the wounded parts. The man could not speak a word, but could communicate with his rescuers only by means of a few agonized signs.

Not far away was found a third unfortunate. He was twice wounded, but still was able to talk intelligently. He was a lawyer. His name was Cowan. He with his wife, sister-in-law, and children, together with four or five gentlemen, including one or two trusty guides, had been on a pleasure trip through this wonderful region. The novelty of travel in covered wagons had been delightful. One morning, little dreaming of danger, they were suddenly attacked. The travelers fought as well as they could. In vain. Besides the three men which had been found, the rest of the party had been killed, with the exception of two ladies, who were taken prisoner.

On the 9th of September, messengers brought word that General Sturgis with a strong force of cavalry was coming from the south. Joseph was now between the two forces. Could the Indian chieftain again escape? Yes, this man or savage, with a genius for war which would have made him eminent among the military leaders of the age, made a feint toward the west, fooling Sturgis, and sending the latter off on a wild goose chase, while he and his people, under cover of a dense forest, made their way into a narrow and slippery canon. This was immensely deep. The high, narrow walls were but twenty feet apart. Down into this dark canon at a practicable point slipped and floundered the cavalry and infantry. It was a strange sight, as the column wound along the bottom of the defile, men, horses, pack mules, and artillery, with only a narrow ribbon of sky just above them.   All in vain.   Joseph escaped again.

A junction was soon formed with Sturgis, and the batter's fresh cavalry at once hurried forward in the unending pursuit, On the evening of the 13th of September, word reached General Howard that a battle was being fought. Taking fifty cavalrymen he at once hurried forward in the bitter cold and darkness of the swamps.   "At sunrise," says he, "we crossed the Yellow-