Geneawmcs. 1 CHRONICLES, VI. The Mice of Aaron. *  Cm
Uzziuh his son, nnd_Shz1ul his sun. B. C. 1300. 48 Their brethren also the Levites _ ¢h1I¤I`·
25 And the sons of Elkunah; Ainn.- --—•-—— were appointed r unto ull manner · W_h10I
sui, nml Ahimoth. ,0 or zu h uf service uf the tubernuele ofthe s  (26 A`
26 As for Elkunuh: the suns of ve; 35 P ’ house nf Gnd. 0I_ Ihr
Elkxuinh; 10 Zephui his sun, und isn] ]_ 491l But Aaron und his sons offer- I ot thc
Nahnthk his sen, ' ed upon the altar of the burnt- · Lnhr:
27 Elizib his sen, Jerehzim his son, k t·er·_3i, ctferiiiz, s and un the nlturt nf in- V 97 A1
Elkxmnh his son. 1 Tuah. ceuse, mul were uppuiuled fur all the ’ cities
28 Anil the suns of Snmuel; t.lie_ work ofthe place must holy, und to Lhhfi iivhshhj, and Ahlnh_ 11 called nlm muke an atonement fur Isruel, no- Wwe i
gg The suns D; Memyg; Mhhh, Jqel, rei.33, eerdinz te ull that Muses the scr- 68 A
Libni his son, Shimei, his sim, Uzzn I¤¤·B·?- vzinl: ef God bmi commanded. ‘I1’h$»
his sen, I 50 And these are the suns of Anren , $11hUI
` 30 Slhmci his son, Haggizih his sun, ll " ‘·16·'· Iliheahzir xi his sen, Plnnebus his sen, abiglii
Asain i his sen. nr is iuzi ns sen, h ii
` 31 Anil these are theyfwliem Dmiidl mad` Z;} hul§kL_li1s sun, Uzzi his sun, Kill A
set ever t ie service 0 son: iu tie r m Psss title. 1`€'·11i11 15 $011, * mm
holhse hf thelborm, after that the I 52 hhirnielli his sou, Amurinu his $1:6 {
at im rest. 1¤ver,26` sen, t ntu1_nssen, 4 1 0 1
32 And they ruinistered before the Nuliazh. 55 Zuduk his $UIl,Ai11I'T\ZlflZili€ son. $@15 4
dwelling-plitce of the tubernuele of _ 5i il New these ir are their dwell- gl U
the eengregntien with singing, un· " °‘”iZ”Ph¤¤~ ing-plnces threuzheut their castles 9Y@'€‘¤
til Solomon hud built the heuse ef is vcr ,,1 iin their ctiusts, ofthe sens of Aziren, tflhw
the LORD in Jerusulcm: nnd then SME! * uf the fzuuilies of the Knliuthiies; · with
they waited en their oilice z1ceei·d· Uma). ter their's was the let:. \1;1ih
ing to their order. U,id_ ’ 55 And they zuve them Hebron in g2 A
$3 An{1t}iese qriélieytliut 19 wnit- H Fx G gl hhe lzuiil ot (iitlihi, und the suburbs hath:
0 wit i t icir c ii ren. Oi the sons '‘‘` ‘ uercnf ruun ai ieut it. VI i
of the Kuhuthites: Iienum m nic Nl, 7 {N 56 But the ficltls of the city,1mll 73 A
~ glhger, the sen efjeel, the sen ef psjqjy &C_ Elie vlillhges tliehehf, hhey gnvew te . 11'h;I {
; , emue - ._.,_ `ai 0 1 t ie sem e ep nmneh. I i
_ Bt The son uf Elkz1nuh,the sun nfi mh 57 And Ln the suns nf Aurun they Mftsh
Jnmhuui, the sun of E1iel,llie sen ,p ver.2I. uuve the cities uf Jiulnh, wzyrirlv, dhh 1
ot 13'l`euli, i _ liebren, the tzityof reluge, zunl Lib- rv .4
35 The sen of 1·1Zuph,thc sun ef ` i" °“H°’I nuh with her suburbs, und Jnlur, ` hhd I
a Elkuuuh, the son of Mulnith, thei ‘G“‘I“UZ""v anu] Iislitcirum, with their suburbs, {GA
l son uf Aniusui, I ° *59* abé G 58 Anil 1¤lhlen wrth her snbnrh<, Iwde
1 T 36 The son of Elkznmli, the son, "" * ' ' Debir with her suburbs, i1]uI_i
i . Of 15 Joel, the snn of Aznriuh, the i Q p$_gg_ [ML 55) And 1U Aslnin with her subiu·b<, hlfju
i ] stm ¤fZepliz1ninh,   andiiethrslieuieshwithliersuburbs: 77 I
, _ 3; The Son of ’[·h]my_h_ the Sah of 17 or, [mr}.- uu Anil nut til, the tribe ni Benin- 1I_¤=g‘=¤
{ Assir, the son uf Ebiusunb, n thei ¤·i¤J1; nnn; Guber with her suburbs. untl UI Lt
l son 01'Kurzih, °h·I¤·17- 20 Alenieth with her suburbs, annl - hufhr
l 38 The sun of Izlinr, thc snn ef Anzithuth with ber suburbs. All ` 75 A
i Kehuth, the son of Levi, the sen """""""" their cities, tlirnuglimu. their hum- hy J1
i Of Israel. i , Q , lies, were thirteen cities. thht,
3 39 And his brother Asaph,0 (whe ` T l\""‘“'H‘ til And unln the suns nf Knhxith: vt Rt
I stuud on his riqhthund,) m:enAs1ipli 3 L5 1 9 which were le1`l,a: of the linnilv hl Wlih
{ the s··u uf Beruehizih, the sen ufl ` ' ` thnttribe,wz·re¢·i£i`:·syii~ennuttiftliig her;
j Shiinuat, ltEx.G0,7, huif tribe, 1mmr~Iy.nnt nf lhv huh TU l
2   4U The sun uf f\Iieh:10l,the sun uf 3 lube bt' Munusstcli, by let, ti·ii<·itu~- >hu1
45 The snn of Ilnslniliinli, the sen 2*1 <»r..’1lni Z  
F · efAn1:iziul1,tliesun of llilkiaih, ~$. te the Ltzvites these uitivs Willi h kph
· · 46 'I'he sun nf Amzi, the sen ef __ 65 their suburbs, _ . hud
Btuii. the sun t¤l`Sli1une1‘. lx `"' ‘ 65 Antl they gum by let out nl thtl Iluri
i 47 The suu uf Alzihli, hre sen nf V N“_3_20_ tribe ofthe relnltlrcn n{.It|tl1dL Mu`] I/wu
~ Mushi, the sen of Mernri, the sun` nut nl` the tribe nr the r-liiltlreu ·*\ then
` of Levi. i.—•—-QS1in.e<»1i, unit ent etihe tribe ut thu wird,
, 396
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