MEMBERS OF THE BOARDGuiding the UK athletics program are board members (seated, left to right) Dr. Glenwood L. Creech, Dr. Ralph Angclucci, Dr. A. D. Kirwan, athletic director Harry C Lancaster, Dr. Otis A. Singletary and Dr. Stuart Forth; Standing, Dr. W. L. Matthews, Tim Futrell, Dr. Joseph L. Massie, Dr. Lyman V. Ginger, Dr. Thomas Brower, Dr. Donald C. Leigh, Floyd Wright, James H. Pence, J. T. Frankcnbcrger, Dr. N. J. Pisacano, Dr. Stephen Diachun and Dr. W. C. Royster. Board member A. B. Chandler was out of state when the picture was taken.  Clay Maupin is treasurer.
Kentucky's athletic program, a well-balanced and ambitious activity featuring intercollegiate competition in ten different sports, is organized under the Department of Athletics and a corporation known as the University of Kentucky Athletics Association.
The program is conducted without overemphasis or sacrifice of educational objectives and in strict compliance with the rules of the University, the Southeastern Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
A board of directors, headed by the President of the University in the capacity of chairman, maintains overall policy supervision of the athletic program. In addition to the UK President, board officials include the Vice-President for Student Affairs as vice-chairman and Dr. W. L. Matthews in the capacity of scretary. Fourteen other men drawn from the University faculty and the general public also serve on the board as appointees of the president as does a student representative.
Supervising the steady growth and balanced development of the athletic program is Director of Athletics Harry C. Lancaster.
The Association's Board of Directors is composed of the fol lowing:
Dr. Otis A. Singletary, Chairman
Vice Chairman (V.-P. Stu. Affairs)
Dr. W. L. Matthews, Jr., Secretary
Dr. Ralph Angelucci
Dr. Donald Leigh
Dr. Thomas Brower
Tim Futrell (Student)
Albert B. Chandler
Dr. Glen Creech
Dr. Stephen Diachun
Dr. Lyman Ginger
J. T. Frankenberger (K-Men)
Dr. A. D. Kirwan
Dr. J. L. Massie
James H. Pence
Dr. N. J. Pisacano
Dr. W. C. Royster
Floyd Wright
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