The repair of the temple. 2 KINGS, XIII. Jl’h0[l]l(lZ,S mkkul reign, Q Em
6 But it was sn,tlu1J, ·t iu the three [ B. (T. 856. IAhaziah,histitthcrs,l {rom Jerusalem, ' H‘(_ ‘_ _
house! Now therefore receive nol 5** I 19 ‘ll And the rest of the nets nf V mai 
more money of your acquaintance. ` 5 tmp;/mth', plttitsh, and all t.hat he did, ure they mu _ ;
llut ldehver it for the breaehes of tum were gttotlwritécii hLthe liool§ot`tln}eliro. , `m_°}}
V r re Musa ` · ' Imc os 0 t ie ‘in,gs of. udah Z · ` s' _ ,
{ S And the priests consented to l [my' I 2U And his servantsl arose. and V  JLTLSQ
t receive no more money of thu new Q 'F bumul up. !““'·lU H C°ll$l’lm"l'» uml $l'*“` ·l*’*l*** · lni ir`
· picxiiegtimta repair are ureucttesg bm IW I up 'tlltclgiasv <>i'M¤11¤.¤’1¤¤v1¤:<·¤¤l· '  —..?.i.ii
` oft ie iouse. '. * * ltown to Qi a. 2 `·“‘ 4 `
` 9 But Jehoiada the riest took al j""U‘· l ill For Jolanliar 111 the son of Shi- , limi ll
chest, and bored a lnlile in the lid ,¤ wm;jU,—;{,_'ltlCtlllt, and Jehozahad the sou of ' iigulr
ofit, and set it beside the altar. unl M l W Shontcr. his S(5I`\’l\l\IS,Slllfllltllllll, T ll cri,
' the right Sah; as om, remiiylh ima f¤l¤->··7· ,and he dual; and they buried hitn '  u;n°‘
thc house of thu LORD; and thc lg L,T_5_i5 |S_ t withInsfatheismtlie t·ityot`lla\‘id: : emiiu
` [ariests tliiit lircpt the Mloor put In I __ _` Jtntl Qtuuzialn his son reigned mit.; · "im?l:
t tercin a t ie money t nit was g°"·*;·· ,¤lca . } _ , [
brou·*ht into the hottso ofthe Lotto. h"·l*`-9- ` CIIt\P"l`Elt X , . ii? W
i 10 [hid it was so, when they saw ,; cy,_$_]2_ l Jdwn/1n:’s u·irl.»,~tlIi·liyn. f,;",`°h]
that there was mueh nioney tn thet   I thu three and twentieth vear ,,,:1U,,
’ chest, that the kintfs il scribe and It °l‘·  lll- Q. {ttf Jnash the son of Ahaziah lane  
` the high priest eaine up, and they; lK‘-l¤·l¤~ ‘ut Judah, Johoahaz the sou at`Jela1 M 1{  
l 7 put up iu |1ags,autl told the nu>1u:y WW _`h_t¢;a1ttoi‘o1:tioverlsrael m saina»   Im
, t that was found in the house ofthe ` ""` `I`lI\, mul rmyrtrzl seventeen years. I, ;“Z_u
` Loran, No U l_2 And he did that wlnuh was t·vtl Mm in
. ll And they gave the money, be-! ’”' ,tn the snrht of tlu: Loran, aud ¤1itl» . `N; \
~ ing told, into the hands of theta 1¤1»,1t,5, rluwpdthc SlIlS0l··lCl‘llltl1l\lll tluesuu mf if
Q ` that did the work, that had tho _ `ofXehat,wlii<·l1inado1sr;a»ltosa.; .],,,.‘
1 I . overs1;;htol'the house ofthe Loan: H ""y PM" `he departed not theret'ruai, Emil 'I-1
4 E and they ttlaid it out to the oar-l """“" l 3 Wl Autla the anger of the lotta pn,,,·;
g ; penters and buildeirs, that wrought ` ia zCa_2l,¤o, was kindled against, lsrael, and lite `lfrn
t G upon the house ofthe Lolttt, l Zatrul. delivered them into the hand of '· ( `;I]\,_
|~ Z 12 And to masons. and hewetsot'~1_, _ , . lllazael b lain; ot`$yria, and iiitotlw i~1`Hh,;
l l stinie, and to buy ti;nl1erantl hew~ '1Z:}l‘Sl'""' ,ltattfl 05 Ilettrlifnlatl the son of lla· tml il
c stone to repair t ie irear ies of ' zae , a ttrzr t nys. i`, ·_
l   the house ofthe l.OllD,i\llllll’ll'}tll . M, 3 ·t And Jehoahaz Iwsomrln o tlue Q,`,·Hfll`
i that Vwtts laid out tor the house (UL ' I J Lotto, and the Lone lnearla·a<·tl _T1,z1`H
t0 repair it. 1 UE """" ttuto him : for hell saw tlne oppu~- Im I-`
‘ 13 Ilowheit there were not made` UL'? ll"; sion of Israel, because the king of N {ll;]
_ for the house of the Lotto bowlsi “"' K"' Syt‘tzt<>pp1‘essotl them, V r_`,“1` II
1 t)f5ilver_sut1llbrs,li:u4itiS,trtttttpets, W"' `   (.\nd the Lotto gave Israel M §,,,.,,H
l any vessels of i.{old.or vessels ofsil- i wat/.ttl nj- sav1our,so that they wont out f1‘<¤t:t [I", Wn
{ ver, ofthe iuomeythat. was hroughtl ltr. under t ln: hand ofthe Syrians: and ,i`,"l'Q,,
into the house ofthe l,OI(I`»Z l _ tht: t·luldrunot` Israel dwelt. tn tht·lt‘ -, ` ‘
l lt But they gave that tothe work- in `]"'2‘H' tents. as illieiiyrutiino, ._.`Mi\;:
l men, and repaired therewith the , h ch.S.l1. I ti Bevertlneless they dv-parttd not li t· r· si
| lmusr; oftlni Loan, l 12. I7. from the sms ofthe house ofJ<·t¤·- y,,,}`r`:
; 15 Moreover tltoyf reuliotnrd not `C I,_ ..Q CH boam, who made Israel sm, In-! Migl
· with the men intowhose hand they " "' ‘ ·l walkvtl therein; and tlu·rt: Nt`- {nf,] J
[ delivered tlip money to be l1osLtou·— tl t·li.l·t.2ti. mamed tlnzurove alsofiu Szunarta.) ~,, qf
I ed on \vor‘men: tor they oalt lZx.dl.7. 7 Neither dal lu· loavt·ot`tla~ pea-   ` ‘
l faithfully. I _ __ 1. plotolielioaliaz hut titlylittrurtttlitt. gjiim
~ 1G The trespass-money r1 and sia- L " r" " and ten vliariots, and tentl1ntt>¤\lt·l , ,,;m;,_
money was not brought into tln- it y..r’¤»·rIny tl;oinn·n; iltr the king ofSyr1a lmtl cy Q
hgusg of the Loma; rt /t was thc, :i¤alr/an tlrzstmyotlIhoitpainllnnltnatltbllttilll rmj I
g priesls`, 7 ¢My· like the dust tty throslnnzy _ l_,,,,’_,_
Q 17 ‘ll 'l'hen i Ilazael king of Syria , hu mllmy :4 ‘il Now the rest, of the arts M ,_,_2 ,|'I_
g » went. up. and fought against. Gath. ' ` ' .Iel1oalia1,uml all that he dnl. tual {_tU;1,l
. . and tool: tt: and llazuelseLliist'.a·e 5 Meri. his might, tm; they not written ttl , pt ,']""
· to go upto Jerusalem. f mi IG 33 the hook of the eln·oiii<·lt·s ot ll·¤‘ .,:· pl"
t IB And Jehoash king of Judah` ` ' ' kinus oflsraell , ttwuirl
{ look}: all the hallowed thnnzs that 5' *\"‘-L3- Et And .h·lmaliaz slept with l¤`* V yi r
I ‘ Jelioshapliut, and Iehotatn, and ,-———·- — fathers; and thty hura·d lnnt ol "
E nit .