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Kentucky University, Lexin-,ton, y. , September ltbs 1373

of Sept.
16, 1873

Call for
meet i nE

Motion to

Proceedings of
Exen. Corn.
proposel to he
read in -.rt

Proce ecdi n.,s
read in part
Res. of Curp-
tor '..ithers

     in accori'ance with the followin., call for a meeting of
the Poard cf Curatoors by the~ Ch.1irman Viz
                               Cincinnati Aug-uzt 11th, 1Q73
Jas. S. Woolfolk Secty.
           Board of Cureptorc Lexin~tor, Ky.
Lear Sir;
         Messrs. Withers, Slley, Ricketts, Gano and Steele have
made a written request of me to call a s.pecial meeting of the
Curators of Ky. University and. as chairman of the Board it be-
comes my duty to do so and I therefore authorise you to call the
Board together in Extra Session to meet at Morrison College in
the City of Lexingtnn on Tuesday Sepjlt-ber 16th at 2 o'clock P.M.
     To take such action as they siay think best in regard to the
action or removal of Professor J. W. McGarvey and to transact
any and all business that may come before them that they may
consider important for the futhre welfare of tb e institution
Dear Sirs-                     Respectfully
You axe resoectfully             R. M. Bishop Ch'm.
requested to attend.          Board Cur.ators Ky., University
     Curator Z. F. Smith was electel Pre -ident Pro tem and J. P.
Tarbitt Secy protem
     Con calling the rell the following Curators were fouznd prcsen t_
J. B. Bowman, John G. Allen, penj. Gratz, Andrew Steele, Josenh
I'asson, D. S. Goodloe, G. W. Elley, A. H. Bovrm'n, C.T. Worthing-
ton, Joseph Smith, ". W. Givens, 77. L. Williams, A. C. Fernaon,
R. J. 'White, R. C. Ricketts, B. B. Groon, John Shackelford, Z. F.
Smith, J. P. Tpirbitt, R. R. Sloan, W. T. Withers, Enos Campbell,
L. B. Wilkces, Z. DI. Shirley, Jor. Aug. Williams, S. 7. Wing, Horace
'iller, Win. E. Rogers, 'eorge G. White, Landon A. Thomas, Jas. G
Kinnaird, James Crutcher, S. 1M. Baines, R. L;. Gano. /271/
     On motion the reading of the minutes of the proceedin' rneeting.
     Cur;Ar Withers moved that for the present By laws be suspended
and tl-e meeting be open to all- Curator Smith amended by pernittinE
only the re-orters of the press to be present, withdrawn, Res.
     Curator Withers moved that the nrocee dings of the Executi ve
Committee  be now real Curator Bowman offered as a substitute that
so much only of the  proceedings of the Executive Committee as
refers to subject indicated in the cc1ll be rce-3. - Substitute carried
by a vote of 20 to 13.
     The Sec. of the Extive Committ-ee oroceedei then to read their
proceedings so far as they relate to the remiovA1 of Prof. J. W.
McGarvey after the reaiaing the following resolution was offered by
Curator Withers - Recolvel - That the actio. of the Executive n



Kentuckv Ulniversiity, Lexington, Xly., Sept. 16, 1873

Substi tute
offered by
J. A. Williams


 Point of
 order raised
 by Curator

 Same not
 Sustained by
 the Chair nor
 by the Board.

assuming to dismiss Prof. J. W. M'cGarvey was unauthori zed by
the Charter of the University and is a direct violation of its
provir.ions and is therefore void andi cf no effect - Curator Jno.
A. Willitmis offered as a substitute the foljotin% preamble ania
resolution- Ithereas
     The Board of Curators, having used all reesonrble measures
to adjiist differences among and to harmronize in cordial relations
and co-operation, the officers and the members of the Faculties
of Ky. University and- having declared a.t its meeting in June la- st
that "If therE is anyone who cannot vork in -_eace and. harnmony
with his fellows in the Board resignation would do honor to the
heard and heart of such a one" thus emphaticn-lly expressing a
wiO that any official disturbing the future harmony and peace
of the institution should resign or be separ.ted from further
offici,-l relationship with the University: and
     'Whereast That Tutor E. B. Sinith and Professor J. !. McOarvey
did, in disregard of the exe:reFsed t'ish o  the Board, publish
articles imprn;yer and intemperate _ ti ,heir character and calculate&
to reopen questions of strife ana iiscord;  and
     Thereas Tutor Snith on su-,,estion of sever-l memberc- of the
Executive Committee an3. the Board, ;il ten-Ler his r esignetion
which was acceptel by the Extive Committee whose action is hereby
approved: and
     1hereas The E:xtive Comtee, did courteously and '.inlly request
Professor 14lc~arvey for the sake of the nec e and hdrMonv of the
institution to resign his profosorshif in Ky. University whi. ch
he declined to do:
     Resolved -That J. W. McGarvey may be and is herel.y, removed
from his professorship in Kentucky University, and t hat tVe chair
formerly filled by hir be declared vacaintt
     Curator Allen raised a point of order that the followinn re-
solutions are out of order the point of order not sustained bY
the Chai r.
     CurE tor Allen appealed. to the Board Ayes & Naes called for
and the iccision of the Chair sustained 13 for composed of follo.w--
ir.- Curators Viz J. 3. Bowman, Benj. Gratz, JoS. W8.SOn, D. S.
GCoodloc, . u. Bov-.xn, Jas. Smith, A. G. Yerr on, John S'. kel-
for,, Z. F. Smith, J. P. Tarbitt, Z. '/A. Shirley, Jno. Aug. Wil-
liamrs, S. M. Wing, Horace Miller, Landon Thoma7, Jer. 'r Kinnjvira,
Jumes Crutcher, Georbe G. W4hite, A. Fi. ?arnes.



Actirn L,
Lr-V ti ,4
Sub s t i tuL t  ~
on the table
lost .

13 against, cor.:posea of The fonlong Curto.' viz Jo'1 -.
Allen, Anulz'  Steele, G. T. Elley, C. T. 7orthiington, G. W11.
Oiverns, "..L. 11~illiams, .:. J . White-, 'R.  'P  t '.; tts  7  
Withers, L. B. 1W1ilkes, William E. Rogers, RB M. Oano, T.
   -.  inn;Li- r i  
     Cur-..tor Yil~7ez that the substitute be laid on tke table
Ayes $~ I-'ay; bvx nf o-- lle  for mctior lc .t by 14 ayes. 1  nays.
Ayez J. B. Bowman, Grp tz, WIfasson,  Ile, A.    .    -    J .
  _rni  ,l * He l ,n, Sha ckelford, Z . Smith, Tf.rbi t t, Shi rley, J. A.
W'ijIijan s, Ti iri , ,Mi:ller, Thoras, Kinnrairi, Cru.tceh-r  G. .
White, BPrnes.
Nays - J. G. Allen, Steele, Elley, Wort`i . ftton, GF S-0nS r, tW. L.
tPilliams, R. J. WYhi.t-, Ricketts, Groom, Withers, Campbell,
Roge rs, Gana.
     Adjournel to 8 oCclock to-i~zht-.

     Mofrison College, Kentucky Universlty,Tuesd7ay night
Lexingtcn, KeYxnttcy,  Sct~  e U r I(, 1873

usi ness ,s
announced by
the Cha-ir

Illotion to
amend 'he

Motion to
a aj ourn

     Boar, met pursuant to adjourrrnent rovrev by Curptor 14iller
that we go irnto :xtive Session admitting on-y Reporters of the
Precs - Carried. by vo!-,c of 19 to 4.
     Moved to per-mit tVe Lonr-.r"~ to remain in the Meer  Calr_
rie i 23 to 11.
     Mdoved by Curator J. B. Bowman that the members of the Fa.cul-
ties of the University be a]-mitted - adoopted..
     Movedl by Curator Sloe.n that Everybody be L.dmittel and. l t
those who had gone avry be invited to returrn.
     IMoved by Curator RinLetts thant we adjouirr tc r-eet at 8  
o'clock to-rrrow;, morning - Lost.
     The minutes of last meeting were rea4. and the Res. of
Crator W Ithers and. substitute oI Curctor 7illiams w.ere amended
by the Chair as being in order for discussioln.
     Currtcr Worthirgton move1 to :endc the substitute by strik
Ing out the word "formerly" in the last clause and.- substituting
the -word "notw - making it rerd and that the Ch&ir now filled. by
him be lecle red vecant-
     Curetor Allen moved. to adjoiurn to 8- o'clock tomorrow3
mornirng adjourred..

Kcntuc':-           Lexingtoa, Ky., Sept. 16--, lo-,q
                                        -         , -1