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8, 9 June - Staff Development I (
series - 9:15 AM - J R E E N
Geology Library. B E A N
9 June - Technical Services
area meeting - 8:30 AM-
ence Room. NEWSLETTER NO.l3l 6/4/76
David Farrell,Editor Ext.886ll
10 June - Staff Development .
series (repeat of above) - 1:30 PM,
SLA Kentucky Chapter Honored
The Special Libraries Association has awarded the Membership
Growth Gavel for 1975 to the Kentucky Chapter of SLA. Chapter
president Ellen Baxter, Chem/Physics Librarian, is accepting
the award this week at the SLA national conference in Denver.
Ellen is also a special guest at a Board of Directors' reception
prior to the awards banquet.
17 library schools represented:
Someone recently asked for the number of library schools rep-
resented by our staff. As expected, the University of Kentucky
leads with 24, or slightly more than 50% of the staff, having
received their degrees from here. A far second is Peabody with
3 graduates. Columbia, N. Carolina, Syracuse and Wisconsin each
have 2 graduates on our staff and the following library schools
have one each: Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Illinois, Indiana,
Kansas State, Kent State, Maryland, Michigan, Pittsburgh, and
Rutgers. _
This year's SOLINET annual meeting in Atlanta on May 13th provided
the setting for not only the standard business transactions but
also for a very informative report from the executive director,
Charles Stevens, on SOLINET‘s future plans.
The business portion of the meeting was conducted expeditiously
and was highlighted by the acceptance of a dues and fees struc-
g ture identical to that of 1975 and the election of three new
* persons to the board of directors. Elected to serve on the
SOLINET Board of Directors were Frank Grisham from Joint Uni-
versity Libraries in Nashville, william Highfill of Auburn Uni-
versity Libraries, and Shirley Tarlton of Winthrop College Li-
brary in So. Carolina.
The executive director’s report to the SOLINET membership was
extremely timely and interesting for two reasonsa 1) it laid
out the framework of SOLINET's plans for the future and 2) it
included an estimated timetable for OCLC developments. To
capsulize Mr. Stevens' comments, SOLINET has decided to remain
affiliated with OCLC for the next several years in order to offer
SOLINET members uninterrupted on·line service and to insure our

 y ·2·v. `
i opportunity to share in OCLC's imminent developments and data
T base growth. However, SOLINET will begin within the coming year _
( to work toward an interdependence with rather than a dependence
“ on OCLC. This will be accomplished in the following manner.
~ OCLC will install in Atlanta a Dll6 com unications processor
(also known as a concentrator). The concentrator will be con-
nected to the main OCLC computers in Columbus by two high—speed
q (9600 BPS) telephone lines. Within a year the concentrator will
i begin channeling all SOLINET transactions through Atlanta before
` sending them on to Columbus. We will experience no effects of
j this message re-routing in that our currently operating low-
speed lines to Columbus will remain in service all during the
( By routing all SOLINET transactions through Atlanta and storing
a record of them, SOLINET headquarters will be in more control
. of its own data base activity. The concentrator will also have
the ability to offer continued on-line service to SOLINET members
during periods of computer down time in Columbus.
OCLC seems very receptive to this move by SOLINET. They apparently
( are encouraging other affiliated networks (e.g. NELINET, AMIGOS, (
  etc.) to do the same. The outlook for networking in the future
has somewhat changed recently. Rather than looking forward to
a national network with a central data base center, libraries
are beginning to think in terms of cooperating regional networks
as the answer to size, money, and communications problems. A
network of networks would share the responsibilities of techno-
logical research and development and storage of records and engage
in distributive processing. It seems to be a realistic prognos-
tication in light of recent LC and OCLC effort to encourage the
“ development of regional networks.
Dates for future OCLC services were listed. These are only
predictions and should in most cases be viewed as optimistic
Loading of LC authority files Dec. 1976
Serials check·in Aug. 1976
Serials claiming late 1976 l
Acquisitions June 1977
Interlibrary loan Dec. 1977
Subject search 1978
y Gail Kennedy
Bill James is back from Cleveland where he attended the Ohio
Regional Association of Law Libraries; and Gail Kennedy attended
the SOLINET annual meeting in Atlanta in May.

The Computing Center is offering a non-credit introductory course
on the FORTRAN programming language 22 June through 9 July for
students, faculty and staff members. There are no prerequesites
or fee. Classes will meet from 3:00 to 4:30 on Tuesdays and
Thursdays. For further information contact the Computing Center
in Mcvey Hall.
Instructor, Jr College librarianship. Appalachian State Univ.,
N.C. $13,500 (9 months).
University Librarian. Univ. of California, San Francisco. l Aug. 76.
T _.