Title: "Method of Treating Ventricular Arrhythmias”
Inventors: Peter Oeltgen (Pathology)
Teclmical Description: The invention includes pharmaceutically acceptable
fonnulations of opioid receptor (OR) agonists, and methods of using such OR
agonists for increasing tolerance to ventricular arrhythmias.
Summary: Ischemia occurs when living tissue is deprived of an adequate
flow of oxygen. This invention provides a method of treating ischemia with
opioid receptor (OR) agonists such as Deltorphin II.
7. U.S. Patent Application Serial Number: 12/ 829,574
Filed: July 2, 2010
Title: "Intranasal Opioid Compositions, Delivery Devices and Methods of
Using Same”
Inventors: Daniel Wenneling (Phannacy)
Teclmical Description: The invention relates to phannaceutical compositions
comprising opioids and a liquid nasal carrier, to delivery devices comprising
such compositions, and to methods of manufacture and use of such
Summary: Pain is a mzq or symptom of many diseases. Inadequate treatment
of pain can lead to depression, anger, and fear of disease progression. Non-
compliance is a problem in pain medication since pain treatment regimens
often involve administering medications by injection. Among the many
medications available to treat pain, opioids have an extensive history of use
and are generally more effective in treating pain than many other treatments.
The inventor has developed phannaceutical compositions and a liquid carrier
that allow for the nasal delivery of opioids.
8. U.S. Patent Application Serial Number: 13/ 052,477
Filed: March 21, 2011
Title: "Chelating Compounds and Immobilized Tethered Chelators”
Inventors: Robert A. Yokel, Chang-Guo Zhan (Pharmacy), Wesley Harris,
Christopher Spilling (University of Missouri, St. Louis)
Teclmical Description: The invention relates to novel chelating agents,
useful intennediates for synthesizing those chelating agents, the
immobilization of those agents on a solid support resin, and the use of those
chelating resins to remove metal ions from aqueous solutions.
Summary: A chelator is a compound that bonds to a metal ion. Chelating
agents have long been known to be useful in chemical analysis, enviromnental
remediation, and medicine. This invention relates to novel chelating agents or
compounds, novel immobilized, tethered chelators and methods of employing
these agents to remove trivalent metals such as Al3+ from aqueous systems.
This system is designed to remove metal ions from parental solutions for
infants who may be sensitive to these metal ions.
9. U.S. Patent Application Serial Number: 13/ 041,798
Filed: March 7, 2011