l l
 *· The woman and the dragon. REVELATION`, Xll, XIII. Michael and his angels.
 i heheld, the third wo cometh A. D. 96. ‘shouhl feed her therey a thousand ar
  quickly, ——•—— T two hundred mul thrceseore days. re
z 15 Anil the sevcnthb angel scun- t>cti.t0.‘7. l 7 Anil there was war in heaven: tl
detl; and there were great voices _ lliehael and hrs anztzls thttght.
, in heaven, saying, The kinzdontsc ”°l*-U·lU· `aeainst the dragon; and the dragon W;
 , nftlns world are beeorne {hn /time-ld lh 2 M ,fott;;ht and his anecls, tel
‘ dams of our Lord, and othts tJht·tst;l J ‘,_,' ,,,1,- t B Anil prevailed not; neither was hi;
Q and hed shall reign fur ever and " ‘ “’“" `thteir place thundany more in hea· an
I ever. `e eh.-t.t. ven. po
4 16 Antl the four and twently r el·i _ 9 And the ereat ilraeon was east au
t l ders,whieh sat hetorc Goal on their [°]‘·l6·”· ont, that oltl serpettt,7t ealletl the 3
t 5 seals. fell upuu their t`u<·<¢s, and gd, ,96 Devil,1and Satan,/c whielitleeelv- 1;
E  ‘ worshipped bod, ' ' ` eth the whole world 2 he was hi;
l 17 Sayine, \Ve eire thee thanks, li ver,9. least out tnto earth, and his angels all
‘ 0 Lord God Alnnehty, which} art, _ __ were east out with lntn. he
 , and wast, ’antl art to come; he- ‘U“·9·2'· 10 And lheard a loud voire sayin: it
l izause thou hast taken to thee thy ;, c;,_gl_]g_ in l1eavet1,Nowl is come salvation, wl
i [ great power, and hast 1`ClZllBtl.!] and strength, and the kinedom ol` an
i  , 1BAntl the nations wery an:ry,71 ZCYUU-5· our God, antl the power of his ` ga
,  ` and thy wrath is come, and the x I Christ: for the avetlsvrof our hre- wl
t _ timei ofthe dead, thatthey shoultl "'· MTV"? ‘ thren ts east down, wlneh nccttstwl lin
i   hejuileetl, and that thou shouldest ,,,C|,_1g_g,)g_ them before our God day and night. 5
5 ~ give reward}: unto tlty servants 11 Atal they overramc m httn hy a
;  ` the prophets, and to the saints, 11 ¤h·$-5- the hlootl of the Latnh. and hy the an
j  — and them] that fear dthyi inane. Mh ,6 lim port] of their tcsattnony; and they gp
t ‘i small! ant great; an s mul est ‘ '“*" oved not tietr ivesn unto the an
i ` Q destroy them which Mleslroy the ((;u_ttt~_ 1;) death. ti
earth. _ l1l'l`Itcrel'oro 0 rejoice, ye: lteavcns, hl:
19 Anrl the temple m el` God was "“'¤ *tE·’”· and ye that dwell tn them. Wop ph
    tvpenvtl in heaven, and there was! K ,, G .tu the inhahiters ot` tltc earth and elt
| `° seen nr his temple the ark of his\u °") ` ' iof the steal for the devil ts come I he
i  ; testament.: and there were liazht- tl t3.st.tt. rlownuntoyon,havingereatwrath, 7
l " n1n:s,n and voivvs, and thunder- _tuat,»1_;_ thecattst: q ht- knoweth tltatlte hath iu;
i   ings, and an earthquake,u and ihttt a short tnne. ro
tl  _ great littilhuprl I R XU c vt·r.9. ll lll And when the ilraeotrlszrw that. tv;
- it . . ' C I , , ie was east unto t ne earl 1, 1eper~ ·tn
  1 A uvim/an alot/nad wil/1 the sun Irn·l d I’·9·'°· iseentetl the woman which brought _ B
{ 5_ rsuilrllzs tl I/te great ml r/1·nyo:zl,, yS_7_H_ lihrth the n1an chilli. ea
tit! slmnlr//t In_/hre h;·1·,runiy lorlevmtrl i 11 And to the woman were grven nn
* · lnrr rlnlll; 5 slur is rlerltmrml, und,fl’s.2.9. two wmgsr of a ereat eagle, that of
t   flrrlh mln I7tcwil1[z7’1trsx,e!e. .»“\`~`N ,she nnzhl tly into the wtltlerness, ltnt
  Aw) there _apy;ear<:d a grr-atigch H 3 lmto ltelr plane, where phc is nouri il
2 · wonter in ieaven; a wo» ’ ' ’ ishot or a tune, ant times, ant he
V mana vlnthetl with the sun./» audi/t t¥¤.3.|,»t. `hall` a tune, front the {acc ol` tho lt
‘  _ thetlnoonuntlerlu:r\_l`t·t·t,lat1tl upon ' HHH Q H `serpenti } rl ‘ sh.
. l. ter ical a crown o twe ve stars ;i ·‘ ·‘ ` · 15 Ant t ie serpent vast out o iis litl
ti A 2 Anil she he-tn: wlth t-hthl tzrteil. k Zwjl ,tnottth water asa tlood, s at`ter tho kil
nl travaihne in htrth, and pamtal to he ' ' woman, that he mieht cause her to pa
{  ,, ileltveretl. ll t·h.tl,t5. he <·arr1<·tla·.vay ot`tht· llootl. ` sai
it  ·; 3 And there appeared another; R `S, 3, i 1t3l\nd the earth helped the wo- l
l  _; iwouderin heaven; and ht·hohl a "' °"' Jt " man. and the earth opentetl her vol
hl , iyreaf 1‘t:tl\o
nut  5i\nd c she brought forth a ttt:111l;(;,.,;i_i5_ 1 A burst rmt}; on! Q! [he xm willt · tru
Zi ._ child, whofwas to rule all nations, _ snwt hvmls mn! hn horns. ll ` si:
gf] , with a rod uf xronz and her vhtltl { (NNW- VU Amit/rrr inns! 'rtmn,//1 up eu! of ll
2% _ was rumeht up untu boil, and to H ml; ,,C_ lm; rrn‘[7t, n:hn·h snpprn·[rHr 1/in on
l lns throne. _ l · ,_‘ ` n·or.¤/np of /llpferniz.-r-/lens/. tn·
>‘ G_ And the woman fled tnto tl1ell’°·‘·]_~;·3: 1 ,ANl) lstood upon the sand ofthe tl`:
lt tt “'ll*l€l`\l9>$» Wlt¤t‘¤ Shu httth iw l"$·J*l"· 1 sca, anal saw a hteast u rise up to
l i place prepared of God, that they ——:$»~ ~ outofthe sea,ha.ingb seven heads th: