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» $
29 September - The Gallery Series - Schubertfest — "Die Schdne
_ Mdllerin" (Song-Cycleafter poems by Wilhelm Muller) — W
Students of Phyllis Jenness. Noon in the Gallery, A
King Library North. A
30 September - Harp Recital by harpists of the Southern Region of _A " A
the American Harp Society — 2:30 PM — Memorial Hall — ‘ V
University of Kentucky. i ( _
» Current Displays: Gallery — Department of Special Collections — A (
Science Fiction Display. Tin Figures — a traveling exhibit from the (
Goethe Institute (through September). f
. _?
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· 1
Contributors to this issue: Pat Boyle, Olivia Buckner, David Farrell,
Faith Harders, Claire McCann (Editor), and Bob Turner. _

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Editor's Note
Help! Need volunteer! The current editor will begin vacation
· September 28 and needs someone to assume the responsibilities of
editing The Green Bean on a permanent basis. Thank you. ~
Notes on the Verona Workshop i
The following notes are a summary of the printing workshop which
David Farrelland.Gay Reading attended this summer.
· Twelve American printers and typographic enthusiasts gathered in I
Verona, Italy,in June and July 1978 for a 5-week printing workshop,
"Printing and Publishing on the Handpress." The course was
‘conducted in the l6th century Palazzo da Lisca by Gabriel Rummonds
and Alessandro Zanella, proprietors of The Plain Wrapper Press,
under the auspices of The University of Alabama.
Participants spent 4 days each week designing, setting, illustrating,
and printing 8-page pamphlets, using a text of their choice. Rummonds _ I
and Zanella worked individually with the printers, and Rummonds Q
occasionally lectured on aspects of handpress management, including g
soliciting authors and artists, preparing manuscripts for the press, ? ·
layout and design, procuring and inventorying supplies, marketing,
and cost accounting. Weekly lessons in calligraphy were given by
Golda Fishbein, also of Verona. §
Among the most valuable experiences were visits to Italian libraries
' and workshops. One-day excursions were made to the Museo Bodoniano 1
at Parma and to the Enrico Magnani Paper Mill at Pescia. In Verona,
the visitors spent an afternoon at the famous Officina Bodoni, ,
including a visit with Mrs. Giovanni Mardersteig and her son, Martino,
on the terrace of their home above Verona. Martino Mardersteig
entertained the group with his experiences as an apprentice at Magnani I
and, in response to a question about the future of his father's press, R
replied that it will continue to operate. A new Officina Bodoni book I
is already in preparation. - {
Also in Verona, visits were paid to the Cathedral's Biblioteca i
Capitolare, one of the oldest libraries in Europe. After viewing a W
special exhibit of ancient manuscripts and incunabula, the class I
spent the remainder of the afternoon in the library's book restoration {
laboratory. Another morning was spent at the public Biblioteca Civics j
examining their incunabula (including Verona's first imprint, 1472) B
and a complete collection of imprints by modern Veronese printers.
Education Committee of ACTS
The Education Committee of ACTS needs volunteers to work on the
Committee for the coming year. If interested, please call Olivia
Buckner at 257-3831, or Diane Carrioo at 233-5949.

 Travel Regulations
, In order to be reimbursed for travel, state regulations require an
original, preprinted lodging receipt showing hotel/motel name and
address; if two or more people share a room, each person must obtain
his/her own receipt. Effective July 1, 1978, rented houses, apart-
_ ments, dorms, private clubs, etc. do not qualify as public accommo-
dations (i.e., motel or hotel) for the purpose of reimbursement.
These types of lodging, if approved, will be reimbursed on an actual
cost basis not to exceed the per diem limitations.
New Serial Titles
Special Collections has a 6-volume set of New Serial Titles, 1950-1969,
that is no longer needed in the department. Rather than withdraw the
set, we wondered if any other department would like to have it trans-
l ferred to their collection. If so, phone 8-8611.
The National Endowment for the Humanities has announced a program to
support researchers in the humanities during the summer of 1979. The A
stipend is $2,500 and is available for two consecutive months. The
University of Kentucky is permitted to nominate two faculty members S
who received advanced degrees in 1971 or later and one faculty member
who earned an advanced degree before 1971. For additional information,
please contact Ann Garrity, College of Arts and Sciences, Office of
the Dean, 258-5823.
AV Technician, grade 20, Circulation (Minimum requirements: 2 yrs.
college plus 1 yr. experience or 3 yrs. experience.)
LT III - Engineering
LT III - Reclassification Unit. ·
If interested, see Faith Harders by September 27.
Clerk Typist O16 — 6 month temporary position at IMMR Library. If
interested,ca11 Theresa Wiley, 252-5535, Extension 283.
New Staff: Bess Bartner has joined Newspaper/Microtexts. I
Bio-Medical Librarian, University of Chicago. Application Deadline:
October 20, 1978. Available: January 1, 1979.
Business & Economics Librarian, University of Chicago. Same deadline.
Available: December 1, 1978.

 - L4 — ._
"\... A
Assistant Curator, Kansas Collection, University of Kansas Libraries. Q
Available: August 18, 1978. Salary: $11,000 - $13,500. Application 1
Deadline: November 15, 1978. 1
Serials Cataloger, Notre Dame University Libraries. Available: A
immediately. Salary: $13,500 - $15,000.  
Catalogue Maintenance Librarian, Princeton University. Salary: i
$15,100 base. Application Deadline: November 1, 1978. E
For information about these positions, see Faith Harders in the Director's *