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MINUTES OF THE BOPRD OF TRUSTEES, July 31, 1895 - page 48-49

      On August 22, the Chairman appointed the following
as members of the committees indicated, viz.

                Presidents Report.
                Flourmay, Hines, Peak.

                Riddell, Flourmay, Peak.

                Gathright, Buell, Hindman.

                Building and Grounds
                James, Wilson, Riddell.

                Experiment Station
                Gooding, Wilson, Bird.

                Hines, R. A. Spurr and James.

                Internal Expansion
                Hindman, Gathright, R. J. Spurr

                Military Instruction and College Disci.
                Buell, Johnston, Wilson.

                Special Committee on Inspection and Inquiry
                Bird, R. A. Spurr, R. J. Spurr.

                               R. J. Spurr, Chairman
V. E. Muncy


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 10, 1895 - page 49

      The Board of Trustees of the Agricultural and Mechanical
College of Kentucky met in regular session in the President's
room in the College Building at 10 A. Y. suntime
December 10, 1895.

      Present:        Messrs.  Buell
                                Dr. Spurr
                                R. A. Spurr

      The meeting was called to order by Dr. Spurr.

      The roll was called and the chairman announced a

      Dr. Spurr was unanimously re-elected chairman.

      The minutes of the last day of the previous meeting
were read and approved.

      Mr. Geo. V. Green of Hopkinsville, was unanimously
elected to fill the unexpired term of Dr. J. D. Clardy

      Mr. Green was immediately notified of his election.
He entered at once, was duly qualified by taking the oath
of office, and took his seat as a member of the Board.


MINIJTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 10, 1895 - page 50

      The minutes of the Executive Co=mmittee were read.

      On motion ordered that a standing committee be
appointed to examine the minutes of the Executive Committee
and that the minutes just read be referred to said
standing Committee.

      The Chairman appointed the following:
Hindman, Buell, Green.

      The chairman appointed Mr. Green a member of the
Committee on appropriations instead of Mr. Hindman, on
Experiment Station instead of Mr. Bird, on Internal
Expansion instead of R. J. Spurr.

      The President of the College read his semi - annual
report which was referred to the Committee on the President's

      Messrs. Flourmay and Hines being absent Messrs.
Green and Gathlright were appointed temporarily as members
of the Committee on Presidents Report.

      The President explained the relations existing between
College and the Commercial annex.

      The President read a resolution relative to question-
able authority exercised in excluding students from classes
and departments,

      Referred to Committee on Presidentts report.

      Professors Miller, Pryor, and Mathews came before
the Board and submitted a written statement with some oral
statements relative to the necessity for a new building for


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 10, 1895 - page 51

the accomodation of the Departments of Science, of which
they are heads.

      On motion the memorial offered by Professors Miller,
Pryor and Mathews was referred to the Committee on the
President's report.

      Professor Mathews made a statement relative to a
short course in Agriculture submitting an outline of a
course of study and some circulars indicating the character
and scope of short courses in Agriculture in other

      The President read an application for the creation
of a course in Medicine.

      Referred to the Committee on President's report.

      A communication from Prof. Anderson relative to being
a member of the Board of Bducation was submitted.

      Referred to the Committee on Internal Expansion.

      Prof. Anderson's report relative to cost of building
and equiping the Annex to the Mechanical Laboratory was
submitted with certain recommendations.

      The report and recommendations were referred to the
Committee on Internal Expansion.

      Prof. Nelson's report with certain recommendations
was read and referred to the Committee on Internal


     MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESDec. 10, 1895 - page 52

     The Business Agent made a report of the financial
condition of the College during the months from July
to November inclusive.

     The President offered for the consideration of the
Board; a resolution providing for the elimination of
unworthy students from the Dormitories, by having the names
of those suspected of wrong doing, or vicious conduct,
presented to the grand jury at stated intervals.

      Referred to the Committee on President's report.

      On motion the Board adjourned to meet at 9 A. M.
sun time Dec. 11, 1895.


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