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L ) A Court of Quarter Sessions - Actions as Law (l34—l$6)
5 C the county except in emergencies or by court order. (57) The law of 1802,
hg I which established the circuit court and abolished the quarter sessions court,
— i provided that the clerk of the quarter sessions court deliver to the clerk of
. ‘ the new circuit court all records and papers of his office. (58) As Samuel
bg? 1 Woodson, clerk of the court of quarter sessions, became the first clerk of
’ ¤ the circuit court (59), the records continued as part of the circuit court
.n0 transfer being necessary.
gt The records of the court of quarter sessions and its clerk are housed in
ny I the vault of the circuit court clerk. ` ° ‘
On 1 _ Actions at Law _
,s , · " ‘ · l l
Case Papers _ -
( 154.. DEGREES (Suits of Quarter Sessions Court), 1799-1802. 5 f.b.
A <1—5>. »
.8t Original case papers and documents filed in cases tried before quarter ses·
Q to I sions court, from institution to final disposition, including petitions, cita-
_ .» tions, answers, motions, bills, notes, and other documentary evidence exhibit-
_tiOn ed, exceptions, returns on process, and depositions; showing: docket number,
_ ut style of suit, date filed, form of document, and signature of presiding of-
’ P ficial. Arr. HHHQT. by case no. No index. Hdw. 10% x 5% x 15%. A
ions . Qpckets ‘ h. C '
igl- ‘· 155. RULE DOCKET QUARTER SESSIONS COURT, 1799-1809. 2 vols.
j_ Docket of cases tried before quarter sessions court,showing:date, term of
° - court, number and style of case, names of plaintiff, defendant, and attorneys,
(BQ p action taken,return on process, and steps at present term. Also contains:
` y Judges Common Law Docket, 1805-9, entry 149. Arr. chron. by date of court
3liV_ » term. No index. Hdw. Aver. 600 pp. 15 x 8 x 2.
irfm 929.212. .
( 156. ORDER BOOK QUARTER SESSIONS COURT, 1799-1806. 2 vols.·
"" p Record of orders issued in cases tried and administrative orders at each daily
T I session of court,showing date, term of_court, nature of order, and signature
· of presiding official. In cases tried, orders, rules, and judgments are among"
’ the items; each summary shows docket number, style of case, judgment rendered,
‘ V, action taken, and steps at present term. Administrative orders include appoint-
‘ _ ments of officials,acccptanco of resignations,ca1ls of special court terms,and
‘ ( approval of reportsgoach summary shows dato,term of court,name of principal in-
· vo1ved,and nature of order. Also contains: Order Book (Civil),1805—6,entry 154;
Commonwealth Order Book,1805-G,ontry 176. Arr. chron. by date of court term.
_ Alph. index direct by first letter of surname of principal or plaintiff and l
i indirect by first letter of surname of defendant. Hdw. Avor. SOO pp. l6xl4x2§.
, 57. Lxrrsrr, vcr. 2, l798, RP. 84, 85, 255. · · U
, 55. LITIELL, vcr. 3, 1802, P. 45,
T 59. "0aosa Book QUARTEQ sassnoue coo¤;" ·voL. 8, Pg 1, ssa CNTRY,}36. _