The budget was examined by members of the Board and, after due discus-
sion, upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, was authorized accepted as a
basis of maximum expenditures for the year 1955-56.

          The inclusion of the name of any person in the budget is not to be con-
sidered as a contract of employment, and the Board of Trustees or the Executive
Committee shall be authorized to make such changes in the budget as may from
time to time be deemed necessary.

          D. Parking Lots Established.

          President Donovan made a statement concerning the parking problem
that exists at the University.  There are more cars coming to the campus than
we have parking spaces. It is very difficult at times to find a place to park a car.
Many visitors come to the University and spend quite some time trying to locate
a place to park their cars while they transact business with the various depart-
ments of the University. He recalled that the University Board of Trustees has
a regulation prohibiting the owning of cars by freshman students at the University,
and stated that it might be wise for the Board to consider directing a survey of
the total parking problem.

         Preoident Donovan recommended that houses located on lots at 703 and
711 Rose Street, the house at 318 Clifton Avenue, and the Scott Street barracks
be torn down and these areas developed as parking lots, It was estimated that
some four or five hundred cars might be taken care of on these four lots.

         Members of the Board discussed the problem at length, and upon mo-
tion duly made, seconded and carried, the houses at 703 and 711 Rose Street,
the house at 318 Clifton Avenue, and the dormitory barracks on Scott Street were
authorized razed and the lots developed for parking.

         E, Policy Governing Management of Residence Halls --Schedule of Board
and Room Charges.

         President Donovan stated that it was necessary to establish policies
governing the management of residence halls and to fix a schedule of board and
room charges. He felt it desirable to read the statement as follows:

             Policies (Governin the Management of Residence Halls
                  and a cede oand Room Charges

         The new residence hall for men located on Rose Street will soon be
     ready for occupancy and it is hoped that the new dormitory for women
     can be opened in September. It seems desirable, as a consequence of
     these developments, to recommend certain changes in the policies gov-
     erning the administration of the residence halls, and to propose a new
     schedule of fees for board and room.  These proposals have been re-
     viewed carefully by all administrative officials concerned and we are
     confident that they are in the best interests of students and of the Uni-
     ve rsity.