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By John I-I. Bondurant
Department of Agricultural Economics
Preliminary Report
Production requirements and cost information were obtained from a random
sample of first-year strawberry growers in Laurel, Russell, Pulaski and Wayne
counties, Kentucky, for 1956. Growers who had less than half an acre and har-
vested fewer than 25 crates, however, were not included in the group sampled.
' The acreage of strawberries in the sample ranged from half an acre to 3.. 75 acres
and averaged 1 acre per farm. The strawberries harvested averaged 164 crates
(24-quart) per acre.
Total estimated cost of production at rates prevailing in the area for farm-
furnished items, materials purchased, hired labor and equipment hired, averaged
I $707. 69 per acre; the total estimated cost per crate was $4. 32. For the first-
year strawberries harvested in the 41—farm sarnple, the average receipts were
$820. OO per acre or $5. 00 a crate, leaving a net return of $112.31 an acre or 68
cents a crate.
Labor was 60 percent of the total estimated cost of producing first—year straw-
berries; the labor cost averaged $2. 69 a crate of $440. 26 an acre. The preharvest
labor cost was 55¢ a crate; harvesting (except picking) was 70¢, and picking was
$1.44 a crate. Total hours, rate per hour and estimated cost per acre, were as
1 follows: '
Man labor Rate per Estimated
Labor Utilization hours hour cost of labor
Preharvest labor 224 405f $ 89. 60
Harvesting, except picking 229 50¢ 114. 50
Picking, 10 quarts per hour 410 57. 6¢ 236. 16
Total 863 5l.2¢ $440.26
The rate for preharvest labor of 40¢ an hour was based on the prevailing
wages for hired labor in the area. Also, the wages for harvesting labor, except
A picking, were arrived at from local wages during the picking season. Most of
this labor was performed by the farm operator and members of his family, ex-
cept for extra help in grading and packing on some of the farm with larger acre-
ages. Most of the 229 hours of harvesting labor was for grading and packing.
Picking labor on a rnan—equivalent basis was about two—fifths of a crate (10-quart) I
per hour.
* Department of Agricultural Economics Research Project 16.

 ..2- "
The estimated total cost of production varied significantly with the rate of V
production per acre; the farmers who harvested between 50 and 125 crates per
acre, averaging 85 crates, had a total estimated cost of $5. 63 per crate and
produced at a loss of 50 cents per crate. Those who harvested between 125 ‘
and 199 crates per acre, averaging 164 crates, had an estimated cost of $4.33 `
a crate and a net return above estimated total costs of 70 cents a crate. The
farmers harvesting between 200 and 394 crates per acre, averaging 263 crates,
had an estimated cost of $3.72 a crate and a net return of $1. 22 a crate.
Some significant facts may be observed in the information presented below:
50 to 125 125 to 199 200 to 394
Item crates per acre crates per acre crates per acre
Crates per acre, Av. 85 164 263
Total receipts, per crate $5. 13 $5. 03 $4. 93
Cost of materials, per crate 1. 53 0.85 0. 68
Cost of crates not returned . 34 . 35 .46
Cost of picking and hauling* 1.56 1. 56 1. 56 l
Total cost of materials, 6
` crates not returned, pick- ·
ing and hauling 3.43 2.76 2.70 ·
Return to labor, use of land V
and equipment, per crate 1. 70 2. 27 2. 23 _
Estimated value for use of
equipment and land, per crate 0.44 .20 . 12
Return to labor and manage-
ment, principally farnily
labor, per crate 1. 26 2. 07 2.,11
Return to labor and manage-
ment, per acre $107.58 $341.20 $556.50
Hours of man labor, except
picking, per acre 334 hr,. 504 hr. 519 hr.
Returns per hour of man labor A
(and mgt.) 32¢ 68¢ 1.06
* The picking cost was calculated at $1.44 a crate, and hauling (use of car or truck
exclusive of labor) averaged l2¢ a crate. Picking time is estimated at 2/5 of a
crate (about 10—quart) per hour. On this basis the labor for picking would be 212
hours, 410 hours, and 658 hours, respectively, for the above -mentioned groups.