GOD knows I strive against low lust and vice,
     Wound in the net of their voluptuous hair;
   God knows that all their kisses are as ice
         To me who do not care.

   God knows, against the front of Fate I set
     Eyes still and stern, and lips as bitter prest;
   Raised clenched and ineffectual palms to let
          Her rock-like pressing breast!

   God knows what motive such large zeal insDires,
     God knows the star for which I climb and crave,
   God knows, and only God, the eating fires
          That in my bosom rave.

   I will not fall! I will not; thou dost lie!
     Deep Hell! that seethest in thy simmering pit;
   Thy thousand throned horrors shall not vie,
          Or ever compass it!

   But as thou sinkest from my soul away,
     So shall I rise, rolled in the morning's rose,
   Beyond this world, this life, this little day-
          God knows! God knows! God knoWs!


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