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MEETING OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 13, 1899 - page 258

     The Board of Trustees of the Agricultural arid
Mechanical College of K'entucky met in the Presidents room
in the College at 11 A. M. Dec. 13, 1899.

      Present:          Messrs.   Hart Boswell
                                   D. F. Frazee
                                   J. T. Gathright
                                   A. P. Gooding
                                   E. H. Hobson
                                   W. H. Holt
                                   C. N. McElroy
                                   J. B. Marcum
                                   J. K. Patterson
                                   W. F. Peak
                                   R. C. Stoll

      In the absence of the Governor of the Commonwealth
Hon. J. T. Gathright was unanimously elected chairman

      Capt. Thomas Todd, requested to be excused from
attending the meeting of the Board on account of his partici-
pation in some ceremonies at Washington, on motion he was
excused by the Board.

      Judge Landes submitted a written excuse which was
accepted by the Board.

      J. B. Kennedy submitted a written excuse which was
also accepted by the Board.

     Hon. J. G. Mathews of Barbourville submitted his
resignation in writing.

     Mr. Gooding, moved that Mr. Mathew's resignation be
accepted, and that a committee be appointed to prepare
appropriate resolutions to be entered upon the minutes
and that Secretary notify Mr. Mathews  and the Governor
of the action of the Board.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 13, 1899 -page 259

     Mr. Boswell called for a division of the question:

one part to contain the reference to acceptance of the resig-
nation and notification of the Governor; the other to
contain reference to resolutions only.

      On motion the first division of the question was
approved. The second division was then unanimously approved,
and the chairman appointed on the committee, Messrs. Gooding,
Hobson, and Patterson.

      The chairman then announced the following as members
of the standing committees indicated.

             Committee on the Presidents Report

      Peak, PMlarcuni, McElroy.

                     Committee on Finance

      Boswell, Gooding, R. C. Stoll.

                   Committee on Appropriations

      Frazee, Stoll, Patterson.

           Committee on Buildings and Grounds

      Gooding, Boswell, Hobson.

           Committee on Experiment Station

      Stoll, Holt, Gooding.

               Committee on Salaries

McElroy, Marcwn, Peak.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESDec. 13, 1899 - page 259-260

               Committee on Internal Expansion

      Patterson, McElroy, Frazee.

  - - Committee on Military Instruction & College Discipline

      Holt, Hobson, Patterson.

        Committee on Minutes of Executive Committee

      Hobson, McElroy, Boswell.

          Committee on Minutes of the Faculty

      Marcum, Peak, Holt.

      The minutes of the last meeting of the Board were then
read and approved.

      Ordered that the Editors of the Kentuckian have per-
mission to present a proposition at 3 P. M.

      Prof. White presented the following:

Hon. Board of Trustees of State College of Kentucky.


      I hereby tender my resignation as your business. agent -
my resignation to take effect next June at the close of our
fiscal year. The duties and responsibilities of' my office
have materially increased and except for the assistance
given me by my daughter without extra compensation I would
have been compelled to resign some three or four
years ago.

      My work as Prof. of Miathermatics is also growing to
such an extent that I feel that I can best serve the college
by confining my labors to the department of Mathematics:
hences my resignation as Business Agent.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESPDec. 13, 1899 - page 260 -261

      The salary attached to the Business Agency is dispro-
portionately small as compared with the duties and responsi-
bilities of the office. I have asked no increase for my
self as we were in debt but now- that we are practically free
from debt I hope you will make the salary of l1000 or more
as this amount will I believe, be necessary to secure the
services of a competent man.

      As there seems to be no reason why my services should
be had for a smaller amount than my successor will receive
I most respectfully ask that my salary be increased to
$75.00 per month beginning with the first of December.

      Thanking the members of your honorable body for
the many evidences which I have received of your good will
and confidence I am most

                                respectfully yours,

                                Jas. G. White

      On motion of Mr. Stoll ordered that Prof. Whites
resignation be accppted, and that a committee be appointed
to prepare appropriate resolutions relative to his
faithful and efficient services.

      The chair appointed Judge Holt, Air. Boswell and
President Patterson.

      Gen. Hobson offered the following:

      Whereas Hon. John G. Mathews, for four years a
member of the Board of Trustees of the State College of
Kentucky has notified this Board of his intention to transfer
his citizen ship from this Commonwealth to another; and

      Whereas his resignation of the office of Trustee
accompanies the announcement of his change of residence;

      Resolved that we bear willing testimony to the zeal
and energy and singleness of purpose with which he has dis-
charged his duty as Trustee of the College to which he
brought an intelligence, a prudence and a knowledge of
affairs which made him


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESDec. 13, 1899 - page 261-262

a most valuable and efficient member.

      Resolved that we tender him our best wishes for his
success and happiness in his new home regretting, meanwhile,
that Kentucky loses so much of true excellence and upright
manhood by his removal from us.

      Resolved that these resolutions be spread upon the
Winutes of this Board and that a copy be sent to the
subject thereof.

                 (Signed)         E. H. Hobson
                                   A. P. Gooding
                                   J. K. Patterson

      The foregoing resolutions were received and unanimously

      Ordered on motion of Mr. Stoll that a committee of
three be appointed to nominate a successor to Mr. J. G.
Mathews resigned.

      The chair appointed Mr. R. C. Stoll, Judge Holt,
and Mr. J. B. 1viarcurn.

      The Board then adjourned to meet at 2:30 P. YM.

      The Board met at 2:30 P. mi. All. were present who
were present at meeting in the forenoon.

      The minutes of the Executive Committee were then read
and referred to the Committee on the minutes of the
Executive Committee.


MINUTES OF TEE BOARD CF TRUSTEES ,Dec. 13, 1899 - page 262

     The minutes of the faculty since the last meeting
of the Board were next read and referred to the Committee
on minutes of the faculty.

     The Editors of the Kentuckian came before the Board
at 3 P. M. and submitted a proposition for the distribution
of ten thousand copies of their Magazine among the
citizens of Kentucky.

      The minutes of the classical and Mechanical Engineer-
ing faculties were read and they with the minutes of other
special faculties were referred to the committee on the
Minutes of the faculty.

      The President of the college read his report which
was referred to the committee on the President's Report.

      Ordered on motion of Mr. Frazee that President
Patterson be authorized to go to Washington, in his discretion,
and to make the best arrangement practicable for the conduct
of the military department.

      Ordered on motion of Mr. Gooding that a committee of
three be appointed to secure the necessarj- legislation to
cause the commissions of the the commissioned of ficers of
the college battalion to be signed by the Governor of
the Commonwealth.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESDec. 13, 1899 - page 263

      The chair appointed Mossrs. Stoli, Gooding and Frazee.

      Messrs. Peak, Miarcum and 1.,cElroy submitted the

To the Board of Trustees:

      The committee on the President's report to whom the
same was referred beg leave to report as follows:

      1st. We recommend that a guarantee company be secured
as surety upon the bond required by the United States Govern-
ment to be executed for the arms and equipments furnished to
the A. and M. College, and that WV. H. Holt be constituted
the Attorney in fact for and on behalf of the college to
sign its name and affix the corporate seal required to be
signed to such bond to the Government.

      2nd. We recommend that the Business Agent of the
college be paid $75.00 per month from the 1st day of December
1899, until July 1st, 1900, instead of $50.00 per month,
the amount now paid.

      3rd. We recommend that a committee composed of
President Patterson, Messrs. Boswell, Frazee and Stoll be
Appointed and charged with the duty of selecting a successor
to Prof. White as Business Agent and they will report to
the next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees.

      4th. It seems to your committee that in the opinion
of the President Prof. Faig has demonstrated his efficiency
and worthiness and we therefore recommend that the salary of
Prof. J. T. Paig be fixed at $1250.00 annually beginning
with this year.

      5. We recommend that Judge W. HI. Holt, Messrs. J. T.
Gathright, and J. C. Flournoy be appointed a committee to pre-
pare and present to the General Assembly the report required
by law to be made and that this report be presented by the
tenth day of the approaching session.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES ,Dec. 13, 1899 - page 264

      6th. It seems to your cormmittee that the recommendation
made by the President: viz.

      " That the Principal of the Academy and his assistants
be constituted a faculty for the management of the discipline
and general interests of the Academy, that they be authorized
and required to hold monthly sessions, or more frequent
sessions if there be sufficient reason therefor, that they be
authorized to cite and to hear delinquents and to impose
minor penalties for neglect of duties or overt offenses,
subject to the approval of the President of the College,
and that they keep a record of their proceedings and submit
the same to the Board of Trustees at their regular sessions"
is a wise one, and we endorse the recommendation.

      7th. Wle suggest that a committee composed of three
Trustees be appointed by the Board and that they be charged
with the duty of selecting and reporting to the next regular
meeting of the Board of Trustees an Inspector of Mines
and an Assistant Inspector.

      All of which is respectfully submitted

      On motion the report of the committee on the Presidents
was received and approved.

      Ordered that W. H. Holt, chairman of the Executive
Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Agricultural and
Mechanical College of Kentucky be and he is hereby authorized
and directed to execute bond on behalf of the college to
the War Department of the United States for one hundred
and fifty (150) guns with the necessary accompanying
equipments and accoutrements for the use of the cadet corps
of this college and for twoo pieces of artillery and
accoutrements; and that the Executive Committee be
authorized to procure from a responsible guaiantee
company such surety on the said bond as shall be
satisfactory to the War Depart--ent of the
United States.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 13, 1899 - page 265

     The chairman of the Executive Committee is also
authorized and directed to attach the corporate seal of the
college to the said bond and to do whatever else may be
required by the War Department to validate the bond herein
provided for.

      Ordered that the salary of the Business Agent be
$1000.00 for the next fiscal year and that all the time
of the Business Agent be given to the college.

      The chairman appointed President Patterson , Judge
Holt and Mr. Stoll to select an Inspector of Mines and an
Assistant Inspector.

      On motion of Mr/ Stoll ordered that when the Board
adjourns it adjourn to meet at 9 A. M. on December 14,

      Mr. Stoll, chairman of the Committee on nominations
offered the name of William R. Ramsey as successor to Hon.
J. G. Mathews.

      On motion the report of the committee was approved.

      Hon. Wm. R. Ramsey of London, Ky. was then unanimously
elected by ballot.

      The minutes of the Board of Control were then read
and referred to the Coimmittee on the Experiment Station.

      The coTmmittee on revision of the rules and regulations
asked for more time in which to prepare its report.

On motion the request of the committee was granted.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 13., 1899 - page 266

     Mr. Boswell offered the following:

     Whereas the term of service of five of our members:
viz. Messrs. J. C. Flournoy, Clarence N. McElroy, J. T.
Gathright, W. F. Peak, and A. P. Gooding, representing
respectively the first, third, fifth, sixth, and ninth
Congressional districts expires by limitation early in
January 1900; and

     Whereas these members have faithfully, intelligently
and with conspicious fidelity discharged the duties of
trustees of the State College of Kentucky during their term
of servicei and

      Whereas men of integrity and large experience are
required to administer the affairs of this institution in
the education of the youth of the Commonwealth and the
administration of its material traitsl therefore.

      Resolved, 1st. That we record our high estimate of
the intelligence, devotion and earnestness with which they
have discharged the duties of their office:

      2nd. That we respectfully place before His
Ezcellency, William S. Taylor, Governor of Kentucky the
names of the said retiring members with the earnes t request
that he consider the propriety of re-appointing them to
represent on the Board of Trustees their respective
districts in order that the college may have the benefit
of the experience, earnestness and devotion with wnich
they have served it heretofore.

      Resolved that the Secretary of the Board communicate
this action to His Excellency the Governor.

      On motion the foregoing resolutions were approved
and adopted.

      Voted on motion of M;r. Frazee, seconded by Gen.
Hobson that Judge Holt, President Patterson, and Mr. Marcum,
be appointed a comnittee to go to Frankfort and endeavor
to secure the reappointment of those members of the
Board whose terms of service expire in January.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 13, 1899 - page 267

      In the absence of Mr. Flournoy, chairman, President
Patterson reported that the committee charged with the duty
of selecting a successor to Prof. John Shaclkeford had after
careful consideration selected Alexander St. Clair McKenzie
to be acting Professor of English for the current year at a
salary of $15OO.OO.

      The report was approved and the committee discharged.

      The committee on the minutes of the Executive committee
have heard read the minutes of this committee and have no
report to make thereon, other than to approve same, which
is done.

      All of which is respectfully submitted,

                            (Signed)   E. H. Hobson
                                       H. Boswell
                                       C. N. McElroy

      Report received and approved.

      The following were unanimously elected by ballot
as members of the

                     Executive Committee

      W. H. Holt, Chairman
      D. F. Frazee
      A. P. Gooding
      J. B. Kennedy,
      R. C. Stoll

                      Board of Control

      Hart Boswell,
      Thomas Todd
      J. T. kathright

J. K. Patterson
M. A. Scovell


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 13, 1899 - page 268

      Ordered on motion of Mivr. Boswell that proportinate
additional compensation be allowed to Mr. J. R. Johnson if
he should give additional service this year in Mathematics.

      Judge Holt submitted the followingi

      Whereas Prof. Jas. G. 'W;Ihite has resigned the office of
Business Agent of the A. and M. College to take effect at
a future date, which position he has held for about ten
years and ever since the college has had such an officer,
therefore be it

      Resolved by its Board of Trustees that they bear
willing testimony to his ability, honesty, and integrity as
such officer; to his patience and painstaking accuracy, his
scirupulous and conscienceous diligence; and to his increasing
fidelity to the important trusts committed to his charge. We
bear willing and cheerful testimony to the fact that during
those ten years hundreds of thousands of dollars have passed
through his hands for every cent of which he has faithfully

      We desire to place this testimony upon record as
evidencing the high regard we have for this honorable and
faithful official whose relation to the college is without
stain and without reproach and is a record of which any mai
an  any institution may well be proud.

                                   Wm. H. Holt,  Chrm.
                                   Jas. K. Patterson
                                   Hart Boswell

      The report of the committee was approved and the
resolution was unanimously adopted.

      The Board then adjourned to meet at 9 A. Ta. on
December 14.


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