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pit t_ The five lrmgs hangar!. JUSIIUA, X. Divrrrs kzttgs mrrrrumt. Dm`,
.i j to enter into their cities: for the B. C. 1151. thereof asy he did unto the km:
i   LORDy0urGodhatlttleltveredthcin —-—·•——— ut`Jcrielio. _ DWNSI
[ _ K into your hand. Nm ,,0 G BI 1l And Joshua passed from lib
t _ · 20 And it came to pass, when fjér gu · nah, and all Israel with lnm,tin‘ yy)
[ _ Joshua and the olnldren of Israel ' · ‘ Laolnsli, h and eneamped timiiis A`k,,,
A had made an end ot slaying: them t Ex_t1_·y_ tt, atid liitteht against it: /;,,,,,,,*1
. Q with a very great slaughter, till V _32 ,»\nd the LORD delivered lata- km.},,{
I · V they were eonsumed, tlnit the rest u I5¤»l5·92· ish into the hand of Israel, wlw, ghlalru
i whirh rtunainod of them entered O , took it on the second tlav, zu.: Qtwl,
l 4 _ ` ` into .v tbntzod eit.ies_ "   istnote it with the edge ot"tlieswt·tt. `g tml
' 2I And all the people returned to ‘ n ‘ ` ' attd all the souls that utrre tliera; 1,,,.Zm U
. the camp to Jostnia at tttakkcdati w I’s.lS.·l0. uucortlittt: to all that he lttttltlvtttt ytttttn l
tu p_e:me: notie moved his tongue! __ to ltilmali. In mg \
~ a£atastauyo1`the children oflsrael. I P"~l0*·‘m· 3Il1[’l`l1eii Horam kin: of Gttzrr pm-,[ ,,
22 Then said Joshua, Open the H9·S=9· vamc up to help Lachish; ati ll _.t,,,;
_ inoutli ofthe cave, and hringtz out y ct._t_9_ Joshua smote him and his peo;Z= mpi rm
_ those live kings unto me out of thei I)e.3l.G,B. ttnt_il_ he had left liitu nant- tt- ite. attr
A i ` cggedtitl they did so, and hruuzhti Z El‘·6·l°· ngilldiuiiiitl from Laehish Joslttzt  
‘ Z forth those tive kinzs unt.o liiin ottti it Dent.:‘s,2t, passed unto liglon, It and all ism: ttumi.,
V ; uftlie_oave,t1ie kin: of Jerusalem, 7.19. with him: and they ein·attt;t. I tu,]
’ · ,· the king of llohron, the king ot H¤m.$.37. arzzunst it, and tonzht against tl` (lptlr tl
§· Jarmuth, the king of Laehish, and , _ 1l5.»\nd they took it on that tl". ple lm
, · Q_ the kin: of Etglon, I' ° "S‘2D‘ atid sntote it with the edge ttt`1:· ttul sp,
‘ , _ { 21 And it came to pass, when` C Dc_;l_g3_ sword, and all the souls that trtri lltmps
t tlhey liro;Vtgl;tj>t1t tlioselltiilig? untHt VD 2 VG tlieretn hel iitterlylilcstrtiytitl tl.;} 5_\mt
»t ; os iua, ia os iua ra e or tt 't ¢·7· t · tay,aceortitte·to n lt iat tc tn lm.};
L ’_ ` IV the tneu oflsrael, and said unto thei C Ch G ,,1 done to Lavhish. pqtvhpt
tx t t captains of the mon of war which ' "' ' LiliAndJoshuawentnpfrotnlluitl _.lt·t·.tm
, , wont with lntn, Conte near, put fch.t5.»12. and all Israel with him, ttntot.r· t;1{,\u
` t your O-et v upon the neehsw oft €f|.t3. ltt‘on;mattdtlioyfottzltt:t1!2titt~|1" ile; nt
t _ gV thefe h1atis._ Andartltoyeiitneneitr` 2Kti;·i·¥· iK7lAn;l theft took it, and sttioirf tit.-tot
t   ` mit put t ietr 1`eet upon tie neets -~· wit i t ie ot ge ot` the swort . Ati., Itlplwt
I i li ot tln·in. i tlte hint: thereof, and all the t‘tT¤· Israel,
V ~ rt Z5 t\nd Joshua said unto tlicn1,t·`~`\`·—-` ther<·ot`, and all the souls that F"' lloi-sp;
, · t f, l·`eat‘ y not, nor lie dismayed, bei _ ,1,, tlioretn; he left none rt·ttiattti`ti wtth tt
, ··   stron: 2 and of txood tvuuratzez for l g ‘"'*°* aaeordint; to all n that he had tlttit 7Soj
V ` t' thus ¢t_ shall the LOUD do to all yourt I, WK3   to Exton, lint destroyed it tttttttit- ple of
  t t I; eglenlttes a$iinst whoin ye tight. t 1 _ VV;) and   thelsouls that wt-rc tltrtt L to tho
· ; t ~ t ‘ S ut a terwart os iua smo eu WY-' · 3:% ,\nt I osltna retttrttta. tt'-Z y,n at
, Z ~ ' ti t:ietn,and slew them. ziiftlllititizul lt, k W., S all israel with him, to l)elttr;4t¤l· ¤ .\nt
~ · ~ .. tem on tivo trees: ant t my wtere— ` ` {ought against it: tttto th
` · “ ‘ hantrintr upon the trees until the` I t‘¤t·32· an And he tool; it and tht- R12! tltt·nl;
V‘ V , je t , uyetiitiep _ i,,,Ch_H_m_ tht-root`, and all the cttVit·s thtttt ‘· %ltion,:
, ; · Z`! And it canie to pass at the ttmol I; R! and they smote thom with t Ito t·i·‘ tttal tn
Q 3 , N · _ of the tgointz down of the sun, I/tu/` J,._t:|}i_` 'ot‘ the sword, and utterly tlt·stt·t§ti Ward;
j ’ Joshua oonnnatided, atid they tooki 2S.i.t.5·t, iall the souls that tovrr: tht·rt·ttt: 1.* they h
, them down utf the trotcs. atid vast] t6.!t,t0. l