_i¤m¢¤f¤/ton vw B¤1w1¤¤· REVELATt0N, XD:. me praised in mum.
with go1t1,and precious stoues,ant1| A.D. 96. `anti the Rtnr heasts {ell tlown and
P0flrl_5! _ _ ,—•— worslnpgtetl Uotl that sat on the
>17 I·or in one hour so great rteltes ; 15,23,14, throne, saving, Amen; Alleluia.
isnometuiiuugltt. And every slnp—‘,_I IJ, 3- 5 Anti {voice t·amt= unt of the
gl Féllilp ¤\1Sl\V)' Elllltfh Yétttk UP   QCIIIAIY ]9·) Bl0sst·I1narc they which are called
s on I ite a great ml s one, ant 4; t t.lt.l5. unto tie marriage snppero of the
"*¥‘L ’{_ll¤ll1 lh? §**\»$¢1)'1itv=¥~ ilhttsq tt-ey.a,.i,(;. timoh. and he saith_unto me,
tx ith tiolt,ner: shall that great Pitt C CI, ·· I0 Ia lhesep are the true saytnvs of
Pahylonlhe thrown tloHn.ant1 sha1l,d CI"  7 `° ,Gotl. a
ye liinnt no niore at a . 1 ' ' ‘ 10 Anti I fi-lat is ·z a w -
22 Antl the vtnve ol` liar1v·rs. and t ‘ °h‘I§‘20', lship hnnil Anil liehsatiitiliiinth tiile,
mnsit:ians,antl ot`pi11ers.:n1tl trutn- `f°"-u`·9·'*· 1See {71011 do {L not: Iain thy fellow-
peters,sliall he ht·artl no more atl Is 31.10. servant, antl of thy hrethren that
_ all in thee; anti no eraftsinan, ot f~ ——~» V--~·   have the testimony of Jesus: wor-
whatsoever tnratt he be, shall he g 1%.135.1. lship God: for the testiinony of Je-
' [0****% ***1Y l"""iIi“ thee; ima tge li 1%,97.1,12. lsusris the spirit of proiilieey. .
t SUNW 0 8 HH SUNW 2 > W €l ‘)i;tt_¤ ·_ _ 1 11 Anti I SIIW heaven o ienetl, and
· lggirtl ire Inore Itt all tn thee; I I     10 Qheholtl, a white s horse; anti he `
‘ a.t..’$'l{t. ',.Z?.t·.'Ftl{ ‘t\tt“.¥t"l‘l..fZ ftlilti 1 1 ¤;;~;g-3,,, till?} izllti“?il};Z"2.if.Y5ti‘;`*}§2lt£§El}§Z
t _ the voiee of the hritletyrootnn anti `, " ' [I lnessa he tlotlijtitlcze and make war.
g ot'Ilie_l»r1tle shall he heartl no more Ur; ]""'€"" I IL! Hisu eyes were as at tlame of
. at all in thee; tor thy inertvhants/1 ’" l’·m···?· {irc, anal on his head were innny
were the great tnen ot the eat‘tli;_*¤ L**·H·]¤» lttrownsgiv anti he hatl a namez
1 lor hy thy sokertes c were all na— , u ch.3.20. written, that no inan knew hut he
j tions tleceived. lp eh.22.¢;, lnmselii
, 2} And in her was iinuntl the hlootl II CILQLS g_ 111 And he was elotheti with a ves-
. ot`propheLs,:tntl ofs1nn1s,anrt·, anil rzvz:iz5;i·ty '°l‘·"· N· liorses,1·lollitrtl: inline l|nen,wlnte
il the hluml tdi/tix stnuls. 7 'l`/tz: mar- 1 U l’¤~·l5~3··*~ anti clean.
11 rimm 0} Um Lamb. 1U The untzell l’·H·"· I 15 Antl out ofhis rnou’h zz tzoeth a
1] will nn! lu: users/izpptstl. 17 The v €l¤·l-H- »sharpswortl, that with it he shonltl
it : j2nuL¤ cnllal Io I/te arm: slam;/1/z r,   2- l*· lsnnte the nations: anti he shall
;_ AND atitertliese tlnntzs l hteartl :t w t‘lt.U·2· rule them with a rotl h ot` iron: anti
great voieon ot` touch peottleg 0-7*-}]- hen truzttltetli the wine-press of the
it . in heaven. sayinei Alltclnta;/1 Sal- }*·*’{··’·_ tierceness and wrath ot` Almighty
3, vation,r and glory. antl liononr,:tntl` L’"·;',l{’· tiotl,
v power, unto the l.ortl onrtiotl: H"_"‘J; 16 Anti he hath on his restnre
Y, 2 For true rl antl rn;li1t··n1F l.Ol{l>S.
s, earth with her ti»r1nt·at,lon, atnl it t·1i.l.lG. 17 And lsawan angel standmt; in
11 hath avengzetl c tht: hlootl ot' his I, It`} Q_ the sun; antl he erietl with a lontl
,,· smaats at not tttttttt. ·., i;,u;i_g_ once. ~=¤r¤¤·: to Ml the ¤`~·wlS that
3 Antl aexnn they saitl, Alleluia dr»i._|7,ii_ 1tly in the nntlst. Atl` he:tvt·n Comes
it I Antl her sinoltej rose no tor ever t; }i.·t:.:s1~,17· antl:;at|1eryou1selves toeothernuto .
ii, 1 and ever. 1 JO. the supper of the great God;
~tl ~1 Antl the tour and twenty eltiers ·—;7T-, 123 That ye may eat the tlesh of
t ..;>