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H Volume Nine Number Two H H11 H
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B - o - 11.111111? 111’
.1 “

 t Page Two
: $
- 2E , .&n _.
. ‘3 a \
, i f B D V bee
, L 1:” nt
. t Y r. Leland A q) 6
. ‘ : . .. ‘ , ser‘
. . f . In ordm'fuy years, this Society is ’ Charles Morgan of Pr' ' ' Transylvania C 11 Brow“: lS
_ . interested in the history of Lexing—‘Couiity, and three of 332% vggllaliln Ensign, and was sworn into office f o ege ,' w) ,see:
I if ton and the South. This year We ters, Hanah, Dinah, and Sara 1111):; JUIY 23. 1781. His father’s brother nillre 1800, as only his children -i_ . reg
; ‘ 5 ar; interested in the man after “fig men by the name of Taylor _ éfXEEDder, and his own brothers! haecllltfgliifd rlinldhis father’s willz 3;: ‘5» for:
.. w - - a i ' ' ares ’ c i re ' , a l'.
,. palftxigulgflysocéggy 15 named; we are and l\1/I(:ill‘ytl’llginsgeccoon-(i;l son Of John have servilddinEtlgicsth;E kno to Violetta marrigd a ma 'V 0013
»: , events which imglircfig‘tielnggc Sh: ‘ born either in 171711210rBiiiacli'flfigi W135 The most casual study of the nag? of MauZY~ I coltllci)y fithel 5‘ " Of‘
5 and followed th - e e [1745 he married Al' . ' “ early history of Le ‘ . n0 “3 more “‘1" ' 0f
' the Kentucky Gimetiiaifis‘iérgim 0f'hed eleven childlfgnMosegvm' irhey that J°hn Bradfordxglagstzgtifiifizis sarah Bradford, as far a h' bu‘
, ...~" are interested in the life th - We WhOm are of interest’to u em of connected with its growth H dly find, never married. S lean. in
‘ sonality, and the attain e per— ditiOn to their first son Johlsl “mad—1 any enterpriSe of merit lackarh'y Katy, the fourth of Joh "‘ mu
.' John Bradford Th .ments 0f children, in the ap r0 . ' T ese name. For forty years h S ‘5 ford‘s sisters ma .- n Brad? Brz
. either have been dese various items I of their birth werg filmate order nected with Transylvaniae 33$ 0011f Hume2. Thev had thltlled 'GeOige ,w the
-. "' vious speakers 0- IS~CUSSEd by prefl William. Charles Vi liry’ JOHN: First elected clerk of th Bmvem— Three 0f the on we Chfldren‘ JOY
; i that follow. I air :13]: ggintéytthoie Enoch, Simon, Benjagfnt‘} if”? Trustees in 1790. in 1792911602535“ John came to Kgntlilcglfy 'ifii’the‘si” 5“
4 ’03th to tell ‘0 a— 111g, and Katy. Th . " le ‘ member of the 30 y. a EnoChy Ben'am‘ - ese were 5 the
Z ’ § himself, but vagiilfigfrngglenldradfqrd ““139 items of intglrgstarge 2131.01“. later Was made tlieirdéhgrilrcingnyefr Of these Eifochlnwig’ti’éd Fleldmg' pro
. with a family. This is a Cog: hfm their. father Daniel Bradfogdr Egg 1808 John Bradford was one of n Was bOTn in 1757. He se Olde'St' He r, nie
j , tively Simple task as I h Pala- the first place he was a road-s h group that met to organize tha Revolutioiiary W—ar and rVed 1n the. nail
. 1 .1 lined it far myself Of thiveBoutr— veyor 1n Fauquier countyzl Thisul; Episcopal Society into a. parishe Capture of Cornwallisv A‘f’as at the tak
. . . for ds mentioned m histories réi-rcllaHegiinrseb mlelans that his son Jog; g‘fhltshwas during the closing years garently he arived in Faylertitsehld Ali-i. ' his
1; genealo ies - e y is surve ' . .. . e rectorshi o y Shortl . 01111- me 'n-
. . to 3:33: 33‘s seawater: as he .3. 33:33:: :33: 1,:
T , generations, .y' D the secon ’ _ e Organization 0 . Chilin ' - 0 Mali"
. ti tion to certaiilirildiifggn tcsall. atten— rlous pieces of lang igllatcfie theKva— Library and the Fafyettlt: égglntgtleii find hislnwffiprgl,tl788. I failed to_ a. froI
. 'i lives. Since the usualesxort 1n.thelr tucky counties Which Wares: t en— The latter became the LunatilgI 1: ' nine children u we know he had‘ - Da'
L" inauon WhiCh We find givegfngfi): £210th dname 0f Daniel Brild‘éffrg Lime-There are plenty of evideniis I County in July zi222d32dzlied m 50°“? V is 5
T L: ormation whic ' - _! g9 ’00 John’s f . lS inventiveness. ' Ben‘am‘ ' ' ~
. ‘ 3‘1: indications of the? Sggongallielsivgs aegdeslhtlllriis land to higtggllis 1:511:02}: Just: one for example frimwtfie $111:er Ann Ajllenmof hauglllifrfgd Itnamed ! v) 2;:
‘ we must be - . , 8 ins. Their ~ ., 1g'30r13 of 1811. .. ' - ~ ~ 01m y, Vii. , .
.- or resist:- 33333211 was: 8333: 33:33:“; 33233332373333: ‘3: w
- _. interests ‘Bradfordv i — C e a, 61‘ Of John w ' i machinery for s 'n ' H . e y is activities “7 \ - c
*5 . s not an un— and ‘ . , as in Kentucky th D1 Ding ropes by e filst appears in . ,- x in
.\ usual name and care In Lexmgton tow 6 power of stea 17 Lexmgt‘m In
A ' , must be taken of th , ard the CIOse h' , , m, the plan of 92 when he w A $10
, , to exclude Individuals of e eighteenth cent W lch he is the m, t . as elected to suc- i .
. . that name know h _ lll‘y. I don’t f . ten or. Mr. Brad_ ceed his brothe for
Who are related in ti 0W otherwise 1; ' ords meChamCial he i ‘ r John as Clerk 0f
me only and fonOW~ . 0 explain the c - . nus is Very the Board of Tr t ’1. am
i not by blood mg receipt dated M (memorable and hls l . . ~ . “5 ees of Trans 1- ‘
> ‘ 1795 “ - arch, 8th ’ , abOUYS in this vania Universit y F BYE
. Since John Bradfo d _ - Recewed of Mr Cr ' way have been hi in Y- On November'l -
fi- _ - . . . ford -. g y useful to the 1795, he b . , i 7, ing
s LeXlngton from Vir _ 'r came to Six Shillings for ad . .aw Citizens of the tow . egan the publication i .
' ‘-: . 311118, We turnt meet' Vertising the - . 11- He established the first n . 0 ~ tra
that state first for a 0 mg of the Trust a Dress in LeXln to eWSpaper in Frankf t
‘ , d of h' tuck ees of the Ken- t g 11 about tWenty_ Kentuck , Th' or, am
‘ ‘ , forbears We find th recor is y Academy F W0 years ago th - y 15 paper was 1 W
- at at least ten ford” . - or John Brad_ , 6 second in the the “Kentu k caled W . p0:
ii persons by the name of B - This paper is si ‘ Western country man f C 3’ Journal" and wasat L
dford Bradford, . gned Dan for h' , y 0 the types Weekly consi t‘ l neg
came fmm England and 1'3 . . It ls among the mi W lch he carved out of n J'l ‘ S mg Of four pages10
Virginia durin settled in neuos papers in th . scella_ Of courSe hi - ' . _ WOOd. 11SOn in his Histor f -' Sha
». g the second ua t T . e Old Librar at s act1v1ties With news— Count Y 0 Franklin f
0f the seventeenth cent 2iq r er ransylvanla Universjt y. papers and print‘ y Speaks of this B - ' or
w . , - . . y. The s1_ q . . mg are of out— a co . enJamin as a
.5 there is no in dicatio ury While nature is quite d'f g rtandlng interest “Sm Of John Bradf v am
. . n that an f s' i ferent that th - As far as I have Ga tt 0rd 0‘ the r .
. tliese were the anc 3’ 0 isnatures of D 9 been able to det ‘ ze 6’ but I can n d - em
35 estors Of th S an Bradford th . ermine he was 0011— Of th n 110 cousm »
. ,. ; Bradfords with who 6 on Of John. As far , e nected With at lea t . at name at that t‘ . ,« r 0f
., m We are 0011—. was .aS I know there to , 5 three Lexmg— we find 1me- Next / 1
, .5 Cerned, the mOSt interest. . 13.0 Other Daniel Bradf n papers. First and most ' that the Tennessee Gazette a St
is due to the Similar lng acount, that time to who . _ 0rd at tant, John With h‘ imppr— of Nashville was b - x v 5151
.1 . lty of given Si ned . m It might 13“ as—Iest b‘ Is brother Fleldmg a B ' ' egun m 1800 by "
.~ names, 15 that of one J h g ' The wi110f Daniel B ‘ _ a llshed the Gazette in 1737- . en13min J. Bradford His «11 ‘ lett
‘ ;.-‘ ford Who arrived . o n _Bra,d— of Fauquier Count 2 radford he also in 180217 t , bui: is on file in Scott ‘ - “I . Br:
r .- in the Vlr jni ua 7 y was dated Jan_ 00k over the Ken- ~ ~ Countyo, It was v» 3*,
. _. Colony on the shi .i g a r3 1300, and pro - . tucky Herald ertten in octobe 13 ' ' Chi
; - . ~ 13 Temperance” the s V991 ‘11 April of ’ .and mum later ‘ r 32 and PW“
‘, ,- m 162121, For the trals ' ame year. Som owned and publish d . , In 1836, He was th f - Br:
. ) i'tatlon f quests e of the be— . . e the Lexington ' e ather of nine s -
i this John Bradford p0 - 0 are as follow - Public Advertis Chlldren five bo - mg
.. and ninete son J S. He gave his . er. John Bradford . ’, ys and four girls,
other persons the c _' en ohn (of the G and his son J . J. Fielding Br df Hu
- - . , ' aptain of th groe - azette), two ne- u . ames established th < a 0rd: DTObablythe w.
. ship received one th e S then in .10th . Guardian of Fr ,, . e YOUDgest brother 1” 4. ‘ 119E
; _ . ouSand acres sons E . possesswn. To . eedOm in Frank— - ., 0 JOhn, was born F " ,
. Of land 1n part flash and F11 - fort 111 17899 In 1767~. He 1181
.~. payment. 0th the t . Bdmg he gay - He began print," _ was blit twenty years .
r: Bradfords Settled earl . , er mm; of land In K 9 books and mg 01d, and ei ht . ' mg
a - y in Vlr inia thev .. . entUCky Where Pamphlets as earl g een years younger (
~ particularly one Nath . g , ~ were then livmg and 1790. As a com i1 y as than John h - 1101
. . _ _ _ , he bo ht , W en they established
ford, sometime aniel Brad ewes as were then i -SUCh he the Gene p er 9g Ont the Kentuck . . BYE
mam 3:33:33. Hem 3:33.: (33:63:: t "" I
;,; ern Shore ‘ _ er, iI‘ginia Was to b ‘ eral editi ug SBV‘ In Februa . ' .
_. . . , e ons. B , Ty 1791, h . . , am
linleetthtast him inow to the Bradford 5131:3232? girls tfigacies and 535$ cgmple“ catalogulétoimtiiescarcttingtie: giri tsimith Barbee? I22gleciirgllfiiaiirlly V pm
' :s ceary led to John B . . e proceeds to 0 John Bradford - - . or 3/ after that mo (1 t - a“
. ford of the G rad— equally d1V1ded a - . be th ‘ - . 15 quite OutSide count ve to SCOt' ‘9 " (
( azette. John B Th , mong his child , e limits of this Y: as most of . 3 Br(
ford born in 168011 rad— e remainder of the ten. N t ' paper. tainabl ' . Our easily oh 181
, l . . . , was undoubt— go to h‘ . . estate was to , 9 much is known _ e information regard‘ h'm » e
, t ed] 1 - . . 18 Wife CODcernin . mg 1
:1 fly Ellhrlgilfiigalélsmearfieavgflam coun— ford. His wife géeiiygggaraerad- 3:33; Fthe brother of John HE affileiyfrgm ($11165 History of Scott 1 ha’]
’ . S When he and Simo ’ ‘ S iliam annie Fowlkes ' “‘- 6 find for exam 1e 5
. married Mary Marr Ki n, were made e son . . and had a that h ’ p " _"' f
. . ri “con _ Next xecutors. named Fieldin _ ~ . e was elected 0
.._ 53:2 211: Bradfor ds.an d the gMarrrts Daniel 21:2 1:11:13; the children of that the William Biadrlgréswfisfle 2f Representatives frontloszggt 5:13;? ‘ larl
; wha ' mg the firs? S€ttlers in These are t Organ Bradford. prominent in the earl hi 5 y m 1802’ ’93! ’08, ’09. and ’117. H8 V‘ ‘ ear
t is now F he brothe ~ M h V story of als f
is first JOhnaqullggf countyZl. of John, the central grind Sisters Rglllerihgrg County is this brother Itheqcafffl time to time: served in :fin
‘ 5 . 1‘ 0rd the sketch M on in our 91‘ in his h' t ' . aci Y of a G t1 t- '1 ‘ e
-‘ grandfathers of John B 7 ‘ 3W, the eldest h' W‘il’ 15 ory says that ice 1 . en eman Jus b -
‘ , the _ radford of born in 1746 . C ild, was 1 lam Bradford came ' n 1813, Fieldin Bradford ' ' se‘
i i» TheirGazeme’ had nine Children Allen in 1764 and mauled William county from Lexington in 1310 that Served as QUartermastel‘gin the First “ 4’ be
3 Daniel naI-llnes Were Dinah, John, reni. - They had six child_ was a deputy sheriff and ca. 9:1 He (Trotter's) Regiment23, Fielding and ' ord
7 William ifs’éa’i‘; 8am Alexander, The first son a the militia in 1799, and a pmaembOf Elem?" Bradford had five chil— r ’«v V
g John the ollde’staggn BenJamin. was John foundecrl1d tisizcogd child, of dthe Legislature in 1801 ’03m’1ejr $311141“- They were Violetta, George, ,\‘_ . of.
"' 1716 and never marri V was born in Gazette. He was b - entucky an 11- The Madison Gaz tt ' 1 on: Sophia, and Kitty. The 9111- ‘ . fori
,- . . 8d. JOSeph a d co - . . Gm 111 Fau u' Huntsvill - e 6 Of 3513, VlOletta ' - . ‘ anc
_ Benjamin twins we . n unty, Virginia in 1749 q ler 6, Alabama, in: early da , married Benjamin S.
l r - . ’ . yS Chamb ‘ . , t i
. four re me 1n 1730, he married E In 1771 was owned by Thoma ers In 1814. One 51x .. er.
, death $312834 beTflere their father’s of Captain $333218}? the daughter son of Fielding Bradstrgz-ngdford, daughters of this marriageOfwattlsleMrs. r" ‘ ma
2: 1y left no will b If father apparefit— first came to Kentuni; James, He have been the grandson of. ngimay Anme Chambers Ketchum who was ». dre
Man. Kingcoilrtl gie mother, Mary veying trip, and thee Y_on a sur- Charles Bradford, the sgniam. born about 18308. Townsend may * her
Will dated July’ 172a5dfOTd’ left 3 moved his entire famrill n; 1785 he Daniel and the brother of Johof be come“ When he gives her birth . the
Jilly 178321. Two 5 and proved county“. Before 00miny o Fayette married Elizabeth Heath He 5 11, date as 1824 (Townsend—Kentucky if: a: Em
Mary Bradford maro‘nfi Of John and FY to settle, John 13rd:to Kentuc‘ 19 the Revohltionary warm med m American Letters, p. 247) “Mrs da‘
ie daughters of in the Revolutionary Wafgird served lived and died in the State of P He Ketchum became famous as .a poet? in
.;- ' He was ' Sylvania_ His death Occurredelbg: esst’ botanist, €160utionist, and edu- {0k
ea or. Many of her poems have llec

 I!“ ‘ . .3.“ .. 3'3““33333 :33 .'
1937 September, 1937 THE KENTUCKY PRESS Page Three .3l3
\ V been much admired and one of them Ky., and had five children. I think was at one time County Auctioneer ficuity, :3
‘ entitled ‘Benny’ acquired, as it de— Gaines? in-"his history 0f Scott and County Commissioner. In 1841 Daniel Bradford, after much ne— :3 j
r ) served, a national reputatiOn.” This County. is in error When he says we find him the Mayor of Lexing— gotiation, accepted the responsibili— i3 ~
OWH‘: is quoted from Y0ung3“- There that William Story married Eliza a ton”. Like his father he was in- ty of the stewardship the latter part 5 ,i -
," ,seems to be some misunderstanding sister of John the editor of the terested in the better things in the of July 1822, and immediately took ' Q '
,3 . ‘" regarding the year of Fielding Brad- Kentucky Gazette. Dinah, the third city. In 1816 he is mentioned as possession of the furniture and i :;
Iren are“ 7 ford’s death. Mr. Staples sent me daughter of John and Elizabeth, one of the contributors to found the utensils of the refectory. For a 3 '~
3112- He '5 a memorandum of a notice he had was born in 1784, married WilliamiFayette Hospital. The year before time he was hampered, as we can 1 . ..
.v copied from the Kentucky Reporter Hart in 1811, and died in 18621. he was a member of the Lottery tell from his note of August six— 3,3 ' ’
by the 5. ~- of July 28, 1830, which reads, “Death The five sons of John and Eliza-3Committee to raise money to erect teenthlllv because no money was 3'3
‘3 find'i ‘ of Fielding Bradford at Lawrence— beth Bradford were named Benja— the Grand Masonic Ha114.In March available to buy brooms for Tim 'j ;f
h- burg, Ky., enroute from his home min J. Daniel, James M., Charles, 1816 a petition was presented to the the colored janitor and none to buy !
5 loan, in Louisiana to Lexington." This and Fielding Jr. I will comment Trustees of Transylvania Universi— nails to make repairs. On Septem— 3 .
w must refer to some other Fielding on these sons in the order I have ty by the citizens of Lexington. The her second we find that Daniel had 3?; .
l Brat, Bradford, as I have recently seen3listed them. final portion of this petition I will his nails, Tim had his brooms, but 3 .3 ‘
GEOrge .w the Will 0f Fielding, the brother 0f Benjamin J. bears the same name read. “The undersigned would re- still he, the new steward, was un— ‘ 32:: :
lildren. John. It can be found among the as his uncle and perhaps was the,spectfully recommend the election able to settle down to a smooth .,
;hersof.f' Scott County Records, and is dated clerk of the Board of Trustees of of Judge Cooper, late of Carlisle operation of the Dining Hall. He
:se were ’i the sixteenth day of July 1847, and Transylvania in 1792. Of course3 College, as Principal of the Univer— writes to the Trustees, “I have no 33 -
‘ielding. proved November 1851. This will there is a DOSSibility of confusion sity; believeing, as they do, from clock, nor am I able to buy one. In 3% 333,
lest. He Ky mentions all of his children by on the other points mentioned in the character which he supports, a high wind or hard rain, the town 33'} 333i
l in the~ name, so that there can be no mis- connection with his uncle, but the that in him will be found united in clock cannot be heard at my resi— 333i .
at the take. We also note that Collins in younger Benjamin seems to have an imminent degree those qualifi- dence; wherefore it will be impossi- 3333
'21, All-3- . his history3 refers (1847) to Field— resided in Lexington, at least his,cations which are calculated to ble to ring the bell at the proper E 3333';
500m, ins ing Bradford as “a venerable man, daughter Maria died here in 182717,! make him useful in that office." hours, which it is my duty to do, 333,
‘ John,,{ who now lives about two miles north and his daughter Eliza married Wil- The second signature. in a list of unless I am furnished with a time 'l~,33‘
) Mary" h from Georgetown." liam MOTtOH a lawyer 0f Lexing— ninety—three, is that of Dan Brad-3piece. The well appears to want 3.3333 '
:iledto_ There remains just one son of ton. This Benjamin J., the son of ford. 3cleaning, at least the water has 1333
he had‘ - Daniel, and brother of John. This John, had six children. We have Of all the Bradfords I have en-‘much filth, and the pump requires 3‘ j 3.33:,
. Scott ' "‘ is Simon. His willi, since he never mentioned the two daughters, andvcountered in preparing this paper, repairing. The ice house is filled .~ -, 1:31
V) « married, leaves his property to his each of the sons also deserves brief3I feel that I am better acquainted with water." 3,4 313.3
harried, " brothers and sisters, and in this comment. James was a Lieutenant with the character anil personality On October seventh, Dan Brad- 331333
:y,Vir.' way is 3, very good check on the in the U. S. Armyl; John was a of Daniel Bradford than with any ford submitted an account of the 333‘. 3
cc him 7 th' Bradford Family. The will reads natural artist and painted portraits of the others. This is probably due money he had spent for nails, ‘l‘b 3i 3
tivities. T in part, “Brother John Bradford of his grandfather and grandmoth- to the presence of several of his plank, door latches, and a State- 31W
ton in ,. $10000 cash; brother William Brad- er. Thomas T.. the third son, was letters in the files of miscellaneous ment of the time he had spent in 1,3: .3333 .
20 sun-1 ford $100.00 cash; also discharge the publisher of the Kentucky Ga— papers in the Old Library at Tran—3 mending the stable and the cellar t F ,1;
lerk of 1 any debts to me; brother Enoch zette in 183813. He is described as sylvania. He was elected steward windows. These items were a lit- ,3, if
ransyl—, Bradford one negro; brother Field— a rather peculiar man. It is said of the University during the year tle unusual and so he sent along a 5 “i, 1.
nber 7, ..- ing Bradford all my claims to a that he lived wholly in his office and 1822-23. This position was one of note to the Trustees. I quote, i 3: i'
;ion of . tract of land in Scott County, Ky, was never seen on the streets even diverse responsibility. We must re— “Gentlemen: Above is my account. if. V
nkfort, and also one negro boy how in his for exercise. He never married. member that it was during the ad- That part of it which relates to the , flit .:
called ,, we possession; sister Katy Hume one The following notice from the Lex— ministration of President Holley, Stable may perhaps need explana— 3532333.
wasa ,~ negro, provided she or her heirs3ington Intelligencer for March 17, when the University was a large tion, as I did not obtain the sanc— L31:
ageslll. shall pay to Henry Gilkerson Brad- 1837 is self explanatory. “Died at and growing institution. The ste— tion of the committee on repairs. i3:
'anklin ford or his representatives the Lower Blue Licks, 10th inst. Capt. ward had charge of the buildings of Mr. Hunt was absent from town, ' 3313f. ‘
min as «. amount of her interest in said negro Benjamin F. Bradford of the Texas Transylvania. At that time they and Charles Trotter was sick. It is 3,
0f the ’1 equally to the devisees of the estate Army in his 28th year. He was a were situated on the college lot, was apprehended that incendiaries 3'33351‘
cousin j, . of my father Daniel Bradford; 1 son of Benjamin Bradford and which occupied the space now in— were about the place, and no spot 7 f 3:3 "
Next /‘ also give her two other negroes; brother of the printer of the Ga- corporated in Gratz Park. The more convenient appeared to pre- ‘ 3.33 3
iazette , sister May Allen $100.00; sister Vio- zette. One of those hardy adven— steward, in the fall of the year, had sent itself, than the stable belong_ l 3
80011333" letta Mauzy $100.00; to Elizabeth turers who were the first in the to order fire wood and see that the ing to the college. The weather 3:}. 3
is Will 31- Bradford of Pennsylvania widow of struggle for the freedom of Texas.” fireplaces were lighted every morn— boarding was off in many places, . ' ,
139W”? 9 Charles Bradford $100.00; to Simon The brother referred to was, of ing, during the winter, in lecture and the hay at the window, which I 3 1
WW“ Bradford, son of my brother Field— course, Thomas T. Bradford. rooms, in the new Medical Hall, had no shutter, looked very invit- 3 '3 53
:f nine ‘ ing. one negro; to Daniel Bradford The second son of John and Eliz— and the Grammar School. The col- ing. Indeed had I known you would 3: ‘ 1? _ 3
girls. Hume, son of my sister Katy, one abeth Bradford was named Daniel lege lot was fenced, and the ste— have refused payment, my own se- 53 3 3
>ly the. ">- negro; to Margaret and Elizabeth after his paternal grandfather. Of ward’s duty lay in keeping the gates curity would have induced me to 33' , 1
s born 4% her daughters one negro; to Field— all the Bradfords who were influ— closed and the fence in good con- have had the work done at my own 33 3
years , - ing. son of my brother William, one ential citizens of early Lexington, dition, and to see that cattle did not expense. I also will take the liberty ‘il 3‘ ,
lunger ( horse, saddle and bridle; sister Sally we can place Daniel second to his stray into the college grounds. He to remind you that the small en- 33 ‘ l
)lished 3 ,- Bradford one negro; the land where father. Following the example of also had charge of the Dining Hall, gine, stationed on your lot, is en— .3 3
7. 3H9 3 \' I live with its appurtenances, stock his father, he seemed to be inter- and agreed to furnish board to such tirely unfit for service. Its being ‘ 3 . l
;prlng. . and furniture, to be sold and the ested in every sort of public and students and professors as might in good order, might possibly save -, : ':
Elean- ' ' proceeds to pay debts and cash leg— private activity. Daniel took over desire it at $3.00 a week. The kit- the college edifice as well as the ap- [l 3 '
obably , acies, any balance to sister Sally the Kentucky Gazette in 180217 for Chen at that time was undoubtedly purtenant buildings.” The record . 3
50033 :f " Bradford." This will is dated March a few years, and at various times the low gray building which still does not tell us whether or not Dali 3 , ‘
1y 933 1813 and proved April, 1813. subsequently. The last time he took stands in Gratz Park near the cor- got his money or whether the en— ! , 3
g 11"“ ,‘ A This account of the family, so far, charge of it was in 18407. Let melner of Third and Market Streets. It gine for pumping water was re- 33 3 3 ‘
Scott has not considered many persons mention rapidly some of the differ_3was often the custom in that day paired. 3 : ,
ample «v ."‘ of the name of Bradford, particu— ent positions in which we find him. to have the kitchen somewhat re— During the winter, there appear l ‘i .
House 3 larly many who lived during the In 1805H he was one of the two moved from the rest of the house in among the papers relating to the 33. ‘ 3
Coun— , ~ early decades of the ninteenth captains of the Union Fire Compa— order to reduce the risk 0f fire. refectory only routine bills for , . 3 i
7- he century in Scott County. Many of my. In 1803 and many times later Now there had been other ste— wood, groceries, candles, and other .., 3
'ed 3“ ., » these were active in public affairs. he was Master of the Lexington wards before Daniel Bradford, but similar items to provide heat, food, £33 3
“53' .34- ' Several wills and many deeds can Number 1 Lodge of Freemasonsi. he stands apart from them, in my and light_ These bills were ordered 3‘, ‘ 3
“mm A 1 be found in the Scott County Rec- Eighteen hundred and twelve finds mind, because of his ability to in— paid over the signature of John .,., I
F1353 i A ords. him a captain of the Lexington ject into his reports and letters a Bradford who was chairman of the 3, =
E W .‘ ,* We will now turn to the children Light Infantry“. The following personal element. He was directly Board of Trustees during this time. ,3 3
“3331' 3‘. of John and Elizabeth James Brad— quotation from the Navigator for responsible to a committee of the Several times during the year Dan [33 3
eorge, ‘, ' ' ford. They had three daughters 1811 lists one of his many commer— Board of Trustees and was to re- Bradford submitted a; bill?“ for the ,3. 3
3,9333 ‘ . and five sons. To take the daugh- cial enterprises. “L'eXington has port to them every three months. board of Professor Rafinesque, who, ,3 1
un .5 : ters first, we find that Rebecca now four conéiderable cotton man- The other stewards made their re— as a part of his salary, was to re— 33, 3 3
16 5” -. ‘ married Barbee and had nine chil- ufacturies, the newest and most ports, showing the bills paid, and ceive his board and room. 3.," 3
;Mrs. 3 drenl. I imagine that Rebecca and extensive of which belongs to a Mr. the accounts due, and said no more. At sometime during the college 3 ,3
0 was * her husband moved to Paducah, as Sanders, whose manufactured arti— Daniel Bradford, however, added'yoai-Y My. Bradford apparently was 3.1 .~
may 3 their oldest son, Ira, married Eliza cles really do honour to our coun- little postscripts to his reports and,3aooused by the boarders of serving 3
birth l!" a: Enders of that city; two of her try, and his industry and persever— also by frequent letters, called at- much better food at his private 2% 3
tuclfl’ 3‘ daughters also married and settled ence. Dr. Daniel Bradford has late- 3 tention to matters concerning his table, than he served at the public 31
[M15' in Paducah. A second daughter of 1y established a wool carding and 3 stewardship. By reading these notes tables. We find a solemn pronounce- ;
p083? John and Elizabeth Bradford mar- spinning machinery, and one or two we can follow him from month toJ { . .
£333; ried William Story of Georgetown, others are in operation." Daniel3month, and from difficulty to dif— (Please turn to page five) I ,

 _ Page Four THE KENTUCKY PRESS September, 1937 l
- . ._ _a—~‘WW~\E— ; SeptE
Burkesville News, Mrs. Annie Shan—lshould contract all milk companies ”T’—
non and Ben Jones, publishers and now to make preliminary arrange— .
; :he J. R. Shannon, editor, volume 16. ments for National Milk Week ad— 1 The E
The Press extends congratulations. vertising. ~_
, - .5. :2 .3 .. if“: * * * * * Newspaper services will have spe—_ ‘; ti
1 F$$S CASH REWARD cial Milk Week advertising illus- *o ' v (Con
j L —— trations, layouts and copy ideas in , ment by
f . The Greenwood (Miss) Common- their October services, and specially A “"t ersity th
I i W—W wealth carried an advertisement for prepared news matter and a large , the same
. Official Publication Of The Kentucky Press Association a local motor company offering a number of very interesting pictures 44 3" family th
;' W “cash award” to any individual giv— in mat form will soon be made 2‘ In the
7 A, - ing them the name of a prospect to available to local milk companies , ,4‘0' ' '
1, ' ‘ICTORR‘PORTMA\N”'”"""U'U'Eduor _ whom a car was ultimately sold. by National Milk Week headquart— ‘ Eggffir
i,. a“ . - _ ‘ I _ .-l .
-; , 0. Too 0. Journalism ma design. this": $555.52?er M“ ~ *
Unlvelsny Of Kentucky, Lexington and filed with the motor company a , Universlldl
4 ——*—E~h—*— previous to the sale. PUTS SUBSCRIPTION ON A “l" he wou
Jodie P. Gozder A President News—Journal, Campbellsville FIRE PREVENTION PAGE g 401 parently
J. LaMarr Bradley A, Vice-President W_. Enterprise, Providence W The Lancaster (N. Y.) Enterprise courtesy. .
, J‘ cums mm“ WW-.....__......-._.... S‘ffrEtary “ Messenger’ Danvme A very effective fire prevention sends a post card with the follow— (1% occurred ‘
a d d L EiECLgl‘LI‘iC'gEWTTEE G M P d] H la page appeared in the San Mateo ing wording to subscribers whose ‘ Egrgorggg
: ‘ Thomas R Un erwoo , exing on era , airman; fracean . e ey, era _, (Cal.) Times last year_ The big time is nearly up: ='
. Egggfllfcdgfnlltiie‘?r'xlleefiggui‘oifgxrréestiimflfé’calign 1153:3311???) CicilfrllolreHIeVruarlilii, feature was a cut printed in two “Your subscription exnires A ‘9, $632353:
j - Herald, Lexington; Joe Costello, Democrat, Cynthiana: Robert L. Kincaid, News, colors which covered about half the renewal on or before the above date 5, All?“ 9
, Middlesboro; James T. Norrishlndependent, Ashland; Victor R. Portmann, Ken- page. A list of insurance firms, is suggested. This is not a dun, '0' -‘ lnnghi‘Wej
_ gig:go::efiébgff'fg'g’li’mgifigaggrc’hiiofgi‘sr'y?‘°nd‘m’ Joe R‘Chardson’ Tlmes’ dealers in roofing materials and but postal rules and regulations and ‘va :SktheaB
. 1 LECISLATHE Cmmlnm others directly interested paid for modern busmess methods make it ' "l . .
_ ., I i _ . , , charity, 1
E Thomas R Underwood Herald Lexington Chairman' Warren Fisher Mercury, the page. tt contained a coupon necessaiy £91. :us to 3.151‘ you to keel) ' “it“ and I Sh
. l Carlisle; Lawrence W. Eager, Messenger, Owensboro; George A. Joplin'Jr., Com- to be filled 1n and IBtUI‘ned t0 the your SUbSCI‘lpthn paid up. Amount " ‘ for the a
l monwealth, Somerset; Francis M. Burke, Mountain Eagle, Whitesburg. fire department glVlng facts about due $.............” - l‘J k. d mu“
3 , ADVERTISING COMMITTEE any fire hazard known to any citi— * r r =¥ c“ high} wri
a Robert L. Kincaid, News, Middlesboro, Chairman; Thomas T. Wilson, Log Cabin, zen. _ PRESS FREEDOM ,t account ,
1 Cynthiana; Shelton Saufiey, Register, Richmond; W. L. Dawson, Oldham Era, La * * * ’t * —— '9'“ t bear ,
‘ Grange; A. S. Wathen, Kentucky Standard, Bardstown. =: z: =- o o In a speech at the recent meeting “I, no t1 I
NEWSPAPER EXHIBIT COMMITTEE FILING MATS of the American Newspaper Pub- W f gal} 68,2?
1 Victor R. Portmann, Kentucky Press, Lexington, Chairman; 5. B. Goodman, Cen- ————- lishers’ Association in New York, I §dlced to
' m1] R600“, ”11°35‘91”? Flam Smith, NBWS- Georgetown A good filing system for advertis- United States Senator Bennett .4: eug as
. ‘ lng mats has been evolved by one Champ Clark said: cot‘ege Ol
' —'——_———————— newspaper. Strong cardboard boxes “It should never be forgotten that ' F 53' (logtill
hm ———‘—T§ just big enough for the mats, with while our constitutional guarantee ' ', file contI
, . r _ an opening on the long narrow edge, of freedom of the press incidentally ‘ ‘
MEMBER from,“ gzmflgggyeggsggsiiriéfioigcghgt were ordered from a box factory. inures to the benefit of the press, ”' 2215111152,?
, ‘éflfi’lll will prove invaluable as the years These boxes are arranged booklike that