the identified needs security monitoring methods and systems for
implementation in cargo transport operations are provided.
12. U.S. Patent Application Serial Number: 12/ 859,479
Filed: August 19, 2010
Title: "Conversion of Triglycerides to Hydrocarbons by Means of a Mixed
Oxide Catalyst”
Inventors: Mark Crocker and Ms. Tonya Morgan (Center for Applied Energy
Technical Description: The invention relates to the field of hydrocarbon
production and catalysts for that purpose.
Summary: This invention offers a new and improved mixed oxide catalyst of
nickel and aluminum that is relatively easy and inexpensive to produce but
provides perfonnance previously only exhibited by more expensive palladium
and platinum catalysts. The disclosed catalysts are useful in the conversion of
vegetable oils and animal fats to hydrocarbon fuels.
13. U.S. Patent Application Serial Number: 12/ 942,396
Filed: November 9, 2010
Title: "Method for Production of Gennanium Nanowires Encapsulated Within
Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes”
Inventors: Mark Crocker and Rodney Andrews (Center for Applied Energy
Teclmical Description: The invention relates generally to the field of
nanotechnology and specifically to a method of producing gennanium
nanowires encapsulated within multi-walled carbon nanotubes as well as to
such nanowires as produced by that method.
Summary: This invention is a simple one- or two-step synthesis method
using a combined gennanium and carbon source. The resulting nanowires are
characterized by high thennal stability and high electrical conductivity. In
contrast to prior methods, the current method is catalyst free and the reaction
product is clean and pure.
14. U.S. Patent Application Serial Number: 12/ 846,3 52
Filed: July 29, 2010
Title: "Adaptive Heat Pump Resistance Heat Controller”
Inventor: Robert Fehr (Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering)
Teclmical Description: The invention relates to an electrical heating
apparatus and method for more efficiently and economically heating an area
to a desired temperature using primary and secondary heating sources.
Summary: A heat pump system is a conventional heating device for
conditioning air in a living space. Under certain operating conditions a heat
pump cannot provide enough heat to meet demand. Accordingly, heat pump
systems typically incorporate a secondary resistance heating circuit that
operates when the difference in indoor and outdoor air temperature reduces
the efficiency ofthe heat pump. This invention relates to an electrical heating