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H 11/10/78 1 A _ N0. 251 »
. A cA1ENpAR
10 November - The Gallery Series — Barry Spacke reading from his
"Imagining a Unicorn" and other poems.
16 November — Library Staff Organization program meeting . ,
17 November — The Gallery Series - Contemporary Arts_SongS: Mary
Anne Kirk, soprano; Aimo Kiviniemi, tenor.
· ·Current Display:) Gallery — Department of Special Collections -
rAppalachian Sources (through November 30).
Contributors to this issue: Pat Boyle, Vivian Hall, Claire McCann, ‘
" Terry Warth, Joyce Turner, Rhoda Channing, Rebekah Harleston (Editor),
Barbara Hale, and Faith Harders._

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Library Staff Office Program: November 16, 2:00 pm, Gallery Im
Mr. Dick Decamp will talk about the activities of the Lexington-
- Fayette County Historical Commission. Its especial interest in
historical preservation will be highlighted by a short audio-
· ‘ visual presentation on near and downtown Lexington. ‘
Reception follows. » I V _
Bake Sale I r-— A jA_ i l n i
    <" `‘`‘ M       _
Qs. `~   at     T'};  
    II   I-—-—-·
Starts Friday 10:00 in MIK Staff Lounge, North. Don't count the
calories. Or at least remember how good they tasted at the first
sale and do it again. L
New State Documents Librarian t · ’
Mrs. Martha Jane Whiteside will fill the position of state documents
librarian on a part-time basis. Martha Jane was the acting head
of Government Publications Department in 1976-1977 during Susan
Csaky's sabbatical leave.
King North and South Close -
King North and South will be closed Friday, November 24, for
spraying. Paychecks will be available in the Director's Office on
that day from 8:30-10:00 am.
Fire Alarm
Ihe next scheduled test of the fire alarm system will be December
4, between 7:30 and 8:30 am.
Rhoda Channing is now Membership Chairman for the Academic Libraries
section of KLA. She has a large supply of membership forms, and you
` can join any section, not just the Academic Libraries section. An
active membership is $12 and a student membership is $6. Joining
KLA now will insure that your Bulletin arrives promptly at the start
of your new membership_in 1979.

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November 14, 1978. Jefferson Community College, Room 301.
Sponsor: Kentucky Association for Continuing Education.
Co-Sponsors: Department of Library and Archives, Council on Higher
Education, and Kentucky Educational Television (KET). _
For further information, see Green Bean "office."
Temporary (June 1979) regular hourly position available in Collection
Development-Bindery. If interested, see Faith Harders.
LT‘II - Cataloging. If interested, see Faith Harders.
When the original study—tour of British libraries sponsored by KLA
was cancelled, four of us (Vivian Hall, Claire McCann and Terry·
Warth from King Library and Ruth Gendron of St. Mary and Elizabeth
Hospital in Louisville) improvised our own tour. Fortified with
letters of introduction from Paul Willis, we set forth on our
journey. It was not without mishap: we missed the plane to London;
4 the first self—service gasoline station we drove into had a goofy
nozzle that soaked Vivian and Claire to the skin; we got lost in
Oxford, Windsor, Nottingham, Washington (Eng.), York, Edinburgh,
Durham, and London. Otherwise, we had a wonderful time——only two
days of rain, our money held out to the end, and Vivian successfully
drove on the left side of the road for over 1200 miles!
Durham University and the Bodleian Libraries had the tightest
security systems, and we really needed our letters for admission.
Durham surprised us by having no Rare Book Room. Their treasures
are scattered over the University in locked bookcases and closets.
They own a first folio Shakespeare, a 1619 Book of Common Prayer,
and 150 incunabula. Their chief collection is the library of Dr.
Cosin, a supporter of Charles II. Books from old presses such as
Aldus, Badius, Elzevier, and Plantin are arranged by the year of
‘printing rather than by subject matter. Their book catalog is
unusual. The volumes are called "sheaf binders" and consist of
3 x 5 "p" slips held together in three—inch thick bundles with heavy
covers similar to ledgers. As we left we offered to open our purses
to the custodian who laughed and said, "Oh, no. You're librarians.
You know the rules."
York University library was such a contrast, as it was built in the
late l960's in an ultra modern style resembling a concrete pre-fab.
The Warwickshire County library was also quite modern but built in
a more pleasing style. It seemed so American with its bookmobiles,
services to schools, copiers, and borrowing privileges. This
modernity was emphasized again by our visit to the Coventry Public

 - q -
Library. Here we were most impressed by the crowds using it--
people of all sorts, conditions, and ages. So many of the books
were unfamiliar to us, particularly those for children. We were
unable to visit a branch of the York Public Library, located conven-
· iently across the street from our motel, because it was closed
Wednesday afternoon--as is practically everything in Great Britain.
We were charmed by the little "Italian Library" housed in one of
the small towers of Warwick Castle. The enormous seals attached
to the manuscripts on display were fascinating, but the beautiful
ceiling impressed us even more.
‘ By sheer chance, while "doing" Westminster Abbey, we ran into the
librarian of Westminster Library and Muniment Room. Although it
was close to 5 PM and the night alarm system had been activated,
1 that dear man_actually seemed pleased to turn off the alarm, show us
around, and chat. The library was originally the monks’ dormitory.
They only add two or three books a year to the collection.
As might be expected,the Bodleian Library at Oxford was the most
impressive collection. We had to revise our schedule somewhat to
arrange a visit, as it is only open Monday through Thursday when
school is not in session. One of the first things we looked for
was Henry Clay material, and they actually had one letter from him.
Terry's husband had sent over a list of reference questions which
were graciously answered by a librarian so like our Bess Clotfelter
that we immediately felt at ease. I think we were most impressed
by viewing the only copy of the Bay Psalm Book outside the U.S.
(and one of the six complete copies in existence). We were amused
to discover that within the first twenty years of the Bodleian's
existence, the most pressing problem had become the provision of
space for new books! The latest addition, dedicated in 1945, is
· called the New Bodleian and was made possible largely through the
. Rockefeller Foundation. It is not open to visitors.
We learned a great deal and have some wonderful memories: the
hospitable librarians, "Grand Tea" at Harrod's, a perfect martini
in Edinburgh, a beautiful black cat in Oxford, the "Olive Branch"
letter signed by John Hancock (he really did sign it flourishingly,
as our history books sayl), lunch in a towH_spelled "Towcester" but
pronounced "Toaster"...and the time when we were so thirsty and
tired and begged the bell boy for some ice, and he looked at us
absolutely astounded and asked "What do you want ice fg£??!!"
Vivian Hall, Claire McCann, Terry Warth
Head, Women's Studies Library, Ohio State University. Available:
November l. Salary: $6,500—$7,200.
Reference Librarian, Ohio State University. Salary $5,700—$7,200.
Available: November l.
Head, Education Library, Ohio State University. Available: January
l, 1979. Salary $l5,600—$2l.360.

 ' r —-·•-·—r-——··—-~—·-——~—··—-—·· -~»·~- ———~ —-r- rr.--.» » »_ . Y. . L. .. .. , _ _ _ _
/ · 5 ·
Public Services Librarian, University of California, San Diego.
Available: After January l, 1979. Salary $22,000-$36,000.
F Head Librarian, Pennsylvania State University. Available: July l,
s 1979. Salary $l3,296 minimum. Beaver Campus.
Head Librarian, Pennsylvania State University, York Campus.
Available: July l, 1979. Salary $13,296 minimu.