· Exhartaliwx in lmlinzss. 1 PETER, 11. Chris! tim cm·zm·-sJum·.  Y iq
lu: when it testitietl beforehantl thel A. D. 60, l\/`Vl*lrIltl·Il·`UllIi laving asitlea il ] `
sutlerings of Christ., and the gl0ryt——•-—- all niahee, and all`guile.:1nd i é;
all that shonltlfollow: ,¤·H¤.ll·3U,-\U- liynonrisies, and cnvies, and all f _
all 12 Unto whom it was revealed, t1\e,2, 1. icvil spoalcings, i .
M: that not u unto lliemselves,hutun-1 2(;o,1.g:_ 2 As nt;w·horn lwahes, b dcsirn thc ·’ i
of- to ns they did minister the lhinzs, l C E,,_3_m sincere milk c of the word, that ye: ` rl
which are now reported unto you ll, ,2 I tmay grow thereby: ‘ il
to hy them that have preached the ‘“‘ '3“" 1 3 lf so he ve have tastedd that. li .`
t*t‘, gospel unto you with the lloly ¤L“·Zl-Bi- the Lortl1Lsei·atz1ou=:. l l
‘·t·- Ghosth sent ilown 1`roni heaven; Z purfccfly. 1 ·1'1`o whom coming, as uu!0 :1 liv- i l
ius whivh things the zttigeleacdestxe to jIle,1o,:1;_ ,ing stone, ilisallowutlzz intltzotl of l I
look into, g ;r,,,];_2 ,Hlt3ll,l1\l1. chosen of God, uml pre- t j
tltt: 13 \\`ln~re171re girilzl up the loins I, I E H   ciuus, ' 1
'vtl of your nnntl, he soher,z: and hope , :   "_' i 5 Ye also, as lively stones, lure ,
ut it to the cnilf for the zraee that is ‘ U"·*Z·l*· built up a spiritual houst·,_/`an ho- - {
lgy to he brought unto you at the reve- it JIM-j·i9,3G. ly pritzst-ln»oil,y tn otler up spirit- jg
att lation of Jesus Christ; ‘ R*‘···l·l· lual/L saeritices, acceptable to God 3 in
11 As ohr·thent elnltlrcn, not {ash- l1te.13.‘S. tby Jesus Christ. Y it
»l1t¢ totnn: 41 yourselves attttordinq to ,,l5i.l_gs_ig_l 6 `~Vltt>i‘e1t»1‘t: also it is c0n1aint·tl i
tilt the tllrinerlnsts in youriznorance 1. 1·lnr;:_9, inthe scripluro,z lleholtl, 1 lay ni z`
15 l.lut as he \\‘innh hath called n_],,¤_lq_1y_ i$ion a cluut eornt·rs\onc·. elect, ,`
PTT you is holy, so he ye holy in all lo_ ,ln‘neiot1s: and he that helievetlioii - 3
'1: manner of nonversation; `U I_],,,,_3 H 5 nin shall not lit: conlluonletl. "
_ 1ti Because it is written.}; Bc ye `wf l '7Untoyoutherelt1rcwhit:hholieve 1
1tvh holy; lor I ain holy, pim 1 ,3 1hcis¥proctons:ln1tuntotlnunwinch !
U1`- 17 And i1` yu cali on tho Father, I J;   ,'H ' ~l1e t.l1sohetltt·n1‘, the stone lc which ~
Util who without rtzspeet of persons I " Q " ‘thcl1t1ihlers tlisallowed, tho same 1 ‘
lil- jutlgctli according to every man's l""v Mi'i'“l· is made tne head of the vorner, 1
work, pass the tnne of your su-_"1$·lU-t#·$· 1 B And a stone ufstutnl>lit1:,:u1tl a
juurntng hwrrr in fear zi s Jno.l.1,1»t. `rouk of olllenee, com I0 I/um which
IS 1`orasniueh as ye know that ye il’v»l.lU. sttnnhle at the word. heinz tlisohe-  x
were 11o’,t'ctlt:teti1<*tl with <:orrupt|-j ’~~ ~~~~~- shunt: uxiereuntol also they were   '
hle thinus, us silver and gold, 1`ront tJtlAI’. Q_ appointc . ff
your v:nn_eonversatron rtctwuil hy ,sE|,_ L2; 3; , 9 1$utye_arc rt ehoscn zenciation, 1 .
tratlttiou troin your 1a'hers; H I L \,‘, IQ  a royal pt]testliootl, ani liolyllnahtioti, Q 11,
19 lint with 1 ie irevtous rout ' Q ‘ °' ‘ a ~ petzu iarm mop e; ia yt-: g
7 .i.. of Christ,   oflu linnhk without   hliuttltlflitnv Sortlililigz ·t praises og E  
h ·rnts an wit rout st t; t $·~‘   nm w io iati tra et *ou out o ·
  \\'iio verilv was illieorilained c1’~.1|S.J2. iylaykness 11 into his iniarvelluus E  
heforel the foundation of the tor tele. t tititz 5
world, but was inannfest in these fuZ.__;_(,{ i lt) \\ hichn in time past wnrc not   2
tVt‘1’ hut times for you I ,_ U, U a pt·op|e,hut ure now the people of I if
YH- 21 Wim hy lnm tiohehevc in Gail, *' RL ,'6' 1tiotl:wInt·hhai1notoht:nnmlinert·y, I 1
llw that. raised hnn up from the dead, It Wi, `, 'I, llrut. now have ohtatned inertvy. ,
_ 1tntlm save him ulory; that your ‘ ;_'l,_ ’   ll llearly helovetl. l lneseeelr ynu ;
I<`|<`. iaith and hope naught he in Gaul. il$··`· ’·   sti‘1tp:1t;i¥s;:1:iiiti pilt;rt;ns3 alistani ,
it t' 112 Seem: ye have pto·nit·¤ your """·¤" 1 tout t¤>>t>’ HSYSMJ W 1101 \\’¤¤FT
ttglt souls in ol»t·ynu;·tho truth u thronzh l""""'· asannst the soul; 4 y
the Spirit. unto unlhignetl love o o1` '» 3l=¤t·i|.t2. l 12 llavin: your conversation ho- ,_
Jllty V the hretltren,ste!/iu!wrlove onean- tJn.1e.1, nest ntnon: the Gentiles: that, l
ty! ot ger with a pure heart fervently: _, ,,,._ ,,,,,._ T wlivrixtti tlieyépeak atzanlnst you ,
>*' il Being horn » again not ot` vor-, .;,, _ as t·vt t oers, iey may »y your ‘
1111* rttptihle seotl, ldn ol` inl;oi·riipt,llile, l mL,,u\;‘€0 ,uood works, s_wlnch thev shall he-
ap)- by me “.,,,.,l ,, Up r;,,,l_ WMM, mult, mr KIJULF tliolmglorily Lwud in the day ot visi-
> T and ahitleth l`nr over. 1 * ’ ' ` ¤\l¤*tt\— ~
5** 21* 1·`orr all tlosh is as grass, and 1* ¤\”·l‘$·'$· i Ll Stthmit yourselves! to ever  
B'? all the glory or man as tho ilower v1lt.t*..L$. ,ortltn:n1t¢o ot man for the Lord'); *3 _
l`*" ot`;;ra.ss. '1'he urass wnhoi·eth.and~,e l*s.11U.1£). ·s:tlte: wlitzllier it he tu the lung,  
mill the tlowertlna·oo1`i`a11t·th away; tl, r;n_;p,._g;_ las supronie; A J
25 Llut the word o1`t1n: Lord on- ,. u,,_e_,3_ l l1 Ur unto governors, as_ unto  
mh dureth tor over. _\1nlllns.v is thc, _h__1_l' lthotn that are gent liv hnn tor the , .i
wont “·1uch by [hu Huspul is ,_,_,_ U_,m_l_m ,pninslnnent>ot evil doers, and for {
iro- ,,mu_u],cd mm, `·,,,,_ yl Mink IG ' the praise ot 1ln;in that_tl`o well. 1 ,
rtl tl 1·1t,{p*y]q]; []_ ,$,,\,4‘,j42,' i 15 ·or so is the \\'1lltl1(.¤t1tl,i.l1i\l.?l {
lim 1 llc imsilel/1 Hum u;,tum.»·[ zmrlmril-. n,_m_l,,·_ .wt1h wtell dont: yo may put to si- 1 t?
i ublmms, .1 [lr gtnnrplll mm- prnu- H *[tl_;_s_  lcntzethtw1t:nor:un:eo1 tooltsh men: l _
***"‘ Icgttts tinouy/1 L`/mst {iu r·fnn_/` zror- e t1t.*y.1_13. lti As tree, tr and not U using your  
NM zu;r-siunw; ll Ile Iirsur/;1[[r 1/mn ia *· havin;. iltlierty lor a trluak ot malotottsness
‘“Y· ¢tZ1Slr1111_truu1_rIts}1Iyluslr,uic. l   but as the servants of uoil. g