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* Les ian
59W“ Ni: 2008
. . - 1/
Organlzatlon .
/\ Publication or [he Lexin flan Ga Services Or anizafion
E: Y S
Volume 23 Numberfi
Imperial Court of Kentucky Pride M1 3th Events
Coronation 27

. H . » . Pride events are listed and
HI ‘I .. ‘ Lh/e “3,11?ng Cjoutllt ol K‘e1l1tuc‘ky' w1ll described in order by date Of
cewtatc _ )cals o icon inuous 1111t1a1s1ng occurrence starting on this page.
\v1th 1ts 27th annual (.01011atio11 Ball and 1e|ated A t. I . I d d f t
activities the weekend olilune6-9. Cuhninating r [C es ”10 u e or many even 8 .
the weekend will he the annual Coronation Ball
where the court celebrates the year ol‘ Friday, May 30
l‘undraising. elects next year's Board ol‘Directors .d f
and elects the new Emperor and Empress. the P11 9 Prom 01' Teens
ligurehead leaders ol'the organization. GLSO Gay Straight Alliance for Youth

This year. His Most lmpcrial Majesty.

Emperor 26 Brad Shepherd. and Her Most

Imperial Majesty. Empress 26 Lawrcn LaMoore. saturday’ may 31
Invite you to 510111 themdor Wonkas Clreus Sister-Sound Concert
lr1p. a Wllly Wonka/Clrcus-themed evemng

Idle): wtltl: 1celebration. grand entertamme11t and ‘Rgmember then? Part 2
rec ~1111t1. _

Coronation weekend is one of the major UK Slngletary Center 8 pm
Pride Month activities in Lexington. The 859 257_4929
weekend starts \VIth the l11-Town Show 011 Friday
evenmgatMam Streetljive. Doors open at7:30 Thursday, June 5
pm and the show w1ll begm at 8:00 pm.

Admission is a $5 donation. This show will GLSO Art Show
feature many ol‘ Lexington's l'avorite eourt P - _
performers. and will beheld on the Level Dance nde Center 6 9 Pm
Floor. Continued on next page Continued on page 3
Pride Month Sponsor 3 DAINEQW SPONSOR
J Imperial Court of KY
- 859-338-8483 .
7.1“ Coronation 27
If SAcker4224@aol.com . _

 lmperial Court Coronation Conti. .
~-~—-—I , GAY AND

On Saturday, an official State Dinner will be amw L E s B I A N

held at the Radisson Plaza Hotel Spirits Lounge. éfiéfi;

Cocktails begin at 5:30 pm and dinner will be {3*} SERVICES

served at 6:00 pm. Admission is a $25 donation. i!" ORGANIZATION
Two events will follow later that evening. The ,1 .

Out-of—Town Show, held at Main Street Live, Lexmgton, KentuCKy
will feature entertainers from courts across the Incorporated as _ _
nation. Doorswillopen at8:00 pm withthe show The Gay SerVIce Organlzatlon
beginning at 8:30pm. Coverisa$5 donation.

Following the Out-of—Town Show, the court P.O. BOX 1172 Lex., KY 40588
is planning to host an After Party for our out of WWW.IeXingtongISO@yahoo.com
town guests and in town court community. The
After Party will begin at Bang Nightclub at WWW.ngOpC.Ol'g
approximately 11 pm. Cover is a $5 donation. ,

The weekend culminates on Sunday also NEW:
evening with the 27th Coronation Ball at the
Radisson Plaza Hotel Grand Ballroom in VOLUME 22 N0. 6
downtown Lexington. Doors open at 5:30 pm
with the Opening Production to begin promptly News Editors
at 6:00 pm. AdmIssnon IS a $15 donation, and Mary Crone & Sarah phillips
includes hors d oeuvres.

The evening will feature performances by
guests from other courts across the country, the Pride Center Office Manager
annual election for voting members of the Bi” Chandler
organization, step-down performances from
Emperor 26 Brad and Empress 26 Lawren, and 859 253'3233
the crowning ceremony for next year's monarchs.

This year's candidates for Monarch are GLSO BOARD
Daddy Wayne for Emperor 27 and Eve St. _

Mychal for Empress 27. The Candidates for open Mary crone, PreSIdent
Board of Director positions are Jason Asher, Ginger Moore, Secretary
Daryl Royse, Brad Shepherd, and Louis Vite. Sondra MGHOtt, Treasurer
Voting for qualified members of the Imperial *Thomas Collins
Court of Kentucky will begin at 5:30 pm on _

Coronation evening *Jane Minder

On Monday, the weekend ends with a Terry Mullins
Vlctory Brunch at the Radisson Plaza Hotel Dana Wallinford
Spirlts Lounge. Doors open at 10:30 am, With
brunch to follow at 11:00 am. Admission is a$25 * . _
donation lrtl) procgss of becorlnjlrgg bogrd d

Emperor Brad and Empress Lawren invite mem ers. DU 00 cou e a oar
you to join the Court for the full weekend of member. Call Mary 266—5904
activities to help them celebrate Reign 26's GLSO Membership
fundraising accomplishments. You can view & Newsletter
additional information regarding Coronation 27 Individuals/Couples
at www.imperialcourtkentucgorg. $20 per year
Page 2

, Pride Month Events
Community Meetings and events that are not directly tied to Pride Month are on page 7
Art Show and Open House 200 people came, they all said itwas so
Thursday, June 5 nice they would be back this year and
bring their friends. This year there is

GLSO invites you to an Art Show and more entertainment than before. Club
Open House at the Pride Center, 389 DUb and Phat Maverick Will be playing
WallerAve from 6 pm to 9 pm_ There will be musicfor you. There will be ladies from
hearty appetizers, punch and wine. There the Imperial COUl'l 0f the Bluegrass
is no admission charge. doing a small show, a fire dancer, the

. . . Several ofthe pieces will be in asilent Squash Beetle Dancers. a stilt
A at the Downtown Festival on June 28. walker/dancer, a Tarot reader and
Glsio welcomes calls from artists more. There is entertainment for the
interested in displaying their art during the kidStOO-

year. Contctthe Pride Centerat253—3233 The fOOd is free With admission
and there will be a cash bar with all
" 54.7. >5" . major credit cards accepted. And, oh
i , “. r FRl- JUNE 6 yeah,therewillbeahorse racetowatch
’ 6: i on the big screen TV. ls Big Brown

‘ ‘2’ .n. s ; he VHKH'NG goingtotaketheTriple Crown?
AWE,“ if? (HAIR The event runs from 2 to 9 at
’ 'M ' ‘ ~‘ Conoid Farm. That's at 2492 N.

Wishing Chair will be appearing at Cleveland Rd- To get there 90 OUl
Natasha’s Café,112 Esplanade in V\finchester Rd. to N. Cleveland and
downtown Lexington. Tstarts at 9 pm and turn right (NOT left like your going to
the covercharge is $7 Windy Knoll) and it is the 15t big three

Since 1995, multi-instrumentalist story anti-bellum mansion on the left.
Miriam Davidson and songwriter Kiya You can't miss it. The balloons and Stuff
Heartwood have made an art of inspiring at the gate show you the way, not to
performances and award winning songs. A mention the huge tent in the yard. For
V\fishing Chair concert is a creative mix of tickets call 252.2867 or 253.3233. The
intelligent lyrics, spell binding storytelling, prices in advance are $25 for singles or
and breathtaking harmony over a full folk $45 per couple. ltwillbe $35 per person
and roll sound. This gifted duo seduces the atthe gate.
listener with soulful confessions, political You can't beat a day in the country
broadside, and wicked groove, at a beautiful estate with tons of

entertainment. So come out and enjoy
Belmont BBQ and help Moveable Feast celebrate
. their tenth year of serving Lexington
Moveable Feast Fundralser and ourcommumty.

Moveable Feast is having their 2"d _
annual Belmont BBQ on Saturday June 7‘". June 6 . 8 Coronation
It has quickly become the most fun you can
havewith yourclothes on. Lastyearabout see pages 1 and 2

Page 3

 Friday 20: Insight Movie Night .
. gay, lesbian or transgender characters.
Fabulous: The Story Of Queer Cinema John Waters quips that it would be radical
The insight Group invites everyone to to see a gay actor playing a gay character
our Friday night movie on Friday, June 20 at these days.
the Pride Center, 389 Waller Ave. We will
have snacks to share. ' ' ' '
Picking up where "The Celluloid unl'a’lan unwe’sall‘d
Closet" left off, Fabulous! The Story of -
Queer Cinema shows the explosion of out— @Church 0, L’exmgivn
and-proud film making in the US, from
Kenneth Anger's Fireworks (1947) right up Sam, 2033362333:
to Brokeback Mountain. ”
Over the course of 81-minute running
time, this documentary highlights queer The Unitarian Universalist Church
cinema landmarks from the mid-20th will have it's Pride service on Sunday.
century to the present. Where "The June 22. At 10 am. After the service
Celluloid Closet" focused more on the there will be a reception hosted by
behind-the—screen stories of gay talentand Interweave in the Fellowship Hall.
the hidden homosexual subtexts in Interweave is a social and activist group
Hollywood's golden years, "Fabulous!" for LGBT people and allies
celebrates the films featuring anunetheUUChurchBoardwillbe
unequivocally g'f‘y characters or those considering making one of our small
{2:21:st OUt directors on homosexual bathrooms intoagender neutral/ family
The landmarks are here including bathroom. Cr perhaps one family
, . . bathroom WIth a changlng table and
John Waters early mowes and coming-out .
stories such as "Making Love" (1982) and another that Is gender neutral. We want
"Desert Hearts" (1985). But there are also our church-to be welcomlng to all people.
lesser know films like "dykesploitation", soft We have V's'tors and members who are
porn originally made for a straight male transsexual, transgender or gender
audiences but now embraced as kitsch fun queer. BY providing a bathroom that can
bylesbian and gayviewers. be used by anyone, individuals who
A major focus of the film is the 19903 think their gender presentation may be
withtheexplosion ofNew QueerCinema.lt confusing to others, will not have to
covers the controversies over the National worry aboutwhich bathroom to choose.
Endowment for the Arts support for Todd Please visit us anytime this
Haynes' "Poison," Tom Kalin's "SW00“ 't summer. Services will be at 10 am until
also touches‘on controversies within the mid-Audust. Our community isa diverse
gay community over negative Images Of group of individuals with beliefs that
LGBTpeopleln “'T‘S- cover the spectrum of liberal religious
The last 20 mlnutes takes the story up theolo W B ddh' t P
,, ,, . gy. e are u IS 3, agans,
to the V\fi||&Grace present, featurlng gay Christians Humanists and more We
characters on television, and straight ' ’ _ '
actors who regularly win awards for playing are located at 3564 Clays M'” Rd"
Page 4 -_

 Real Estate Service With
“ Pnorissmnnusm
)7 Illssuus
' innanlrv
_.g7/___. “Enlcnnou
R w a Eunlusmsm
~ Whether you are buying your first home or planning a ‘
move up, the help of a trained, experienced professiOnal
t can make all the difference. lean help make the '
buying/selling process‘a‘ fun and enjoyable experience,
Give me a call Scott Ackermcm
Mobile: 859-338-8483
Fax: 859 269-0065
E-Mail: SAcker4224@aol.com
_% Serving Lexington & All of Central Kentucky a
Call me with all your Real Estate Needs
Page 5

 PRIDE MONTH EVENTS CONTINUED hottie Ari Gold and local song siren
Robbie Bartlett. On top of the dazzling
' ' entertainment, Senator Ernesto Scorsone
Integrlty Prlde MflSS will make a special appearance.
June 22 Don't think you'll go away hungry.
The ticket includes a full dinner of pasta
An Integrity Pride Mass will be held bar or stir fry entrees with vegetarian
at St. Martha’s Episcopal church on options available. For those looking for
Sunday, June 22 at 1030. Integrity is an spirits, several cash bars will be on hand.
organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual. Thingswillkickoffat7p.m.on Friday
and transgender Episcopalians and our June 27m at the Radisson downtown.
straight friends. St. Martha's Episcopal Seating is limited and tickets are going
Church is located at 1321 Trent Blvd. fast so be sure to get your ticket now.
For information contact David Cupps at Ticket prices start at $65 and go for as
david@david cupps.com much as you want to donate. Keep in
mind that Lexington Fairness is a non—
profit organization, and all donations are
1136 Wizzapd 0f OZ welcome.
Those who are coming from out of
Ky Theater lune 26 town should count on spending the night.
The movie that was our’s before The Fairness Awards feed directly into
Rocky Horror will be shown at 1:30 and Lex Pride 2008, Lexington's first all-day
7:15 on Wednesday, June 26. Lets turn pride festival to take place in Cheapside
outto the Ky. Theaterand enjoythis classic Park in downtown 0" Saturday June
that is part ofthe theater’s summer classic 28th. LexFairwill be on hand atthe Pride
festivai We might sing along, boo the bad Festival as well as have a presence at the
witch, orthinkofVchedandcheerheron. Diversity Day festival hosted
Whichever, this could be a fun family concurrently on the courthouse lawn
occasion. across from gay establishment Bang.
AND THE WINNER IS... Mia’s has relocated,. It now can
be found on the corner of Short and
Have you bought your ticket yet? Limestone at what use to be Annabells.
Lexington Fairness is hosting the There is more outdoor tables anda
Fairness Awards for the LG BTQ great atmosphere.
community. The ceremony promises to
be one of the must-attend events of 2008. ‘ ,_. _
The event promises more than just 9 Keep the love you find;
the average doling out of awards. Lady [:4 Get the love you want!"
Bunny, reigning queen of drag queens, .
will fly in from New York to host the Award . .
show. Working with the irreverent Lady Jesswa Bolllnger LCSW
Bunny will be the ever-talented and super Imago Relationship Therapist
comical Tra-i La Trash. Those two ladles EMDR Trauma Work
prOVlde their own vocals, but.lf they are Couples, Family, Individual
not enough, the show Will feature imagoconnection com 552-6533
performances by hip-hop artistand '
Page 6

 ' ' k l
, Kenmc Bunga ow Tour
5 ;' ,i‘f’. r.
‘t- -. l' . L- e -,
,. ' /& ‘ i. ' Sunday, June 8 2008
, ' " fl 1‘4: All Tour a variety of homes and
, "an. , gardens in a neighborhood
M ., an» w"? known for Its diverSIty
Tic ets ‘. 5 _ _ _ m:
Available onjune 8 at fl 1ft. I ' ‘7 . 5»
Victory Christian Churc 15;; r. . ‘3 _.;k ,1 ‘32}:14‘545"?
parking lot located at a fig" gigtktw "I“ g '= ‘5’.-
. E .E’ 1" fi ' . r .-
148V1ctoryA1/e g :2. , . . “h! , f _.
L " F t’i‘
E ma ‘ . “,1
_, 4 L. , ‘_‘
Kenwick Bungalow Tour
K E I T H D O N l P H A N The Kenwick neighborhood, also
E LSTO N been known as Dyke Height, will have its
ATTORNEY AT LAw second Bungalow Tour on the first
Sunday in June. The tour will include a
. variety of homes and gardens.
i M This is a neighborhood that has been
1:2 «9r increasing in popularity with a number of
homeowners improving their property
(, 3 » over the last decade. This makes it a
i‘wl 4*?” ‘ great place to buy a home. There are a
f' ' L ' i, ’ filzl number of properties for sal,e- including
" {A duplexes as well as single family
(859) 225-2348 For Sale Starcraft Pop-up Camper
1993 Starlight - in good shape
51 1_A WEST SHORT STREET Sleeps 5 Adults New Tires
LEXINGTON, KY 40507 $1,500 or best offer
Call Mary or Barbara at 266—5904
Page 7

 . .
Cemmumty ewe
The Women's Singles Group will meet TransKentucky is a support, social,
Friday, June 6 at 7:00 pm. at Natasha's and resource group serving Lexington and
Cafe located at 112 Esplanade in Kentucky. Our mission is to provideasafe
downtown Lexington. The group will meet place for transgender individuals and
for dinner and to finalize the group's plans others who do not fit the standard gender
for June activities. norms. We support each other by offering
Some ofus plan to stayfortheVlfishing advice, resources and insights from our
Chair concert, which begins at 9 pm. own experiences. This is not a therapy
Tickets are $7.00. All single women are QFOUP- _ _ '
welcome to join us. Please call Deb S. at Family, friends, and supportive
967-3263 if you plan to come for the community members are invited to attend
meeting and/or the concert, so we can to gain understanding 0f issues
reserveatablelarge enoughfor all ofus. concerning gender presentation, identity,
This is asocial group for single lesbian and variance. We meet 0“ the first
and bi-sexual women. If you are coming Saturday 0f each month at 7330 pm. -
out or questioning your identity and not yet Meetings are free and you may dress
sure what label suits you best, just let us howeveryou feel comfortable. Forlnfo and
know you are in the process of figuring it Lexington meeting place email
out. it is fine to join us if you are dating as TransKentucky@gmail.com
long as you still identify as single. We ask
that members respect each other, keep A Jr H M ,
confidentiality, and be aware that other P OUSQ OV'QS
members will not be "out" in some areas of
theirlives. Davina and Kathy have started an Art
House Movie and Discussion Group
0 throu h the U. U. Church. You do not have
lEXIhQ‘Oh .h3i9h* to bega church member to join us for an
Lexington Insight will meet for our evening 0f film and diSCUSSth- The QFOUP
regular potluck on the first Friday, June 5 meets the hFSt Thursday 0f the month to
at 7 pm at the Pride Center. On the third view a film at approximately 7 pm. at the
Friday, June 20, everyone is invited tojoin Lexington Green Movies 8 or the
us for a movie. See pge For info call KYTheater. Afterwards the group
Dana at 859-230-2428. discusses the film at a nearby restaurant.
An e-mail listing the movie, theater and
meeting time is sent the Monda before the
Bluegrass Women's Network film night. To be added to this ylist contact
Bluegrass Women's Network is a Davina atartemis427@yahoo.com.
social group for women of all ages. To .
receive emails about events contact Discussion Group
debbywoman@gmail.com. They plan Every Wednesday Night
a variety ofoutings and women can choose .
yo attend whatever is appealing to them. Prlde Center 7 to 9
All Are Welcome
Page 8

 D owntown Pride Festival
3 We Are Family
3 Sponsors
g 62X.net
:1 GLSO Scott Ackerman

Imperial Court of KY
1 Marsha Tiffany
3 Tate/Hill/lacobs Architects Insight Group
3 Brandi Skirvin Paul Crowley
: Urban League Dr. Gary Patton
Dr. Nick Kouns Kentucky Democratic Party
: Morningside Woodcrafters - Shelby Reynolds 8 Willie Brown
t Bluegrass Women's Network
We den and: an an m and W due
M m mined an minus We of W m
0&th mmmmwmmmu
W's Mm Pride W e amen.
Page 9

 . o , 0
May 30, Friday: Gay Straight Alliance for Youth- Pride Prom lexmgton 8 Downtown Pnde Weekend
. “ H . -
May 31 saturday S'Stersqund C°"°e"t Remember When June 27 Friday Lexrngton Fairness Awards Banquet
8 pm Singletary Center for the Arts
June 5 Thursday: GLSO Pride Center Art Show, _ 6pm to 9pm- Radisson Plaza Hotel- 7pm Tickets available at www.lexfair.org $65 -and up
' , , The Fairness awards recognize contributions made by gay, lesbian,
. 389 Waller Ave, appetizers 8‘ refreshments provrded- FREE bisexual and transgender Kentuckians and our allied wh fight to bring
June 6, Friday Wishing Chair in Concert fairness to the commonwealth. Please join us for an evening of
_ Natasha’s Café - 112 Esplanade cover charge ' $7 Spectacular, star studded and often irreverent entertainment.
June 6 - 8 The Imperial Court of Kentucky Coronation Weekend June 28 Saturday: Lexington’s D0 to Pride Festival
Friday: ln—Town Show- Main Street Live - Doors open at 7:30 pm ,, . ,, . . .
Show at 8pm _ $5 Admission We Are Family — Our first downtown testival at Cheapsrde Park -
. . _ g ' 251 W. Main St. 11 am - 9 pm Entertainment, raffle, Silent auction,
Saturday. State Dinner- Radisson Plaza Hotel Spirits Lounge ' . games, food and fun_ Everyone is welcome — come out enjoy the day
Cocktails 5:30 & dinner at 6 pm. $25 donation for admrssron. .
Out-of-Town Show- Main Street Live- Doors open at 8pm - Show Raffle Prizes
starts at 8:30pm- $5 Admrssron After Party at the Bang at 11 I
Th fth ffl 't
Sunday: 27th Coronation Ball - Radisson Plaza-Hotel Grand Ballroom . that wifebaereafotri: (Bowitljw: IP33: WWW-lexprlde-com
Doors open 5:30 Production 6 pm Voting 5:30 - 9pm $15 donation Festival. Find the box for the prize you
June 7, Sat. Moveable Feast’s 2nd Annual Belmont Stakes BBQ wantand puns many t'ckEts '" thaw”
. . as you can purchase or spread your Thank YOU
Conord Farm - 2492 N. Cleveland Rd.— 2 to 9 pm Advance tickets ticketsaround forvarious prizes.
:25 Eel. gerson’f‘i? EQUpf’f-rfktetzaant 'tl'l;e dtgosr9$23§2¢23gggren 12 Sky box at Lexington Legends T h e P r i d e F e stival
_ r _ . .
un er res) or m 0 an IC 8 S r y One night stay at the Hyatt in a deluxe Piannlng Committee has worked
June 20, Friday: Insight Movie Night: "Fabulous! The Story of guestroom and dinnerfor two at the diligentiyto bring a public downtown
Queer Cinema" Pride Center 389 Waller Ave. 7pm Rad'sson S cafe on the Park GLBT feSt'Va' to Lexmgton. The
Snacks & refreshments provided Free Signed bottle of UK Marker Marks with way to thank them '3 to come to the
two shot glasses festival and have a greattime
June 20- 21: Kentuckiana Pride Festival in Louisville Lexmark printer The organizations that came
Friday — Parade Saturday- Festiva lwww.kentuckianapridefestivalcom $45 Outback dinner certificate and two together tolplan Inc'qdei GLSO,
_ _ , , movies passes to Cinemark Theaters AVOL! Lexmgton Fa'messt' KY
June 22 Sunday: lntergrity Pride Mass St. Martha 8 Episcopal Church , _ Stonewall Democrats, Lexmgton
_ . . . . . The Passronate Vegetarian Cookbook F tt C H Ith D rtm t
1321 Trent Blvd.- 10.30am For info vrsrt www.lexmtegrity.org and a $20 gift certificate to Good Foods eye 6 0- ea epa en .
_ _ UK's GSA, Lexmark's GAYLA and
June 22, Sunday Unitarian Universalist Church Pride Service Ponofino D'nner Ctemfica‘e for $50 and the Imperial Court of KY.
. two Cinemark mov1e passes.
11 am 3564 Clays Mill Rd . . . . The sponsors forthe Downtown
CO'Iins BOW'W’ one hour '“CIUdmg . Pride Festival are listed on page 9.
June 25, Thursday The Wizard of Oz - KY Theater 1:30 and 7:15 $quhlpdment for Up to SIX peOPIB- Bowling '
-S l .
——_—_—_ h
Page 10 , Page 11


 his is. the quilt that GLSO will be raffling during
- n. ‘3’ \ ,‘
”1:32 ‘C I” V} l ’ ""7 *7 n, "a :.
» IC elf) .7 4 ”M“? m ‘
. r 3 fOr 55’ 95.33 , r‘whfilfl‘ ]
. * ’ ~‘l, 4‘. ‘
r »- ‘1 :mm ‘4 ‘
n , , ‘ «1...? e; ,
’4; .‘ -‘ , a ‘ V
‘ L ll! I I ' a I ‘ t
r * as t
i" .5" ,. 3 y u. “
, If [,3 j ,5 n; ‘N t ‘ '
A? .izustrhlfiépgj‘ M 14% (l uni} , I 1
GLSO Thanks Phyllis Ho0ver for creating“ ‘
and donntim this beautiful quilt to US. .
\ _' 1 i
‘fiLBAJ—“G l i
1 I. \
\ ‘k l , h 9‘ ‘ fig.“ L
‘ ‘ ‘ “ ‘ ‘ 1
r . ‘ . " I). Q
' “ '-. \‘n o
-\ M . xx. x‘wx
- « -' \
‘ ' use“ ‘ - ‘ 'f‘ ,
Ff'nllltllliltl ltH’ l’l’lDUL ,
, , r , .,
Page 13

 Discussion Ol'l Gender My identity as a lesbian became more
. . ' _ specifically butch after that. Now, going on
Mlchlgan Womyn’s MUSIC FGSIIVBI thirty years later, I consider myself gender
queer. I did consider, for a while, that I
The Michigan womyn’s Music Festival might be transsexual but I wanted to
has greatly influenced how I think and live. continue to be a part ofthis strong woman's
One big factor is seeing thousands of community. And I am glad I kept my
women, mostly lesbians, looking so breasts because women I want to be in
delightfully varied. I will notice different relationship with, like breasts. Gender
aspects in different years. My first year I queerworksforme."
was 39 and needed to see all those women 60+ years "I came out in my early
between 40 and 80 that werejoyfully part of twenties and found family in the bars in
thatcommunity. Chicago. I had to choose butch or fem and
Every year there is a workshop or two it seemed pretty obvious that I was butch
that keeps me thinking for months - if not and I was comfortable with that. But a few
years. The first year I attended I had been years later I was becoming afeminist andI
outforlessthan ayearandwas still married. learned that the “butch role” was
That year the workshops for womyn over 40 considered by some of my feminists friends
showed me that many women had been to be mimicking straight men. Because of
married and often took some time to get that I consciously tried to be androgynous
divorced. It took me a little while, though, for a while. When I came to Michigan for
to actually tell people I was married with the first time I saw many butch women who
children. weren't androgynous and I realized that I
LastyearIattendedaworkShOp thatwas could just be myself here, whatever that
structured to be a discussion among several was. I now believe that I am not mimicking
generations ofwomen on the topic ofgender men even ifI wear men's clothes a lot ofthe
identity, including butch/fem, trans time. Butch and male are not the same for
identities defined in a number of different me. If] knew more about the trans option
ways, gender queer and more. Women Who when I was 25, I might have taken that
were of different ages, and coming out in route. At my age now, I am glad I did not
different time periods, were encouraged to dothat.
come and talk abouthow they look at gender 34 year old woman — with beard. "I
identity and expression. have loved coming to Michigan for the last
There were many different opinions and 15 years. I started growing facial hair
stories shared during that. workshop and I during puberty and my mother hated it. She
was only able to write down parts of the also had facial hair but I was more
conversation, some of which I will share "masculine" in a number of ways and she
here. These are not necessarily completely continually made negative comments about
accurate quotations, but i did try to capture it. I found Michigan 21 place where I could
the essence. Idid not always record the age be myself and learned that women I was
of the various speakers, but I will share what attracted to, were attracted to me. But the
[made note of. last few years have been difficult in a new
Person about 50. "As a young teen I way. Women ask meifI am taking "T" and
didn't see any women that I thought I could someone actually followed me to the
grow up to be. I came to the Michigan showers. I think we need to focus on
Festival for the first time when I was 19. ] rejecting any binary system. Many of us
saw women who were like me and I found just don't fit into that and shouldn’t have to.
the future open up; perhaps I would be like Ifwe could continue these conversations in
that older woman or something like this one.
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 Bluegrass Gay
The Bluegrass Gay Phonebook is a new yellow page based
directory for Gay and Gay-Friendly businesses, service providers
and community groups in Lexington and Central Kentucky.

The deadline for our premiere annual issue is August 8, 2008, and

the directory will be available on September 19, 2008. Call or log

onto our web site for more information.
o . . ”HIE

10A) of our sales W111 be donated to GLSO Prlde Center. “3.2.1:.

many places, maybe we can have more experienced - pressure to be butch or
accepting communities that don‘t make fem , not in the middle, or to be andro,
people fit into boxes. I would like to see not on the edges. We need to stop
Michigan be accepting of transwomen who pressuring each other. I am happy as a
wish to present as women - in whatever way butch lesbian. We should continue
works forthem.” these discussions each year."

27 year old. “ I thought I was a boy when l 42 year old “i do love that we have
was young, like three to five. My parents told womyn only space. There are many
me I was a girl but when I didn’t agree, they festival and having one be womyn only
didn’t argue with me but called me atom boy. is important to me. Sexism is still very
When I went to public school they asked me to real; racism isn’t over, sexism isn‘t
go along with the girl label for a while and it over. When I first came here there
became ok with me. Some trans people have were transwomen at the fest and that
this experience also but I did not feel the strong was ok. i have written the festival staff
gender disconnect that many of them several times on this issue. I hope they
experience. Going through puberty was not will considerallowingwomen who have
bad for me. Close to that time my mom surgically transitioned to be here, with
provided me with information about sexual no checking of anatomy. But I would
orientation. One ftm (female to male) friend also ask that people who still have
has told me recently that he thinks I should penises not be as public as several
consider trans, that butch isn’t “enough.” I were last year. That is going to delay
seems a little like what some of you any changes in policy.
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Q... Dear Helena, I'm in love with a “at; 9‘ I
man at work. I don't know if he is w
straight or gay. He speaks to me and ‘3..-" y
smiles at me. When he smiles and looks , .. J ‘ . 33?;
at me with is gorgeous blue eyes, I go \. 7, ‘ ‘
weak. Should I come out to him and go ‘ '
for it or just suffer in silence? stylish clothes and is stuck on the same
hairstyle he has had for years. He needs a
W _ . @153, ([012; ([0 you tfiinfgyou are makeover but I don‘t know how to tell
tfiefirst one tofa[[foraguy at worfi’ E35313 Without hurting hIS feelings.
It liappens fioney. (You are going to .
liar/e to fianfle t/iis carefiMfy since it is m .. “You say tfiat fie is too "cfieap" to
at worfi Some places wi[[ actually fire guy new cfotfies. yfuw you tfioug/it of
people lftfiey 58607118 invoEr/ecfwitfi a Euying liim some new cbt/ies tfiat you
fe[[ow emp[oyee. 3113f continue 150 53 wouflffirfie to see liim in? Sometimes a
nice andasfiafew pertinent questions man just neecflr t/ie otfier Half to nurture
SIM/i (15 wfiere lie [1&5 13030 out W55" fiim into wfiat we want fiim to ([0. ‘You
lie is on a cfate or as/{J/iim w/iczt "type” gnaw) woréyour cfiarm ancf Eat your
fie IS interestecfin. Iffie says [ong eyes tfien say, ’Tget so fiat wfienyou
)r [eggecffionares wit/i 61g 6006s t/ien wear sfiirts [i/{e tfiis or tfiose flind‘ of
3, you '17me 56’s straigfit. If you really pants’f You {Mar/e liim wearing wfiat
.p feef 5012f, you can a[ways te[[/iim fie you want liim to in no time. it 3 far a 3
a fias tfie bTuest eyes you ’ve ever seen. t/ie gamut) you can a[ways maifie a (123d
‘9 W0 one wi[[ turn 10W” a compfiment witfi your flair sty[ist to liar/e Iiim/fier
'e ancf/ie wi[[eitfier 5e uncomforta5k or give Iiim a new 513% and t/ien you 55
N f [littered ‘You’ffget tfie 7115!? 5y we tfiere to say flow muc/i you [one it w/ien
ly way lie 735170711»? 1503“)” £ny asfitfie t/ie styIist isfinisfiear. [ffie reafly is
y T‘igfit questions. If/ie LS‘ straigfit, t/iat infléxilife and-won’t tafle tfie new
"t W07” 5 t0}? ycufr om tfiinéing offiim at cfot/ies or t/ie new fiaircut, eitfier close
3 n'igfit w/ien you are a[one ancftfie your eyes Juring 533C gnu” 0116; go out
lff [zgfits are down [010) 710W wz[[zt? a[one or mayEe just accept Iiim [i/{e lie
ey flfter aft fantasies can 6e fun t00- is. Wow t/iere is a concept.
1: flncféen‘zfemligr, It ” £355]? my? so Q... Dear Helena, I refuse to be tested
' d as g n a, t e 900 ltc sat", Come for HIV. My boyfriend is tested every six
‘e out, come out wfiereveryou are ! months and wants me to get tested but I
at Q... Dear Helena, I have been with my Just don't want to know. I understand a
iy boyfriend for 6 years and I am tired of litiiif people have my opmlon about 9
his outdated look. He is really g tested but he msrsts. Your thoughts.
_ handsome but is too cheap to buy some Continued on page 17
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' . ii
Sunday Worsh1p 10.30
1033 Industry Rd. s
- ‘1
- (859) 338—1195 . y
WWW.stmychalthemartyrcrg )1
S! M chal ‘l'he Mar r . .
' y W Jubilee Fellowship 6
stmychalthemartymrg . _ /
Jubilee Fellowship welcomes 0
You are invited to ourworship ‘services every members ofthe GLBT community and 9
Sunday at 10330 With Rev Ken Waibel their friends to join us for church at [
performing mass. We are inanew location at Pastor Cori Wood‘s house on ‘
1033|ndustry Rd.offV\finchesteer. We are a Sunday's at 11am. We usually go out