the
discrimination does not exist, preliminary findings.
healthcare who test HIV positive As a matter of historical
could simply disclose their HIV perspective, minority groups have
status and be reassigned to a often been the object of studies
position or work that did not seeking to locate a biological
require invasive procedures. explanation for difference. Most
It would seem to me to be more of these studies have been fully
productive, less costly and far discredited. whether this
more humane to concentrate our preliminary stud of the
efforts (and dollars) on purported "biofogy" of
research, education, prevention, homosexuality will eventually be
and services than to implement a confirmed is completely unclear.
policy of mandatory healthcare It is therefore probably prudent
testing which would definitely be not to draw too many conc usions
challenged to the Supreme Court from Dr. Simon LeVay's study.
as an invasion of privacy Never-the-less, the findings
protected by the Constitution. are intriguing, from a purely
I would suggest that the public CONTINUED ON PAGE 5
GLSO/October - 3

 The key to HIV
Prevention is
Spread Facts,
not HIV.
For more information, call your
local health department or the
HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.
4- GLSO/October

An 18 month study of the brains of 41 cadavers, has shown a
structural difference in the brains of gay men and those of heterosexual
men. The results of the study showed a very different pattern: a
segment of the brain that governs --—-----—--------—--
sexual behavior was half the size
in gay men as it was in DEFENSE FUND URGES CAUTION
"It tells us that sexual ‘
orientation is an aspect of human CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 ;
nature that can be studied by scientific perspective. But it is i
biologists; it does not tell us important to remember that, ‘v‘
how sexual orientation is regardless of whether bein gay 1
determined or when," said Simon is biologically baseg or j
LeVaty, who carried out the 18 accelerated, a person's sexual j
mont study. orientation is an intrinsically ‘
The brains used in the study private matter.
were collected after routine Even if being gay were
autopsies from peo‘fle who had completely the product of free
died in New York an California. choice, there would still be no
Nineteen were taken from gay men basis for any criminal, coercive,
who died from AIDS assoc1ated or discriminatory penalties
causes. The other brains in the against same-sex orientation. 1
study came from persons presumed And regardless of any biological
to be heterosexual 16 men and six basis for homosexuality, it is
women. difficult to fathom on what
During the study the brain moral, ethical, or religious
tissue was coded so LeVay never basis one can reasonably
knew which ones came from gays of discriminate against people who
heterosexuals. are sexually and emotionally
LeVay, who is gay, is a oriented toward their own gender.
graduate of Cambridge University. Homosexuality, since it .
He taught and conducted research clearly occurs with a significant
for 12 years at Harvard frequency and regularity in all
University's Medical School cultures, is as "natural" as
before joining the staff at Salk heterosexuality. This fact
Institute, San Diego, Ca.., where remains true whatever the
the study was done. "origins" of homosexuality or
He undertook this study after heterosexuality.
the man who had been his lover ——------
for 21 years died of AIDS. LeVay These reflections are taken from
took a year off work to care for a news release of the Lambda
his partner, Richard, whom he had Legal Defense and Education Fund,
met when they were in college. a gay legal defense organization.
LeVay and other scientists warn ---------------------------------------------------
that it is too early to assign KentuckyAIDS Count --July3l, 1991
any significance to the such ReportedAIDScases:600
preliminary findings. Persons HIV Infected: 926
GLSO/October - 5

 Book Reviews
COMING OUT UNDER FIRE, by Allan military should continue its
Berube, Free Press, 1990, 377 homophobic policies. It traces the
pages. Reviewed by Chuck Smith. haphazard development of the

military('s policy about gays in
This book takes us back 50 years the ran 5. The book's depiction
to a time when the few gay bars of gay men and lesbians in World
were well kept secrets an only War II provides documentation for
bombardiers wore bomber jackets. making well developed arguments
It is a well-written, thoroughly against the military's continuing
documented history that tells of discriminatory poliCies.
the gay Americans who served in —----—-—-------
the military during the Second EIGHTY—SIXED, by David B. Feinberg
World War. With insight and viking Penguin Inc. 1889. Review
sensitivity, Berube brings to life by Dan Mynear.
the heroism, humor, and pathos of
these men and women who Have you ever envisioned living
contributed to the war effort the 19805 in a large gay
while under the threat of assault metropolis? In Eighty—Sixed David
by their own country because of B. Feinberg provi es an extremely
their sexual orientation. realistic first person account of
The book provides first hand gay life in the Big Apple —- first
accounts of how serving in the war in a month by month scenario of
helped many gays come to terms free-spirited 1980, followed by a
with their sexuality. Then it depiction of the weighty
describes the often humorous, responsibilities of 1986.
sometimes tragic, ways gays in the The book's protagonist, B.J.
military made themselves known to Rosenthall, vows to find himself a
each other and developed their own lover in 1980. This is not a
communities. It reveals that tens seemingly impossible goal for an
of thousands of gay men and energetic young man with a colle e
lesbians served ably in every job degree and a body that turns heags
in the military. in the gym. A bet with his friend
Perhaps the most interesting Dennis, a Catholic priest, as to
.part of the book is the who will "couple" first propels
description of how the networks neither character toward a match.
that developed among gay people in Instead, B.J. plods through
the military were the beginnings one-nighters and one-weekers --
of the modern gay movement. of always admitting to himself that
particular interest is the leading there is something more out there
role played by drag queens in and wondering how to attain it.
setting the stage for the Many aspects of the free-—
development of a gay political wheeling early eighties come back
consciousness. to amuse and haunt the reader.
This book is welcome because it B.J. visits the baths in a weak
fills in one of the many gaps in moment and ends up with a case of
the history of gay people and the clap. He finally find his "Mr.
shows their contributions to the Right," only to avow, "I'm sure we
war effort. Moreover, this book would have ended up lovers if
is especially timely as the public Phillip hadn't given me herpes."
debate heats up over whether the CONTINUED ON pm): 11
6 - GLSO/October


The Eleventh Annual GLSO Campout is scheduled for the second weekend
in October, Saturday 12. Once again Eddie will host the campout at his
secluded farm in rural Scott ---------------

County. Campers will begin NAMESSUILTDRAWSCROWD
arriving at 4 p.m. There is no TO LAB R DAY DISPLAY
rain date this year.

The event attracts people from More than 1800 people visited the
both central Kentuc y and display of more than 500 panels of
Louisville. Regulars at the event the Names Project Quilt at
say it a great way to meet and Lexington Center Heritage Hall
enjoy new friends and old just 30 over Labor Dafy Weekend. The quilt
mi es north of Lexington. is made up‘ 0 thousands of panels

Campers will "rough it" -— made in memory of people who died
there are no facilities. Those of AIDS.
attending are to bring your own Local AIDS service organizations
supplies: warm clothes, sleeping had information booths at the
bags, and food for dinner and display. Donations collected at
breakfast. the event will go to local direct

Eddie will provide a service AIDS organizations, said
comfortable ground to sleep on, a Katie McCormick, head of NAMES
campfire and a clear sky. Because Project Kentucky, sponsor of the
the campsite is not Visible from display.
the road, if you have not attended McCormick said that the success
a previous campout, please call of the event was the result of the
Eddie at his Lexington home, many volunteers from Kentucky,
259-0878, for detailed directions. Ohio, and Tennessee who assisted
The map below provides the basic in planning and carrying out the
direction for finding the farm. event.


Lane JOS-HHNE 5‘2

o. eei . |<— 1,5 m. ->l <--— 1.7 mile --->] “- N 1.9

' I

0a ' Jose: ne 'nl AVORTER |
oods-Ryker a . H
arm House §"" .3

~35 3 Prater
.6 Road
Coppage .
I <---- 2.3 miles —---> I
from Lexington take 1-75 north to Sadleville exit '
GLSO/October - 7

 short lived publications are
cherished along with photographs,
posters, T-shirts, and jackets.
a P Rhinestone pasties donated by a
smerelcla 5 81'10 1‘ lesbian stripper rest near a
3., team—autographed softball and a
g, lambda-emblazoned hard hat.
H" The Archives collects records
“c5 of all our lives, not only famous
“ or published lesbians. Each of
us must realize that our lives
deserved to be documented for
By Mary Crone ourselves and for future genera-
Saturday, Oct. 19, there will tions of lesbians. The Archives
be a potluck to inform, celebrate have greatly outgrown it current
and support the Lesbian Herstory space. More than $100,000 has
Archives. It will start at 5:30 been raised by the Lesbian
p.m. in the basement of the St. Herstory Educational Foundation.
Augustine Chapel, before the Alix The bui ding fund drive now under
Dobkin Concert which will start way is attempting to raise
at 8:00 o'clock. Alix be at the $150,000 for a down payment on a
potluck. brownstone in Brookl n; to house
Women are invited to bring a the ever-growing collection, a
photo, poem, or other momento of cultural center with performance
your life for the Archives. If and exhibit space, facilities for
you belong or have belonged to a photographs and film-making, and
esbian group project of any sort more.
perhaps you could bring an audio Come together on Oct. 19,
or video taped herstory of you learn more about the Archives,
work, fliers, etc. make a donation of money if you
The Lesbian Herstory Archives can, and add to this wonderful
opened in 1974 in the pantry of collection of lesbian herstory.
an Upper West side Manhattan "The archives is filled with
apartment. The Archives is a voices announcing our autonomy
symbolic, active, and engaging and self—possession," wrote Joan
resource that inspires and Nestle in the Lesbian Herstory
empowers its constituency; in- Archives Newsletter. "The roots
sgired by the courage of lesbians of the Archives lie in the
w 0 have lived, struggled, and silenced voices, the love letters
loved in more difficult times. destroyed, the pronouns changed,
The Archives is governed by a the diaries carefully edited, the
group of volunteer coordinators pictures never taken, the
and sustained by the collective euphemized distortions that
passions of women the world over. natriarchy would let pass."
Thousands of lesbians have
visited the Archives, which is a GLSO Coffeehouse and Dance
mixture of a library, museum, and October 26, 9:00 p.m.
a. familydalbum.f Thebcollection Unitarian Church
gives ev1 ence 0 es ian oppres- .
sion as well as liberation. Tens 3564 Clays M111 Road
of thousands of books and Tickets:$5,$4GLSOMembers
periodicals, medical texts to
steamy 1950's pulp novels, to



A national march on Washington in su port of lesbian and lg‘ay rights
is scheduled for April 25, 1993. It will.3 support passage of t e Gay and
Lesbian civil Rights Act and remind the nation that hundreds of
thousands gay men and women are out of the closet and are out to stay.
The march was called for by . -—--—----------
representatives from 50 regiona discrimination.
and local groups in 26 states at Anne Johnson, director of an
an August meeting in Chicago. Appalshop documentary film on Ms.

A coordinating committee was Mason. she said Mason, "She always
elected and charged with believed that AIDS was a kind of a
organizing the march. The test or a challenge to Kentuckians
committee was given the mandate to on how we're going to deal with
ensure 50 percent of the our neighbors or kin or people we
leadership be composed of people care about that are living with
of color and that women have 50 AIDS."
percent parity on all conunittees. "she call on all of us to have a

The last gay and lesbian march response that's compassionate."
on Washington for civil rights in Governor Wallace Wilkinson, and
October, 1989, has over 500,000 several state legislators,
participants from around the attended Ms. Mason's funeral.
nation. "She was the best example in our

nation our president could have
NATIONAL AIDS ACTIVIST chosen as a spokesperson to ask
people to understan this disease
and its causes and efforts." Gov.
Ms. Mason fought courageously
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 for the day AIDS would be
because she was from the American conquered. Unfortunately that day
mainstream: white, middle class, came to late for her, as it has
heterosexual, and married. for so many others.

"I'm very conscious of the fact "We all share the urgency and
that, in many ways I am a token the immediacy that we are fighting
and that I am being used." she for our lives," she once said 0
said. "With me, they don't have to people living with AIDS. "It's
appear to be condoning any just relentless. People are dying
a ternative livestyles." all the time."

After Bush appalnted her to the
National Commission on AIDS, she
said, "I was perfect. I was '

Southern, I was white, I was CLASSIFIED ADS
articulate and I got AIDS in a
'nice' way."

Ms. Mason was a newspaper HOUSEMATE WANTED to share
reporter and short story writer. one-thud rent and expensesmsgemous
Her father, state Rep. Paul Mason, homemBell Court area. Call233- 223.
sponsored and worked for the
passage of laws in the Kentucky GAY MALE HOUSEMATE wanted to
General Assembly to fight the share furmshed, elefiint town house.
spread of AIDS and to protect Eastend. Prlvate be oom and bath.
those living with AIDS from $300.00 monthlg plus degosn. Call
CONTINUED IN NEXT COLUMN 66-8567, after 6: 0 p.m. As for Will.


 The march toward civil rights for gay men and lesbians is taking
place in several courts around the nation. Advances on behalf of gay
rights were made in several cases the past few months. Two of the cases
concern lesbians who are fighting -—-—-—----—---—
to be reinstated in the military. administrative inconvenience of
Each was discharged after she extending the benefits to lesbian
disclosed her sexua orientation. and gay employees of the school

The Ninth Circuit of the U.S. system justified the policy of
Court of Appeals has reinstated excluding their partners from
the suit of Dusty Pruitt. The benefits programs.
ruling places the burden on the
Army to prove that the military's
policy of excluding lesbians and
ay servicemembers is based on Al' D bk'
Eegitimate evidence and not 1x 0 1n
founded upon prejudicial stereo- . .
types. This is the first time a (a founder of Womyns Music)
federal court has not deferred to
the military's claim that "homo— _
sexuality is incompatible with m concert
military service."

Pruitt served 16 years in the
Army and Army Reserves before she Saturday, OCtObBI‘ 19
was hforced out iln 1986. 8 00

T e Pruitt ru ing, may favor the ; . .

Chief Nurse of the dWashington pm
State Nationa Guar Colonel '
Margarethhe Camermeyer'ls fight to St“ Aguatlne Chapel
preserve er 25-year career.

Cammermeyer faces discharge, 472 Rose Street
because she acknowledged being a
lesbian. She served in Vietnam, _ .
where she was awarded the Bronze Tickets: $81!] advance
Star. In 1985 she was named V.A. - ~
Nurse of the Year. at Sqecml Media

Cammermeyer was being considered
to become Chief Nurse of the _*10_at the door
National Guard. Fmancml Problems?

"I am being discharged for my - _
honesty and integrity. Had I lied Call Lmda, 266 9748
I might have achieved my ambition,
of becoming Chief Nurse," she
said. 1 Concert preceded at 5:30 by

Meanwhi e in a case in the New -

York courts Ia judge recognized the potluck and presentation about
right of gay and lesbian employees sb‘ ' .

of the city to sue for health Le lan.Herstroy'Archlves Coine
insurance benefits for their meet All! and bring your stones.
domestic partners.

The court rejected the argument
by New York city that the cost and
10 - GLSO/October

 National Coming Out Observance Set
that there are gay men and DIRECTORY
lesbians in every community. They ——
are to be found in every
profession, business, and school, GLSO Gayline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 231-0335
and are active members and contri- GLSO Board . gamma . . . . . . . . . 266-8887
butors to churches, social groups, GLSO News . ( huc . . . . . . . 253—0661
interest grou s, and political GLSO Sgeakers Bureau (Bill). . . . . 266-9175
parties . Furtfiermore, gay people Egg 3 0'10""8 ('1‘le - M - - - ”2265653991035
' ' l 'tt omn u roup ary .. —
32: 1151151793523 3m?§§%i%%M1an§d :8 Rainbow Bogllng League ERick}. . 275-2127
d . . . . .
emand their 33.1.}..53’.“ rights Tri-Staie Gq|y Rodeo Association
( any or Mark) . . . . . .233-7266
REVIEW: Book Depicts 1980's Gay Life NAMES Proieci K niuckv
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6 SKaile . . . . . . . . . . 223—3855
Feinberg does an outstanding job Lesbian Poi Lick Esmeralda) . . . 873—0254
capturing the culture of the 19803 Esmeraldas Parlour (Debbie) . . . 255-3851
— John Lennon's murder, Reagan's Froni Runners "' running Chm
assassination attempt, catching a (00") - - - ' ' - - - - - 254—5850
flight on People Express . GLUE (UK Sizflpori Group)
kThe sewn? 1ha11f Of the hock Lexington' Mene'ghen rusiéiieib'y). Eff—€356
ma es a pain u eap to 1986 and - ‘
the troubled era of AIDS. It's a (Michael) - - - - - - - - 2334709
sad transition that one almost ——
wants to skip. But we know 1986
wasn't a ha time for the a Gay/Lesbian AA (Dove . . . . . . 277—9522
community anfipfiy this time in Eh: Gay/Lesbian AI-Anon (iiobert) . . . 293—0516
bogk, feekl a hstrong tie to B.J.
an stic wit him throu h his '
tough times as he agonizes ghether RELlQlOU GROUPS 299 4458
he is or isn't HIV positive, and Dignln " Caiholics DO") ' ' ' ' ' ' —
as he gives up part of his in eg ly —- Episcopalans 9m?) . . 277—4584
hedonism to become care provider inierweave - Unilarians ( rag) . . 266—8887
Egg 39:3; fa??? as thffgfi‘ ' fie egg AIDs iNFORMAWRGANIZATiONS
3133. lgaslegggggemgogglrzgd tfinfiafig‘i‘: AVOL (info. & egucaiion) . . . . . . 254-2865
whatever life deals him. He ACT-Lexinglon reieroi) . . . . . . . 281—5151
accepts that he has taken steps HlV+. ARC' AIDS Effigy GMUP_ . 2334““
that he can never ratrace- Keniucky AIos Hoiiine . . . . . aoo-ss4—Ams
Lowest Fares .
- - . Anonymous AIDS TesiIng
and your satisfaction guaranteed h‘xg'l‘mghyfifi C final T ‘ ‘ ‘ . 3%— #30152
-- Airline Tickets -- Cruises ° 3°“ 0”“ 3° 38' ' ' ' ' "
.. - .. Jessamine Couniy Heollh epi . . . 885-4149
“mam“ Tm“ Gmup T°urs Woodford County Heailh Depi. . . . 373-4541
No Fees or Service Charge
GLSO Donations Wlth Each Purchase Gay activities in Louisville & Jefferson Couniy:
p E G A S U S Gay and Lesbian Hoiiine (502) 589—3316
2040 Idle Hour Center Richmond Rd. (30° 3‘7" 4233
800 288-4337 or 666 268-4337
GLSO/October - 11

Contact names and numbers for all events can be
found in the Directory on the previous page. S P E C I A L E V E N T S
The Camp Care Center is located at 201 Mechanic
stnetinLadnmmn. TUE 1 Gayline Meeting, 5:30
SAT 5 Financial Recovery in
OCTOBER Recovery Workshop, 9:30
a-m- - 5 P-m- for info:
I1:3:22:aI:1:Izizi5:42:15:3:M-:I:-:-:mks->143::~:-:-:~:A:~:-:~:-zém;:~:':-:‘:-:-:-:-:-::11:t:-:~:-:~:»:~:~:I:-:~:-£5:-:-:-:-z::~:~:-:~:-:-:-§~:-:—:-z 277-0450, Judy or Skeet
‘ 1 2 3 4 5
SUN 6 Tri—State Gay Rodeo
| 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Association, 4 p.m.
1 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 WED 9 NAMES Project Meeting,
1 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 7 p.m., Rosenthal Center,
5 27 28 29 30 31 Transylvania UniverSity
THU 10 NAMES Project Panel Making
Workshop, 7 p.m., Quilters
W E E K L-Y E V E N '1‘ S Square, Regency Road
SAT 12 Eleventh Annual GLSO
SUNDAY Gay/Lesbian AA, 4 p.m., Campout, see page 8 for
Comp Care Center; more information
TUESDAY Gay/Lesbian Al-Anon, 7 SUN 13 AVOL meeting, 5:30 p.m.
p.m., Comp Care Center 214 W. Maxwell Street
Rainbow Bowling League,
8:45 southland Lanes SAT 19 Lesbian Archives Potluck,
5:30 p.m., followed by
WEDNESDAY Gay/Lesbian AA, 8 p.m., ALIX DOBKIN Concert, 8:00,
St. Joseph Hospita , CCI St. Augustine Chapel,
Meeting Room 472 Rose Street
THURSDAY HIV+, ARC, AIDS Support SUN 20 Lesbian potluck, 2 p.m.
I MON 21 Pro-choice Alliance, 7:30
FRIDAY Gay/Lesbian AA, 8 p.m. p.m., Alfalfa Restaurant
Comp Care Center
WED 23 GLSO Board Meeting, 7:30
SATURDAY Front Runners, 9 a.m.,
UK water tower at Alumni SAT 26 GLSO Coffeehouse and Dance
Drive 9 p.m, Unitarian Church,
-—---—----———--- 3564 Clays Mill Road
GAYLINE - 231-0335
Lexington Gay Information Service TUE 29 GLSO News, folding and
Operates Between 8 - 11 p.m. stuffing, 6:30 p.m., for
Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, info, call Lee,277—9365
and Friday evenings.
12 - GLSO/October

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October 26 '
Any/118810N DOORS OPEN AT 9:00 pm BYOB
‘35:: 3150 ENTERTfll‘gASIgNT BEGINS s 00066
(54'0“ Wimp Card) ' pm M" and Snacks
Member Unitarian Universalist Church Available
3564 Clays Mill Rd., Lexington, KY
For more information, call 31-0335