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On Fagc Four

Came Tonight May
Decide Illinois Lineup



Soulh American 'Pianist
Will Give First Musicalc



Field House Dream
Is Not On Shelf



To Be Guests For Illinois Tilt,
Reception And Dance Monday

All-Stude- nt

bond drive are being completed by
special committee working under



Gov. Willis, State Legislature

Bond Committee Is Planning
To Support War Loan Drive
convoPlans for an
cation to launch the student war





Assembly Set
For 3 p. m. Feb. 16
In Memorial Hall


Marisa Regules
To Appear At
4 p. m. Sunday


Event Slated


Sell-O- ut

Curtain Is Set To Rise On
Opening Gnignol Production,
Candlelight,' Monday Night

To Follow Game

In Union Building

Brings National
Focus To Campus

Climax of the year's basketball
Members of the Kentucky General Assembly, invited to the camtension awaits Kentucky fans a
pus by the Student Governmc 1 1
the 'Cats meet Illinois' mixed
association, the Union board, and
team at 8 a. m.
SuKy, will be special guests at a
The curtain rises on the open- Rischenheim.
Sue Hinkle as the Monday in Alumni gymnasium.
in the Union
reception and dance
Marisa Re gules, one of South j
"Revenge" is the battlecry for
ing performance of Candlelight, a maid, Jewell Doyle as the chauffollowing the
America's outstanding pianists, will
the Kentucky squad as It prepares
three-agame Monday night.
comedy by Siegfried Gey- - feur. Sarah McClaln Wilson as the
avenge ll
present the first Sunday afternoon
defeat of the
mistress, and Ivalou Ross as the
All students and faculty members er, at Gulgnol at 8 p.m. on Monday.
yer. 3- -l battle, which the Big
musicale of the winter quarter I i
by the sponsorhave been invited
Memorial hall, according to Miss
won earI ln J"-shirThe story goes that Josef, valet
Frank Johnson and Miss Shrop-te4 p. m. Sunday in Memorial hall.
ing organizations to attend these to
Bach, who also heads the convocaR"pp pIafrs
Prince Rudolf Haseldorf Schlo-bitteare also veterans, her last
affairs. A special group of
Miss Rcgules Is the first Argen- tion committee. Classes will not be
gets into more than a little performance
being in the recent
dents, two from each county in
tine artist to be engaged for a con
dismissed. Leo M. Chamberlain,
mlnute ot
trouble when, after falling in love production of Dark Eyes.
Kentucky, have been asked to serve
cert tour of the United States
dean and registrar cf the UniverWildcat hopes for an undefeated
over the telephone, he invites his
Fowler Directs
as special hosts and hostesses.
the cultural exchange policy initiasity, said
lady-lov- e
to the prince's apartment
ted by Columbia Concerts, Inc. with
Receiving Line
director rTanz rowier deserves a j
Victory Center
and masquerades as his master.
Rapp Comment
Latin American countries.
In the receiving line at the re- The prince, returning unexpectedly, great deal of credit for this pro-- t Coach Adolph Rupp, gazing specOn the same day, the victory cenV
Beran At Five
ception will be Gov. and Mrs. Sim- falls in with the idea of donning duction as he is his own technical
ter, a specially designed booth for
the ulatively out the window of his ofeon S. Willis. Dr. and Mrs. Herman the valet's livery and playing Josef. director and is supervising
Marisa Rcgules began her career
the sale of bonds and stamps, will
Wednesday afternoon
L. Donovan, Lieutenant Governor Things really happen as the plot stage crews and directing the show. fice into the
when she appeared in recital in
open in the Union building and '
Tickets were dropped from an sky. commented that he hoped for
Mrs. Ruth Bryan Owen Rohde, Kenneth Tuggle and Mrs. Tuggle, develops.
Buenos Aires at the age of five.
stamps and bonds will go on sale
airplane over seveal central Ken- cold weather, which is far more
first woman to represent the "old
Quotation Title
in the women's residence units and . . . pianist, will play at the regu- She made her debut as a mature South" in Congress, Minister Plen- Dr. and Mrs. Leo M. Chamberlain,
tucky towns Tuesday In what was conducive to good scrimmages than
Speaker of the House Harry Lee
lar musicale at 4 p.m. Sunday in artist in Madrid several years ago
sorority houses.
va"Choose neither women nor linen one of the little theater's most that of the balmy spring-lik- e
ipotentiary and Envoy Extraordi- Waterfield and Mrs. Waterfield,
Memorial hall.
with a great success that she reWith a special speaker brought
riety. Practice every day this week
nary to Denmark before the war, Edith Weisenberger. Vincent Spag- by candlelight" Is the quotation unique promotion stunts.
peated in aris, Buenos Aires, Monto the campus by the convocation
from which the title was taken.
Tickets are now on sale at the will be culminated in tonight's De
nuolo, and Bill Nickell.
tevideo, Santiago de Chile, Lima, will be the first convocation speakcommittee,
the meeting will be
er of the winter quarter at the
The cast includes Eli Popa. who box office from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Pauw game, which Rupp says will
and many other South American
The Troubadors will play for the
modeled on the pep rally pattern Pre-Mc- d
show up weaknesses that a Saturcities. It was she who had the University at 11 a.m. today in Me- dance which will last until mid- is making his fifth appearance on every day this week and until 10 day
with songs and short talks by out
morning final session will at- morial hall. Her topic will be night.
the Guignol stage, as the valet; p.m. during the production.
honor of giving the first perform-- !
standing students.
Noel Coward's "Blythe Spirit" is tempt to remedy.
Blaine ShickJ also a veteran, as
ance of the Ravel Concerto for There'll Always be a Denmark.
Students representing the various Baron von Rischenheim,
Cenve Group
Because so few games have been
Frank j the only other production sched
Piano and Orchestra at the Colon Fourth hour civilian classes will be counties will be:
The committee planning the con- j Johnson as Prince Rudolf,
Anne uled thus far f x the spring quar slated, and because even fewer with
theatre under the direction of Al- dismissed for the convocation. exAdair. Nancy Randolph Hood, oiirupsuire as uic mironess vun ter.
vocation is composed of Bettye Mc- really strong teams await the play- Mrs. Rohde has had much
bert Wolf.
perience in international affairs, Nancy Lowe; Allen, Ray Garrison;
ers. Rupp admitted that spirit and
L.."han, June Baker. Mary Sear- - j
Miss Regules' American debut first as congresswoman from Flor- Anderson. Roselynne Routt, Mary
Vine.-.'- Spagnuolo,
Marion j
enthusiasm was not at fever pitch
took place at Town Hall. New York. ida,
Vance, and Miss Alice Jacobson.
and later as our first woman Searcy; Ballard, Dorothy Tits worth,
the team. Cancellations of
; on
goon after she was introduced
Enrollment in the ASTP unit on -t games
envoy to a foreign country. She Aubrey Boyd; Barren, Lucy Oliver,
The Victory center, which will the campus will increase with the nd
with old Southeastern Con- -:
nere M a soloist with orchestra by
be kept open for certain hours classification
plan for a union Wilma Morris; Bath, Prudy Campoutlined
fere nee rivals have left the Wildcat
the National Svmnhonv orchestra hasnations in her form. Look For- bell, Mary Smith; Bell, Theodore
A very important meeting of
each day, is being planned by a medical students within the next
schedule blank and hardwood man- -i
of Washington. D.
under the ward, Warrior.
White, Marietta Helton;
headed by week.
all SuKy members will be held
a?ers have vainly tried to slate
baton of the distinguished ArgenKeith Vice, Evelyn Coffman; BourKiss McClanahan.
Public Service
matches with practically every big- -i
at 4:30 p.m. Monday in the
These men, previously enrolled at tine composer Juon Jose Castro. As
Sales in the houses, which are
league five in the nation.
Mrs. Rohde was born into an en- bon, Hubbard
North Carolina State College, will a result of this appearance she was vironment of public service as the Dickson; Boyd, Frank Bryson, PolAll members
Union building.
teing put on a competitive basis,
Though spirit on the team needed
campus for a immediately engaged to play with
are urged to attend, it was anwill be made in accordance with be trained on the
daughter of William Jennings ly Thompson: Boyle, John Cheek,
reviving. Rupp predicted that by
period of three to six months. The the Philadelphia Orchestra under Bryan
the pledges made by the residents
and Mary Baird Bryan. Dur Margaret Erskine; Bracken, James
nounced by BUI Nickell, presiDr. Henry N. Sherwood mill speak Monday the boys will be "raring to
definite number to be enrolled has Eugene Ormandy. She now begins ing
first World War, she was j Stevenson, Patricia McCarty.
last quarter.
at one of the citizenship forums go" against the Illinois team which
not been determined as yet, accord- her first transcontinental tour of jointthe
secretary-treasurwith Mrs.
sponsored by the University at 8 put the only blot on their
Breathitt, Robert Stamper, Mary
Math Sneers
ing to the military department.
the United States and Canada.
Herbert Hoover of the American Eleanor Bach; Breckinridge, John
p.m. Thursday at the Central Chris- - record this year. Sports writers and
Stating that the faculty solicitaProgram Given
In order to allow sufficient housLonWomen's War Relief fund in
Cashman, Brewster Phelps; Bullitt,
tian church in Lexington.
j basketball
fans the nation over will
tions had met "with much sucing accommodations for the new
Her program will be: Two Chor- don and later served as a nurse in Gerald Napier, Betty Carroll; ButHis subject will be British-Ame- rgame and the
focus on Monday
cess." Miss Bach explained that the trainees, 38 ASTP men who encampaign.
ale Preludes, In dir ist Freude, and the
ican Relationships in the Post-Wler. Charlotte Phelps; Caldwell,
outcome may determine Kentucky's
money collected thus far is enough listed
Air Corps have ..been Rejoice, Beloved Christians,
in the
An orator of world Tame, she is Sarah Goodwin: Calloway, Katie
World. Dr. Sherwood started work ' chances for the No. I spot ln the
to purchase one medium tank, j transferred to a Casual Company
Thirty-tw- o
Variations in engaged In the most varied activ- Dunn. Martha Belle Hood; Campon the foundation for the speech national ratings.
which costs $90,000, or 77 Jeeps, at port Knox to await orders.
Barcarolle, ities including being a member of bell, Charles R a c h e, Jane Eyre;
C minor, Beethoven;
some years ago. The idea of what
which costs approximately
Jersey 47'
Phi Beta, national women's hon- - our debt to England is in language.
Carlisle, Roy Samuels.
men who Chopin; Polonaise in F sharp min- the American Greenland commisExcluding the term-si- x
each. The drive is continuing unIllinois, which leads the Big Ten
or. Opus 44, Chopin; Danza de los sion, collaborator with the United
Carroll, Jean Akers, Carolyn Hill; orary fraternity of music, drama, i institutions, and literature has been in scoring will start Patrick at fortil February IS, the date on which graduated at the end of the quarbureau, member of
Carter. Robert Holbrook,
the Fourth War Loan ends, she ter last week, approximately the animates al salir del Area de Noe States Travel
and the dance, will hold its initia- - used- - ne s&ia- ward, wearing Jersey 47. the one
Coboard of
Strother; Casey. Nathaniel B u I s. tion ceremony this Saturday at i His comment regarding his sub-- worn by immortal Andy Phillips
said, "And much more money same number of ASTP students (Dance of the animals leavinga, the Adult Education company,
Cam-perand Maxine Rodgers; Christian, Merl
lumbia Broadcasting
will train in engineering courses. Noah's Ark), Garcia Morillo;
ject was, "My conviction Is. if there last year. The
Should be raised."
other forward will
professor in government Baker, Jacqueline Wiedeburg; 3:30 p.m. in the Art Center.
Lopez Buchardo;
; is to be a democratic
world. Eng- - be Judson,
The faculty drive is being made The total enrollment of soldier stu- "La Vlda Breve,"ManuelDanza, Falla; visiting
the man who beat Kenand social science at Monticello Clark, Katherine Crapster, Henry
- land and America will have to tucky. Gillespie,
including ASTP and ASTRP
New initiates are Mildred Wil(Continued on Page Four)
will be comparatively the same as La Maja y el Ruisenor, Granados; college, Godfrey, 111.
n'ake it. It will not take the form
Bumstead; Clinton, Virginia Ber- iim nth naririv T niio
Dean Presides
Triana, Albeniz.
of a formal alliance but because jjj. are guards
that of previous terms.
nard, Lillian Dickens; Crittenden, French,
and Joan Akers.
Dr. Leo M. Chamberlain, dean of William Hatcher, Jr., Jean Johnss,
Townspeople, as well as all
their institutions, ideals, and ways
Rupp' revlehig the Illinois game,
Following the initiation there of life are so nearly alike, they
are invited to this concert, the University and registrar, will ton; Daviess, Thomas Whittingill,
plans to keep 1x18 ker men
preside at the convocation and
it was announced.
Rowland; Estill, Tracy Wal- will be a formal banquet at 6 p.m. would naturally cooperate with one gameJudith
- Lost 0,1
ouls last time, they
Sarah B. Holmes, dean of women, lace, Alice Benton; Fleming, Mary in the Gold room of the Lafayette another "
will introduce the speaker. The Saunders, Jean Whaley.
The Student Directory for
Dr. Sherwood is the assistant ed- - were unable to return to tne Suihotel.
Patrons and friends have
Rev. Christopher Sparling, rector of
the winter quarter will be distor of publications at the Expert- - and Coacn RuPP does crippIed to
Floyd. Cleon Combs. Marion Salbeen invited. A short program will ment station and acting head of have
Christ church, will pronounce the
tributed between 1 and 4 pjn.
isbury; Franklin, George Hall. Betinvocation
and the benediction.
by the new initiates.
ripmrtmont km- - Although the "last real work- on Wednesday, Thursday, and
t.h. nniitwi
ty Brook Fulton; Fulton, Joseph be presented
ioT the u'm
January 8
Mrs. Lela W. Cullis will present an
SKt . . .
Friday, in room 127, Union
Anita Roos, president, will pre- holding degrees from Indiana uni- Stephens,
Norma Weatherspoon;
A series of pictures of University
Dame- organ prelude and postlude.
. . . will meet at 4:30 p.m. Monday
building, it was announced.
Mary side. Ruth Pace is in charge of the versity and Harvard university, and a?amst: Nof on Monday's game
of Kentucky students will be pubthe
Other speakers slated to speak at Gallatin. Claude Bogardus,Beazley,
in the Union building.
All students may obtain copthe honorary LL.D. from Beaver cites "toss-up- ."
lished in the Chicago Tribune in convocations in the future are Lew Eubank: Garrard, James
as a
Activities . . .
ies at that time.
Mary Marrs Swinebroad; Grant,
Sunday's edition, February 6. ac- Sarett, author, lecturer, and prot,
Already a
the game will
. . . committee of the Union board
Eloise Bennett, Mary Lewis Mitts;
cording to information received by fessor from the University of Illibe a tense, fast one. and Kentucky
will meet at 5 p.m. Monday in the
Graves, Charlotte Terry, Juliette
The erneL
nois who will address the student
students will have their best game
Union building.
body at 10 a. m. Friday, March 3; Jones; Grayson, Lucille Layman;
The pictures will be part of a feaof the year played on their own
All Cimpu Sing . . .
Green, Ann Cantrell, Dorothy Penn
ture. Youth on the Campus, and and Walter Durante, foreign corcourt.
will be held at 6:30 p.m. Wed$5,530.35
Shively; Greenup, Inez Hackler,
will appear in the roto section of respondent for the New York Times,
nesday in the Bluegrass room of
(Continued on Page Three)
who will speak on Tuesday, April 4.
the newspaper.
the Union building.
Phi Alpha Theta, honorary hisA display of Towle silver will be
A gift of $5,530.35 from the
exhibited from 12 noon to 1 pjn. tory fraternity, discontinued
. . . committee of the
Keeneland association to the Uni
today, Monday, and Tuesday at the duration after a
will meet at 4 pjn. Monday in the versity has been accepted by the
at 6:30 p.m. last night in the
what was formerly the information
Union building.
Colonial room of the Lafayette hoBoard of Trustees. Previous gifts
desk in the Union building.
Economics and Labor
from the association have been
The exhibit, which is sponsored
Mr. F. G. Davenport, head of the
. '. . committee of the
used in animal husbandry research.
by Mortar Board, is in connection
department at Transylwill meet at 10 a.m. Saturday in especially in the study of animal
with a survey which the Towle history
vania college, spoke on the Cultural
the Union building.
disease, and it is believed that this
company is making among college History
of the Stage. Alice Wat-kin- s,
gift will be used for similar work.
Decorations . . .
Bt Shirley Meister
seniors. Two pieces of 10 of their
president, presided.
. . . committee of the
selections from two or his publishap
most popular patterns will be shown
Members of the Board also
Question: Which branch of the
Guests included Dr. T. D. Clark,
will meet at 4 p.m. today in the proved the retirement of a $3,000
ed books of verse. Flutes of Sum- and the senior women will be asked
head of the history department. service do yoa prefer?
Union building.
mer and Carols and Chorales. The to select their favorite.
note on Alumni gymnasium.
Dr. Huntley Dupre, sporsor of the
Marjorie Pabnore, A AS. Junior:
meeting will be open to townspeoTWCA Cabinet . . .
YM-YThe display will be taken to the organization, and alumnae mem- I like the Army Air Corps because
The signing of a contract for
ple and invitations have been maSe residence
. . . will meet at 7:30 pjn. Tuesday rental of the Sigma Nu fraternity
halls and sorority houses bers.
Dr. O. W. Warmingham of
I've always wanted to fly myself.
to the Fine Arts group of the Uniin the Union building.
and all women students are Invited
house at 173 Euclid avenue now be
Mass., assistant director of
Active members of the chapter
versity Woman's club, the Ameri- to visit
Alice J. Murphy. A AS, senior:
Baptist Student .
this array of silver.
ing used as a women's residence the American Youth foundation
are Sarah Mclnteer, Pat Wallace, The Marines, because I like the
can Association of University Wo. . . union will meet at S p.m. MonAll senior women students will and Lillian Terry.
hall was also approved.
and for many years a professor of
men, and the Central Kentucky
rugged men and the dress uniforms.
day in the Union building.
religious history and literature at
be notified personally and are urged
Records of the organization will
Appointments were made includ
Woman's club.
Sarah MeCimnM, A AS. sopho...
to attend and make their selection. be filed in the history department
Boston university, will be on the
Prayer Meetinr
ing that of Mrs. Adele Gensemer
Thus Shall Love will be Dr.
more: They're all pretty good but I
campus Suhday, Feb. 6 through
. . . group of the BSU will meet at Daily as director of the University
until after the war.
Warmingham's topic at 6:15 p.m.
1 pjn. Wednesday in the Union women's residence halls. The wife Thursday, Feb. 10, for a series of
The group is being discontinued like the Army Air Corps the best.
Thursday in the Music room of
building and at 12:20 p.m. today of Dr. J. S. Daily, she will replace engagements under the auspices of
Cleora Donovan, A AS, Junior:
due to lack of qualified members
the Union building when he will
in the Union building.
and graduation of active members. We couldn't do without any of
Miss Margaret Lester who resigned the
conclude his talks.
Miss Watkins announced.
All college and high school youth
It will them but I prefer the Army.
to take a position in industrial perFor 25 years Kodaya, as he is
be resumed after the war.
for Phi Beta will be held at 4 sonnel work with the Tennessee groups of Lexington churches will
Jeanne Elliott, A AS, lophouMre:
affectionately known to many thoumeet together at 5:30 p.m. Sunday
The ASTP because there are more
yjn. Wednesday in the Music room Valley Authority.
sands of high school and college
posters, and
A display of books,
of them around.
of the Union building.
young people, has been associated
Other staff changes, appoint- at the First Methodist church for
pamphlets, describing the opporElla Brown, A AS, senior: The
Assembly . . .
ments, and resignations were made Dr. Warmingham's first address, 1
with the group of youth leaders
library work for prosMarines, because I know someone
of the Student Government as and leaves of absence were grant- The Wonder and Worth of Sacrawho originated and conduct the tunities in
pective college students, has been
mental Living. An invitation has
in the Marines.
sociation will meet at 7:15 p.m. ed .
summer Christian leadership trainof
been extended to all the young peoTuesday in room 205, Union build
in Michigan assembled by the department
June Hubbard. Education, Junior:
Library Science at the University
of Lexington to participate in
Henry Hornsby, literary editor I cant see that it makes much difing.
at Camp
and hi New for
vesper service, it DR. O. W. WARMINGHAM . . . Hampshire Miniwanca Merrovista.
distribution to high schools, of the Lexington Herald-Leade- r,
ference so it is the plain old Army
Swing . . .
at Camp
. will hold a series of discussions
colleges or public libraries upon re- will discuss Dime Novels
was announced.
in the for me.
An informal discussion about quest.
. . . will be held at 6 p.in. today in
on philosophy and Christian educafourth Invitation to Reading series
will be held
The Art of Creative Living will tion at the University next week.
Camp Miniwanca
the Bluegrass room. Union build
Jane Allen Wolf. A AS, sophoThe reason behind this exhibit is at 3 p. m. Thursday, in the Brows- more:
be the subject of his talk at the
Thursday night after Dr. Warming. The dance will be in honor of
The Army Air Corps because
the critical shortage of trained li- ing room of the University library. of personal reasons.
Economics club meeting at
Pitkin club members will hear ingham's last talk, and students
the new soldiers on tne campus.
The Freshman club of the
Monday in the Home Eco- Dr. Warmingham discuss Religious interested in attending the camp brarians in this country. Also the
Hornsby stated that he would
will entertain with a bowl- 7 p.m. building.
Barbara Winters, A AS, junior:
fact that the enrollment in the give the general "development of
Freedom and Fellowship at noon are invited to come.
. . . society will meet at 7:30 pin ing party at 2:45 p.m. Saturday,
an novels and review various novel The Salvation Army I like their
Wednesday at the Maxwell Street
Born in Madras, India, Dr. larger library schools has shown
Lead Class
Biological February 12 at the Colonial bowlThursday in room 313,
musical appeal.
received his early acute cut, which gives promise of series, among them the Beadle and
He will lead the Christianity and Presbyterian church.
ing lanes, in honor of the freshman
Sciences building,
Mary Louis Mitts, A AS. sophoGroup
education in English schools. Com an even more serious shortage w Deadwood DicE series.
students. ASTP and ASTRP men Ethical Idealism class of Dr. John
botch Lanch . . .
Two of the novels he will review more: Marines; they just appeal to
An informal poetry group for ing to the United States, he at- the next few years.
Kulper at 8 a.m. Tuesday and will
noon today at the stationed on the campus.
. . . will meet at
The display has already been are Photograph Phil; or Rose-Eu- d
Those planning to attend are speak on Pathways to Brotherhood poetry lovers is being planned at 8 tended Ohio Wesleyan, Northwest-eColonial Bowling lanes. Rob Mcand Ruby
Laura Lore, A AS, freshman: The
meeting at 6:15 p.m. Wednesday in the Music room
Chicago, Wisconsin, and Bos- booked by Ashland high school, Robb's Reappearance,
asked to sign up with Miss Rosalie at the YM-YNeill, student minister of the Maxa?
Tuesday in the Union build-fti- g of the Union building at which ton universities. He has also
Danville high school, and Camp-be!ls- Roland, Girl Spy; or Simon Ken- - Army Air Corps, because my
well Street Presbyterian church, Oakes in the Y office by 5 p.m. pjn.
Is In it.
tjmo Op WfriTjirphnTn will rpr1
or Png? Thre)

the Student Government assoria-tion- 's
Victory committe, it was
yesterday by Chairman
Eleanor Bach who revealed that
the faculty drive has netted approximately $93,000 np to the present.
TTia rnnrnrat.ion will h tiM at
3 pjtL, Wednesday, February 16. in


on There'll Always
. . . will speak
Be a Denmark at convocation at
11 a. m. today in Memorial hall.









rlcfoiivo Today




Civilian Classes
For Fourth Hour
To Be Dismissed




Former Envoy
Will Address






Group Previously
In North Carolina

Dr. Sherwood
Is On Foruiii

SuKy Meeting






Faculty Member
Slated To Talk




all-w- in

Phi Beta To Hold
Initiation Service
For New Members







all-sta- te





Directories Ready

UK Students
Appear In Tribune







History Fraternity
Discontinues For
Duration Of

Silver Display
To Be Exhibited
In Union Today

University Accepts
Gift Of
From Keeneland

Youth Foundation J)irector
To Speak In Series Of Talks






History Professor
To Appear Under
Auspices of








Display Of Books
Describes Chances
For Library Work






Freshman Club

Henry Hornsby

To Give Discussion

In Reading Series


Will Hold Party





n ;peat.




* The Kernel Editorial Page


wfeklt durino ths school tear





Cfita Redfrman


Kiitered at the Post Office at Lexington, Kentucky.
elana mutter under the Act of March J. 1B7.




Kent, interconeglSfFrea Aatiou
Lexington Board of Commerce




t.mlkf f'mHaken ktnflmttm
H. Y.
4 20 MoiaOM AVI.
. ocroa . ua aaaatra Macii

t.M One Quarter


ioaea' arfielet and eolimai
0 fde writer,



are to be coaiidere thr
an do
.f ere,r(;

Folks in Uniform

Assistant Managing Editor
Assistant News Editor
Circulation Manager

The field house is definitely not a dead issue,
desiie the absence from the jnopmsed Stale
budget f an appropriation for iis erection.
Willi the site for the building alreadv
it seems quite possible that the field
house dream will one day come true. Expressing himself as extremely optimistic on the mailer, President Donovan has said. "If the war
had leen over I believe thai the legislature
would have provided for the field house at this
session, and I believe that as soon as the war is
over it will do so."
Although Governor Willis did not recommend

an appropriation for the structure to the Legislature, it is generallv lelievcd that he shows a
definite interest in the project and will supipioit
it when the war is over.
A fart little known bv students is that even
though the legislature did approve the necessary funds originally asked for under capital
outlay bv the University for the purpose of
building the field house, there would be link"
possibility of our benefiting bv it.
Suth funds would le available for use only
period, and it is extremely
during a
doubtful that anv work could be done on the
structure bv then localise of lalor and material
shortages, and priorities. At the end of two
cars the monev would revert hack to the gentwo-yea-

et a I fund, if not used.

An increase in funds for maintenance and opat the University of $1.12.00(1 more than
provided in the last budget is exacted. The
University will actually le getting more money
in spite of anv cut in capital outlay. It is probably well not to ask for more at this time.
The auditorium and field house will come
tfler the war as surely as night follows day." is

Miirv Ulliuii Davis. Adele Denman, Betty Lee Fleishman.
Mary Jane Galhiher Catherine Goman. Carolyn Hill. Eleanore
Keen. Mildred Lolia. Shirley Meister. Dora Merenbloom. Ruth
Ivrlmuiier. D...IS Hollitt. Wanda Lee Speara. Betty Tens. Gene
Whicker. Janus Lee Wtod.

the expressed belief of President Donovan.
hope the dav of action will lie soon.

Sigma Chi:

The weather station in the tower
of Memorial hall has just released
the latest weather forecast: Heavy
showers and thunder storms were
reported over the vicinity of the
Sigma Chi house the latter part of
January. Origin of shower is believed to be from the window of the
second floor. Suffering from severe
colds are Billie Fischer and ASTP
Larry Schneider who were saying
prolonged farewells under said window.
Wanted: Eleanor Bennett, alias.
Eleanor the Elusive, alias Sigma Chi
Saboteur, for assisting in plots to
overthrow peace. Say. gals, what
does she do?
List of delinquent telephone payments: Alexander O. Bell, head of
the Lexington Telephone Co., requests that Shirley Hallock either
pay for telephone calls to and from
New York or apply to Sam Morse
for other means of communication.
Tri Delt pledge Betty Miller is the
proud parent of a new arrival which
is a bear called Bobby Jr.
2. Lydia Brown:
Drool cups were distributed to
Lvdia's girls when news was received
that Barbara David married Petty
Officer Ralph Wilson and will remain in Norfolk.
Kay South worth, alternate cheerleader, bench model, would like to
know who the 'Cats played Monday
night. Soldiers on the benches dimmed out Ft. Knox soldiers on the
We entertained the ghosts from
the graveyard behind Guignol last
v.eek end. due to campuses and lack
of men. One of them is an ASTP
that served with Washington earlier in our nation's history in the
blitz of the Delaware River. Gerry
Dugan. chairman of the "Did Washington Chop Down a Cherry Tree
or Was It a Peach Tree?" committee, is very interested.

Will Not Be Enough

3. SAE

The moose reports another pinning under its noble head. KKG
Ann Bowman and Sigma Chi Billy
Editorial on Strikes in Wartime:
Disgusting, unpatriotic. and other
things I can't pell can be said
about the affair.
Plans are being made to rent
potted plants from the Botanical
gardens to place In the alcoves of
the front door, in the absence of

Bint Julip
Box Car
Ruttered Bum
Zebralibra (makes one see
Burple Passion
ASTP Lloyd Lawson and Emily
Cannon have got it. Just think,
love! No C card, no sport coat, not
even a file of old exam papers to
his credit and she still loves him.
Must be great.
Not to be outdone by Miss Roger's
Nazi flag, Jean Hopewell was sent by
another of our "brave ones" a wad
of pictures taken from Jap bodies
that ceased normal functions. Included in these are Jap sweater
girls, pin ups, and the little daughter of heaven back home. Who says
Japs don't have x appeal.
5. Pat Annex
Due to the high prices on tobacco
we have become quite attached to
"Long Green." The fact that we
passed by the health building, with
smoker's coughs, in full pitch and
were required to take our TB tests
over again has no bearing on the
Our candidate for male beauty
queen is" ASTP Jack (Francis)
FLASH Latest news on the
Cup Battle. "Pug Cha
is at last in possession of the
trophy and will challenge (with
teeth barred i all contestants.
6. Sob Session :
Tears and alcohol flowed with
equal velocity at the Signal Corps
beys train farewell. Boys brought
bottles and girls brought buckets.
Jimmy (Sputter) Satterfleld brought
out his better self and aired it to
the amazement of all. How's his

"For the last time, Jones, there's no limit on haggir.g
Japs you may get more than six a day!"


Donald Lail

After a brief illness and much to
Jean Marie McConnell and Walthe h