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* Lesbian
5:3,} Services P 'd M th J 2 9
" Organization " e on "ne
A Publication of the Lexington Gay Service Organization Volume 31 Number 6
Imperial Court of KY. P n d 9 Fe St Iva I
Coronation 28
Lexington’s second annual
The Imperial Court of KY will cele- Downtown Pride Festival will be
brate its 28dl Coronation in true English on Saturday, June 27 from 11am to
style June 5th through 8th. Emperor 9pm around the old courthouse
' 27 Daddy Wayne and Empress 27 Eve building in Cheapside Park on Main
St Mychal invite one and all to “Project St. There will lots of merchants,
Renaissance— A Royal Masquerade under entertainment throughout the day,
the Tudor Rose” . Join us in celebration children’s games, food and alcohol
of another successful year of fundrais- sales, speakers representing the
ing, frivolity and film "Faces of Pride", and fabulous drag
The Lexington Downtown Hotel performances.
and Conference Center by Hilton Entertainment on the stage will
(previously the Radison) will be the site include Headliner Josh Zuckerman,
of many weekend events. To make reser— Caribbean Blues, The Sexual Disas-
vations call 1-800—HILTONS (1-800- ter Quartet, SisterSound, Karen
445—8667) 01‘ 1'859'231‘9000. USC Scalf, Another Note, and The Con-
group code: Imperial Court of Ken— fessionals. Be sure to be on hand for
tucky. Or go online at w the finals of the Pride Festival Idol
(group code imperi”). Contest. Up to twelve individuals
Beginning on Friday evening, June chosen in the preliminary rounds in
5th, the ICK Will host an In-Town May will be singing for your
Show at Crossings, 8 pm, $5. Saturday votes. We have some great contest-
night’s highlights include an Out—of- ants.
Town show with guests from all over The dunking booth, so popular last
North America. Join us at 8:30 in the year, will be back (with a twist),
Mary Todd Lincoln Room of the Lex- Continued 0,, page 2
ington Downtown Hotel. Cost is $10.
An After Party will be held at Crossings The Imperial Court
and will feature renowned Adult Film 0‘ Kentucky
Sunday, June 7a., will be the Coro- , cum- .
nation Ball at the Lexington Downtown Ml?! Coronation 28
Hotel. This year’s Ball is ex ected to be \
an entertainment extravaganza. Tal- ya: > June 5th—8th
ented performers from Courts around i K" ‘- . .
the nation will entertain. There will 5‘ MW
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INGTDN Stonewall lees
3‘; Saturday, June 21
along with several new enter— the Outloud Health Fair on the third floor
taining activities includingaVelcro 0f the HiStOI’Y Museum (Old courthouse).
wall and carnival games. There will be free health screenings; it is
The Festival is a "family" event amazing what information you can gather
in every sense of the word. Bring about your current health and your risk
your friends, partners, children, factors for future problems. Free testing for
parents, even grandparents to enjoy HIV/AIDS and Syphilis will be available.
this year’s celebration of Pride. The Festival will be followed by Avol’s
The Lexington Fayette Co. Red Dance Party. Some of the festival
Health Department will again have booths will be cleared and bands will set
up. The music is guaranteed to get your
E’Meww‘ GAY body in motion. There will be an explosion
Kkj'va‘fm, LESBIAN of entertainment as we party into the night.
\é‘éy’j” The cost is $10 for which you get a wrist
iii“! SERVICES band which you will need in order to buy
its" ORGANIZATION drinks. Costumes are welcome.
Lexington, KY This year's theme, "Remembering
Incorporated as Stonewall" celebrates the 40th anniversary
of the historic events at the Stonewall
he Gay semice organization Inn Where the modern Gay Rights Move-
P.O. Box 1172 Lex., KY 40588 ment began. It wasn’t the only first time
that GLBT Americans stood up to the or—
WWW.g|sopc.org ganized power of oppression in our country
but it was an event that captured the imagi—
GLSO NEWS nation of the world.
From that small beginning in June
1969 to June 2009, LGBT Americans are
VOLUME 3’ ”0‘ 6 increasingly recognized as part of the fabric 4
News Editors and Staff of this country. We have helped create an
Mary Crone, Debby He meOCk, America that is diverse, colorful, innovative,
Jackie Cobern, Sarah Phillips, curious about dlfference, and mov1ng for—
Ginger Moore, ,& Judy Sutter ward into a new world. Come be a part of
history and celebrate on June 27.
— Go to www.Lexpride.com for updated
Pride center Office Manager information. If you are interested in volun—
BiII Chandler teering the day of the festival, you can con-
859-253-3233 tact Ondine at 859 368-4438 or laexi—
Page 2 _

 P "d M th E l
Coronation 28 continued Belmont BBQ
On June 6‘h , Moveable Feast pre-
also be group numbers to delight sents the Belmont BBQ at 2492 N.
those in attendance. Cleveland Rd. starting at 4 pm. This
Several new members of the Board fundraiser will help us remodel the
of Directors as well as the selection of building we bought last month on East
the Henry Faulkner Community 561" Fifth Street. Your attendance will sup-
vice Award will be chosen by all voting port our efforts to provide meals for
members of the ICK- people who need our help and, at the
The cullnination of the evening same time, you will be thoroughly
will be the crowning of Emperor and entertained.
Empress 28. Ticket prices for Corona— Club Dub will open the show at 4
tion Ball are $20 this year, With all PI'O- pm. Comedian Bernie Lubbers, ‘The
ceeds benefiting the charities of the Whiskey Professor’, will MC the day’s
Imperial Court Of KY - events. Bernie is know as a regular on
Last but not least, enjoy our Mon- the Bob and Tom Show and will share
day morning Victory Brunch in the his comedic gifi with us. There will
Mary Todd Lincoln Room of the Ho- also be outstanding drag perform—
tel: COSt 340- During thc day 011 Satur— ances, the Morris Squash Beetle Danc—
day and Sunday, all our welcome to ers, and Fire Dancers.
enjoy our Hospitality Suite, where We will watch the Belmont on a
there will also be late night parties. big screen TV, Will the winner be
Updated information can be found Mine that Bird or Rachael Alexandra?
www.imperialcourtkentuclgg.org Re— In the evening hours, you can enjoy
member our motto, “A dollar at a the enchanting sounds of Robbie Bart—
time” and plan on attending all of the lett and her band.
Coronation events to help those in our Throughout the day, there will be
community who are in need- great food, a cash bar, and interesting
people to chat with, all in the beautiful
Unitarian Universalist Church gardens of Coniod Farm. You might
want to bring a chair or a blanket
3564 Clays Mill Rd- since we think this event will be very
, , well attended.
® Pflbe SCMCC All of this for the low, low price of
1] am Sunba“, lune 7 $25 per person or $45 per couple in
. . advance or $35 per person at the gate.
. Mary Crone Will be speaking about Tickets can be purchased at Moveable
Pride as characterized by BaYaId Feast, 1393 Trent Blvd., at the Pride
Rustin, Civil Rights activist throughout Center, 189 Waller Ave., from any
his life. Join us in celebration of differ- MFL Board Member or to pay by
ence and stay for lunch following the credit card call 859.252.2867. This
service. Visit our booth at the Festival. will be too much fun to miss. I’ll see
public support for GLBT Rights you there-
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 Remembering stonewall 1nd Annual Fairness Awards
Thursday, June 18th 6:30 Lexingto: {fitness
. . The theme 0 t 's year’s Down—
Central lerary (140 E' Mam St') town Pride Festival is “Stonewall
Remembering Stonewall ‘5 an 3‘1‘ Lives”, in honor of the 40"I anniver-
dt" documentary about the events 0f sary of the historic riots that took
June 28’. 2009' It weaves together the place at the Stonewall Inn. It’s impor-
perspectives. 0f many part1c1pants lh‘ tant that our community reflect on its
cludrng Police Deputy Inspector Sey- past and honor the work of our many
mour Pine, who marshaled the raid on activists. Join us for the 2nd Annual
the bar, and Sylvia Rivera, a .drag Fairness Awards on June 26‘“ at the
queens who battled fiercely that night. Lexington Downtown Hotel at 7 Pm
Several people who lived in New The LexFair Dinner will honor Ky
York at this time share the" impres— LGBT and allies who have fought for
sions of the riots and how it changed equality here at home. It will be an
alloour lives. You Will hear from Randy enjoyable evening of dinner, friends
chker, the first. ePele gay person to and reflection. Guests will be enter-
appear 0“ telewsron and ”the; Joan tained by a performance of The Judy
Nestle, founder of the Lesbian Herstory Show (www.theiudyshow.com) and
Archives; and Jim Fouratt, who helped Louisville’s own Robbie Bartlett
found the Gay Liberation Front on the (www.robbiebartlett.com/).
third night 01': the Stonewall Riots. . LexFair will present awards to
There W1“ be a panel discussron four deserving recipients, nominated
following the documentary. Th“ ‘5 by you. Nominations are being taken
sponsored by the Lexington Public Li— for the Ally for Fairness Award, the
brary. There Will be free parking avail- Fairness of Leadership Award, the Jen—
able in lerary garage. nifer Crossen Out for Fairness Award
and the Political Leadership Award.
HONEWALL, THE MOVIE T° 130mg“ 1°,gr, 1“;an
IATURDAY, JUNE 20 2 PM wwwze ngton ness.org. 1c e or
PRIDE CENTER 389 WALLER AVE the mm“ a" be $55’ $90 and “50‘
Nigel Finch and the BBC did a Community News page 6 -8
wonderful job portraying a fictional—
ized yet accurate account of the time
period and events the leading up to the h- .
Stonewall Riots on June 28, 1969. We ” geeilh’e love you (mi;
will show the film at the Pride Center _'“' e” 6 DUB you want
on Saturday, June 20 at 2pm. FREE . R
In the words of one commenter, . .
“NS a love story, a Political tale, a drag Jessrca Bollinger LCSW
odyssey and a wonderful expression of Imago RelatlonShlp Therapist
the powerful bonds that dark times EVIDRTraumaWork
promote and cement.” It is also just . . .
plain fun. Join us. Popcorn will be - i Cglgfi;alnrl:y’lndw5gu:533
provided. "W 0 com -
Page 4

ll 9
i; (172g fl TundraiserfiirEJl/loveafilé feast ' - g,
3; $e[mont RQBQ l
3 :-:_:_.__:__3, _.‘ :_. :_..:" 5
re \f\_§ (:7 "E" 5 ’Q' u\ Gulf?) R/r‘g ‘-
_ Prat?“ leflb/J wflflQl/ ll l6 @leb,
.y {1' P 7 , / Jfl 7 3 - ,
,, es. mod ll/lUSlC dnd. Funl
n MM
is ;. ( 3 Saturday, June 6, 2009 4:00 pm
r- § *1 .
[31 $959 Conord Farm
. ,4
.. .3; ‘6‘ 2492 N. Cleveland Road
/ ‘ T, 3 n
fl lCl<®llS mm
:d (fl/(g2 é”? $25 in advance M f??? FEW
:n 3 ‘ . ”3,323: $45 percouple in advance ‘ fiexW
:6 “IV , l’,‘ $35 perperson atthegate :3;
a "Call um - fieeror 859 253-3233 -7
CL Bring your own chair or blanket and join us for this exciting
,, race on a beautiful farm with good company, great food, and wonderful
entertainment! Featuring:
gigs ‘ l
«a . 3 , .33 at"
miss - .
3 . W331: .'
gunman.) r Robbie Banlltfl
.3 sit“
at . 23;, llli riding lid in " (A l l
33M”; 33,333.. llllnnnlnlldllnlnll

 THE @mfifi @EN‘FER @fiMMEfiNE E b NEW§
389 Waller Ave. Bluegrass Women's Network
Phone 859 253-3233 Hi, Ladies! You are cordially in-
- vited to join The Bluegrass Women's
IHSIght Group Network. The BGWN is a social group
Insight will meet on Friday, June 5, based in Lexington and open to lesbians
for pot luck and a movie. Join US at 7 from across Kentucky. We use a Yahoo
pm at the Pride Center, 389 Waller group website to announce and coordi—
j‘veo Tidisdivim be the only Ewing “i111 nate our events; it's not a charlgroup.k
11116 an 5 once a mon SC e e We meet up an ma e
will continue during the summer. friends! Our goal is to enrich our lives
Dana is. looking for someone who with great friendships and memories
WOUJd be “’1“ng to organize 330th” of good times spent together. If you
Insight get— together on the third Friday don't have access to a computer, that's
flight of the month. Contact him at ok’ we also have a Phone list.
859 230—2428~ Membership is FREE and there
- - are no obligations. BGWN members
Teen Gay Stralght Alllance are invited to parties, card games, book
The Pride Prom in May was at- discussions, brunches, potlucks, soft—
ball, and whatever else we can dream
tended by 140 teens, a great success. 1 , . .
up. It s easy to 10m. Send a request
The GSA meets every Tuesday at the
_ , , to: thebluegrasswomensnetwork—
Pride Center. We need an additional own e r@yah o 0 gr 0 “Ps- c o in.
male adVisor for this group, prefera— Lynn and Debby will send you the
bly over 30. Every other week would link to apply for membership. The
work. Contact Mary 2665904 01‘ Bluegrass Women's Network now has
marycrone@insightbb.com. 109 members and we are grow—
ing. Come join us. We look forward to
Stonewall, the movie meetmg YOU 50°“!
Saturday, Sane 20 2 pm TransKentucky
Pride Center—389 Waller Ave S EmSKEntucl‘iy 11166:; 0n the fit“
atur ay 0 eac man at 7:30pm.
$11 fire cWelcome Doors open at 7. We are a support, so-
cial, and resource group. Our mission is
Lex. Lyons & Levi Club to provide a safe place for transgender
individuals. This is not a therapy group.
Monday’ June 8 at 7 pm We include cross dressers, trans-
Pride Center, 389 Waller Ave. sexuals, gender queers, intersexuals, and
others who do not fit the standard gen-
DIImeN GROUP 23.12%;33335268335? 3:?
D . Y 7 ' . ‘
PEXISEYC‘EVSTENREggg WALTER corned. Meetings are free and you may
R ’ dress however you feel comfortable. For
All Are Welcome info and place contact TransKen—
Page 6 tucky@gmail.com

 I I: “A A nighflife
Feel the Beat
257 Wes’r Shor’r Street Lexington, KY
Page 7

 SALE GREAT SUCCESS“ ate a welcoming and accepting com-
munity by providing services to em—

The GLSO Yard Sale Fundraiser power GLBT individuals. Many
was a great success thanks to the many thanks to you all for making it happen.
donations from the gay community. Keep up the good work!
Although it was a rainy weekend, yard To volunteer to help in fundrais-
sale patrons flocked the site of the sale ing activities for the GLSO contact Bill
at 1255 Bordeaux Dr. Clothes, elec— at the Pride Center, 389 Waller Ave.;
tronics, toys, household items, books, 859-253—3233. We will welcome all
tapes, records, furniture and knick the help we can get and will put your
knacks were flying off of the tables. It skills, time and effort to good use!
could not have happened without the Good karma, good times, and a good
donations, time and effort of our
friends and supporters of the GLSO. KY Fairness Vigil

Man thanks to members of the
Board: l’Dennis, Thomas, Virginia, The Kentucky Fairness. Alliance
Ginger, Jane, Mary, and Terry. (KFA) has been working diligently to
Thanks to Joe, Norma, Geri, Josh, pass a stateWide fairness bill through
Jackie, Andi, and Roni for traipsing in the Kentucky Legislature. If. passed,
and out of the rain to make the sale the bill would bring equal rights to
happen. We got soaked, talked, every citizen of KY, regardless of their
laughed, joked, ate, drank, made post- sexual orientation or gender identity.
ers, sorted items, bargained and nego— Currently, .118 out Of the 120
dated with customers, lifted, moved Kentucky counties prov1de no protec—
and sweated a weekend away. Special tipn against discrimination for the les—
thanks to Gayle and Melissa for stay— blag: Tgay’ bisexual, and transgender
ing up all night to watch the site then (L, B ) community. The two counties
working 48 hours selling items and “nth protections are Fayette and
helping to clean up. Extended thanks Jefieson, plus the Clty 0f Covmgt on 1“
go to Bill and Dana for providing the northern KY' _ .
muscle to move the heavy things dur- We can ,be denied housmg and
ing the weeks leading up to the sale. access to public accommodations, such
Thanks to all of you who donated as stores and restaurants, based solely
trucks, vans, and gasoline to transport on our orientation or identity. We
all the stuff. have been working to gain support for

As you can see, it takes everyone the fairness bill, but we need your help.
to make good things happen. This is _ KFA Will be holding a wgll to
a true example of community effort to bring awareness to thls cause.
benefit the Pride Center and the Statewide Candlelight Vigil
GLSO. Through activities like this, Sunday, June 28, 8 to 9 p.m.
the GLSO can continue to provide June 28th marks the 40d, anniver—
social and supportive services and the sary of the Stonewall Riots. We are
Plflfie ai‘j'nterft: the gay Cltljens and looking for organizations or individu—
K31: uc klyes ?I‘hr:iilglhgt:l:flo: 15:51:; als who would be willing to host a vigil
we can truly meet our vision: To cre— m the“ area. C .

ontmued on next page

Page 8

 ’ c
Cumnwnwezllth RealEstate
. Your
' Tulslnl Alvis-unis your 'mlslchrlrisor. Iwill listen
. . In your goals: and help you reach than wilh my eslm‘ieuce.
255; Your
v «- -r ' Skilml Mm: .~\.‘~: your Skilled Negotiator. Iwill help
’ you expat-e all optima. respect cmifiduniallty and represent
your inlei‘ests.
I Your
, Ewen firm: As you Expert Facilitator. Iwill handle
all the details and mm: to ensure that lhc sale 1pm
Teresa Combs. ABR. GR]. QSC together :43)? “mm,
Realtor, Sales Associate
Cell: 859-439-1150 “I will provide you with excel/em service, honesty
.u _’) ‘-
Faa. $59 -4.) 5.1_56 and 5”W”<
E-Mml' rcombsiq‘?commomrealrlrgmac.com
WEB: mm:commomtvalflzgmnc. cam.~‘TcombS
Thus far, we have organi- Deadline for GLSO News
zations in five cities (Danville , June 15
Lexrngton , LouisVille , Owens-
boro , 8: Richmond ) that have The deadline for the GLSO news and for the
agreed to organize the event in eNews is the 15th of every month. As we near
their areas. However, we are the time of Mary Crone’s retirement from the
looking for more. Our goal is newsletter, we have formed a newsletter commit—
to have 15 simultaneous vigils tee that will be increasing responsible for put—
throughout Kentucky. ting the newsletter together. This group will
If you, or anyone in your review the articles we have received by the dead—
area, are interested in hosting a line to determine priority. This makes it more
vigil, please contact us as soon important that you send in your articles and
as possible. ads on time.
info @kentuckyfairness.org At this time the eNews is still experimental
and we may send out more than one issue a
Phone 270 703-1582 month. The eNews opens up opportunities for
special mailings and advertising. For example,
Cook’s Corner will return an organization could send out an announce—
next month. You can send ment about an event to be in subscribers inboxes
- - - k before the event.
our ideas to: cookingwith— a wee .
Y - . If you would like to receive the GLSO
pride@hotmail.com. . ,
eNews, please send your email addy to lexmg—
_ tonglsonxahooxom .
Page 9
W W ,W W WWWWWWW ”ii i._ “ii: _. .

 P 'd M th 2 0 0 9
Imperial Court of Kentucky Coronation 28
Friday, June 5 - 8 pm — In—Town Show — Crossings - $5
Saturday June 6 — 8:30 — Out-of-Town Show — Mary Todd Lincoln
Room, Lex. Downtown Hotel - $10 After Party—Crossings
Sunday, June 7‘ 5:30 — Coronation Ball—Lexington Downtown Hotel $50
Monday, June 8 —10:30am — Victory Brunch — Mary Todd Room - $40.
Friday, June 5 — Insight Group—'7 pm - Pride Center —
389 Waller Ave. Join us for pot luck and a movie - free
Saturday, June — Moveable Feast - 4 pm — Belmont BBQ
2492 N. Cleveland Rd $25 — $35 (see page 3)
Club Dub — Comedian Bernie Lubbers — Robbie Bartlett 8: more
Sunday, June 7—11 am — Unitarian Universalist Church-—
Pride Service: Bayard Rustin Made Visible—Mary Crone
Followed by a pot luck brunch (visitors need not bring a dish)
Thursday, June 18th 6:30—8 pm - Remembering Stonewall -
Free Downtown Central Library, lst floor -140 E. Main St.
Free parking behind Library
Saturday, June 20—2 pm — Stonewall — Free
Pride Center 389 Waller Ave—a great movie
Friday, June 26 — 7pm—Annual Fairness Awards Dinner
Lex. Downtown Hotel — $50— $150 (see page 4)
Honoring Activists 8C Entertaining - Robbie Bartlett 8: The Judy Show
Saturday, June 27 — 11am to 9pm— Pride Festival — Cheapside Park
Free—— Entertainment Booths Food Games Inflatables Drag
Kroger Cards and Pawley’s Raffle tickets will be available at the Fest
Outloud Health Fair—free screenings—3rd floor History Museum
Followed by
Saturday, June 27- 9 pm - AVOL RED DANCE PARTY -
Cheapside Park — an explosion of entertainment—join us
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 . #15 «Vi mew for” 4 33/. 631W '3' 33.? mm ,5?
J J X J\ Old-L) [fir/r Wain/l Wall/pH J WW] ggmlufif’is’
5 ‘ mum/ an w may in m»
Tickets $20
9 -, I ‘ s. «swam
, . pygmy”? I“ J V! J
. 'I'Iil éyfgflfififiwg atthe Pride Center
4 . M. - -.
lg , My @ggégfigggy; 389 Waller Ave.
‘ A u .1 1:551" . ‘ v 5 1:15“
satire-33% ‘ 53555555- 859 253-3233
i '.
‘ “5&3, I, .. or from GLSO
9‘55“; » ' Board Members
Imagine yourself here, top floor porch of the Osprey.
Pawley’s Island, South Carolina
We are raffling the second floor apartment of a beautiful home in a great
location. The house sits between the ocean and a salt water estuary/bird
sanctuary; there are views of the water from all four bedrooms. The
second floor is best suited for four couples, or up to 12 adults who share
rooms. In addition to the four bedrooms, there is a living/ dinning area,
game/reading room, and a kitchenette.
Check in 4:30 Sat., Oct 3. Check out 4 pm Fri., Oct. 9.
Winner will be announced at the end of the Pride Fest.
.. use???“ . ‘437'5Wux1; ' ‘ .
" ‘ '“ 'fT‘EJ;.?’§f -‘-‘ i3 1'
minim 3:54:45; 7 . ,_ ‘ ' ~:
:5,» ' i J ,‘i’, “w. . f1 5:11.?" 4» f3,,_ ‘ 1 ”‘7 I .l " Qt 55“»sz 7;, >-
., 'L, fish; 5. 1’“ 1““ j“ "‘1'?” gum“. ,3, _ ,,.._, ‘2' « ‘ (IL-1,; 3 35 9,57 T1, . a 23:1...
5! “Magnum” 51525373937 '~ “'“ l; ‘35:. ' 5: .- a 5 ' M3‘?
‘ -' fiané‘fv 5"‘l' 5- fl 5’ '- . v .- r . 5.57/4» ' '
A" 55.55555 «walls. .5, . ' ..- 15’. g ~ .:
skin deep and these “beautiful people” tip my hat, to ‘
either devote their time and energy to a the efforts of all groups and organiza—
worth cause or 'ust lain make our tions workin sovi ' and to make this
Y J P g Y
lives better by entertaining us. Either lil’ town we call home a better place for
way, it is time that they are recognized all of us to live. Lexington Fairness,
for their talents and eHom. AVOL, CKCPJ, The Humanitarium,
For pride month, our June honor and The Imperial Court of Kentucky,
shines the spotlight on Bill Chandler, to 11:11:? a few. I applaud and thank
originally from Chicago, IL but living you I ,
in Lexington for over 20 years. Bill B1“ has served on many boards "3
shares his life with his partner of 16 years past, such as The TSGRA: Tn
years Terry Mullins and Earl Lee State Gay Rodeo Assoc., Vice Presi—
Mullander, a Chiterriawa (made up dent; The Imperial Court Of Ken—
name: P art Chihuahua, part Jack Rus— tucky, Secretary; The GLSO, (before
sell Terrier), as well as a black cat employment) At Large; AVOL’ At
named Alfred. Large; The Commonwealth of Ky lllV/
Bill’s beauty that we recognize this AIDS Planning 8c AdVisory CounCil,-At
month is not only on the outside (what Large; CPG Community Planning
a cutie) but also for his continuous Group for HIV/AIDS Prevention, At
generosity to our community over the IMarge; libony gale, PreSident;h Th]:
years. The GLSO Pride Center is Bill’s 1;th 0 “in h ommuizlityThC urc
favorite charity. “I love GLSO because (. SIC), W ere She eff?“ hi 1: 11131:?—
I am an activist and take pride in being gin For Jesus 0W or V? c S. _
a part of the GLBT Civil Rights Move— ter-ego Angel was born). We raised
ment Our struggle continues and like thousands of dollars presenting this
the song says ‘We who believe in free— annual show, he said. ,
dom at rest until it comes’. I Bill also used to smg With The Lex—
think the GLSO Pride Center _ in its ington Men’s Chorus; Created The
existence alone — makes a statement Lexington’s Pride IdOI competition
that proclaims we are here and we have and The ActOut Theatre
asense ofpurpose.” Group. Awards he has won include
“My second choice would be The GLSO Volunteer Award 2005; The
Moveable Feast for their long-standing Wasson Award 1,999; Henry Faulkner
service & co 'tment to the Lexing— Community Serv1ce Award 2004; and
ton community both gay & The Moveable Feast Award of Admira—
straight. Also, my partner is the Direc— tion 1999' ,
tor, and I am his #1 on— call delivery Although he has never competed in
driver whenever he’s short handed. We 333’ .draghpagffints 1:: does hgeyer
make a great team (love you babe). I’m a nut to s s etto ays....... or
Page 12

 female illusion, I have never corn— lutions. It never ceases to amaze, con—
peted in this art form but I have indeed fuse, and frustrate the hell out of me
been in face and walked in pumps as that there are otherwise seemingly in—
my retired alter—ego Angel, of Angel & telligent folks in this world who still
The Heavenly Rays (most folks won’t can’t grasp the reality of one’s sexual
remember those days I’m sure). The orientation not being a choice and
Heavenly Rays consisted of some enor— therefore cannot conceivably be
mous drag talent some of whom are still wrong! Or the fact that bigotry, ra-
performing regularly today...Rayna cism, discrimination, intolerance and
Starr, Devina Latrell and LaToya Ba— the hatred built on these types of nega—
Call. We delivered some fabulous tivity still thrive so richly in our town
shows, if I must say so myself (smile).” and, indeed, in the world! We need

When asked what the biggest mis— more M.E.N. Mind Evolution Now!
conception about him was he replied, With open hearts and open minds this
“Funny, you should ask that. I was re- world of ours would be just fine.
cently at a party where I became re- I then asked, How do you strive to
acquainted with someone from the make the world a better place?
community. Someone I’ve seen around “I strive to make the world a bet—
for years but who always seemed a bit ter place by showing up for work eve—
stand—offish. Anyway, this individual ryday, being a community activist,
overheard me joking and laughing with talking to people about the issues con—
some of the other guests (folks we both fronting the GLBT community and
knew better than each other), but this the world today, being respectful of
encounter prompted him to tell me that others, and by always trying to navi—
for years he thought I was stuck up and gate my life toward love and under—
somewhat unapproachable, which I standing and not hatred and conflict;
thought was bizarre because I like to because when my time here is done
think of myself as a down to earth type and folks remember me, I want them
of individual, open, and most certainly to be able to say “He was my friend,
approachable (LOL).” and He was a good man.”

. “Anyway, I said to him, (With. a Bill, thank you for this inter—
smile)... Really, are you kid- . . .
din ? Well I know a lot of co 1e View. Lexmgton is blessed to have you

g ’ P P ’ in our corner and so devoted to the
maybe you should have asked some- betterment of our cause I am trul
body.’ We all laughed and although I . . d b ' y
haven’t seen him around lately, I be— inspire yyou.
lieve I made a new friend that night so If there is someone in the commu—
hugz Charles, Ummm, so yeah, the nity that you feel deserves to be hon—
biggest misconception about me, of mat in this column, send your request
[313, is that I’m stuck—up and/01- unap— t0 AdvicefromHelena@aol.com and
proachable. That’s not me.” let’s be myspace friends. Look me up

I asked Bill to finish the following at http://www.myspace.com/helenah
statement: The world would be a better
place if... and he replied, GLSO Karaoke
' “The world would be a better place ISt and 3rd Tuesdays
if we had more evolution and less revo—
At Crossings
Page 13

 Acceptable Violence Each child endured incessant ‘
Lexington Fairness taunting and teasing, even after par— ‘
ents alerted the schools numerous
As a child, it was important that times of the situations. And each
you understood these two realities: 1) child chose to end his or her own
kids can be cruel and 2) the play— life. What drives a sixth grader to
ground is host to some of life’s harsh— think, “I could live to see old age, but
est lessons. However, it seems that life will never get better so puberty
throughout the generations, kids have will have to do”? They should be
gone from cruel yet puckish to vicious thinking about riding bikes, caffeine,
without boundaries. The childhood sugar, and the next cool shows on
recess ritual has transformed into al— Nickelodeon and Disney.
most 24/7 harassment. These kids weren’t alone in their
Bullying is a topic that has gotten suffering. Bullying is considered the
a lot of attention lately with some state most common form of violence. Ac—
legislatures passing—or considering— cording to the National Association of
laws regarding school bullying as well School Psychologists, each day
as cyberbullying. However, bullying 160,000 students skip school for fear
has recently grabbed national head— of being bullied. In 2005, the U.S.
lines for more macabre reasons - the Department of Justice reported that
deaths of Jaheem Herrera (11 year—old 77 percent of students are bullied
from GA), Carl Walker—Hoover (11 emotionally, verbally or physi-
year-old from MA) and Maria Herrera cally. Specifically speaking to
(12 year—old from NY). LGBTQ youth, 33 percent of men and
Sara Iiraemer
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 34 percent of women experience some And as an acknowledgement of
kind of violence at home AND the lingering effects bullying can have,
school. They’re also four times more Lexington Fairness will host a “Speak
likely to attempt suicide than heterosex- Out Booth” during this year’s Pride
ual students. Festival. People of all ages will have

The abuse that happens in schools the opportunity to share their experi—
leaves emotional and, at times, physical, ences either on camera or by voice
scars. Psychologists believe victims of recorder to be used as part of PRO-
traumatic bullying cases can exhibit JECT SPEAK OUT and could be
signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, posted on our website— again, with
which may appear later in life. PostSe— your permission. If you are not sure
cret, the website where people can you want your story to be represented,
anonymously bear their souls, recently come talk to us anyway. You may find
displayed a card that reads “The girl that telling someone is empowering
who bullied me throughout elementary and healing.
school has cancer. I’m not sure if I Society has always chalked up kids
should pray for her or thank God for teasing one another as just kids being
punishing her.” kids. It was a way to make you

Clearly, many adults carry memo— tougher, stronger, wiser. Nowadays at
ries from their younger days of someone work, we take light jabs at coworkers
considered bigger, stronger, cooler or as a way to relieve the stress. Kids,
more popular picking on them for being likewise, need a release. But bullying
too feminine or masculine, too fat or has become more that just playful jok—
thin, too short or tall, too smart or ing. It has becom