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, August 2005 - Published by Kentucky Press Association/Kentucky Press Service :
/ J
series set to begin in September News&Ntes ;
Newspaper readers in Kentucky DaySept.”
can take a 10-week trip with Woody, 53C0nstitut§enDa J. . or i
a black and tan miniature dachs- i, J .1 ClflzenShlpflayisSep Y 91.1.}? "2’3;
., heme] he “eveel eeheee eeeeeehse E Eeryscfiifimtmcextesfet am: =
m KPAS 2005 F311 C aPter erles , _ . ' ’“’ meatsrequ ,‘Tie'dgtc teach-3156212.; 7
Project “Tails of the Bluegrass.” a; e" . ' .» ,. it? ' ‘ E... ' theConstztunon (my fitatday :
The senal Siory ls .wrltte“ by -L e: _ .5 l (Thatlsahnosteveryschlmflze f
Kentucky native Leigh Anne J - J , JJJfi; 3; _‘ ~.,- » Jim helix: JJ'JJ'; .J
Florence of Shepherdsville and will “use? J JJfigfi J J , W‘fiafigtd l ,' m: Foundation has ‘ Its/{Io '
be available to all Kentucky newspa- ’ . . _ ‘J 3 ‘ ‘1 imbumefg ydfimay want to use for
week of Sept. 10 and continuing - J ‘ gJJ ataxiaafeflndafiomargclldtz‘a ’
their parents travel across the state. J a J" ,“j'f‘fW «@J e, ' ‘ Thmgslxirstisasenes'ot' legson . .
”It’s a great way for kids across , E ‘1' J“?i3n5f’ fife; {Each} the ‘ First
the state to learn the history and ' 3 J‘ i % ' ' Amendment at all grade levels.
e 'es of a do ,” Florence said. ”Kids 1:25.ng J _ '” f 'e . notations about Fréedom of the
y g - ' . $17.“. '47? 1;; . 1am EE.,.,' 3‘7. -.. q , ' . -
love animals and it is a great way to , fewer . “it . supressandthe FirstAmendment-m " £
Throughout each story, readers " " I “g” E 510“ orwntmg $933,5- j. fl , .‘
and counties in Kentucky, gaining ow“ e f 5e . Citizen community , J
some important life lessons. In the immamgg , JJJ forum planned J . ’_
series Woody learns what it means .. ’ .E ‘-‘ “ ; . .1 , .
t . . m, . . .. ., ,_ gr: . . . A-CihzenKentucky commuxur, .
o adopt a highway, rides around » ' ~ f , . , l'tled” . . . 'th
Bowling Green in a Corvette and Photo supplied by Mark Van Patten Bowling Green Daily News ' ty 0mg CIVIC Literacy: s
learns that Daisy Duke does not live Leigh Anne Florence, author of the KPA 2005 Fall Chapter Series, poses with PeQPlefthEJPJreSS &'Pgbhg JPOhCy
in Hazard K Florence said Woody, the black and tan miniature dachshund, and Chloe, his red-haired sister. in conjunction W'iththeUmversrty '
Sh 'd K" . . h'ld The series is told from the voice of Woody and tells of his family’s trip across the of Kentucky’s. First Amendment
:hsial tt ‘3 “fries fives; 1 8:: state- ' , Centerwillbeheidfrom 11 a.m.'to
some ing 0 reae o. e 1 ,J JJ ,
adults can learn something from the Her stories, based on Woody, The June 2003. Since that time, Florence, " '3 PgPiiiPtitfng; :e%;éS§dent J
stories too. Kentucky Wiener dog, are rhyming her husband, Woody and Chloe Area zit UK : . ' . , I j .
” Adults say, '1 learned stuff 1 did morality stories that she said paral- spend their days traveling to schools Howcan Kentuck mi rave-its
not know,’ " Florence said some 181 her life and teach children lessons and libraries across Kentucky speak- civic literacy somorépegple are 'J
family and friends told her after about events they might experience ing on Woody, his books and his paymgtiatiemion'to public affairs," J
reading the series. in their own lives such as dealing ”Five Ways to Be Successful" and 'lvjoimrtgin pliblic J deliberations 3
Florence, a native of Murray, with stepparents and moving to a ”Five Ways to Improve Writing.” J‘ , i
to focus on writing a children series. Her first book was released in » See TAILS on Page6 2"” J‘i'a " .

 ' Page 2 - The Kentucky Press, August 2005 ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘
K t k l ' th W
en uc y peop e, papers in e ne s
Chris Hamilton, former editor at 2000, he made a transition to the County High School. She graduated donated to the society by Kentucky
the Lebanon Enterprise, is the new news department and was the news from Henderson Community College Publishing, Inc., owners of The
tourist and convention commission editor for two years. He became edi- in 1997 and from Western Kentucky Advance Yeoman and four other
executive director in Lebanon. He tor/ general manager in 2002. University in 1999 with a BA. in jour— weekly newspapers. The newspapers
began his newspaper career in 1980 Leigh Ann Tipton is the new edi— nalism. She was a general assignment owners, Greg and Teresa LeNeave
as a sports writer inLebanon. He was tor of the Union County Advocate. and police beat reporter at the wanted the books to always be avail—
sports editor from 1987 to 1999. In She is a 1995 graduate of Union Henderson Gleaner for a short time able for public viewing. They made
, . _ . .1 1, 1 ,1 before taking the position of sports arrangements with the Genealogy
J h K k writer at the Evansville Courier 8: and Historical Society for the place-
.._.._._...T e 3' entucfl yrre SS...“ Press in 1999, where she has been for ments of several books dating back to
1 11'5‘.Z-::§7".“:,.. almost six years. the 1930’5-
nenanmaeeaeeetneamtaaanaeatiamat Stephanie neap Davis who Denver snannon joined the
kshedmontblyby theKentuckyI’ress works in the advertising department advertising department at The
Assoaahon/Kentudcyi’tesssemce,1ncDismctlz—nnaCannan,Casey at the Appalachian News-Express, Paintsville Herald at the end of June.
mwflmge-F paidatGIasgow, CountyNews i 13' '13; has released her own album, ”How to He has worked as a car salesman for
: gafifixxsfi?f nmwoiiggmmmfi13_ DonWhltE,AndersonNews Say I Love You In A Song.” She began most of his sales-oriented career, and
1p The=l1 =.*.‘.=§“'41‘.,'2~.'»1’g xvi-“u. Ufa»; ‘;..'I 3': ,;‘ “a -~.=I J ; Lat.- al
W..-“ WM__J.W . 74,. WV

 The Kentucky Press, August 2005 - Page 5
KPA summer interns share their experiences
Amanda Morris ' " ings of a weekly newspaper and businesses suffered losses due to is expanding at its own pace and
Murray State _ assured me that I will be very happy forged checks. I was calling busi— keeping its unique qualities as a his-
Sophomore a with the promise of change and nesses to ask how much was stolen. toric landmark. Naturally, The
The Union ‘ adventure inherent in my future Some owners said ”no comment,” Standard is tapping the pulse of this
County Advocate . a?“ career choice. others said ”I’d rather not talk about expansion.

I have always ,fl,%,§f , On one occasion, I was writing a it.” But one owner chose to speak his In light of recent media events in
thought of interns / ”ta“ (5 X474, story about the growing popularity mind, using every expletive imagi- the national scene- (national media
as the ones who ya? )‘ of motorcycles in the area. While I nable. He said, ”you, reporters are outlets being labeled as ”biased" or
made sure every— "A - was interviewing the owner of a always trying to dig up dirt.” He ”liberal”, fabricated sources that
one’s coffee cup was filled with hot, local bike repair shop, he asked me also told me to get a real job. I asked lead to resignation of journalists and
fresh coffee with just the right if I had ever ridden on a motorcycle him what was a real job, and then he journalists who refuse to reveal their
amount of sugar. I thought the before. hung up on me. sources with the consequence of jail
intern was the one who went around When I said ’no,’ he insisted that That experience has shown me time) the trustworthy relationship
taking notes so that no one missed I could not possibly write such a how unruly people can be at any between The Kentucky Standard
anything. These thoughts, of course, story without having ridden myself. given moment. The situation totally and its readership is worth noting.
were wrong. This made fairly good sense to me, caught me off guard; however, I do The most important thing I

As I entered The Union County so four hours later I was shouting feel better equipped to handle future learned is the trust between a news-
Advocate as an advertising intern I questions over my interview sub— incidents, should they arise. paper and its readers should not be
quickly realized the staff was like a ject’s shoulder from the back of a This internship has surpassed my taken for granted.
team and since there was no editor midnight blue Harley—DavidsOn hopes. My writing ability and
or business manager, I quickly Classic over a nearly-inaudible ren— vocabulary aptitude have developed Brittany Johnson
found myself learning how to do dition of ”Ianie’s Got a Gun.” significantly. 1 am also confident that UK _ m
several other jobs, which I have also The day following that particular I can take decent pictures now. A Senior ‘3? 9/3; j 6
come to love. episode, I found myself in the couple of the most valuable things Casey County % w ‘

Throughout my internship there depths of the local quarry mine to I’ve learned have been the impor- News, ? t
have been many things that have write a profile on the industry while tance of meeting objectives ASAP Lebanon :5 M
stood out. One of the biggest chal- the company sales representative and always striving to improve your Enterprise ’
lenges was not using a computer to was turning off the headlights so 1 performance in every area of jour— I never thought a"
layout. During my first several days could see what absolute darkness nalism. I would find
I would find myself looking at the really was. The preceding day I had My attitude about journalism is myself conducting an interview at a
tape and the page wondering exact- been speaking to a 97-year—old very positive. goat farm. But there I was, petting
1y how I was going to get it to line woman and her family and friends baby goats and snapping photos of
up, not usingacomputer. Then there about her fascinating history as a Bo Calvert new farming equipment bought
were days when we would all order local mid—century entrepreneur. University of Louisville with agricultural diversification
pizza and sit in the break room and Besides teaching me to be a better Senior funding. My goat interview actually
laugh. But the most interesting times writer, handle a camera and be Kentucky Standard spawned one of the pieces I am most
were with the customers. Every time responsible for my own appoint— It has been an honor to not only proud of from my 9-week KPA
I answered the phone or helped ments and stories, this internship be accepted at The Kentucky internship experience at the Casey
someone who walked in the door I has solidified my confidence that I Standard as an intern, but to be County News in Liberty and my
never knew how they were going to want to be in a field that beckons me trusted as a source of news by the week at the Lebanon Enterprise.
be or what they were going to say. to embark upon new adventures readers of the newspaper. Valuable lesson number one: always
Working with Lisa, the advertis- every day. There is an undeniable sense of be prepared to go anywhere.
ing manager, and the whole staff at community among long time A UK senior in the School of
The Advocate has taught me much Arthur Lewis ' .