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Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, September 5, 1975 text The Green Bean, September 5, 1975 1975 2014 true xt74mw28b47q section xt74mw28b47q 1975·76 g QM S AND QBJEQIIXES T H E
The objectives discussed at _ ( G R E E N
Shakertown are listed below. It · ` = ’ ·
is important to note that there ‘ I _ VB E A N
are not comprehensive objectives ( ‘ ‘ __ ‘
of the Library system, but some (4 _ "‘ ·~
objectives Of qcals ¤¢édi¤9 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LXBRARIES
emphasis during the 1975-76 N5w3L5TTER e 9/S/75
academic year. Overall objectives . __
were printed in the Green Bean several months ago. Some of the other
material presented at Shafertcwn will appear in subsequent_issues of
the Green Bean.
A. Director's Office g I
1. Be more responsive to your needs. P _
2. Work toward a more effective interpretation of the library to:
— The staff
• Those who fund us
- Our patrons
3. Review MRAP recommendations with staff especially in light of
any suggested reorganization.
B. Library System g
»ii l. Work to develop an informed staff with hi h morale, working
_tggether. (without this the library simpgy will not e
success ul. The Library exists as an effective and efficient
whole only to the extent that its parts are brought together
in a network of internal relationships. Each staff member
plays a role in the achievement of this goal.) ‘ V
2. Work together to achieve: V _
a.) Personnel of high quality. P
b.) A strong collection.
c.) Responsiveness to the needs of users.
d.) Consistent funding support.
3. Stress effectiveness and efficiency in public services and
public services attitudes. (Eliminate the "King shuffle".)
Remember that student and faculty understanding of the Library
system • or the lack of it - will depend very largely upon
what members of the staff (including the important role which
student assistants play) say and do rather than upon any stamr
ment made by the department heads or the Director's Office.
Action by student assistants and staff speak louder than words
that we are going to have as a goal this year the improvement
of public services.
J g P.W.

 P Y a *2*  ;_ · .  n . ..     3 *  
there has been a request for the Director‘s Office to coordinate a car
pool to KLA pre—conference (Oct. 8-9, 1975). If you are interested
in’participating;.pleasensend your name to_Faith Harders. Indieate_
if you would be willing to drive and how many people you canatake,·
The following personnel changes have been made effective this week in
the Library system: A
Martha Huff, Law Library to GPD. ' “ °:. ° 4 `
Trudi Bellardo, Math to King Library to coordinate all aata base
·r · - (SDC, Lockheed, etc;)-activities.— She will work part time in
‘ Reference and Instructional Services.
Ruby Herald, Periodicals to Math Library. - =n~
Paul Thompson, Reference to Business Library.- _1
Norma Jean Gibson, Art Library to Reference. _ =‘·i§`l U
Karin Sandvik, to Art Library as head on an interim basis,- »
 5   »         y
»Science and_technology librarian, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y.
‘° _ _` n ji * vsalaryk $15,500 + `-
Acquisitions Librarian, Syracuse University.
Salary: $1l,265 + ‘i .
  V, l i i
New Staff Member: Anne Swencki, LT III, GPD, September 2.